October 9 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Apart from the position of individual planets and celestial bodies, the science of Astrology also studies the correlation between these planets and other celestial bodies (everything in our Universe is connected), which are referred to as aspects and, depending on them, there are differences in relation to different persons that have the same Zodiac sign.

Let us speak more about Zodiac signs and their meaning – if one person is in a horoscope, for example, Aries or the Sun at the time of birth was in the sign of Aries, and Venus could be found in Pisces, Moon in Taurus, Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Cancer, and so on, while someone else could also be born in the Aries sign, and have Venus in Taurus, the Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Lion, Jupiter in the Virgo – the combinations are endless, and this clearly shows the difference between people born on the same day.

Each person who has the same sign can have a different character, talents, visions, events, life paths from someone else’s.

One more aspect that makes things different is the numerological aspect of dates, and today we are looking into a date – October 9.

Personality and Character

Persons born under the constellation Libra enjoy society, public gatherings and entertainment, as they effectively communicate with others. This is all because of their magical attraction and the outstanding need for harmony and beauty; they belong to the Venus planet. Libra is a sign of reciprocity and cooperation, so that they most sincerely strive for partnership and various associations.

They are known for being easily upset by any social injustice, chaos, or disorder. Tactical and diplomatic, they do everything to avoid confrontation with others. These characteristics can be found in the lives of the people who are born on October 9, they belong to the Zodiac Libra, but they have so many of their traits.

When we speak of the personalities of the people born on October 9, we will say that they are honest, and the people who are in their environment enjoy their exciting sense of humor. They are able to accept things as they come, without much concern about them.

Others see them as funny, shy and cynical and tend to talk about people in an offensive way, sometimes at least- these habits must be solved, or they are going to suffer in their interpersonal relationships. But their intentions are not evil, but no matter what your intentions are to compose a joke, as jokes can hurt when they are inappropriate or out of context and those born on October 9 tend to do just that.

As all Libras these people have fantastic taste, and are very good at assessing things -they indeed know that they can make a thing be original and unique. After all, this is understandable; people of this date are under the impact of the planet Venus that is in charge of all beautiful things in life.

These people born on October 9 like music so they can play some instruments, or to be involved in music in some other way.  In the end, these people are dreamers, and often they are connected to their dreams in some higher sense; and the feeling that stays after those dreams is vivid, so they find dreams as the best way of inspiration.

No matter what is going on around these people, their view is all visible for everyone that is around them, because they are so strongly turned around lives around them. However, regarding their interpersonal connections, they can be extremely unrealistic and very often they do not know what is visible to others – a fantastic way to make serious mistakes. These Libras are often exposed to the danger of confusion and total loss in emotions directed towards one person that they have an intuition that is the right one.

Love Compatibility

As all Libras, those individuals born on October 9 feel others emotional profoundly and often change their moods – they can go from ecstatic to the total depression. And to be with these people in any way is a lottery, you never know what you are getting.

People born on the October 9 are prone to depression or anger when things do not go as they expect them to go – this is especially dangerous in the love department. These people, these Libras love when things go smoothly in life, so they will sacrifice their inner feelings that are saying that things are not going in the good direction, just to keep harmony. They should follow their instincts, and they will never make a mistake.

These people born on October 9 are very sensitive and have high intellectual potentials, cannot be denied that they are turned to the physical side of life, and sensual pleasures are essential for them.

In their lives, an important topic is an attraction, and it is often accompanied by rebellion against religious and spiritual values -they like to play by their own rules. They have a highly developed sensitivity, along with aggressiveness – the perfect combination of Venus and Mars, two planets that are in their charts.

Purpose and Career

These people like to read and write, even if they don’t have any intention of becoming famous writers for example, but their creativity needs to find its artistic was to get out.


They love fiction and various comedic acts, these are the people who like to laugh – they generally have a talent for acting. The scene has always been somehow appealing to them, but for some talent will never match for their shyness or laziness. It is quite amazing how people that are blessed with the best talents and skills are the laziest and never works on their traits; they don’t try hard, and this is their major loss. Others will take their place in the profession they tend to be the best, and this is very misfortune.

In some cases, people of this date wake up later in life and realise that they wrongly estimated a specific business situation, a particular opportunity – they feel like they have sacrificed a valuable part of themselves in exchange for doing something that is not important for their growth.

The main advice for the people born on October 9 is that they need to always, or whenever it is possible to follow their instinct or to work hard on the traits that they know are valuable. Every other way is catastrophic for them, since they can be lazy and shy, and they have tendencies to be amazing in some art.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 9 and planet Mars rules all those persons that belong to the Libra Zodiac sign and are born on October 9.

The Mars is a powerful and aggressive planet and embodies male energy, strong and masculine energy that is in this case combined with Venus, which stands in the sign of Libra, they also have a prominent and feminine side of their nature.

In some sense, people who have these two planets in their chart, are considered to have good interpersonal relations with all people, since they have good relationships with both males and females.

Are Venus and Mars in a conflict or marriage? Are they a representation of love or brawl?

We could speak about this connection in this way – Venus and Mars, a woman and a man together, it is a good connection. However, we are aware that sometimes this does not work very well. This connection can go from the perfect and great mutual attraction to the conflict and the quarrels.

When this connection symbolically represents for these people – the conflict between women and men of one personality, but also the balance.

Those in charge of number 9 have a powerful influence on their environment since numeral nine that is considered to be their numeral is the number connected to the knowledge and wisdom, and the ability to get the insight into the all secrets of life.

Their numbers are 9 and 18, and their color is mint green.

Historical Events on October 9

To look at the past events, it is like a looking at the movies, only the best and the worst will provoke a certain reaction in us, and we will think of them later on. The same is with the historical events, and these are those events that took place on October 9.

1621 – The Battle of Hattin ended with the withdrawal of the Turkish army.

1701 – In New Haven, in the state of Connecticut, the University of Yale has been established.

1806 – After six years of construction, the Alpine crossing, the area of Brig-Simplon was opened in Switzerland.

1806 – Prussia broke neutral policy towards Napoleon and declared war on France.

1915 – German and Austro-Hungarian troops occupied Belgrade in the World War II.

1940 – World War II: German Luftwaffe bombed the Cathedral of St. Paul within the Battle of Britain.

1944 – The Third Moscow Conference began, at which British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and USSR leader Josef Stalin agreed on the arrangement of Europe after the World War II.

1962 – Uganda gained independence after nearly 70 years of British colonial rule.

1963 – More than 2,000 people were killed in floods when they crashed about 300 yards high dam “Vajont” near Balloon, in northeastern Italy.

1970 – Cambodian Parliament announced the abolition of the monarchy.

1975 – Soviet physicist and dissident Andrei Sakharov received the Nobel Peace Prize.

1983 – 18 government officials from South Korea, including four ministers and Foreign Minister, were killed in the bomb blast in Rangoon, Burma’s capital.

1997 – More than 200 people died when the hurricane “Paulina” hit the Mexican resort of Acapulco.

1998 – Ariel Sharon became Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel in charge of peace talks with the Palestinians.

2001 – American scientists Eric A. Cornell, Wolfgang Ketterle and Carl E. Wieman received the Nobel Prize in Physics.

2009 – The Norwegian Nobel Committee has announced that 44th US President Barack Obama is the laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize that year.

2009 – The Assassination attempt on Malala Jusufzai occurred, a girl fighter for the right to schooling of women’s children.

Famous people born on October 9

To understand fully what a certain date means in the Astro-numerological sense, we must speak of famous people born on October 9.

1797 – Philippe Suchard, a Swiss confectioner and chocolate maker.

1835 – Camille Saint-Saëns, a French composer.

1852 – Hermann Emil Fischer, a German biochemist.

1854 – Mihailo Pupin, a Serbian- American scientist and inventor.

1859 – Alfred Dreyfus, a French officer.

1879 – Max von Laue, a German physicist.

1892 – Ivo Andric, a Yugoslavian writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1893 – Mario de Andrade, a Brazilian writer.

1902 – Freddie Young, an American director.

1906 – Léopold Sédar Senghor, a Senegalese politician and writer.

1906 – Sayyid Qutb, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood theorist.

1907 – Jacques Tati, a French director and actor.

1938 – Heinz Fischer, an Austrian politician.

1940 – John Winston Lennon, n English singer, songwriter, and peace activist.

1947 – France Gall, a French singer.

1952- Sharon Osbourne, a British media personality and businesswoman.

1953 – Tony Shalhoub, an American actor.

1959 – Boris Nemtsov, a Rusian politician.

1964 – Guillermo del Toro, a Mexican director.

1966 – David Cameron, a British Prime minister.

1975 – Mark Viduka, an Australian footballer.

1979- Brandon Routh, an American actor.

1996- Bella Hadid, an American model.

There can be no conclusion for the people, they are complex, and nothing can define them completely, they are changing begins, and this is their essential trait.

So, these Libras born on October 9 can view others with a very critical and insightful eye, and if you know what the main characteristics of the people who belong to the Libra Zodiac sign are, this is not surprising. But, when some vital decisions are in question, these people are more likely to be lead by the heart than the head.