October 8 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

There is one perception that Astrology is something that can be understood quickly and that all Zodiac signs are the same (people who belong to the equal sign share identical or similar characteristics) is not a good perception.

Why is this the case? We will tell you that this perception is very superficial and in most part inaccurate, and more importantly what we are in the Zodiac system of signs, or the where the Sun position has fallen in a particular sign at the time of birth is not inaccurate but insufficient for serious analyses. We are not saying that all Libras do not share some traits, but they are never identical, you should remember this.

So if a person is, for example, Aries in the horoscope that means that the Sun at the time of the birth of this person was in the sign of Aries.

However, apart from the position of the Sun, other planets and other celestial bodies had their position at the time of birth. Also, and this is the most important aspect of this analyses is that date itself as a part of the numerological analyses has its own aspects that need to be observed.

Today we are dealing with people who belong to the Libra Zodiac sign and who are born on October 8.

Persons born in the Libra Zodiac sign live in the present moment without fear for the future. They like the details and perfection and are relaxed when in the ambience, surrounded by order, balance and great style.

They have understanding for others and their unique personalities; in many cases they avoid quarrels. They are dignified, kind, and humans who are accepting compromises – this is true for the Libra sign, but we are not so sure for those born on October 8.

Personality and Character

These people seek perfection in everything and everyone around them, and in most cases, they will avoid a direct attack; they are ready to make private compromises in order to achieve the goal. They are cautious, they are not intrusive and do not perform fiercely.

People that celebrate their birthdays on the October 8 consider themselves to be the persons who can wholly surrender to their chosen profession and who effectively do what they do while others stand on the side and observe – they can be leaders in the area of their work. Therefore, their attitudes and assessments are not very appreciated especially by those who say that they are efficient.

However, these people are well on their way to money, they run their family well and are fully aware of their responsibilities – when in a good mood, if not they can fall apart.

It can happen that bad people want to use those born on October 8 for their own selfish goals – such experiences leave such deep traces on their souls, especially the feelings of pain, sadness, caused by love problems that they have in a large quantities, as you will be able to see later in the article.

People born on October 8 can read thoughts, and their wisdom is mostly derived from the life experience they value more than anything else – this is a good aspect that comes from all the negative occurrences that shape them in some way.

Love Compatibility

Libras that belong to the October 8 will give everything to love, but that everything could be their demise and path to the true failure in life. For them, life is an incredible romantic adventure that they want to experience to the fullest extent, as much as they can. They are brave in this way; it is a real venture to enter a relationship with an open heart without knowing what is it at the end of the love road.

Surprisingly these Libras are funny and are sometimes they can be shy when someone likes them and openly show that affection – for them there is an opportunity to marry twice, maybe three times, and usually will have children from every marriage, they love to be parents.

Because of the variable energy that people born on October 8 find themselves in various types of troubles, especially in emotional life. They get into relationships with all kinds of strange and sometimes suspicious persons, and paradoxically people who are quite good in some conventional don’t interest them at all.

Others perceive these humans as those who are blessed with a piercing looks, and they have no problem in finding adequate lovers, but sometimes they lack that they gain only in later years when they mature enough to understand some things in life.


People that belong to the October 8 are inclined to believe everything, so they have to be careful not to be deceived in interpersonal relations, because they do.

Purpose and Career

Libras born on October 8 are such workers who have excellent skills for certain areas that they can develop further if they try hard – some of them can even become “geniuses” in some way, but only in a situation when they find their best strength or ability.

They are imaginative so that they enter into such creative states in their work, they can truly create miracles at some time, and can make projects that will other admire for a long time. Even further, people born on October 8 are fast, worthy; easy to learn anything they put their hands on. They usually do well at school, but all Libras do amazing jobs only in things that interest them a lot, if they are not interested in what they do, they will be the laziest people on the planet.

People born this day also have an extremely developed intellect and especially an accurate perception of human psychology – this could be a good choice of career for these Libras. On the other hand, it is not rare that these people have poor insight into their own personality – like a psychologist who needs to give himself a diagnose.

These people must remain moderate in their attempts to achieve greatness, so for them, it is better to have constant growth than the fast success that will last a little time.

One of the specialties of the people born on October 8 is that they can notice everything that happens around them, even the smallest details, this is why they are right in some jobs that require systematic analyses, for example. They have a sound mind for the job and have a good idea, but they usually need something to push them in the right direction to make those ideas real.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Libras born on October 8 belong to the planets Venus (as their primary ruler) and planet Saturn; numerologically they belong to the number 8.

You should not be shocked if you see that these people are dark in some way since numeral eight is connected to the energy that can be dark at times.

Saturn brings a strong sense of responsiveness and an accompanying tendency toward limitation and fatalism – this effect is in this case combined with the Venus can reinforce these individuals to turn to the darkest parts of their mind, and get out from an enthusiastic place. But this planetary influence Saturn -Venus gives the darker side of their personality and causes them a depressing attitude towards relationships with others.

The Venus is the planet that gives the initial reaction when it comes to encounters that are predisposed to bring a love story of someone lives; it is the planet in charge of the initial phase of each relationship, when we meet each other and when we open our hearts.

But here, Saturn and all his strength set on stage; although by its natural symbolism it has nothing to do with love, it is still an essential and indispensable ingredient in all love relationships.

Their number is 8, and color indigo blue, the darkest shade

Historical Events on October 8

Historical events speak about individuals, cultures, societies, and the world in general; as it changes through times of conflict and cooperation (these two stages are substituting one another).

From the past to the present moment, events on the regional, state, and global sphere are interrelated – we are all connected. Today our historical journey is set on the date October 8.

316 – The conqueror Constantine defeated the Roman Emperor Licinius.

451 – The session started, where the Eutychian doctrine of monophysites was condemned, and the Caledonian symbol of faith was adopted.

876 – In the battle of Andernach, Ludwig III defeated the French king Charles Bald.

1506 – Pope Julius II & France occupy Bologna

1818 – Two English boxers used gloves for the first time during the boxing match.

1856 -Britain and France started the second opium war against China.

1860 – The first telegraph line was established in the United States between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

1871 – In a catastrophic fire in Chicago, which lasted seven days, 300 people were killed and 900,000 left without a roof over their heads.

1895 – The Korean Queen Min was murdered, who tried to stop Japanese domination in Korea.

1928 – A football federation was formed in America.

1939 – Germany annexed Western Poland.

1954 -Military forces of North Vietnam entered the capital city of Hanoi.

1962 -Algeria became the 109th member of the UN.

1970 –  Russian writer Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1972- In Paris, Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho reached an agreement to end the Vietnam War, signed in 1973.

1975 – The fiercest fighting in Beirut and northern Lebanon took at least 25 lives and interrupted the last ceasefire between infected Christians and Muslims.

1993 – The United Nations has abolished the South African sanctions introduced in 1960 for the apartheid policy carried out by the then authorities.

2001 – 100 people dead in a plane crash at the Milan airport after the MD-87 plane from the Swedish company SAS collided with a private plane and then hit the building.

2002 – The Israeli army killed 14 Palestinians in an attack on Khan Yunis in Gaza.

2005 – In an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale that hit parts of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, more than 80,000 people were killed, some 17,000 of them children.

Famous people born on October 8

You will found some fascinating names on this list, and some of them gained that notoriety for some unconventional reasons.

1810 – James William Marshall, an American carpenter whose discovery of a gold mine in California triggered a “golden fever” in 1849.

1892 – Marina Tsvetaeva, a Russian poet.

1895 -Juan Perón, an Argentine politician.

1896 – Julien Duvivier, a French film director.

1920-  Franklin Patrick Herbert, Jr., an American writer.

1929 – Waldyr Pereira Didi, a Brazilian footballer and coach.

1941 -Jesse Jackson, an American politician.

1943 – Chevy Chase, an American actor.

1948 – Claude Jade, a French actress.

1949 -Sigourney Weaver, an American actress.

1964 – Ian Hart, an English actor of Irish origin.

1968 – Emily Procter, an American actress.

1970- Matt Damon, an American actor.

1971 – Monty Williams, an American basketball player and coach.

1975 – Tatiana Grigorieva, an Australian athlete.

1980- Nick Cannon, an American rapper and actor.

1985 –  Peter Hernandez Jr., or Bruno Mars, an American singer.

1985 – Simone Bolelli, an Italian tennis player.

1993 – Garbiñe Muguruza, a Spanish-Venezuelan tennis player.

1996 – Sara Takanashi, a Japanese ski jumper.

1997- Bella Thorne, an American actress.

For the conclusion, in this Astro-numerological story, people of this date are not prone for example, physical problems, but they can have some mental health issues; and unfortunately, these problems are mostly caused by emotional experiences that can be negative in many ways than one.

They, as all Libras are exposed to depression and find very challenging to deal with grief and emotional pain. These are extremely emotionally complex people (and they are, once again, as Libras, prone to mood changes, and emotional rollercoasters), and therefore they need to choose their environment wisely.