October 7 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

What the majority of people think about when mentioning words Astrology or a horoscope is a weekly or monthly review of a horoscope for a particular astrological sign; this statement is not incorrect, but the realm of Astrology is much more widespread.

Some people read their horoscope just for fun, and they are not giving more importance to it, and people are right when they are criticising astrology and horoscope for believing that it is impossible for all the characters of people and all events to be equal, according to one of the twelve zodiac signs that people belong to.

This is way Astro-numerological analyses is more critical, and maybe we could say relevant, cause it counts into the equation numerological symbolism of a date birth of a particular person, along with the information that comes from its Zodiac sign.

Today we are looking into the lives of the people born on October 7, and the ruling sign – Libra.

Personality and Character

People of the October 7 are strong in character, decisive and often focus their activities to themselves, the most important things are that these people never allow your opportunities to be missed.

Even if these people are under the planet Venus that enhances the need to socialise, very often it occurs that people that celebrate their birthdays on October 7 have the desire to spend some time in solitude; they want to be alone and to withdraw from the world until they charge their strengths.

But the desire to be alone these people will rarely show or even fulfill because they are in some way involved in the problems of others, as well as the social groups they belong to – sometimes it would be the best for everyone that these people point their direction to themselves and their need.

On another side of this story, it can happen that other more conventional people that belong to this date just turn others from their company, in the rudest way.

Human beings who belong to the October 7 in a certain point of their lives are turned to the rebellion and need to fight for their believes, even if those beliefs are not mature enough. These people are entirely convinced of their own belief system and values, which is often in conflict with the accepted system of values of the society in which they live in; they can be scrutinised and rejected from that society. And we must say one more thing here that that fight can be pointed toward the negative, and both positive goals, all depends.

Their need for protest and fight is often accompanied by a desire to change things in their environment, and people of the October 7 can be very positive in such ventures; they can be stubborn and proud, no matter how much resistance they receive from their environment and society in general.

Love Compatibility

Because of the planetary influence that comes from the Venus and Neptune those who are born on October 7 can completely surrender to love, to the extent that they are simply lost in this surrender, and they give their all. Often, these people fall in love just in the platonic realm, so it is difficult for them to achieve or maintain love in reality.

These people have a very strong point of view, and they like to share it with everyone who will listen to them. Problems can arise when these individuals become part of the organisation, family for example – for them fights that these people lead can be unbearable and will like to avoid them by any costs.

And although their lovers can support the ideals these people represent, they still have to define their position within love area; they need to become more realistic, even if they are committed to their partners, this doesn’t mean that they are real and that they are acting healthy in a love relationship.

Another problem for people born on October 7 may be moral and immoral behavior – they like to rebel and one part of that rebellion can be in the love area of their lives in a sense that they can properly choose wrong lovers that cannot give them anything good in life, but these Libras will do it anyway. These are not amoral people, and when they are wrong, they do it with full awareness no matter what consequences could be for them in the future.

But the problem is that in the main they do not have a clear picture of what is right and what is not right, as long as they are fighting their fight, and doing what they love and want. This rule applies in all aspects of their lives and in love also, but this is the aspect in life where not only people of October 7 are getting hurt, but other people, their partners.

Purpose and Career

Internally, these people born on October 7 can be nice and sympathetic, and they have a natural tendency to help people so that they can find their career in some medical professions. Also, these people can express your opinion clearly and simply, which is why they can be good managers and take the leading roles in the firms they work in. As true Libras, these people also love to travel a lot and see a lot of the world. What these people of the October 7 need to be careful to keep their word on every occasion, no matter how insignificant it might seem to others.


There is a big possibility that these people are very successful in their work and that they will be financially successful.

As we have already spoken about these people, we have said that they have the need to fight their ways, and are rebels in some way.

These individuals born on October 7 tend to take the lead positions to gain authority that gives them the opportunity to instigate such changes in society.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Libras that are born on October 7 are ruled by number 7, and it is the number that is connected to all good opportunities in life, it is the number that is considered to be the happy number in all major countries around the world, and many divine and spiritual things are connected to it.

Another symbolical aspect is connected to the planetary influence that comes from the planets Neptune and Venus that is the primary ruler here, as these people belong to the Zodiac Libras that are under its rule.

Neptune is the planet that manages visions by the dreams and psychic phenomena, and these people are also exposed to very unstable influences. Due to the combined influence with the planet Venus, these people born on October 7 can become magnetically attractive to the opposite sex, and they themselves have unique chemistry in them that can be irresistible to many. Because they can sometimes lose touch with the reality of this person should be kept unusual psychic and occult activities.

Even further this planetary combination has very creative and imaginative symbolism; these people do not see the object of their love realistically and are prone to idealising. For them, the reality is an unacceptable state, so they see everything in life more beautiful than they things are actually are. Their emotions are sophisticated and very deep since they are Libras, but Neptune gives them something more.

Their numbers are 7 and 13, and their colors are pink and bright blue.

Historical Events on October 7

History and historical events represent the story of human choices that link the past to the present and influence the future in many ways than one; even if those events seem far and irrelevant they mater. Today we are looking into those past events that occurred on October 7.

1571 -Spanish, Venetian, Maltese, and Holy League in the Battle of Lepanto in southwestern Greece defeated the Turkish fleet.

1879 – The second alliance against Russia: Germany and Austria-Hungary have signed an agreement binding on mutual assistance in the event of a Russian attack.

1908 – After the liberation from Turkish rule, Crete has united with Greece. Greece annexed this island in 1912.

1919 -Dutch airline KLM, the oldest existing airline in the world, was established.

1940 – Germany occupied Romania in the World War II and took control of its oil fields.

1949 – In the eastern Berlin, the DWK formed a provisional government and proclaimed the establishment of the German Democratic Republic.

1959 – The Soviet spaceship “Luna 3” was the first photographer to photograph the dark side of the Moon.

1970- The new president of Bolivia has become left-wing general Juan José Torres.

1976 – Following the death of Mao Zedong (September 9th), he was succeeded by Hua Guofeng as the Party’s President and thus the state.

1981- Egyptian Vice President Hosni Mubarak became the head of state after the murder of Anwar el Sadat on October 6th.

1985 – Palestinians abducted a passenger ship “Achille Lauro” to free 50 prisoners from Israeli jails.

1997- About 30,000 musicians, artists, workers’ leaders and politicians from all over the world arrived in Bolivia at a memorial rally on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the death of Che Guevara.

2001- US and UK have launched air strikes against Afghanistan because of the refusal of the Afghan authorities to extradite Osama bin Laden.

2003 – Arnold Schwarzenegger won the election for the governor of California.

2008 – Above Sudan exploded the 2008 TC3 asteroid, about 4.1 meters in diameter and about 80 tons in mass.

2010 – More than 1,000 villages on the Chinese island of Hainan have been flooded after the strongest floods in the last few decades. More than 210,000 people have been evacuated to evening hours.

Famous people born on October 7

Births of famous people are also significant for understanding dates, and on this day many important people were born. Read who they are.

1409 – Elizabeth of Luxembourg, the Queen of Germany, Hungary and Bohemia.

1748 -Charles XIII, a Swedish King.

1880 -Paul Hausser, a Nazi officer.

1885 -Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist.

1897 – Elijah Muhammad, a black religious leader, who led the Nation of Islam

1900 – Heinrich Himmler, a German Nazi politician and chief of the SS.

1927 – Al Martino, an American singer.

1931 -Desmond Tutu, a South African Anglican Archbishop.

1934 -Ulrike Meinhof, a German journalist and a terrorist.

1952 – Vladimir Putin, a Russian politician and statesman.

1959- Simon Cowell, a British TV personality.

1960 – Viktor Lazlo, a Belgian singer.

1966 – Jimmy Wales, a Founder and President of Wikimedia Associations.

1967 – Toni Braxton, an American singer.

1973 – Nelson de Jesus Silva, known as Dida, a Brazilian football goalkeeper.

1973 – Sami Hyypiä, a Finnish soccer player and coach.

1974 -Ruslan Nigmatullin, a Russian football player.

1976 – Gilberto Silva, a Brazilian soccer player.

1982 – Jermain Defoe, an English soccer player.

1987 -Sam Querrey, an American tennis player.

1988 – Diego Costa, a Spanish footballer.

We want to end this story in the best way possible, even if you could see that these people have their fair share of negativity in life, and their choices in life can be questionable, they are not bad people by nature, and they have so many good features that they are exceptional, as you were able to see by reading this piece.

Libras born on October 7 may have difficulties working in a way that would do well to their organism, they can put themselves in the positions where they can stress themselves to the maximum, but they are prone to hiding things that are not nice like anger. The reason for this may be frustration or hidden outrage, accumulated stress, which can ultimately cause depression (that they will even hide from themselves).

People born this day as Libras, are often unreasonable to themselves and feel threatened so that they do not get hurt in advance reacting negatively to others. They can act in this way to the extreme.