October 6 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Many times now we have spoken about the influence of the planet, as one of the most important aspects that Zodiac sign can have.

Any activity of the planet in the astrological chart will be reflected through the element and will work on specific segments in our life – not just our ruling planet, every planet in the solar system have an effect on us, and this is true for all us. They are connected and influence each other, as we as human beings influence one another, in many ways.

Planetary aspects are always active, but how they will manifest depends on many different factors, and it is the matter for professional astrologers, but we all could find out through articles like this one, at least in the part that is understandable for us. And by understanding the characters that make our horoscope (or Astro-numerological analyses), we can discover how much harmony or discrepancy is in our lives, and on that basis, we can improve our lives. Aspects of astrology can lead us, because changes, give the necessary energy, a point us in the right direction.

Today we are dealing with date – October 6, and Zodiac sign Libra. We will try to discover all aspects that are relevant for the people born this day.

Personality and Character

In general, these people (Libras) are peaceful and righteous; this Zodiac sign hates being alone. The partnership is significant for them, especially the one on the personal level. With their winning mentality and co-operation, they are not inclined to be alone for a long time; but they are not obsessive types who are unstable in that way, even if they might seem like they are.

All Libras have expressed intellect and perceptive mind. It is in nature that these people are inspiring for others.

Those who belong to the October 6 are intuitive, so can allow following these inner voices that will lead them to the right places in their lives, in almost every aspect of their lives.

These people as Libras born on October 6 have the feeling and need to improve the lives of people around them, and they want to see the good in the world, they want to spread love and positive vibrations that will make the best out of everyone lives. Are they doing in the right way? No, they do not; sometimes their efforts are pointed into the wrong direction, even if their intentions are noble.

However, the contribution of the people born on October 6 does not usually take place at the level of everyday work; they are pointed toward future and something that will happen in some time.

These people do not understand themselves as someone who serves the public, even if they have generous and unselfish motives to help people. The enjoyment of what they do more drives them, the love for pleasure and the passion for improving the degree of life and its standards of everyone that lives in their society. Often their profession is turned toward such activities.

Sometimes these Libras born on October 6 are prone to enjoying scandals, they can be in the centre of such events and can ruin their reputation for no reason, but they are, but they will always give themselves another chance to make things right.

Unexpectedly, people who are born on October 6 have a talent to entertain family and friends, they can besides that fall under the claws of depression; but they carry this burden with dignity and proud.

Love Compatibility

What we have here are people who are emotional, striking in their appearance and always interesting for other people; but more importantly, these people are capable of being original.

Many representatives of the October 6 are able to be very successful and achieve a reputation in society, and there is no doubt, these Libras shine in the circles they are moving in, so they are very popular.

Libras that belong to the October 6 will give everything for love, and the matters of the heart are very high on the list of their priorities; they are ready to give their lives to the one they love.

And one important thing needs to be said here – these people are living by their ideas, and those born on October 6 will never allow marriages or any other social institutions to cope with their romantic ideals. In that respect, they can even be amoral and living quite unconventional lives that can be problematic for the acceptance of the society and their families. Some smaller part of those who are born on this day are less romantic in love affairs but are attracted to the romantic adventures of exploring unknown, and they want to feel and experience as much as they can in love.


Purpose and Career

Many of these people are very artistic, often musical with the talent for a drama, so the theatre scene can strangely attract them, both behind and in front of the audience. But the only way that these people can succeed is when they follow natural preferences because otherwise, it will resemble the fight that will last longer and be fruitless.

The best solution for those who are born on October 6 is that they in their youth, have to find what they are best at and stick to it, develop it to the maximum, cause they are very talented for many professions.

These people are curious, and are never satisfied until they discover all the details of their profession; or, if the interest is more personal, they can become good detectives or scientific researchers.

Sometimes it seems that these people behave in a way they act only from the urge to deny the seriousness and deeper meaning of life – the best way for this to resolve is to act this way in their careers and to leave relaxation and joy. But, one more note, Libras that belong to the October 6 can so much be satisfied with the pleasure and joy that they are left with the risk of losing everything they have gained.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People born on October 6 are under the planetary rule that comes from planet Venus in its double form since it is the ruler of all Libra people; numerologically they are influenced by the number 6.

The ruling planet Venus means that in their lives there is much quality that is always more important than the quantity. They are surrounded by art, music and beautiful places so that they can reach full potential. Being co-operative by nature, they often work with others on creative projects.

In the lives of people in number 6, love, beauty and art are often dominant topics, and in the case of these Libras, it is even more intensified due to the double influence of Venus.

In this form, Venus experience entirely righteous side full of feelings for the elegant, beautiful and sensual. These people are recognisable by inexplicable peace. They bring their peace into people when communicating with them, and they do not do communication verbally, but only using the language of love and tenderness. Their eyes give an impression of a comprehensive understanding, but more importantly, their energy is such that it disarms everyone.

The planet Venus can determine how much someone needs love accurately and to give the same selfless gift and these people have an innate ability to prove to the beloved the full form of their feelings.

Since these people are under the strong influence of the Venus, they need to find the perfect ratio and hold the balance in life; if they reach such level, they will try to never get out of this state again.

Those who have number 6 in their Astro- numerological chart magnetically attract sympathies of others and since the Venus is strongly associated with the social interactions of a person born on October 6, will have to fight to ensure self-discipline and privacy that they need.

Their number is 6, and their color is orange-red.

Historical Events on October 6

Two battles that happened a long time ago, in before the Christ, but these events were so relevant that they remained essential and remembered to this day.

105 B.C – Battle of Arausio: The Cimbri inflicted the heaviest defeat on the Roman army of Gnaeus Mallius Maximus.

68 B.C – Battle of Artaxata: Lucullus defeated Tigranes the Great of Armenia.

1111 – Boudouin VII became the Earl of Flanders

1499 – French King Louis XII occupied Milan

1567 Duke of Alva becomes the land guardian of Netherlands

1689 –  Pietro Ottoboni replaces Pope Innocent XI as Alexander VIII

1762 – British troops occupied Manila

1781- Americans under George Washington and the French under Comte de Rochambeau begin the siege of Cornwallis at Yorktown; last battle of American Revolutionary War

1927 – The prime-time film of the “Jazz Singer” in New York, with the then-popular singer Al Johnson in the lead role, began the era of the soundtrack.

1958- US nuclear submarine “Sivulf” plunged to the surface along the coast of New England after two months in the depths of the sea.

1972- More than 200 people have been killed and more than a thousand injured in a railway accident near the Mexican town of Saltillo.

1973 – The Egyptian and Syrian attacks on Israeli positions on the east coast of Suez and at the Golan Heights started the fourth military conflict between Israel and the Arab Republic.

1976 – The Hunta War in Thailand has destroyed the government, and the military at the university in Bangkok massacred a large number of leftist students.

1985 -Marita Koch, DDR, set the world’s record-breaking 400m record for women: 47.60 seconds in the Canberra World Cup, Australia.

1991- An Indonesian military plane struck Jakarta in a government building. 102 people were killed, more than 5,000 injured.

Famous people born on October 6

On this list you can find the names of doctors, storytellers, and inventors; they all found success and history has remembered them for their work, but their lives were filled with beauty and love. Read all about them.

1552 -Matteo Ricci, an Italian Jesuit.

1767 – Henry Christophe, a Haitian politician.

1773 -Luis Philippe, the last French king.

1803 -Aleksandr Andreevich von Bunge, a Russian botanist, Orientalist, researcher and doctor.

1808 -Friedrich VII, the Danish King.

1820 – Jenny Lind, a Swedish opera singer.

1846 – George Westinghouse, an American entrepreneur, inventor and engineer.

1876-  Watt Sam, a Natchez storyteller and cultural historian.

1887 – Charles-Édouard Jeanneret -Le Corbusier, a French architect of Swiss origin.

1903 – Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton, an Irish physicist.

1905 -Helen Willis-Mudi, an American tennis player.

1906 – Carole Lombard, an American actress.

1914 – Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian ethnologist and researcher.

1918 -Abraham Robinson, an American mathematician.

1930 -Hafez al-Assad, a Syrian statesman and general.

1963- Elisabeth Shue, an American actress.

1965 -Jurgen Kohler, a German soccer coach and player.

1972 -Mark Schwarzer, an Australian footballer.

1973 – Ioan Gruffudd, a Welsh actor.

1974 – Walter Centeno, a Kostarikan footballer.

1979 – Mohamed Kallon, a soccer player from Sierra Leone.

First, you must remind yourself that these people are Libras – they are fascinated by the balance and symmetry. They are often those who value equality, do not endure injustice wherever they are, and do everything to get rid of it. They are not inclined to face without reason and prefer to preserve peace, where ever that is possible.

People born on October 6 must take care of every form of scandal, as we have mentioned that these people are prone to having them in their lives. Satisfaction (but in abnormal extent) can have a positive effect on their psyche, but exaggerations in this field often harm their physical health in the primary.

Also, because of the carefree attitude towards life, these individuals may lack the internal reserves to deal with tragedies when they appear in their lives. They need to find a healthy way to deal with disasters and failures.