October 5 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

As you can see in the title of this article, there is one part that says Love Compatibility, and this is critical issues for all those who want to know more about their love destiny. And we will tell you right now that Astro-numerology can help you to the certain extent regarding this issue.

Whether a person will love you depend much on the aspects that you have in the horoscope of a comparative relationship, but also on how you are with that person. Each person carries a specific dose of internal energy that is attracted to (or not) with the internal power of another person. Sometimes these two energies are incompatible, and the initial sympathy never turns into true love.

Today we are helping those who are born on October 5, looking deeply into their Zodiac sign and the planetary and numerological aspect of their birth.

Personality and Character

As true Libras people who belong to the October 5 are in their lives very much focused on righteousness and truth- they like to have it in their own lives and to see it in the world, this is a critical aspect that can direct all of their actions in the future.

Once they find the truth, these persons will be the first to disclose it and will also rely on their own abilities to prove the world what they believe it is right; they live their lives by the rules and values and will never abandon them, no matter how circumstances are hard. Luckily the can rebind after hard failures and problems.

These people often lead a hectic life, and they are scared of living their lives in some empty way, they love to have dreams and to work on their realisation; not to live on empty dreams.

However, if they are not satisfied, people born on October 5 will try to convince their friends or colleagues that it is necessary to check and correct the situation that is present; of course in this process they can be overly directive, even brutal, but they feel like this way is the most effective for realising their goals.

Love Compatibility

In an interpersonal relationship, these people who belong to the October 5 are real friends, but sometimes they can be hated for their brutally open in expressing their opinions, in a sense that they believe that truth can set you free, so they see themselves as liberators of lies.

But they need to remember that some people are too sensitive to this issue, and what they are saying is painful, and more importantly they need to choose the right time and place to say some important things; no one doubts that these people have good intentions.

In love relations, these people of the October 5 are attracted to the opposite sex to the extent that they cannot understand.

Putting that attractiveness to a side, these people born on October 5 in any relationship will want to be treated in a respectable way, and will not tolerate any insult to their dignity; they are very proud and not any emotion will stand in the way of their proud and dignity.

Purpose and Career

Those who belong to the fifth day of October are people who are as true Zodiac Libras are people who are focused on righteousness and truth, and beauty or love are things that are not first on the list of priorities for them.

Those who are born on October 5 are people who can be radical in certain parts of their lives, so, for example, they can be rare a radical and prone to exaggerating in things they are obsessed with at certain times, that can be their work for example.

People of this date may be interested in politics and can leave a trail in it if they get into it; the same case is in a situation when these people are involved in a science project.

In fact, justice takes so much central place in their lives, and in their work, everything they do must be in correlation with their values, and they are often exposed to charges that they are using truth for their advancement. But these people feel like the truth has never hurt anyone, and that they have the right to use every possible tool to succeed, but of course if that tool is not hurting others in any way.

This, of course, can and does not have to be true, but it is true that people born this day are more concerned about justice than about their personal desires and needs -so you can never blame them for doing something for their own needs, they are not materialists, and money doesn’t mean anything to them.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

These Libras are born on October 5 and are under the planetary rule of the planets Venus – a primary ruler of all Libras signs, and Mercury as a secondary planet. It is the planet that represents the speed of thought and a constant change. It is the planet of intellect and change; it is the planet of communications and information.

Since Venus is the planet of Zodiac Libra, the relationship between Mercury and Venus brings charm and social appeal, but also a tendency toward opportunism and elitism. These people are snobs, but they like to be involved in the higher realms of the society, even in those times they leave their realism. Due to the impact of Mercury, these interesting Libras born on October 5 often change their social environment, and they like to travel, but also to participate in the large projects, or to be a part of a particular project from an early age, they show great talent for some things, they are very mature.

From the numerological point of view, people of this date belong to the numeral 5, and it is the number of opportunities curiosity and learning process. Those who are ruled by number 5 are quickly recovering from the injuries that life can sometimes inflict to them, they bounce back really fast and are capable of rejuvenating.

For those born on October 5, it can mean finding new love or new business opportunities after failures.

Their numbers are 5 and 25, and their color is navy blue and rose.

Historical Events on October 5

History is the teacher of the life, and it can remind us on some evil things that people have done for some “causes”; or on some amazing and noble things that individuals did for the sake of helping people. These are the events that took place on October 5.

610 – In Constantinople, in the Church of the Divine Wisdom (Hagia Sophia), Heraclius (610-641) was crowned the new East Timorese (Byzantine) emperor.

1511 – Pope Julius II founded the Holy League of Aragon, Venice and the Papal States with the aim of defending the unity of the church, but also the expulsion of the French from Italy.

1796 – Under the pressure of France, Spain declared the war to Great Britain, which ended with the catastrophic defeat of the French-Spanish fleet in 1805.

1883 – The first European trans-continental express train “Orient Express” departed from Paris for Istanbul.

1908 – Austro-Hungary annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1908 – Bulgarian prince Ferdinand declared Bulgaria’s independence from the Ottoman Empire.

1910 – Portugal, after the fall of King Manuel II, was proclaimed a republic.

1915 – World War I: The British and French troops disbanded in Thessaloniki, violating Greek neutrality.

1930 – The first Balkan Congress started in Athens, which was supposed to contribute to the economic cooperation of the Balkan peoples and to address minority issues.

1937 – US President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced that the US would abandon an isolationist policy to counter the expansion of “aggressive” states.

1938 – Czechoslovak President Edward Benes resigned and went to exile after being accepted under the pressure of Great Britain and France by the Munich Agreement.

1964 – In East Berlin, 57 citizens of East Germany escaped through a secret excavated tunnel beneath the Berlin Wall, which was the largest mass escape from the construction of the wall in 1961.

1969 – BBS broadcast the first episode of the Monty Python’s Flying Circus series, which has become a cult show around the world.

1974 – Five people were killed and 35 wounded in an explosion of bombs that Irish nationalists threw at two bars in Gilford, England.

1975 – The US Investigative Committee claimed that the US secret service of the CIA in the 1960s tried several times to kill Cuban President Fidel Castro.

1983 – The leader of the Polish Movement “Solidarity” Lech Walesa received the Nobel Peace Prize.

1988 – Brazil gets a democratic constitution.

1988 – Chileans voted against the proposal to extend Chile’s presidential mandate to August Pinochet until 1997.

1989 – Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama.

1991 – Linus Torvalds released the first official 0.02 version of the Linux kernel.

1994 – In Switzerland, bodies of 48 members of the “Temple of the Sun” sect that had carried out ritual mass suicide were found.

Famous people born on October 5

We ask from you to look into the biographies of any of these people from this list of the famous people who are born on October 5; you will be able to notice one exciting thing. They all, besides their primary occupation, did something that had humanitarian character.

1713 – Denis Diderot, a French philosopher.

1789 –  William Scoresby, a British sailor and researcher.

1829 – Chester A. Arthur, an American politician, 21st president of the United States.

1864 – Louis Jean Lumière, a French chemist and entrepreneur.

1887 – Max Ackermann, a German painter.

1888 – Ida Rubinstein, a Russian dancer.

1936 – Vaclav Havel, a Czech writer and politician.

1937 – Abi Ofarim, an Israeli singer.

1947 – Brian Johnson, an English singer and songwriter.

1949 – Peter Ackroyd, an English writer.

1950 – Paola Felix, a Swiss singer and TV presenter.

1951 – Bob Geldof, an Irish singer, songwriter and activist.

1955 – Angela Molina, a Spanish actress.

1956 – Ron Nyswaner, an American screenwriter and director.

1957- Bernie Mac, an American actor-comedian.

1958 – Neil deGrasse Tyson, an American astrophysicist.

1967 – Guy Pearce, an Australian actor.

1971 – Nicola Rizzoli, an Italian football referee.

1975 – Kate Elizabeth Winslet, an English actress.

1983 -Nicky Olivia Hilton, a successor to the Hilton hotel chain, and designer.

1983 – Jesse Eisenberg, an American actor.

1983 – Florian Mayer, a German tennis player.

2006 – Jacob Tremblay, a Canadian actor.

As you know these people belong to the Libra Zodiac sign, and they have many of their unusual characteristics, but also many things that are connected to them. These people are right in nature and pleasant, and at the same time, they are easy to squander if you try to behave in a manner that is in keeping with them.

All Libras are knowledgeable people, and again, sometimes they act very naively and clumsily and do not see what is going on in front of their noses. They can bore you with their long story about things that are completely irrelevant for everyone but them, and at the same time, they are attentive and grateful listeners. They are tireless, but rarely agree to do anything speedily. Such a combination of seemingly different qualities leaves many people confused.

There is one very important aspect that is connected to these Libras born on October 5 – you have probably known already that all Libras are turned to the justice and care for the humanity, as you were able to see from the biographies of the famous people born on this day.

But this humanitarian aspect has one very negative element – these people have tendencies to sacrifice themselves for higher goals or to live for others. This could be reflected in their health and can also cause psychological frustration by suppressing personal needs and desires.