October 31 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

When we look at the all knowledge that is available about the Astrology, we could say that is, by all means, the best possible thing to have as much experience as possible from all areas of Astrology, including the Astro-numerology that can be found as a hybrid, or the science that deals with dates in a numerological sense, but also combine that knowledge with Zodiac system of signs.

It is not a bad idea to include everything that we know about the Chinese Astrology that is very significant, as well as Indian.

The Indian and the Western are much more similar because the planet’s movement within the solar system is taken into account, with the emphasis on the effect of the Moon and the Sun.

But there is one thing that should be taken into account before everything else, the date, as it has its own significance. Today we are looking what date October 31 has to say to us.

Personality and Character

As in the life of the majority of Scorpios, in the life of the people who are born on October 31, it is also true that they are very different from what other people think of them.

This does not mean that they are by any means unfair, they do not want to accept certain defects and characteristics that they own, which they want to ignore. These people tend to pierce through the thorns instead of telling openly and sincerely what is that they do not like. But looking at their capacities, these people are very capable of big things, but also they are capable of quite the opposite, they can fall to the greatest depths. People born October 31 disdain comfort and luxury and are proud to withstand every situation described.

There is one thing that you must to know, and that concerns all people born on October 31 – physical or mental struggle is a constant topic in the lives of people born this day. Spiritual warriors are those who can confront the most significant challenges, who know when to retreat and who are capable of the most significant aberrations.

These are people who belong to the last day of October, and they are those who are proud of their ability to carefully watch and to realise their plans to the smallest detail. This is the ability which they use in almost every aspect of their lives. But thanks to the ability to fully concentrate their energy, they can overcome all obstacles that are common in every Scorpio life and for these people also.

When we are speaking about people who are born on October 31, we must talk about their greed that comes in its full strength due to their need for attention. They do not like when their partners flirt or socialise with anyone but them and the tendency of extreme jealousy can lead them to greed and can be very obsessive towards a loved one.

If these people, by any chance, feel that they do not get everything they need, they will take control of the situation. It can be very awkward because they are excellent manipulators and are not overly inclined to think of others when it comes to meeting their needs.

Love Compatibility

When we are discussing love affairs of these people born on October 31, as true Scorpios they can be a little more intense than they should, so it is challenging for their lovers to act good manners.

Persons born this day must not allow them to irritate their petty things and to lose control of themselves for some insignificant loss. And they can be like this, they can use their love and magnetic personalities for all the wrong reasons, and the key to their power is to be concentrated and focused on one thing at the time, for example, their lovers.

In interpersonal relations, these people are charming and magnetic and can be fine when you want. These people born on October 31 are sometimes silent for quite some time, and sometimes they talk too much.

They can be leaders in their own circle of people if they make a just a little effort.

It often happens that they have a very kind and gentle exterior that masks the harder side of their personality. In personal relationships, they are very caring and protective.

It may sound unbelievable to those who did not have this pleasure to be in bed with Scorpio, but this sign is very charged with sexual desire and, regarding sex, is probably the most powerful sign in the Zodiac system of symbols. So when it comes to pleasures of love, physical contact with this is passionate and exciting lovers is one of a kind experience.


These people do not regret the effort invested in a well-run time, and luckily partners will try to enjoy together in the joint moments. Incredibly attractive and stimulating, without a doubt these humans who belong to the October 31 will impress their partners.

Purpose and Career

Regarding their careers, people of the October 31 are fantastic in managing, resolving and creating projects. When they, as every living Scorpio on this planet, set the goal, and there is no abandonment or giving up.

They will best solve the tasks that require a scientific and prodigious approach because it deepens into the matter. Their ability to focus together with determination makes them competent managers. They are not inclined to make business friendships, and they prefer to do the job well.

Jobs such as a scientist, a doctor, a researcher, a sailor, a detective, a policeman, a business manager, and a psychologist are suitable for a mighty person that belongs to this day. Respect is an essential aspect of the business for these Scorpios, which takes place in both directions and as a respected worker and as someone who respects others.

Scorpions and those born on the last day of October also, are disciplined enough to keep the budget, and they also do not fear a busy job to bring themselves into a better financial position.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

As we are talking about the symbols that are connected to this date, we have to mention the most significant – October 31 is connected to the Halloween- a manifestation that is celebrated on October 31 or the night before the All Saints.

Ever since ancient times, the Celts celebrated the New Year’s November 1st. In addition to the new calendar year, they believed that in the night between October 31 and November 1, the dead left their graves to visit places where, for life, they lived. The Celts then, out of fear of visiting ghosts, made noise and camouflage themselves to get rid of unwanted guests.

With a few changes, this custom was inherited by the ancient Romans. They believed that the “dark” period of the year came with the arrival of winter. To protect themselves from the dead, the Romans left at their home threshold the beets that would have previously filled the candles. They then believed that the candles would scare the dead and prevent them from getting closer to the houses.

From the planetary aspect, we could say that Scorpios born on October 31 are ruled by number 4 and planets Uranus and Pluto, as the primary ruler for all Zodiac Scorpios. It is sometimes challenging to understand people born this day because they are a bit unusual in themselves. The Uranus planet brings explosiveness and speed so that these people often change their moods. Such a feature is particularly prominent in that it is supported by the double influence of Pluto and Mars (that can also be found in the world of Scorpios), which make them prone to competition.

Those who are under the impact of the numeral 4 are traditionally stubborn and mischievous, and often they interpret things differently from the rest.

Their color is pumpkin yellow, and their numbers are 4 and 31.

Historical Events on October 31

This date is most often connected to the Halloween, a day that we described in depth in the previous section, but many other events occurred on this day through the course of human history.

475 – Romulus Augustus was proclaimed as the Emperor of the Western Roman Empire.

683 – During the siege of Mecca, Kaaba was destroyed in the fire.

1517 – Martin Luther in Wittenberg published 95 theses, the doctrines and arrangement of the Catholic Church. This was the beginning of the Reformation.

1848 – Mexican Emperor Agustin de Iturbide disbanded the Mexican Congress and replaced it with the military.

1848 – Emperors under the leadership of Field Marshal Alfred Vindesgreecker occupied Vienna, thus extinguishing an eight-month-old Vienna uprising.

1864 – Nevada became the US federal state.

1908 – In London ceremonially closed IV Summer Olympics.

1922 – Benito Mussolini came to power in Italy.

1924 – A meeting of representatives of world savings institutions after the crisis after World War I.

1925 – Reza Shah Pahlavi came to the Iranian throne and founded the Pahlavi dynasty, which ruled that country until the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

1940 – The victory of British aviation ended the battle for Britain that began in Germany in July with a heavy bombing and the United Kingdom’s naval blockade.

1941 – After 14 years of construction, the monument of Mount Rushmore was completed.

1956 – By bombing Egyptian airports, the United Kingdom and France began an attack on Egypt during the Suez Crisis.

1961 – In the process of destabilisation of the Soviet Union, Stalin’s remains were transferred from the mausoleum on Red Square to a tomb located next to the Kremlin walls.

1971 – In Switzerland, women were the first to participate in the National Council elections

1991 – In the first multi-party election in Zambia, Frederik Chiluba defeated opposition candidate Kenneth Kaunda, the leader in the independence struggle and the country’s first president.

2000 – Russian Soyuz TM-31 missile launched from Baikonur in which the first inhabitants of the International Space Station were located.

Famous people born on October 31

This last maybe does not carry names that have planetary notoriety, but believe us, the length of this list proves that these people born on October 31 have many qualities that are recognised around the world.

1632 – Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch painter.

1705 – Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli, the Pope Clement XIV.

1711 – Laura Bassi, an Italian scientist and first woman who officially held lectures at a faculty.

1760 – Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese artist.

1793 -James Dunlop, a Scottish-Australian astronomer.

1795 – John Keats, an English writer.

1815 – Karl Weierstrass, a German mathematician.

1835 – Adolf von Baeyer, an Austrian physicist.

1854 –  Hermann Oldenberg, a  German Indologist.

1876 ​​- Natalie Clifford Barney,  an American-French writer.

1892 – Alexander Alexandrovich Alehin,  a Russian chess player and world champion in chess.

1912 – Dale Evans, an American singer and actress.

1920 – Eduard Adorno, a German politician.

1920 – Helmut Newton, a German photographer.

1920 -Fritz Walter, a German footballer.

1922 -Norodom Sihanouk, the King of Cambodia.

1929 – Carlo Pedersoli, professionally known as Bad Spencer, an Italian actor.

1939 –  Ron Rifkin, an American actor.

1947 –  Herman van Rompuy, a Belgian politician and first president of the European Union.

1950 – Zaha Hadid, a British-Iraqi architect.

1950 –  John Candy, a Canadian comedian and actor.

1961 – Larry Mullen, an Irish musician (U2).

1961 – Peter Jackson, a New Zealand director.

1963 – Carlos Dunga, a  Brazilian footballer.

1963 – Rob Schneider, an American actor, comedian, screenwriter and director.

1964 – Marco van Basten, a Dutch footballer.

1983 – Aleksander Grischuk, a Russian chess grandmaster.

1988 – Sébastien Buemi, a Swiss Formula 1 driver.

2005 – Leonora of Borbón, a Spanish princess.

As you can probably guess these human beings are blessed with the extreme power that when it awakens,  these people born on October 31 become confused and very vulnerable.

When they believe in a person or an ideal, people born on October 31 can give everything. They should learn how to deal with the rejection of other or emotional disappointments in the best and mature way.