October 30 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astrology and related sciences existed in the sixties and seventies also, but one thing is unusual for that time and these methods. Did you know that until the sixties, Astrology and Astro-numerology were relatively rare in the press? The World Wide Web or the internet did not exist at that time, so Astrology was not involved in our lives, as it is today. But one event marked the beginning of the rise of this science, and that event was and still is one of the greatest mysteries in our history.

We are talking about the assassination of President John Kennedy in Dallas. Many interesting things and myths surround this event, but one thing is also connected to it. After or during these events, Astrology already began its significant rise, thanks to the American astrologers who had predicted the murder of President Kennedy. Since then, it has already started to become famous and depending on the magazine to be placed, like science or fun reading.

Today the internet may its significant impact, and many “hybrid” sciences find their place in the world. We are talking about Astro-numerology and the analyses of dates.

Today it is October 30, and lives of all Scorpios who are born on that day.

Personality and Character

Sincerity and justice are the characteristics are attributes are connected to all Scorpios; and for them to successfully work, they need to take time to form a framework of cooperation, but when that happens, they will remain dedicated and loyal. And those who belong to this sign and are born on October 30 are Scorpios, and they have all of these characteristics.

These people must learn to observe human nature, and above all their own; there is an impression that these Scorpios know their character less than anybody in the world.

As we have mentioned, these people born on October 30 are those who can have at the same major success and significant failures and pain, but nothing can break them, they will try again and again, and will receive second chances.

They can face challenges and use new opportunities when they appear; they can still be so much related to the situation in which they miss great opportunities to improve their work and career.

Also, these people tend to split into details or everyday obligations and trivialities by letting the whole, and they can be unorganised people, they can fall into the addiction and chaos of all kinds. For this example, it is always good to look at the life of the Diego Maradona, who struggled with many addictions, while beings the best footballer at that time.

During late puberty, in the late twenties and early forties, it is predicted that these people have a significant growth that is very important to maintain and use properly.

Love Compatibility

When looking form the outside, those who are born on October 30 are considered to be nice people, who seem mild and cordial in relationships with others, but this only appears from the outside, but deep inside these Scorpios have a fiery temperament.

In periods of growth, these people struggle, but the rewards are great; and those born on October 30 usually face enormous challenges, but the outcome can be surprising. These people can be blessed, if the fate gives them amazing lovers that will be their strength and support in all hard times.

They choose not to venture into such issues, and if they withdraw, they will continue to live frustrated, and their wishes and needs will remain unhappy. This can be disastrous for the rest of their lives since they will lose inspiration for other things in life. Because you know, love indeed can move these Scorpios, deep inside these people are fragile, and they like to be love. They should let love enter their life, even if it ends with break up.

The problem may occur if these people born on October 30 decide not to venture, not to try to involve in a love relationship, of they are scared of this emotional rollercoaster, they will never grow.

Purpose and Career

These people can be tricked in their work; they can become victims of outers who will use their naivety. These people love exact science, so can spend hours working in a lab, researching, and the idea that they can discover something new in for humanity makes them happy, even if they cannot do it, or never will.

Those born on October 30 always have you thinking – this is mostly justified because these persons are much smarter than many in various ways, but it’s not always wise to show it so that they can develop a complex.


Without a doubt, these people born on October 30 will have some business success, and will always be able to present new ideas and schemes, which will sometimes bear fruit, and sometimes not – and their entire life, like work can go through many phases, they can have great success and miserable failures. They are skilled in mechanics and are probably interested in all kinds of inventions.

If they have a chance in life (and in most of the cases, they have it) people born on October 30 will become executive managers or supervisors who can manage others, but this is just an option. These people most often have many talents and are able to transfer from one area of interest to another quickly. Thanks to their expertise, they attract others to the projects they work on.

And to fail is never a sin, it is a sin never to get up, and these people as true Scorpios will get up and fight, it’s human to sin, they need to remember this fact. They have intellect and passion, but luckily, they do not have a fake nature. The most important thing is to learn how to cultivate it.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

All Scorpios who belong to the October 30 are ruled by number 3 and planet Jupiter, besides the Pluto that is a primary ruler for all Scorpios. The powerful influence of Pluto highlights their need to achieve, and it can also be seen in the love for independence -it can sometimes create problems for these people because they are strongly related to the group.

The planetary connection Jupiter -Pluto suggests a favorable aspect for undertaking many positive, radical changes in life because it is often associated with the provision of new life opportunities for achieving happiness and success.

On the business plan, new possibilities can be opened up by pointing out suitable opportunities for working abroad -many of these people can travel and work, but in many times they can fail and return home to start over. In love, Jupiter and Pluto show opportunities for the development of a very passionate love affair, which may also tend to become over time in a very serious and deeply emotional love affair.

Many of whom are governed by number 3 are incredibly ambitious, even showing a dictatorial attitude, but this does not apply to those born this day as they achieve their financial and material success in different ways. Number 3 is also the number connected to the curiosity and care, and it is related to the opportunity of acquiring knowledge and achieving divine wisdom during life.

These people are under the impact of the number 3, as you can see; and in a practical sense, this means that they are waiting for three turbulent times in their lives and that most of the events in their lives occurred in the series of three.

Their numbers are 3 and 30, and their color is dark blue.

Historical Events on October 30

Some historical events had positive feedback since they marked the end of long wars and destruction. Date October 30 brings a few of those events, among many others.

1485 – By crowning the Henry VII, English Wars of the Roses ended.

1817 – Simon Bolivar founded the first independent Venezuelan government.

1864 – Vienna peace was signed, and it signified that Denmark was forced to leave to Prussia by the lands of Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenburg.

1888 – The American John J. Loud patented the pen.

1905 – During the First Russian Revolution, the Russian emperor Nikolai II Alexandrovich Romanov offered the “October Manifesto” a broader right to vote, a parliament with the legislative power and a guarantee of civil liberties.

1918 – Capitulation of the Ottoman Empire in the World War I.

1918 – Slovakia declared the separation from Hungary and the unification with the Czech Republic formed Czechoslovakia, the first state created after the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the World War I.

1922 – Two days after the March in Rome, Benito Mussolini formed the first fascist government in Italy.

1938 – Orson Welles, by radio broadcasting of the “War of the Worlds” caused panic among the listeners in the United States.

1961 – The Soviet Hydrogen Car bomb, the strongest nuclear weapon ever detonated, was tested.

1973 – The Bosphorus Bridge connecting Europe and Asia was released into traffic.

1974 – Muhammad Ali returned to boxing at age 32.

1975 – Prince Juan Carlos took over the leadership of Spain from a seriously ill dictator Francesco Franco.

1975 – In Prague, the plane Douglas DC-9 of the Yugoslav company Ineks-Adria collapsed, killing 75 passengers, Czechoslovak tourists who returned from holidays on the Adriatic.

1990 – China published the results of the population census according to which its population is 1.013 billion people.

1995 – With 50.6 per cent of the vote “for” Quebec residents voted in a referendum against the independence of the Canadian province.

2000 – A judge of the Supreme Court of Spain, his bodyguard and rider were killed, another 35 people were injured in an explosion of a car bomb in Madrid.

Famous people born on October 30

One of the best football players, Diego Maradona, lives a life that is filled with many controversies, an, his life is a symbiosis of great successes and miserable failures, especially in his private life. He was one of the famous people born on October 30.

1735 – John Adams, an American politician and second president of the United States from 1797 to 1801.

1751 – Richard Brinsley Sheridan, an English playwright.

1762 – André Chénier, a French poet.

1853 – Louise Abbéma, a French painter.

1871 – Paul Valéry, a French writer.

1885 -Ezra Pound, an American poet.

1893 – Roland Freisler, a German Nazi judge.

1895 – Gerhard Domagk, a German doctor and Nobel laureate.

1906 – Giuseppe Farina, an Italian sports car driver.

1954- Mario Testino, a British photographer.

1957 –  Kevin Pollak, an American actor.

1960 – Diego Armando Maradona, an Argentine footballer.

1963 –  Kristina Wagner, an American actress.

1965-  Gavin Rossdale, a British singer and songwriter.

1971 – Fredi Bobic, a German soccer player.

1981 – Ivanka Tramp, an American model, and daughter of Donald Tramp.

1986 – Thomas Morgenstern, an Austrian skier jumper.

1987- Ashley Graham, an American plus-size model.

1996- Devin Booker, an American basketball player.

There is no doubt, no matter how their life may seem or how their lives are, those born on October 30 are intellectual will feel better in the company of witty and comfortable people. They are full of surprises, members of this sign will give you everything they need, but if you fail once, there is no return. Deeply sensitive, when something hurts them, it is just impossible to make it better. The dedication to the family is healthy and consistent for all Zodiac Scorpios, and the same things can be applied for those born on October 30.

They are controversial, but it is just their character; their personal spiritual development is of utmost importance and should not be neglected. Even after many failures and controversial moves, these people tend to look for the “God”, for the higher Force and answers that should help them to find the truth and more significant meaning in life.

This can be the conclusion of this Astro-numerological story, that can reveal the behind the scene of their lives, that are interesting by themselves, let alone when we add up this aspect.