October 3 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Knowing more about the Astro-numerological aspect of your birthdate can help you found the true match in love (this is the issue that many of us are most interested), or at least the perfect way to understand what love is, and when it is coming your way. That process can be seen through the comparative horoscope, for example, where you can combine information of your Zodiac sign and from your partner.

But in the first place, you will be aware of your defects, how much you are ready to get in touch, how mature you are how much you are willing to respect your partner and what is really what you want from each other – this is something that many of us neglect in interpersonal relations.

It is indeed good to do know these things, and it is best for partners to work together and to learn about each other Zodiac sign and personal horoscope because the astrologer will be able to respond to what they need to change, which will make it much easier for you to build relationships.

Today all those who are in love with someone who is born on October 3, or is born on this date can find all necessary information in this article.

Personality and Character

Libras born this day share a genuine interest in the people that are around them, they are those who don’t judge, they are those who understand, especially those who are in problems, who are struggling with their temptations and troubles. People that belong to this date can be good listeners, but in some other way, these human beings tend to talk a lot about themselves and their own experiences in life.

They tend to give the answer to others problems in a way that they mention their won story about the similar experiences, but is not always what people in a problem like to hear. Sometimes it is the best solution to give more space to others and to put themselves to the side.

At times you can notice these humans as they sit in silence and accept what others say, but just sometimes – in many other times these people love to speak about their life. These individuals do not say that they live the best life, but they feel like they have enough relevant experience that they could advise others.

It is in the power of people who are born on October 3 to divert the conversation in their direction and make it interesting, sometimes these people are lazy, and are not interested in investing the effort to do so. Yes, you heard it well, and we will say that all Libras sometimes have that laziness in them, a time when they are so uninterested in anything but breathing. They go from periods of complete maniacal interest for progress to the periods where they do not care at all.

The main advice for these people is to analyse themselves and do more for their environment this could be the way, not for success in work, but their inner development. They are not only prone to set the mode in which society will go, but they also feel like they are always right, which can be irritating for their environment. They are happy when they are part of the progress and when they can influence others to change.

People born this day, as Libras, often see their profession as something that is very serious and they want to make it as progressive as possible, these people like to develop and progress in every direction, mentally, physically and emotionally. Being good in their job will help them make that progress.

Love Compatibility

These people born on October 3 are most often those who consider that they are the ones who should influence their lovers or family in general, they are the ones that in a way like to dominate. What these people need, is a lover who is ready to accept and to be with someone who can be changing in moods (as all Libras) but also those who like to keep their lover under some control.

They almost never sit and do not allow things to run their course, but they like to manage them, and this is all great, but in love, things cannot be as perfect and planned as they would want them to be.

For people born this day, personal connections are out of utmost importance, and they put love relations very high on the scale of the priorities. They have a lot to offer, maybe they are a bit afraid of solitude, so they can continuously be in relationships, one after another, but they will eventually learn that they need to have the time for themselves.

Persons who celebrate their birthdays on October 3 most often worship or fall in love with those who have extraordinary abilities, who have something unique about them. They are also attracted to those who are in some power positions, or in their associates who they get to see all day, idealised as divine – but even in these situations, they are the ones that want to be dominant.

Purpose and Career

People of this date are versatile and have a right attitude about their work – those born on October 3 are always able to earn as much money as they need. They have various abilities – nurture them, live them, and success will come to those born this day.

But when we look at their personality in depth, we could say that they are not business persons in the core – you are interested in some other things in life. What we are saying is that these people are not focused solely on work.


These people are musical, fond of art, like painting, reading good books; as many Libras, they are in one part spiritual, intuitive and love socialising even if that socialising is in their workplace.

People of the October 3 have a sense of beauty in the world, don’t forget, these people are under the government of the planet Venus, and this is equally valid for both women and men born to this day.

These people are also blessed with good memory, and they enjoy reading about history, sometimes they find life occupation in this area, like some history teachers, and educators or researchers.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

When we speak about the symbolical influence of the people who are born on this day, we could say that they are under the planetary control that comes from the Jupiter and Venus that is responsible for all Libras. The Jupiter associated with the energy of Venus, which is a sign of the Libra, gives birth to people born on October 3 optimistic attitude and expansive social perspectives.

This connection is considered to be generally very useful in any situation, and these people are blessed with kindness and forgiveness, as the key factor in strengthening interpersonal relations.

The mutual energy of the planets exudes goodwill and generosity, and their impact gives rise to affection. They are essentially positive, expansive, and generous planets; but this connection gives exaggeration if it is not handled with care. You know, when you have a great amount of energy in your life, you need to point it in the right direction, a direction of progress and development.

Numerologically they are ruled by the number 3 – for them, it is said that they will rise to the best positions in the society, they are those who like to be heard and listen to, but they also value their independence in high regard. Also, number 3 is in many numerological circles consider the very lucky number that provides numerous opportunities in life.

Their number is 3, and their color is deep grey.

Historical Events on October 3

Sometimes the only historical proof that we get about a certain event is a legend, or a myth, but is still something that can provide us with the insight in some events that changed our world or make it better or worse. The first event on our list is such event, based on the legend, but connected to the October 3.

2333 B.C – According to the legend, the Kingdom of Korea was established.

382 – The Gothic War ended with the conclusion of an alliance agreement between the Roman emperor Theodosius I and the Goths.

1789 – President George Washington declared the first Independence Day.

1824 – The Assembly of Mexico adopted the Constitution according to which that country became an independent federal republic called the United States of Mexico.

1866 – The Peace Treaty in Vienna was signed, ending the seven-week war of Italy and Austria.

1906 – At the Berlin Radio Conference, SOS was established as an international aid signal, instead of the most commonly used CeKuDe (CQD).

1932 – Iraq, after the expiration of the British mandate, gained independence and became a member of the League of Nations.

1952 – Britain tried the first atomic bomb.

1968 – Peruvian President Fernando Belaúnde Terry was shot down by the government in a military coup.

1981 – After seven months, Irish nationalists in the Maze prison in Belfast suspended a hunger strike against the British authorities, during which ten strikers died.

1990 – The United Kingdom after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

1997 – A Japanese train on magnetic pads at a speed of 451 kilometers per hour broke the world record in an experimental railroad section west of Tokyo.

2001 – The US Senate approved an agreement on trade cooperation with Vietnam, which provided Vietnam with normal trade status and relations with the United States.

Famous people born on October 3

There is almost no area in which people of the October 3 did not make success that was recognised all around the world, and in many cases, these people besides their success show a tremendous humanitarian side.

1784 – Johann Karl Ehrenfried Kegel, a German agronomist.

1824 – Ivan Nikitin, a Russian poet.

1858 – Eleanor Giulia Amelie Duse, an Italian actress.

1889 – Carl von Ossietzky, a German pacifist.

1895 – Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin, a Russian poet.

1897 –  Louis Aragon, a French writer.

1900 – Thomas Wolfe, an American writer.

1902 – Jean Gremillon, a French director.

1902 – Artur da Costa e Silva, a Brazilian politician and president.

1925 – Gore Vidal, an American writer.

1954 – Al Sharpton, an American priest and activist.

1962- Tommy Lee, an American musician.

1964 – Clive Owen, an English actor.

1969 – Gwen Renée Stefani, an American singer.

1973 – Lena Headey, an English actress.

1973 -Neve Campbell, an American actress.

1978 – Jake Shears, an American singer (Scissor Sisters).

1978 –  Claudio Pizarro, a Peruvian football player.

1981 – Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a Bosnian -Swedish footballer.

1983 –  Frederico Chaves Guedes, Brazilian soccer player.

1984- Ashlee Simpson, an American singer.

1986 – Jackson Martinez, a Colombian footballer.

1988 – ASAP Rocky, an American rapper.

1988- Alicia Vikander, a Swedish actress.

The time has come for the end of this Astro-numerological story that is related to all those who are born on October 3, and we owe you something that will be additional information. As you know, they belong to the Libra Zodiac sign – they do not believe in everything until they see everything with their own eyes; they are great negotiators and are always ready to answer people when in doubt – people of this date have these characteristics.

They are remarkable in perception and often know much more than people assume, but these people as all Libras hate selfish and ruthless people. They are incredibly charming and excellent in flirt.

We will say that those who are born this day, on the third day of October are the people who have special antennas that notice the direction in which their environment develop. But also, these people have a sense of tradition and their place in it, and that’s the key to their success.