October 28 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The most common Astrology that we all know is Western Astrology, but it is certainly not the only one; parallel to the so-called classical or Western astrology, this ancient science, Skills developed in India, Tibet, China, and Japan.

All of these civilisations made their own type of Astro science, and many of them have similar traits or ways of calculation for example. One separation must be said, and we are talking about the Indian astrology that differs from Chinese and Japanese, both of them associate Astrology with medicine, so that, independently from one civilisation to another, it developed as an integral part of medicine, and doctors did it,  healers also, as the most prominent people of his time.

Today Astrology is certainly not the part of modern medicine, but it has some involvement in the medicine, for example, it can give advice for the heath, or it can point what are the weakest points in a certain Zodiac sign.

Today our attention is focused on the date October 28, and all Scorpios born on that day.

Personality and Character

People often say that Scorpios are fierce, probably because they understand the rules of the universe well. Some scorpions may look older than they actually are, throughout their lives. They are great leaders because they are very dedicated to what they do. It is in their nature to create a wide range of changes with their breakthrough ideas. Many Scorpios born on the October 28 are just like this, you can clearly see this impact.

These people must learn to evaluate human nature; if they do not, and these persons born on October 28 begin to believe too much to others, they give them the confidence to those around you; one day will experience an unpleasant truth.

Many Scorpios especially those who are born on October 28 love to consider themselves as the fighters for the truth, and this is the topic that is central and permanent theme of these people. The presentation of the truth matters to them, it is essential how these topics are presented to other people, they love to put themselves in such positions. But these people who belong to the October 28 are thus exposed to the danger of being sarcastic and extremely harsh, and people might hate them for that. For these people, it would be imperative if they were able to develop diplomatic skills.

For Scorpios born on October 28, it is essential to find out what is behind the phenomenon and to find out how things work – this the feature that they abundantly use in their work, they love to discover, and this is not only true in their work, they apply this rule to every situation, and personal relation. In this respect, these people are very serious, and they like to take life seriously.

People born October 28 are believers, and they firmly believe in the power of proper preparation -they like to be prepared for all things that can come in the future, these are all things that can bring them closer to the success and one step further to their search for the greatness that they want to have in life.

Love Compatibility

In principle, these people are well on the money and always manage to build a secure financial base for themselves and their loved ones – they are those who like to be the bearers of the truth, and they are those who like to provide for their families; it is important for them to love and to give, but this is an aspect that has its price. Not everyone can deal with such directorial behaviour, not all people can love them for such abilities, but they all have to show a sign of respect.

Human beings born on October 28 see themselves as someone who works for the benefit of all, and they mainly take care of people who are close to them, this is their way of showing how much they can love – by giving and providing.

However, as a rule, they always care very little about people in general and often despise the crowd; they like to be in the small circle of friends. People born this day in personal relationships bring high standards and do not allow others to bring in anything or change in that relationship.

When problems occur, in love mainly these people are known for one thing – before people who are born on October 28 begin to talk about any problem, or before deciding to invest in their own time to a love relationship, these persons will think carefully and prepare for all the possible and impossible issues that they can face.

Once agreed on an undertaking, no such force can stop them -they will make their lover be precisely what they want that person to be; a lover that is no match for anyone else that can come along on the love path; they can become even very possessive and irritating in this matter.

But this preparation can lead them to neurosis, so these people exhibit anxiety in love, instead of always getting ahead of time and still obsessively trying to keep things under control.

Purpose and Career

It is also said that these people will never achieve anything significant in their current occupation and the current position – they need to invent something new, need to change it, become more free and independent before they go into something better.


These Scorpios must learn not to focus their attention on many different things in life, but to learn something about the true values ​​of things that they are enduring and what is real in life. There is a constant need to learn to be better affirmed, that their personality and powers are noticed in the environment.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Pluto is a planet that is the ruler of all Zodiac Scorpios, and it is the planet that is connected to the transformation and change. Scorpios are characterised by calm and “cool” behavior, and you will recognise them by decisive and mistreating appearance.

Another planet that we found in this date is the Sun, and its influence is clear, it pushes these people to become the best and the first in everything they do.  The Sun symbolises powerful creative energy and fire that is best kept on the same level and inflated continuously because it can exit control. This combination Pluto and Sun is interesting.

This is a “fatal” connection, by some; and there are huge differences between these two planets, so patience is necessary for the best results in life, and these people must be aware of this fact.

The Sun is brave, open, honest, does not know what behind-the-scenes actions are. He does not give low blows, no matter how hurt he is, he is trying to win fairly. By nature, it is such that he expects everything best from life and believes that everyone else can see that his place is at the top. Pluto is fanatic, durable, mysterious, and often does not choose methods to achieve a goal.

Persons born on October 28 are ruled by the numeral 1 -and all of those who have this number are expressive individuals and tend to rise to the top. Because these are very dominant persons, they must be careful not to overcome the desire and the need to be dominant.

Their number is 1, and their colors are red and blue, in their integral form.

Historical Events on October 28

Since we already know that the Roman times were a time when people as human beings prosper, but that time also included a lot of sacrifices, and many wars were lead at that time. Some of those events occurred on October 28.

306 – The son of the Roman Emperor Maximianus, Maxentius, circumvented by the division of power in 305, proclaimed himself king of Rome.

312 – Battle of the Milivan Bridge, the Roman Emperor Constantine defeats the Maxentius coaster; an introduction to the Milan edict and freedom of Christianity.

969 – Byzantine troops occupied the city of Antioch (today’s Syria)

1453 – Hungarian King Ladislav V was crowned as the King of Czech Republic in Prague as Ladislav I.

1492 – Christopher Columbus, on his first trip across the Atlantic, discovered Cuba.

1628 – Royal troops under Cardinal Richelieu took over, after months of siege, the protestant’s stronghold, La Rochelle.

1636 – In the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard College was founded, the oldest educational institution in the United States.

1746 – At least 18,000 people died in the earthquake in Peru, where the cities of Lima and Kalyan were destroyed.

1836 – The Federation of Peru and Bolivia was proclaimed.

1886 – On Island in the New York Post, US President Grover Cleveland discovered the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France, created by Frederick Auguste Bartholdi.

1918 – The first Czechoslovak Republic was proclaimed in Prague.

1919 – In the United States came into force a law prohibiting the sale of beverages with alcohol.

1922 – About 40,000 fascist that followed Benito Mussolini set off from Naples to march to Rome. Two days later, King Victor Emanuel III entrusted Mussolini with the mandate for the composition of the Government. The Fascist regime lasted until July 1943.

1940 – Italian troops attacked Greece from Albania after Greece rejected the ultimatum that Italy sought military posts on Greek territory. With the help of the Germans Greece was occupied in April 1941.

1958 – Cardinal Roncalli was elected as Pope John XXIII.

1962 – John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev reached an agreement that resolved the Cuban Missile Crisis.

1972 – In Toulouse, the first prototype of Airbus was released.

1974 – The heads of Arab states, including Jordan’s King Hussein, adopted the Declaration calling for the creation of an independent Palestinian state.

1982 – In the general election in Spain, the Socialist Workers’ Party of Felipe Gonzalez took a convincing victory.

1995 – In a fire that broke out in the metro of the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, at least 289 people were killed, 270 people were injured.

2001 – US President George W. Bush set up a Foreign Terrorist Monitoring Group, led by Public Prosecutor John Ashcroft, and the group’s task is to locate and deport foreign citizens illegally staying in the United States.

Famous people born on October 28

We will mention three extraordinarily successful and meaningful people who, each in their own occupation made such an impact on the society that it is hard not to mention them, they are remembered for changing our world.

One of them is Bill Gates one of the most influential people in the world. At the age of 31, he earned a staggering billion dollars, and on his 40th birthday, Gates has become the wealthiest man in the world.

1017 – Henry III, a German-Roman emperor.

1465 – Erasmus Rotterdam, a Dutch humanist, writer, philologist and philosopher.

1550 – Stanislaus Kostka, a Polish saint.

1793 – Eliphalet Remington, an American weapons manufacturer.

1868 – James Connolly, an American student and athlete.

1914 – Johnson Edward Salk, an American microbiologist.

1930 – Bernie Ecclestone, a British business magnate.

1932 – Spyros Cyprian, a Cypriot statesman.

1949- Bruce Jenner, an American athlete and TV personality.

1955 – Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft’s computer company.

1956 – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an Iranian President.

1963 – Eros Valter Luciano Ramazzotti, an Italian singer.

1967 –  Julia Roberts, an American film actress.

1974 – Joaquin Phoenix, an American film actor.

1980 –  Alan Smith, an English footballer.

1981 – Milan Boros, a Czech soccer player.

1982- Matt Smith, a British actor.

1984 – Obafemi Martins, a Nigerian footballer.

1987- Frank Ocean, an American singer and rapper.

These people who belong to the October 28 will probably have an interesting life, full of things that started unusually, and if you look into the biography of anyone from our list Famous people born on October 28, you will see the concrete evidence.

Some of them will be happy, and the other will never find true happiness in their life because they will be lost in their ambitions and confidence to achieve it.