October 27 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Welcome to the magical world of Astro -numerology, and for the start of this article, we will ask you a few questions. Do you believe in love at first glance? Did you know that through relationships you can learn the most about who you are? The day you are born is a unique description of how to behave in relationships, for example, but this is just one part of those descriptions, among many, many more.

It can be used for the reveal of your soul, in the best way; you only need to follow a few rules. Those rules are simple, but articles like this one provide you with the amazing amount of information, all summed up in one place.

Use Astro- numerological Maps to find out how you are compatible with your lovers, and the challenges that you may have to overcome – once again we are saying about one aspect of human life, for many the most important elements, but definitely not the only one.

Today we are looking into the world of Scorpios who are born on October 27.

Personality and Character

It is clear that these Scorpios have high energy and determination when they have to deal with life; they don’t give up quickly, and are blessed with the ability to achieve all that they set as their goal – personal or work issues also. They are enthusiastic and strong and tend to be at the centre of attention, they want a society that will accept them for these traits, and they are ready to do everything for such attention.

These people born on October 27 have all the necessary qualities and exceptional power of organisation and execution – they use these traits, and they use them the best way they can; in any job they choose, but since they love attention, they can succeed in such areas as acting or singing, or something that is connected to the scene in some way.

But they should not rely so much on this, and they need to be aware that they could be hurt and be damaged completely; those who are born on this day should not ignore some of the symptoms and physical disorders. This is especially true in the times when they have experienced some painful loss or have gone through a problematic love affair, and these people may be prone to deep depression. During such periods, they should turn to work.

At times these people born on October 27 always try to give away the impression of solid and reliable people that you can always rely on in every way, they often ignore their own sensibility.

Because in the way if they are helping you they are neglecting their own emotions that can be too fragile, and they make themselves weak and unstable, and the biggest problem is that they never look like they are in pain, but they are.

However, behind their durable exterior is often hidden a very fragile psyche that deals with the depression and a lot of emotional pain, so they need people who will see what is going on and that they need a lot of care and patience.

Love Compatibility

These Scorpios have magnetic personalities, and as expected they seem magnetic to other people, and often hypnotise all those who find themselves in their immediate environment. Scorpios who are born on October 27 are those human beings who are, by their mere presence, accused of the emotional shocks and changes in the situation with those they encounter.

They live a significant mark on the people who are around them, they have magnetic personalities, but their charm has a dark side to them; these persons must be kept in jealousy and possessiveness, on the one hand, and completely neglecting others on the other. It is essential for them to see how influential and powerful they can be and to use this ability for the positive impact, not negative.

These Scorpios born on October 27 have feelings that can be expressed in a wide emotional range, from the goodwill of the spirit always ready for fun, too intense dark passions – they have it all, and you don’t know what are you getting with them.

One thing is important to say here – looking at things from one side, these people are capable of much, they are very emotional, but from the other hand, they are too intense at times, that can be overwhelming. It is necessary that they master how to direct and watch their emotional nature because if they do not succeed, this nature can be manifested in its negative view and bring this self-destruction to these people. Destruction is not a good thing, especially in the realms of long periods, at times it is a good thing to hit rock bottom and then to stand up, but when this is a constant pattern thing go in the wrong direction.

That is why these people are often exposed to the danger of crossing the border, beyond their power, which often confronts them with various psychological problems. The main thing for these Scorpios born on October 27 is to be surrounded by a caring environment that can give the support when they need it.

Purpose and Career

For all characteristics that we mentioned in the previous sections, we could say that in the work environment, these human beings are competent and want to be in the company of the people who think the same, and when they enter the business world, they will no doubt achieve success.


They are convincing speakers, can become to be ingenious writers; they can be involved in the sport; especially outside. They should not submit themselves to the restrictions of any kind, so they should start their own business very early and will have success in it. One thing must to be taken care of their fierce temper – it must be under their control.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 9 is the number connected to the wisdom and energy that slowly progresses toward higher realms, but it is the number of second doubts and pain in some way, and these people born on October 27 are ruled by number 9.

This is also the number that has a powerful influence on all other numbers because every number of add-up numbers 9 gives that number, and these people are similar in their way to their surroundings.

From a planetary side of the Astro- numerological story, they are under the influence of the Mars and Pluto that is the natural ruler for all Scorpios. Mars is a powerful and aggressive planet, and its energy is twice as intense in people born this day because Mars, along with Pluto, is ruled by Scorpio. This connection can increase their ambitions, aspirations, transcendental ideas. A little jealousy is useful, more dangerous, and worst if one poorly expresses the potential of another, and they are jealousy; but there is a good aspect that, since this planetary connection can be seen as marriage from passion, but it lasts because it binds mentally.

Their color is dark grey, and their number is 9.

Historical Events on October 27

It is strange how the same historical event can be remembered completely different by the different people; history is both objective and subjective at the same time, but its effects are undeniable. Today we are wondering about the effects of the past events that occurred on October 27.

1612 – The plan of the Polish king Sigismund III fell through the capitulation of Polish troops in Moscow to become the king of Russia.

1795 – The United States and Spain signed a Madrid agreement that borders the Spanish colonies in America and the United States.

1806 – Napoleon’s troops entered Berlin after defeating Prussians in the Battle of Jena–Auerstedt.

1807 – Napoleon Bonaparte and Spanish King Charles IV signed an agreement on the division of Portugal in the Chateau de Fontainebleau.

1810 – The United States annexes the former Spanish colony of Western Florida.

1871 – Britain annexed diamond fields in Kimberley, South Africa.

1881 – In the elections for the fifth German parliament, the Catholic Center (100 seats) proved to be the strongest fraction, while Otto von Bismarck, the state chancellor, had to accept defeat.

1891 – In Japan, at least 10,000 people were killed in the earthquake on the largest island of Honshu and 300,000 were left homeless.

1904 – The first subway was opened in New York, USA.

1918 – British, French and Italian forces defeated the Austro-Hungarian army in battle near Vitoria Venetto in the World War I.

1922 – Under the pressure of the Fascist movement, the Italian government resigned.

1962 – Major Rudolf Anderson of the US Air Force became the only direct victim of the Cuban crisis.

1965 – During the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church rejected any anti-Semitism, freed the Jews from any joint guilt for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

1973 – UN peacekeepers arrive in Cairo to establish a separation line between the Egyptian and Israeli forces.

1978 – Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin received the Nobel Peace Prize.

1979- Former British colonies of Saint Vincent and Grenada have become independent states.

1981 – The Soviet submarine S-363 was stranded in Swedish territorial waters.

1991- Turkmenistan declared independence from the Soviet Union.

1999- Armed attackers set fire to the Armenian parliament in Yerevan and killed nine people.

1999- Dress, which Hollywood star Merlin Monroe was wearing while singing “Happy Birthday, Mr President “to US President John Kennedy was sold for $ 1,267,500.

2000 – Due to a strong storm, the diving team failed to enter the submarine “Kursk”. A day earlier revealed evidence that 23 sailors survived the first explosion that this Russian atomic submarine sank on August 12 in the Barents Sea.

2001- Swedish daily “Express” has handed over a statement by Christophe Petersen, who has been acquitted of the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme in 1986, that he was killed by the prime minister.

2017 – The Catalan parliament declared the independence of the Catalan Republic by secret ballot.

Famous people born on October 27

The same thing is in the analyses of the notable people born on October 27; some may love them, others may hate them, but their notoriety is undeniable.

1466 – Erasmus Rotterdam, a Dutch humanist.

1760 – August Neidhardt von Gneisenau, a Prussian military commander.

1782 – Niccolo Paganini, an Italian composer.

1811 – Isaac Merritt Singer, an American inventor.

1858 – Theodore Roosevelt, the American president from 1901 to 1909 and the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

1896 – Margareta Petrovna Froman, a Russian ballerina, and choreographer.

1914 – Dylan Thomas, an English poet.

1923 -Roy Lichtenstein, an American pop artist.

1932 -Sylvia Plath, an American poet.

1939- John Cleese, a British actor and comedian.

1940 – John Gotti, an American gangster.

1952 -Roberto Benigni, an Italian actor and director.

1952 – Francis Fukuyama, an American political philosopher of Japanese origin.

1958 -Simon Le Bon, a British musician and songwriter.

1978- Vanessa Mae, an English violinist.

1984- Kelly Osbourne, a British singer and TV personality.

1987 -Andrew Bynum, an American basketball player.

1992- Stephan El Shaarawy, the Italian footballer of Egyptian origin.

The time has come, not for the conclusion, you make your own judgment about Scorpios born on October 27, but we recommend that you try to think of someone who is born on this and to try to see does that person have something in common with these descriptions that we gave you.

But, we will add a few more sentences to make things even more interesting.

There is one thing that is connected to the people born this day that we did not mention before – those who are born on October 27 often, or most of the time consume enormous energy that exhausts their bodies and their minds. That is why they need recovery periods, but one thing that is comforting is that they are Scorpios that are known for their ability to recover completely and restore their energies.