October 25 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

People from all around the world often perceive Astrology as a wandering and prophesying of evil destiny, but in reality, astrology is far from it – it can be, and it is directed to many positive things in life, one of them is how they achieve the perfect balance in life and overall well being.

The science of Astrology is one way to understand ourselves and life course – what is direction and the main focus in our lives, what are the best things that we can get from experience. Our horoscope can be seen as the map of our lives where a program is recorded, which we can change by getting to know ourselves and raising the level of awareness.

The astrological prognoses are part of this process of self-awareness and always bring only those topics that are relevant for the people.

Today we are examining the lives of the people born on October 25.

Personality and Character

These Scorpios are passionate, they like the excitement of all kinds, and they cannot tolerate a boring life that can be imposed on them – these people particular can sometimes be under the pressure that can come from their families or environment, this is something that some of them fight against, and others do not.

There are two types of those who are born on October 25 in aspects that are related to their psychological health. We have those who often and generally ignore the signs and symptoms of a bad health condition, which naturally work against themselves, allowing acute symptoms to turn into chronic illnesses.

They can turn to many unhealthy habits, but they can also become those who are depended on prescribed drugs, believing that they are helping themselves in this. The other part belongs to hypochondriacs, and they are so scared for their health, but they never visit doctors, but they cure themselves, because they know the best.

These people have to give shape to their ideas, and you will find out later in the article can they do this in their work and why. As very imaginative people, their visions and dreams cannot achieve anything unless they are converted into physical form – they can become extraordinary artists.

The great challenge for these people born on October 25 never to stop to develop, either at the most basic manifestation of their personality or talent or any other level of their spiritual development -they need to move and change. They cannot fall into the habits and comfort; challenge must be present all the time if they want to progress.

Love Compatibility

The love life of these people is interesting, and it is the things that can create a lot of trouble for these humans born on October 25; it is not new information that all Scorpios are passionate and very attractive, even o beryl sexual. They never shy away from seeking something new in love and personal relations.

They essentially leave the impression of stable and confident people, although they can be withdrawn or silent, they can be people with many insecurities and problems that can be seen later in a relationship.

No matter how things in their lives can be turbulent, these people when the moment comes from them have a family; will do anything to provide safe support. Their relations may be unconventional and far from traditional, but they are honest and know how to love.

Looking at their lives, these people hate when things are crazy, even if they are those who create that mess – they will not tolerate chaos and prefer for everything to be under control -their partners for example. They can be extremely intolerant to people who are disorderly, indecent or irresponsible, while at the same time, those who belong to this day will act in that way. Their lovers will go through hell with them in this way.

These people are extremely critical of people who they think are less mature than them, and are often in love with younger people that they can control in some way. And people born on this day are Scorpios; they are all possessive in some way.

Purpose and Career

There so no doubt that these people who are born on October 25 are considered to be good workers, with an excellent memory. They usually do well at school and have a problem in the study, the only thing that can happen is that they can find a life outside the school, and they stop trying completely.

This sometimes happened, and these Scorpios should watch how their schooling will develop, and on top of this, they should be those people who should nurture their talents, maybe they don’t have them many, but those talents that can be pointed that carry potential, they should develop as much as they can.


These people love to write and read, they have an uncontrollable hunger for knowledge – sometimes they start learning from the unconventional source of information.

These people born on October 25 are not very willing to work with others or to share ideas with others; it is a good idea for them to start their own business early in life. They can be creative and musical, have excellent taste and originality in matching and combining colors; they can decorate something like any professional designers. Or they can be involved in music, and they can be those who will create music, rather than performing it.

Sometimes they can break themselves from a certain aspect of their lives; they can become obsessive and think that they still can do some things, even if they cannot -they need to learn to gain a great deal of appreciation of time that makes changes on them.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

You can discover a lot about someone character if you look the symbolism that is behind their date of birth – for Scorpios born on October 25 two things are important. It is number 7 and planets Neptune and Pluto that is the natural ruler for all Zodiac Scorpios. First, we have to say that the planetary connection between Neptune and Venus brings these people grace and imagination, and the influence of Pluto gives it earthly powers.

They can transcend that imagination to the reality – so they can be the fantastic creators of music or pictures (Pablo Picasso or Johann Strauss, for example). What can you see in their work, you truly believe that they have something out of this world in them, they have incredible talent that can be recognised in the world. This aspect is sometimes seen as hard and challenging since it carries energy that can be hard, but fruitful. A mixture of the planetary energies of these two planets gives a unique feature to these human beings; it describes what inspires them, and what topics are of particular interest and research. On these special topics, each feature in them is defined, acquainted, changed, and developed.

As we mention numerological influence, we must say that those born on October 25 are ruled by the “lucky” number 7 – so they are those who know how to enjoy in life, especially in the changes and alterations, but they are always turned to the pleasures of life and love in some way.

Their numbers are 7 and 35, and their colors are all shades of blue.

Historical Events on October 25

The rule of a Scorpios clearly carries interesting, mysterious and strong events that truly leave an impact on the humanity – this could be seen in the list of the past events that occurred on October 25, as the date that belongs to the Scorpio Zodiac sign.

732 – The French ruler Charles in the Battle of Poitiers severely defeated the Saracens and thus definitely stopped their further breakthrough in Western Europe.

1131 -Louis VII the Young was crowned as the King of France.

1147 – King Afonso I of Portugal occupied the Lisbon.

1415 – The British in the Hundred Years War, under the command of King Henry V, caused a heavy defeat to the French at Battle of Agincourt.

1495 – In Portugal, King Manuel I entered the throne. He financed the research projects of the sailors Vasco da Gama, Pedro Alvarez Cabral and others.

1616- Dutch sailor, Dirk Hartog on the way to Java, discovered the west coast of Australia.

1671 – Giovanni Cassini discovered Iapetus, a satellite of Saturn

1760 – George III became King of Great Britain

1901 – Joseph Chamberlain, British Colonial Affairs Secretary, make an anti-German speech in Edinburgh;

1918- World War I: In the city of Vittorio Veneto, one of the last battles in which ended on November 3 with the victory of the Italians against the already disorganised Austro-Hungarian army.

1929 – The stock market collapse in New York, the beginning of a significant depression.

1936 – The governments of Germany and Italy signed a secret protocol on mutual assistance, which formed the Rome-Berlin axis.

1938- Libya had become a part of Italy.

1944 – For the first time in World War II, kamikaze attacks are used.

1956- Egypt, Jordan and Syria established a unified military command to coordinate defense against the Israeli attack.

1971- The United Nations General Assembly decided to take China into a world organisation and to exclude Taiwan.

1993 – Airbus A310 of Air Nigeria hijacked, one person died.

1995 – Based on the agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization on Palestinian self-government, Israeli troops began withdrawing from the city of Jenin, in the Occupied West Bank.

2009 – In the Baghdad bombings, 155 were killed and at least 721 wounded.

Famous people born on October 25

One of the celebrated painters in the world, was born on this day, and we must admit that his work is something that is extraordinary, but his personal life is also very interesting (some will say controversial and passionate at the same time), and this is true for his love life. His life is a clear representation of a person who belongs to the October 25.

He was one of the greatest artists of all time; he loved art, paint, bohemian life and many women. He moved his work far ahead of his time. He loved women with the same passion, and with 30 and 80, they marked his art and life. There were countless, but only seven meant a glorious painter and most influenced his works, but they psychologically destroyed them.

1806-  Kaspar Schmidt (known as Max Stirner), a  German philosopher anarchist.

1811 – Evarist Galoa, a French mathematician.

1825 -Johann Strauss Younger, an Austrian composer, violinist and conductor.

1838 – Georges Bizet, a French composer.

1881 -Pablo Ruiz Picasso, a Spanish painter.

1904- Cemal Reşid Rey, a Turkish composer.

1919 – Beate Uhse, a German entrepreneur.

1920 – Anatoli Grigoryevich Tebloyev, a Russian philosopher.

1929 – Peter Ruehmkorf, a German lyricist.

1931 – Annie Girardot, a French actress.

1948- Glenn Tipton, a British guitarist.

1948 – Dave Cowens, an American basketball player and coach.

1969 -Oleg Salenko, a Russian national footballer.

1970- Adam Goldberg, an American actor.

1976 – Ahmad Al-Duke, a Saudi Arabian footballer.

1977- Yehonathan Gatro, an Israeli singer and actor.

1979 – Natasha Khan, a British musician.

1981 – Shaun Wright-Phillips, an English soccer player.

1984 – Katy Perry, an American singer.

1985- Ciara, an American singer.

1995- Valter Skarsgård, a Swedish actor.

One thing sets these people born on October 25 from other Scorpios, and other people, or to be more specific, from most of the people – they genuinely feel like they are the people who are created for bigger things, and they right. During their lifetime, especially in the mature age of their lives, these Scorpios must become open to the possibility of further spiritual development, but these people are usually thought for years for years to come in this direction.

But it is never too late to turn their lives and work in this direction. Will they do those greater things, depends on them it is recommended for these persons to learn to believe in their abilities and intuition that will lead them in the right direction, every time. They need to learn to believe in their skills, to know to place themselves in responsible positions, and to take significant responsibility. It will be their own way.