October 22 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The science of Astrology is connected to the skill of the prediction, and it can be seen as a method of a forecasting system for peoples lives. It is connected to the planets and about the significance and symbolism of each planet.

This horoscope is sometimes called the solar horoscope since it shows the Sun at the same level as the day we were born, while all the other planets are in a completely different order than when they were at the time of birth.

Also, the sign, or an ascendant, changes, which for the current year tells us much about how we will experience others and how others are. Additionally, the ascendant tells us what kind of mood will prevail even if we have planets on the accord; this is an indicator that we have more opportunities to manage the situation, that is, more freedom in making decisions.

Did you notice that we have put in the first place the time and date of our birth, since this is something that can reveal much more information about people, and it can be used for numerological prediction? Today we are looking at the characteristics of a date October 22.

Personality and Character

Those born on October 22, belong to the last day of Libra rule, and they can be divided into two groups: one, very moving and impulsive, and the other that will do everything for a peaceful life.

Sometimes, and the same case is in the lives of the people who are born on this day, is that human beings are prone to hurt others just because of the fear of being hurt. They are able to injure others in a severe way, just because of their own vulnerability to the injuries inflicted upon them – and this is the scenario that is very common for these Libras born on October 22.

They do always act aggressively, or they show defensive behavior, but because they are more perceptive, more polite and more caring for others this cannot be seen immediately; this can be called strategic reasons, one of their traits that are very strong.

When we talk about people born on October 22 is that their life is marked with magnetism, attraction, and these characteristics touch temptation -every word, action and deed of these people – this is at the same time benefit and obstacle.

One more trait is connected to them -and it is the presence of indulgence – it is an aspect that is stretching through almost every part of the lives of persons born on October 22. They look to indulge themselves in every way, in daily routine, but also in life generally, and they will, realistically never do anything to jeopardise their life for someone who is in their lives for some time.

Love Compatibility

There is no possibility that people who encounter persons born on October 22 can be immune to their charm- no one can ignore their attractive powers, remember they are Libras who are getting closer to the Scorpio Zodiac sign, that is one of the most original and sensitive signs in the system. A valuable lesson that people born this day must learn is how to control their power of seduction of others, to finally form a relationship on unconditional love.

When people are so attractive, even fatal to others can bring much more problem than people would think – those born on October 22 can be subjected to jealousy, an even aggressive outburst from their partners.

Indeed, people who are born on October 22 have to be careful about love relations, because their hearts can lead to serious difficulties. They have a sharp sense of humor, and people who fall in love with them, find this attractive. Their lives can be very successful if they accept that their experience will be full of ups and downs.

If they come out of a relationship, these Libras will be careful not only of those who will miss the other but also for leaving another person clean conscience.

On the other hand, people born this day can keep their emotions under control, so they can successfully manipulate the feelings of others – and here we come to their ability that is problematic and beautiful at the same time, their magnetic appeal. These people are/can be hazardous to those who enter into an emotional relationship with them; others can fall in love with them so deeply, so intensely, that from that point things can go in an unhealthy way.

Purpose and Career

Libras born on the last day of their rule are considered to be enthusiastic, energetic and fiery. They can be even called emotional and dramatic, and these are the reasons why they can achieve success on the scene.

Their mind consumes your body, so they need to be careful when it comes to your physical health – they need to be remembered to remain to be moderate and do not allow nervous exhaustion. They tend to do just that, especially those who are representatives who like to live in big cities, they like that fast pace that can sometimes take the best of their energy so that they can end up with severe depression.


They are capable of any position on which they put their focus, especially in the situation where they are passionate about a certain project.

Keep in mind that all Libras like to quarrel with other people, especially if they feel like they are right, they can fight until the end of the world.  If your opinion, however, is indefinite about a particular topic, then it is certain that you will hear the “whole” story and why it is bad and why it is good from the representatives of the October 22.

It’s just astonishing ability, but this continuous weighing of the facts of another person can lead to insanity, they can become overwhelming and even irritating people. Scales of this are not always aware, even if they are disturbed because they often keep them in a state of indecision.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

There is something special about number 22 that can be found in this combination, or to be specific in a date October 22 -these people are also under the impact of the number 4. Number 4 is a rebellion and a desire to change existing rules, and this is irrelevant for persons born on October 22. Since number 22 is twice the number of people born this day, they can be fascinated by coincidence, symmetry, and all kinds of reflections. Number 22 is the number that representation of the manifestation of the being in its diversity during the life of the people who are born on October 22. This number is a symbol of all tangible forms and all created life.

On a personal level, this numeral can indicate an unstable life, a faulty way, an asymmetry, a need for turning a new side, and a more productive life.

Planetary impact comes from the combination Venus, Uranus and Pluto. Ok, Venus is the primary ruler of the Libra Zodiac sign, then we have Uranus that is connected to the number 4. And Pluto comes as the planet from the approaching date or Scorpio Zodiac sign. This is the planet that is a ruler of all Scorpio Zodiac sign. This triple combination is very interesting highlights seductiveness and magnetic attraction in the sphere of sexual relations of these people who are born on October 22.

Their numbers are 22, 4 and 32, and their colors are black and purple.

Historical Events on October 22

Some events that are on this list may seem to be connected to some extraordinary causes or even mysterious, and we think that is all thanks to the mysterious and interesting abilities of the number 22 that can be found in this date.

362 – The temple of Apollo at Daphne, outside of Antioch, was destroyed in a fire.

794 – Emperor Kanmu relocated Japanese capital to Heiankyo (now Kyoto).

1721- After a successful war with Sweden, Russia became a new force in the Baltics, and Peter the Great was declared as the King of all of Russia.

1746 – The Princeton University of America.

1797 -André-Jacques Garnerin first used the parachute, jumping from a balloon over Paris from a height of 680 meters.

1844 – In the United States, where more than a thousand believers expected the second coming of Jesus Christ.

1861 – 1st telegraph line linking West & East coasts completed

1873 -To prevent the French from joining with German enemies, German Wilhelm I Hohenzollern, on the initiative of Chancellor Bismarck, joined the alliance of Russia and Austria.

1879- Tomas Alva Edison performed in New Jersey Laboratory a test of his latest invention – bulbs with graphite filaments. The bulb burned for 13 hours.

1883 – Opera House “Metropolitan” opened in New York with the performance of “Faust” by French composer Sharla Guno.

1935 – Laos become an independent state.

1938- A US Patent Office Chester Carlson invented photocopying machine.

1962 – US President Kennedy publicly confirmed that the USSR had missiles in Cuba and announced the blockade of the island. The Cuban crisis was the peak of the Cold War.

1964- French writer Jean-Paul Sartre rejected the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1971 – USSR performed a nuclear test.

1972- In Saigon Henry Kissinger and South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu meet.

1973 – Yom Kippur War: The United Nations passes resolution 338 seeking an interruption of the attack.

1978 – Pope John Paul II was inaugurated as Pope

1981 – US national debt topped one trillion dollars.

1987 – A rare edition of Gutenberg’s bible sold at Christie’s auction house in New York for a record $ 5.39 million.

1993- A Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr Serebrov makes record 9th spacewalk.

2005 – Tropical Storm Alpha forms in the Atlantic Basin.

Famous people born on October 22

Imagine all these people that found their place on the list of famous people born on October 22, as those who have magnetic personalities on the conventional or unconventional way.

1688- Nader Shah, an Iranian ruler.

1811 -Franz Liszt, an Austrian composer of Hungarian descent.

1844 – Sarah Bernhardt, a French actress.

1859 – Karl Muck, a German conductor.

1870 – Lord Alfred Douglas, an English writer.

1870-  Ivan Ivanovich Bunin, a Russian writer.

1881 – Clinton Davisson, an American physicist.

1885 – Giovanni Martinelli, an Italian tenor.

1913- Bao Dai, the last Vietnamese emperor.

1919 -Doris Lessing, an English writer.

1920- Timothy Leary, an American writer and psychologist.

1921 – Georges Brassens, a French chancellor.

1938- Christopher Lloyd, an American actor.

1938- Derek Jacobi, an English actor.

1943 – Catherine Deneuve, a French film actress.

1946- Deepak Chopra, an American-Indian speaker.

1949 -Arsene Wenger, a French football coach.

1952- Jeff Goldblum, an American actor.

1955- Bill Condon, an American director and screenwriter.

1968- Shaggy, a Jamaican musician.

1969-  Helmut Lotti, a Belgian singer.

1973- Andres Palop, a Spanish footballer.

1975- Michel Salgado, a Spanish football player.

1978- Chaswe Nsofwa, a Zambian footballer.

1979- David Luiz Moreira Marinho, a Brazilian footballer.

1987 – Mikkel Hansen, a Danish handball player.

1992- 21 Savage, an American rapper.

The last day of the Libra rule belong to those who are born on this exciting day, and any date that has in itself a numeral 22 can be considered a very specific day that carried fantastic energy. And in the same sense, these people who celebrate their birthdays on October 22 have something unique about them; they are under the impact of three planets – Venus, Uranus and Pluto, and their mutual combination can make their lives very interesting, as you were able to see through this piece.

In the end, we could say that these people are those who are attractive and magnetic for others, but who also attract different things in life. They are the persons who respond well to the desire of others, and they are often involved in their desire for others can also carry them. But one thing is interesting here- when they enter a romantic relationship, a crisis arises. They are provoking jealousy or a desire for revenge; problems occur – a big issue for them to resolve.