October 21 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In some of the previous articles, we spoke about the connection between Astrology and Astronomy, and one of the reasons is that astronomical data are used within the astrological calculations, to use statistics as a relevant indicator of accuracy, but essentially those dealing with passionate astrology, it is not important at all if it is classified officially in science or not, because in some countries of the world it is studied at faculties and in some it challenges its character.

Also for any Astrological analyses, it is clear that one thing needs to be put in the calculation is the date of birth.

Today, we are looking at the stars of the people who are born on October 21.

They belong to the end of the Libra rule, and most people will tell you that they are indeed “sweet”, lovely and friendly human beings. They need to be managed with care and patience.  Similarly, one half of them is lovely and pleasant, all the while slipping a little, then the Libra is a bit baffling, a bit stubborn, restless, depressed and confused.

And those Libras born on this day are like that, and much more.

Personality and Character

Their character is not negative, and they will never be decisive to the core; they should learn to be grateful, and will rarely give someone an inconvenience.

When they try to sum up their lives, these people of the October 21 often have an impression that they should be in other circumstances than the existing ones, and that they should handle some things in a different way, more progressive for example. These Libras born on October 21 are primarily oriented to spiritual values, but this is a state that can come later in life, it is not something that is given, and that can blossom from the start.

One thing is very important for those who belong to the October 21 – they only need to have the appropriate stimulus to start doing something great; they could make big things in life.

They could be withdrawn and silent; they need to learn to stand out more and feel about your personality around; in fact, they do not value themselves as much as should appreciate because they never understood how much is their potential. And it can be great; they truly can make changes in the society and to bring new “trends”, even if their ideas are in the first place ridiculed and avoided, if they believe, soon others will follow their lead.

They can have strong emotional urges and needs, they love to be loved, and it could be said, that there is a significant discrepancy between their rationality and prudence, on the one hand, and the rude burst of a love life on the other. As all Libras, these people also can make their personal relationships bad when they are becoming extremely critical to their closest people. These people can be preoccupied with the liberation from the negative values of their parents, society or social circle of their entire life.

No matter how these human beings that celebrate their birthdays on October 21 try to blend in when they look realistically into their core, they are without any doubt distinctly different from those around them.

Although they can be charming and open in various social and professional situations, they are, however, persons with whom it is difficult to come to an end when it comes to their business interests. In fact, their relationships are complex and not even eased by their extremely critical nature -this will remind us all that they belong to one of the most critical (in a sense that they like to criticize) Zodiac signs – Libra.

Love Compatibility

Libras born on October 21 would be very happy to have a little home, but first they have to choose a partner that would be similar to their temperament; otherwise, the relationship will fail. In their emotional life, the opposites who attract doesn’t apply, and they better stay away from people who have nothing in common with them, in every way it is better than that relationship never start, or remains a platonic connection. So, they should look for a partner who will understand their flaws and their system of beliefs, and who similarly view life.

When we speak about love, we must talk about the people born on October 21 and their parenting skills, since love can be seen as love towards children, and this is one critical aspect of interpersonal relationships. As parents of persons born on October 21, they usually have clearly defined ideas about the proper behavior of their children, which does not mean that their perceptions are conservative, but they have a strong sense of tradition.

Even if their life or their decision were compatible with this system of values, they demand such behavior from their children; their previous experience was something else, at least they see it like that. This is one aspect that could bring them into conflict with their children; they will always have the opportunity to say that they do not want to obey since their parent is not a good example.

In their family and love life, they show so much austerity and power that other family members will not provide emotional support until these people are exposed to significant psychological problems and even a nervous breakdown. These people, no matter how demanding they can present themselves, they are in fact, very vulnerable and prone to depression. But truth to be told, these human beings can overcome such states. Still, they have an active mind and can endure problems.


Purpose and Career

They can be excellent leaders; they will also work very hard to earn privileges. Truth and justice are always prevailing in making decisions, and this is also true in business decisions. They also feel great when they are in a partnership or social work. Very convincing, people born in the sign are gifted speakers.

They can also be very successful in the work of diplomats, officers, interior designers, composers and fashion designers. Working in a group does not pose a problem for them. A strong sense of diplomacy will help them in almost all jobs.

Libras born on October 21 are funny and shy at the same time, they can be focused on human nature, and they have solid motivation and work. These people are delightful for others; they have magnetic personalities, so they can make a full room of people laugh while telling a story.

They can even be amazing in imitation so that they can work well on the scene. Also if things do not look like this, these people miss a bit of self-esteem, and for them, to blossom, it is necessary to have someone to support them. They have an abundant inner life to which it is not easy to reach and touch it, only rarely few know about its existence.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on October 21 are under two-sided influences -first comes from the numeral three that is the number connected to luck and curiosity. Another impact comes from the planetary power of the expansive planet Jupiter and the planet Venus that is a primary ruler of all Libra people.

People in number 3 are ambitious and sometimes even prone to dictatorial behavior towards others – they love to be in charge but can make mistakes that come from their inability to look at something in a mature way, or in another word they can act like children at times. People in number 3 and especially for people born on October 21, often cause negative feelings in others, especially envy and jealousy.

Now, we will speak about planetary influence right now, since these emotions can be further enhanced by the fact that these people, are devoted much attention to physical beauty and appearance (Venus). The combined influence of Jupiter and Venus can have extreme even catastrophic consequences for loving life. To be able to fall in love fast, and never to think twice, is in fact problematic.

Their number is 3 and 13, and their color is pale blue and orange.

Historical Events on October 21

History is never dull; it is just sometimes sad when we remind ourselves of some negative events; but they also shaped our world, as we know it today.

335 – Roman Emperor Constantine the Great ruled laws against Jews.

1097- The first Crusade: the Crusaders began the siege of Antioch.

1512 – Martin Luther joined the theological faculty of the University of Wittenberg.

1520-Fernando Magellan discovered a jungle that will be named after him Magellan’s Way.

1805 – In the naval battle at Trafalgar, Admiral Horatio Nelson snatched Napoleon’s ships and lost his life.

1854 – Florence Nightingale with a staff of 38 nurses was sent to the Crimean War.

1914 – The Battle of Warsaw ended with a German defeat.

1938- After months of bombing, Japanese troops occupied the Chinese city of Canton.

1943 – Liquidated the most significant Jewish ghetto in Minsk.

1944- American troops were occupied by Aachen, the first major German city to win allies in World War II.

1945- Women voted for the first time in France.

1950- Chinese troops began the occupation of Tibet.

1954 – Indonesian forces land in New-Guinea

1959 – Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, opened in New York

1969 – Willie Brandt formed a coalition government of the Social Democrats and Liberals and became the first Social Democratic chancellor of West Germany.

1977 – The European Patent Institute was founded.

1990 – Ayrton Senna crashes his McLaren during the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka but clinches his second World Formula 1 Drivers Championship

1994 – The US and North Korea signed an agreement under which Pyongyang will freeze and then leave the nuclear program.

Famous people born on October 21

One person stands out in this list; even this list of famous people born on October 21 has some interesting names. This person is one of the most famous persons today that is at the same time adored and hated. Can you guess who is that Libra?

1328 – Hongwu, the Chinese ruler.

1687 – Nicolaus I Bernoulli, a Swiss mathematician.

1760 – Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese painter.

1772 -Samuel Taylor Coleridge, an English writer.

1790 -Alphonse de Lamartine, a French writer and politician.

1832 – Gustav Langenscheidt, a German publisher.

1833 -Alfred Bernard Nobel, a Swedish chemist and inventor.

1846 – Edmondo De Amicis, an Italian writer.

1917 -Dizzy Gillespie, an American musician.

1925 – Celia Cruz, a Cuban singer.

1926 -Leo Kirch, a German media mogul.

1945- Nikita Mikhalkov, a Russian filmmaker.

1949 -Benjamin Netanyahu, an Israeli politician.

1956- Carrie Fisher, an American actress (Princess Leia in Star Wars films).

1957 – Wolfgang Ketterle, a German physicist.

1958 – Julio Médem, a Spanish director and screenwriter.

1980- Kimberly Kardashian West, an American actress and photo model.

1983 – Amber Rose, an American model.

1986 -Christopher von Uckermann, a Mexican actor and singer.

1990- Ricky Rubio, a Spanish basketball player.

We call this part of the article not ending part, but more conclusions, even when we are aware that you cannot conclude something that is evolving, like a human character. But we will add a few more traits that these people have.

They are good in nature and pleasant, and at the same time, they are easy to squander if you try to behave in a manner that is in keeping with them. Those born on October 21 are extremely intelligent people, and again, sometimes they act very naively and clumsily. They can ignore you with their long story, and at the same time, they are attentive and grateful listeners. They are tireless, but rarely agree to do anything speedily. Such a combination of seemingly different qualities leaves many people confused, but they will use that confusion to their advantage, be sure about it.