October 20 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Let us speak in this intro section more about the name Astrology – it originated at the time when astronomy and astrology were actually the same science. We must say that even today many people say one when they are thinking on the other and believe us it is not an accident.

Later on, Astrology set its course and becomes a separate science in which the influence of the movement of celestial bodies is not studied, but not their impact on events on land or in the life of an individual, his character, and so on.

This remains the basis for the Astrology research and analyses even today, and the starting point remains the same – the birthdate.

But today we are adding one more thing to this – numerological interpretations of the date since all numbers carry essential symbolism that needs to be observed. Today that date is October 20, and ruling Zodiac sign is Libra.

Personality and Character

We could not say that people who are born on October 20 are turned to the future, even if they like to plan it; we could say that they are shifted to the present moment. Their actions are focused on what is happening in the present moment, and they know what is currently in, and what is not.

Their influence is sometimes so strong that they can only sometimes determine certain social trends, but they are equally often under the control of a prevailing social standard.

Don’t be fooled, these Libras who celebrate their birthdays on October 20 mostly work well in the material world, they can manage finances well, and they have a good sense of money. But we are not talking about their investments; we are talking about the physiological effect of their actions – they can become obsessed with these things, material. This could develop to such an extent that they can get lost in the world they live in, and have a new measuring “tape” for things – money. And this is not good or justifiable for them.

In their lives, and we are talking about the broader sense of that word, these people born on October 20 are highly competent managers. But this is not anything new for intellectuals that Libras genuinely are; but paradoxically, these individuals are physically prone to weaknesses, so poor health can prevent them from realising a number of plans, making it more complicated for them to function.

Love Compatibility

Did you know that Libra symbolises the only object in Zodiac, and to be happy and satisfied, they should always be in the balance? In practice, this is not the case. In everyday life Libras often feel the problem precisely in the process of balancing, it is natural that they are hardly brought into the perfect balance.

The key to their stability is their partner, and the same case is in the lives of the people born on October 20. Life without love and without the person they love does not make sense to them, and they feel lost and rejected.  They often tie to a person who does not meet them either intellectually or physically, all because of the fear of loneliness.

Persons born on this day are devoted to their loved ones and are able to show in their actions their affections to others. But this is not the whole story, these Libras are attractive and love and flirt and enter into superficial relationships, that doesn’t last long. But this is not the whole in their inner personalities, and they are also capable of deep connection with other people; it will come to be true when they meet the right partner.

It’s not at all unusual for these people to look extraordinarily uninteresting and cold in their work, as their romantic heart turns them towards other areas of interest -they can be, at the same time mean bosses and tender lovers. Perhaps this is just one reason for their success, objectivity and distance seems to work in their favor.

They are significantly affected by rejection, and difficulties or delays can dramatically undermine the power of their spirit – rejection of any kind, but especially in the love relationship can be catastrophic for them. These people born on October 20 cannot deal well with rejection; it is a significant lesson that they need to learn all of their lives, end even then they are never sure that they will know how to react.

Purpose and Career

In every possible aspect, these people are very powerful, and they do not like when others get involved too much in a thing that they do, they are individuals. These people born on October 20 can be too rigid and almost military in a discipline that they impose on themselves and others also.

These people are strong minded and always have clear heads when an accident occurs, or some trouble is in the air -they know how to react properly.  These people are great logicians, and they can talk well, they are very persuasive.

At times these people can be quiet and reserved, and they are inclined to find in others the disadvantages that need to be solved. These Libras have good executive abilities, so they can be successful in any venture you are engaging in. More importantly, these people are ready to risk, so they will try out where others get caught. Whatever may happen, in the end, they will always come out as a winner, because happiness seems to be on their side.


When we speak more about their skills and natural abilities, we could say that those who are born on October 20 are the people who are musical and love this artistic life and environment -it could be said that this is their natural environment, where they can produce the most.

While they are working, these people are practical and concrete, there is no second thought with them, they take the obligations, and they will do it the best possible way. They readily accept responsibility; and will succeed in life if live in harmony with their best standards and ideals. Every detail or lowing the standards will have a significant consequence on the quality of their lives.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 2 carries the numerological impact on people born on October 20, and these Libras are under the planetary rule that comes from the Moon-Venus combination, and as you will be able to see it is the combination that carries interesting symbolism.

They also have a low threshold of sensitivity to frustration. Because they are born under the combined influence of the Moon, Venus, which is the ruler of all Libras, these people are strongly attracted to wealth and all sorts of sensual pleasures. When these two are combined, they can give strong feelings of love, desire for expressing tenderness, physical nature, and artistic talent, good judgment of the true value of all things, cheerful character, and lovely personality.

Some others can end up with tiredness, incompatible nature, shyness, weakness, the tendency to easily give others the lead, and poor estimation power. This all comes from this planetary combination Venus -Moon.

People in number 2 are imaginative and easily hurt by criticism and inaction by others, since they need that other human being in their surroundings, close to them to give them confidence and boost that they need to have to succeed in life.

Their numbers are 2, 22 and 50, and their colors are pale pink and bright orange.

Historical Events on October 20

We tried to include as many different aspects in this section where we discuss past events that took place on October 20; so you can see the diversity of this date/number.

1097 – 1st Crusaders arrive in Antioch during the First Crusade

1572 – Spanish Terrorist soldiers overheard Shelde on her estuary overnight to end the siege in the Spanish Netherlands.

1634- British King Charles I disbanded new “Ship Money” tax.

1740 – Maria Theresa became an Austrian Empress.

1803 – The US Senate ratified Louisiana contract.

1818 – The United Kingdom and the United States signed an 1818 agreement that defined the Canadian-American border along the 49th parallel from the Pacific Ocean to the Forest Lake.

1827 – In the naval battle near Navarino, during the Greek War of Independence, Russian, British and French ships destroyed the Turkish and Egyptian fleets.

1843 -The 1st Chinese immigrant arrived in Suriname.

1864 – US President Abraham Lincoln formally establishes Thanksgiving as a national holiday.

1908- King Leopold II sells Congo to Belgium

1926 – Hurricane in Cuba killed 600 people.

1935 – Communist forces end their Long March at Yan’an, in Shaanxi, China, bringing Mao Zedong to prominence.

1944 – The American army occupies Aachen.

1944 – The US Army landed on Leyte in the Philippines.

1961 – The Soviet Union carried out a test of the first ballistic missile launched from a submerged submarine and equipped with a warhead launching the rocket R-13.

1971 – Western German Chancellor Willie Brant received the Nobel Peace Prize.

1973 – British Queen Elizabeth II opened a new Opera House in Sydney.

1977 – A plane with US rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd on the roof crashes in Mississippi, USA.

1987 – 10 died as US Air Force jet crashed into a Ramada Inn near Indianapolis.

1991 – More than 340 people were killed in the earthquake on the Indian side of the Himalayas, devastated by tens of thousands of houses.

1999 – The religious leader of the Indonesian Muslim Abdurahman Wahid became the first elected president of Indonesia.

2000 – In Uganda, co-operation of local and international health workers, the spread of the epidemic caused by the deadly Ebola virus, which killed 47 and infected more than 75 people, was halted.

2001 – Thousands of demonstrators in the streets of French cities protested against the country for dependence on nuclear energy, which spurs more than three-quarters of France’s energy.

2011 – Former Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, was killed in Sirt, and the forces of the Transitional National Council took control of the city.

Famous people born on October 20

This date, October 20 marks one of the last days when Libra Zodiac sign is in charge. So are these famous people have any characteristics of a Libra sign? Take a look who they are.

1632 -Sir Christopher Wren, an English astronomer, mathematician and architect.

1677- Stanislaus I Leszczyński, the Polish king.

1854 – Arthur Rimbaud, a French poet.

1859 – John Dewey, an American philosopher, and reformer of education.

1882- Bela Lugosi, a Hungarian actor.

1889 – Edwin Powell Hubble, an American astronomer.

1891 – Sir James Chadwick, an English physicist and Nobel laureate.

1892 – Jomo Kenyatta, a Kenyan politician.

1931- Mickey Mantle, an American baseball player.

1946 – Elfriede Jelinek, an Austrian writer.

1950 – Tom Petty, an American songwriter, guitarist and music producer.

1951 – Claudio Ranieri, an Italian football coach.

1958 – Vigo Peter Mortensen, a Danish-American actor.

1959 – Boris Strel, a Slovenian alpine skier.

1966 – Stefan Raab, a German comedian.

1967 – Monica Ali, an English writer.

1971 –  Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. (Snoop Dogg), an American hip hop musician, actor and producer.

1971 – Dannii Minogue, an Australian singer.

1971 – Eddie Jones, an American basketball player.

1976 – Nicola Legrottaglie, an Italian footballer.

1979 – John Krasinski, an American actor and director.

1982 – José Acasuso, an Argentine tennis player.

1983 – Flavio Cipolla, an Italian tennis player.

1988 – Candice Swanepoel, a South African model.

1989 – Yanina Wickmayer, a Belgian tennis player.

One thing should be on your minds all the time, when we are talking about these people who are born on October 20, they are Libras, and similarly to the Gemini Zodiac sign, they can often lead a kind of double life in that they deal with money-making jobs, and they have hobbies in which they invest all their creative energy. Once again that material moment is present in their lives, that can be an excellent motivation to progress and to develop more, but it can be their obsession, and in the end, their demise.