October 2 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Did you know that based on a birthdate of a single person you can find out much more about your environment and people who are close to you? It can provide with the answers for those who are in the family, for example, mother-son relation.

Also, so-called business horoscopes, business aspects, corporate horoscopes, companies also exist, for example, they are based on the date when a certain company was founded, etc. Of course, it is possible to do the horoscope of the state, and it is a well-known fact that states have their Zodiac sign.

So, everything that has a beginning in time, if the exact time of that beginning is well known, can be tracked astrologically, and numerologically.

Today we are tracking down all information about October 2, and Libra Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

These people who are Zodiac Libras often develop political or social thinking and act in such manners, they often deal with politics, and want to make a change in the world they live in; the clearest example is the life of the Mahatma Gandhi, and you will be able to see more about his life, later in the article, but we consider him a perfect example of this date (a person born on this day).

We have already mentioned that those who belong to the October 2 are interested in ways of functioning of the society, and they also tend to understand the views of others and manipulate them, but this manipulation can have good intentions, and it can lead society in the better direction.  All of this means that those who belong to this day are powerful and charismatic.

What can come as something that is unexpected from these people (since they are seen as serious and very complicated) is their unique sense of humor, they can be sarcastic but what is obvious is that they don’t have an intention to hurt anyone.

These people have a clear mind, and they are very opinionated, they have opinions about every possible topic; these people that are born October 2 are extremely clear about their opinions and leave no doubt about whether they really represent a position. Also, in some cases, these people like to make others believe in their beliefs, in a sense that they genuinely think that they are doing good for the world.

Others are also impressed upon the ability of those who celebrate their birthdays on October 2 to be concise and reserved, even disciplined in their life; they want to put a good example for society.

Love Compatibility

When we look at the love relations that these Libras have in life, people of October 2 are gently dignified, calm and serene; they get in touch with others with ease, just if they feel like someone will suit them in some way. When they fall in love, these people enter a huge problem in a sense that they in that period of falling in love are not able to think of anything else. But these states are more often in their youth since when they reach maturity, they find new priorities in love.

If we speak more about interpersonal relations, those who belong to the September 2 are attractive, but not in a conventional way – others describe them as those who have subtle smile and spark in their eyes. In certain times of their lives they like to have fun and being entertained, and are not interested in being serious with their lovers, or partners, they like to enjoy and indulge themselves.

These individuals risk being too sharp or direct in their remarks, but they are doing for the sake of everyone (or at least they see this in such manner). Unfortunately, they can bring antagonisms to those who do not know them, but in the case of their long-term friends and lovers, things are a little bit better. People who are close to them like friends and family members have a bit more understanding about them and know that they are saying some things to make a positive change in others, not to insult.

And in the end, it is not easy to be in love with the person who has such a strict system of values, who is smart and socially involved; they can be challenging.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on October 2 are impulsive, full of inspiration and love all love to enjoy in all those beautiful and subtle things that life offers; we would never call them materialists. Internally, these people are sensitive and very lively, they enjoy music and all artistic things, and if they decide to deal with such occupation they will have great success. While they work, these people are honest in their intentions and are reliable, so they are loved by their co-workers, and can even work as magnets for masses.

People of this date are considered to be wise and can give excellent and prudent advice, they are the carriers of justices and wisdom, but they are not the ones that pull themselves in the front row, they rather wait until someone asks them. They are patient and wait the right moment when their word will be herd the loudest.

In communication with others these people born on October 2 are sympathetic and interested in the lives of others, sometimes they like to gossip and can be in a problem because they can act naively in some situations, and eventually be hurt from people who are very close to them.


They are often involved in politics, social movements, charity work, etc.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Libras born on October 2 are under the planetary rule of the Venus and the Moon and are under the numerological government of the number 2.

These people usually like to do things in their own way, without looking for approval from others, but are very prone and sensitive to others criticism, which is additionally complicated by the influence of the Moon, which gives them reflexive and passive tendencies. The importance of Venus, on the other hand, with the ruler of the Libra, gives these people the abilities and charm.

Venus is here in marriage with Moon, and it can point to a certain balance, these people take care of what the public will think about them, they are nice and love people, they like to create new acquaintances, and friendships. They like big gatherings; they love beautiful people, and elegance. What is right in this case is not to hear insults, especially when they do not want to listen to them, so they are perfect for teamwork in the collective.

It is a well-known fact that those who belong to the numeral two always look for associates and partners and are better in that roles than in the role of leaders, so that people born on October 2 fit well into business relationships. The impact of number 2 can act as an obstacle in the individual initiative and action frustrating people born on October 2.

Their numbers are 2 and 12, and their color is pearl white and beige.

Historical Events on October 2

Astro-numerological analyses are usually connected to numbers, and in this case, it is connected to the particular date and the historical events that took place on that day through history.

1187 – The Arab army and Egyptian sultan Saladin took over Jerusalem from Christians, which in 1189 caused the Third Crusade.

1608 – In the Netherlands, Hans Lippershey represents its first telescope.

1836 – English scientist Charles Darwin sailed on the “Beagle” ship in the English port of Falmouth after five years of exploring the wildlife of South America and the islands of the South Pacific, which significantly contributed to the development of his theory of evolution.

1870 – The Papal States plebiscite decided to unite with Italy, and the capital of Italy moved from Florence to Rome.

1889 – US Secretary of Defense James G. Blaine opened the first Pan-American conference in Washington, where a decision was made to establish an office of the United States International Union of the Republics, based in that city.

1924 – The League of Nations adopted the Geneva Protocol for the peaceful resolution of international disputes.

1928 – St. Josemaria Escrivá founded the Catholic Opus Dei movement in Madrid.

1935 – Italy attacked Abyssinia and broke the resistance of Ethiopian soldiers occupying the country.

1943 – A planned deportation of 8,000 Danish Jews failed because members of the Danish resistance took most of them safely to Sweden.

1944 – After 63 days of heavy fighting, the Germans suppressed the uprising of Warsaw residents.

1957 – Polish Foreign Minister Adam Rapacki at a session of the UN General Assembly in New York presented a plan for a nuclear-weapon-free Europe.

1975 – Japanese Emperor Hirohito arrived in Washington, on the first visit of a Japanese sovereign US.

1986 – US sanctions against apartheid in South Africa started.

1990 – 127 people were killed at a Chinese airport in Guangzhou when a Chinese hijacker struck on two aircraft on the airport runway.

1998 – Jean-Paul Akaes, a former Major of Rwanda, charged with genocide and crimes against humanity, was sentenced to three life imprisonments in The Hague.

1999 – China and Russia celebrated, the first joint military exercise, the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

2003 – South African writer John Maxwell Coetzee won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2003.

2009 – Ireland ratified the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum with 67.13% for ratification. This time, 58% of Irish citizens came to the referendum.

Famous people born on October 2

Among many famous people that are born on this day, we will mention one that is particularly extraordinary – Mahatma Gandhi. He was the leader of the independence movement of India and the creator of civil disobedience that will later become very common around the world. Gandhi sought truth, nonviolence, devotion, honesty, discipline, and loyalty. Thanks to these noble qualities, Mohandas Gandhi got the name Mahatma Gandhi, which in translation means a beautiful soul.

1452- Richard III, an English king from the York dynasty.

1470 – Isabella of Aragon and Castile, a Portuguese queen.

1616 – Andreas Gryphius, a German writer.

1821 – Nino Bixio, an Italian general, patriot and politician.

1832 – Edward Tylor, a British anthropologist.

1847 – Paul von Hindenburg, a German general and statesman.

1851 – Ferdinand Foch, a French Marshal.

1852 – William Ramsay, a Scottish chemist.

1869 – Mohandas Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi), an Indian politician and statesman, a human rights fighter.

1883 – Karl von Terzaghi, an Austrian civil engineer.

1904 – Graham Greene, an English writer.

1951 – Romina Power, an American-Italian singer.

1951 –  Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, better known by the nickname Sting, an English musician.

1959 – Luis Fernandez, a French soccer player and coach.

1967 – Tomas Muster, an Austrian tennis player.

1968 – Jana Novotna, a Czech tennis player

1971 – Xavier Naidoo, a German singer.

1978 – Ayumi Hamasaki, a Japanese pop singer.

1980 – Lucas Castroman, an Argentinian footballer.

1982 – Tyson Chandler, an American basketball player.

1984 – Marion Bartoli, a French tennis player.

1988 – Ivan Zaytsev, an Italian volleyball player.

1991 – Roberto Firmino, a Brazilian soccer player.

In this type of Libra, born on October 2, the planet Venus points to the most to the aspect of justice, and even if these people are turned to the beauty and love, that love is not so much love that is turned to the other human being, as sexual love, it is more something that can be called a divine love. This can be their big motive in life to deal with things they deal with.

On top of all the good aspects that these Libras have in life, it is good to mention that they are able, and not many people can do that – to turn negativity into the positive outcome. What we mean by this – they can turn stressful situations to their advantage and succeed in overcoming those who obstruct them.