October 19 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

There is a tendency to challenge the systematic approach to astrology and is often correlated with predictive crafts since the conclusions that astrological work can not officially prove by the exact processes can be established.

Many people during their lives challenge the name of “science,” but the word Astrology itself points to it. Astro-Star and Logos – Science answers whether astrology is science or not. The confirmation is the life itself and the circumstances that follow after astrological explanation.

If there is a particular influence of the suggestion by the astrologer on the client, it is never so strong to determine the course of happenings in one’s life, nor can the astrologer’s suggestion impact natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and so on. The list is long, and it can completely prove that some things fall under some other rules in life.

This is very clear, and there is no doubt that the Astrology could be used in many ways, and that the primary analyses start from the date of birth, and that date today is October 19.  They belong to the Libra Zodiac sign that is under the influence on Venus, we all know that they are prone to beautiful things, the beauty of the general, the moderation, the balance, and the righteousness. The attraction they radiate, charmingly and refined enters our lives and are able to adapt to all circumstances. Do these people have some characteristics that Libras have? Look and see.

Personality and Character

The ability to adapt to an existing situation is entirely unknown to some other characters, but Libras are the real winners in it. The features of these people always look pleasant, even when they are angry.

Looking realistically persons born on October 19 are very independent, immediate and in their surroundings, they are always saying things as they are, or in their own heads thing as they are in the core.

However, in the approach to life, these people are incredibly stubborn, and most of us don’t even know that Libra Zodiac sign belongs to the people who are very stubborn and will do their things, and follow their beliefs until they die, and later.

Due to their controversial nature, these people born on October 19 often introduce conflict in the relationships and groups in which they are located at certain times. This all comes from their directness and their need to speak of things as they are, or as they see them. Not all Libras have the urge to make justice in the world, but all of them (or majority) have the urge to be direct and open to the world.

Persons born on October 19 can get very angry, and they can be very explosive, but when the storm passes, they are ready to come to terms of reconciliation. This is considered to be their virtue, and it is in fact – to be able to say “I am very sorry” and “Please forgive me” for people who are stubborn to the core, is amazing quality. This can be the first, even the smallest part that can show their maturity and wisdom.

The driving force behind their behavior is just the desire to get things out on the cleat site, and they want to call things by their correct name. To be able to do this means that Libras born on this day are not always loved by their closest environment and that at times they can be scrutinised, even by their loved ones, let alone people who don’t know them well.

Love Compatibility

People born this day are compassionate, and inside of their hearts, they can be easily disturbed by a malicious look or ugly word that comes from anyone, not just their loved ones. They have an extremely low threshold of sensitivity to irritation, and this makes them emotionally responsive to everything that happens around them.

These persons born on October 19 receive all the emotions that come from their environment, and in their case, this is the reason why they escape in solitude, to avoid that impact that can disturb and make some serious consequences.

These Libras are, in principle, when we look objectively at things and their lives, good friends and family members, but as freelancers, they refuse to try to bind others to themselves. If they are in a relationship or connection under enormous pressure, if things are not working out well, these individuals born on October 19 can show the inclination to rebellion. This behavior means that they can behave badly while in a relationship, they can do everything that they should not; they should handle thing more maturely if they want to have success in love.

They can also be extremely critical of those close, and this an aspect that is very common for people who belong to the Libra Zodiac sign – they can often hurt others much more than they can and imagine, and their opinions have a heavyweight. Once again we are saying that those born on October 19 must maturely handle things of hearts.

These people love the company of younger people – they often marry younger people, or they are in a relationship with them. This could be a good combination.

These people can misbehave when they are tempted to do so from others; they can genuinely be irritable at times.


Purpose and Career

These people know how to get their own way at work they can be attentive and cunning at work, so can get enough wealth in a short time to become independent so that they can improve their business ideas. As all Libras, these also love to travel, and they will see a lot of the world on travels, but a place that can particularly fascinate them could be ancient cultures.

Libras born on October 19 are compelling and original, the ideas are just floating in their heads, and they have so many of them that they are sometimes overwhelmed. Naturally, people born on this day are gifted for research; they have a sharp eye for details. They would be a good reporter or a detective of unique abilities and courage, or they could be interested in politics. Some of them have a good voice, they are full of magnetism and attract the people to watch them as they perform on the stage, no matter how small or big that stage could be.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

October 19 means that those who are born on this day are Libras are under the planetary influence of the number 1 – this is a clear impact, as you were able to see in the previous section, they are those who are very competitive and “fight” oriented people, unlike the nature of Libra Zodiac sign. Libras are known for their passivity and laziness.

People in number 1 are very ambitious and do not like withdrawal and require the first place for themselves in everything they do; it is something that defines them in many ways, it can bring both negative and positive aspects.

They are under the planetary impact of the Sun and Venus that is a primary ruler of all Libra sign.

In their exciting lives, there is a strong sexual dynamics, as well as the tendency towards possessiveness and the dominant role in personal relationships.

Nevertheless, a connection of the Sun and Venus can point to a happy relationship that spans the spouses with harmony and sincere love, but it can also describe a husband who is famous for the great seductress and the artist as well. Also, people with this planetary impact can often point to the artist, whose talent the representative of Venus that is the planet of beauty and skills.

This aspect of inspiration, creativity, charm, love, beauty, optimism, and material well-being will be a special gift if these people do everything to transforms the world.

Their color is white, and the numbers are 1 and 11.

Historical Events on October 19

202 B.C – The Battle of Zama occurred. The Romans, under the leadership of Scipio Africanus, ended the 2nd Punic War; they defeated the army under the command of Hannibal, which was the only but decisive defeat.

439 – The Vandals, led by King Gaiseric, take Carthage in North Africa

1453 – The French re-take Bordeaux; the 100-year war with the English is over.

1492 Christopher Columbus sights “Isabella”, now Fortune Island/Long Cay, Bahamas

1512 – Martin Luther became a doctor of theology.

1781 – In Yorktown, Virginia, British commander Lord Cornwallis surrendered to the French-American forces guided by George Washington by ending the American War of Independence.

1812 – Napoleon withdrew from Moscow.

1813 – The Battle of the Peoples at Leipzig was ended, in which the united armies of several European countries, led by Russia, Prussia and Austria, defeated Napoleon and forced him to withdraw from the Rhine.

1872 – In New South Wales, Australia, “Holterman’s grumble”, a slate plate weighing 235.14 kilograms was found, containing 82.11 kilograms of gold, the largest quantity so far found.

1915 – Russia and Italy announced the war in Bulgaria in the First World War, which, in addition to proclaiming neutrality, attacked the Serb army on October 6th and joined the Central Powers.

1933 – Germany withdrew from the League of Nations.

1935 – The League of Nations imposed economic sanctions on Fascist Italy for the occupation of Ethiopia.

1943 – Often antibiotic streptomycin.

1944 – The US military occupies the Philippines.

1954 – Anglo-Egyptian agreement on the withdrawal of British troops from the Suez Canal zone was concluded within 20 months.

1960 – The United States Government imposed an embargo on communist Cuba.

1960 – Mauritania becomes an independent state.

1987 – As retaliation for Iranian attacks on ships in the Persian Gulf, the United States Navy has disabled three Iranian oil platforms.

1987 – (Black Monday) Dau Jones Industrial Index dropped 22% or 508 points. This is considered a stock market crash.

1988 – Car bomb kills 7 Israelis, wounds 11 near Lebanon border

1994 – In an explosion of a bomb, activated by a suicide bomber on a city bus in Tel Aviv, 22 people were killed and more than 40 injured.

2001 – At least 350 people were killed when an overcrowded boat, carrying Iraqi emigrants, sank along the route from Sumatra to Australia, near Java.

2003 – Pope John Paul II beatified Mother Teresa.

2005 Hurricane Wilma becomes the most intense Atlantic hurricane on record.

2005 – In Baghdad began a trial of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

2006 – The use of the.asia internet domain started.

Famous people born on October 19

1433 – Marsilio Ficino, an Italian philosopher.

1582 – Dmitry or Dmitri Ivanovich the Prince of Russia.

1864 – Auguste Limier, a French chemist and industrialist.

1882 – Umberto Boccioni, an Italian futuristic artist.

1910 – Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, an Indian-American physicist.

1913 – Vinícius de Moraes, a Brazilian musician.

1927 – Pierre Alechinsky, a Belgian painter.

1931 – John le Carré, a British writer.

1932 – Robert Reed, an American actor.

1940 – Michael Gambon, an Irish actor.

1945- John Lithgow, an American actor.

1945 – Harris Glenn Milstead, or Divine, an American actor.

1945 – Patricia Ireland, an American feminist.

1952 – Edward Zanki, a German musician and co-author.

1962- Evander Holyfield, an American boxer.

1973 –  Okan Buruk, a Turkish football player.

1977 –  Raul Tamudo, a Spanish footballer.

1981- Heikki Kovalainen, a Finnish Formula 1 driver.

1983- Rebecca Ferguson, a Sweedish actress.

One thing needs to mention for the ending of this Astro-numerological article, and it may come as a surprise, since you already know that these people born on October 19 belong to the Libra Zodiac sign, and they are known for their uncompetitive nature.

And these human beings have somewhat different character than your average Libra; and because of their competitive nature, people born on October 19 are exposed to the dangers of various types of injuries. They are constantly trying to be the best and the first in many things that they do they are the people who will give all of them to win, but sometimes the cost is too big, and they end up with many more problems than they should.