October 18 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The position of stars, unlike the position of a people on a certain place on Earth, is much more difficult to determine, but this process is necessary for people to understand that influence that can be seen in our lives, this is the bases of Astrology. One of the reasons is obvious, that is, it’s about air locations – literally planets are so far from us, so we cannot determine a solid starting point.

On Earth, this is much easier, so we have an initial meridian in Greenwich, and the initial parallel is the equator, which is also somewhat abstract, but can be physically determined. One major thing needs to be mentioned that time of our birth – today we can analyse date October 18, and ruling Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

They like to be involved in the plans of their family and social groups and are quite upset if they are left out, even if that leaving out never happened, but in their heads and minds. In such situations, they will turn to themselves and their business and will not allow others to notice their vulnerability. This is one critical aspect for these Libras to know; they are those who hide their true feelings, do not like to open and hurt eventually.

That is why it is of utmost importance for these people who celebrate their birthdays on October 18 to turn to dialogue at every opportunity, with the closest people and to win the tendency of self-sufficiency. They need to know that they are enough to themselves and that they are a part of a certain group and that they can contribute to it.

They like to spend their time in reading and always have time to do it, no matter how busy they are; and these people born on October 18 could be called dreamers, and having dreams in their lives, they carry some special meaning. The main advice is that these people should believe in their strengths and to let others help them in all their endeavors. Believe in Universal will and do the best to expose all the powers that are in them.

People born on October 18 must avoid taking on too many obligations and responsibilities because they are subjecting them to stress that is extremely dangerous to their health. It is essential for these people to say no when they feel they have crossed their possibilities and boundaries, there is no need for these people to push themselves to the point where there is no turning back.

These people are not ashamed to do all they need to reach the top – these Libras are direct and know what they want, unlike so many other representatives of this sign. Although their desire to become successful is too high, these people know exactly when it needs to be alleviated. And they do it, but the personal and emotional drama that they go through is something else.

Love Compatibility

Libras that celebrate their birthdays on October 18 all of their lives feel like they are predetermined to play an important role in life, that they have to influence others with their actions and deeds. And it is true in some way, but these people also go through many obstacles and crisis, and they are prone to self-judgment and dark times. They need to overcome such events and become better, and this is not something that is given to these people, they need to work hard to overcome their stepping stones.

People born on October 18 are not dull and too serious people, they love to have fun, to be in the company of people who are funny and entertaining, although they are not overly social individuals may find it difficult to fit. What does this mean? It means that people born on October 18 are people who can have fun, and be a light of a party, but at the same time, they will go home and be alone, where no one can talk to them; and even more, they are people who don’t really feel like they fit in.

As long respect their partner’s wishes and longing, they will never have anything to do with love problems later in life. They are devoted and love children, but they have no problem in not having children, and will gladly take care of their friends and family children.

As in every division, in this one, where we speak of the people who are born on October 18, there can be a few, if not more types of personality. So, those who are less powerful individuals born this day can also be candidates for a happy marriage due to their traits, but they do not feel well in the positions that bring them excitement and instability. Those who are more stable will know how to managing something that is great and meaningful for them in the love section of life.

Purpose and Career

Libras born on October 18 belong to the progressive type of people, they love to look into the future and to focus their work on future, and they want to be the bearers of the new and original thing in the world.

They like always to be actively engaged in what they do; their minds go quite a bit ahead of time, looking to the future – triviality is not even of interest to them.

It is incredible how these people like to plan their future, and in that sense, they are careful with choosing your associates in business ventures. When they are working in this way, they are ensuring that their lives will achieve great success and leave a trace in their own time and among their generation. You could see that those born on October 18 are very ambitious in their work and that they are always focusing their abilities in the direction of achieving tremendous and grandiose business goals.

The most critical aspect, besides their ambition, is the fact they never forget someone else’s rights, they have that respect for other people who are connected to them in work.

When it comes to money, they are generous, and what they earn they like to give to the others.


In the work environment, these people born on October 18 indeed play the major part in the contribution and presenting ideas to the rest of the team. Not only as big players, but these people can also function as individuals who are influencing and directing what is powerfully happening around them. They are those difficult and demanding co-workers who are leading all the others; and when the job is over, they turn into something different, something funny and relaxing. But work is work for them.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 9 and planets Mars and Venus rule persons born on October 18. The combination of Mars and Venus, which is a ruler of the Libra, brings the intense sexual attraction to people born on October 18.

Mars represents a planet of power, passion, and sexuality, while Venus symbolises the planet of love, harmony and romance. The position of these two planets in someone life can represent the aspects that together describe the incompatibility and attractiveness that is actually in a love affair. This combination of Venus and Mars define the mutual understanding of the partners, but in the analysis of the synagogue, other factors must be taken that show the long-term partnership.

The connection formed between Venus and Mars is related to the necessary stimulus, dynamics, sexual attraction, passion, and all that influence the creation of a harmonious relationship that these people born on October 18 want and in fact need. If there are no aspects between these two planets, this indicates a lack of sexual incentive in the relationship itself.

Number 9 has a powerful influence on all different numbers, and it is the number that is a symbol of the wisdom and knowledge since it is the number that comes the last and it “knows” all that other numbers know and own,

Their colors are red and blue, and their numbers are 9 and 18.

Historical Events on October 18

There are no small or big historical events, all of them are a creation of our world, and have an impact on the days to come. These are the events that took place on October 18.

1009 -The Fatimid caliph destroys the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah.

1356 – Basel earthquake destroyed Basel in Switzerland.

1469 – Queen Isabella of Castile married the Aragonese king Ferdinand II, under which almost all Spanish Christian countries were united under one crown.

1685 – French King Louis XIV annulled the Nantes Edict and thus deprived Huguenotte (Protestants) of religious and civil liberties, guaranteed in 1598 by King Anne IV.

1748 – The peace agreement from Aachen ends the war for the Austrian heritage.

1775 – African-American poet Phillis Wheatley was freed from slavery.

1860 – During the Opium Wars, British troops burned to the ground Yuanming Yuan, the summer imperial palace in Beijing.

1898 – The United States takes power over Porto Rico.

1922 – The British Radio Company (BBC) was established.

1931 – American gangster Al Capone convicted of tax evasion

1944 – Soviet troops, entering the West, came to Czechoslovakia.

1967 – The Soviet Voyager 4 “Venera 4” entered the atmosphere of Venus as the first aircraft in the history of astronautics and transmitted data to Earth.

1968 –  Lee Evans, USA, won the finals of the Olympic Games in Mexico City. He ran 400 meters in less than 44 seconds – 43.86s.

1977 – Three Palestinians, a hijacked passenger plane of the German company Lufthansa, were killed in a German special operation at the airport in Mogadishu. All 86 passengers were released.

1991 – Azerbaijan declared independence from the USSR.

1998 – At least 700 people were killed in an oil pipeline explosion in southern Nigeria.

2001 – Four leaders of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, were sentenced in New York for life for bombings that they carried out in 1998 at US embassies in Africa.

Famous people born on October 18

There is one trait that these people share, they are all famous for their work or life, and they all share their birthdays. But if you look into the biographies o the people born this day, you will see that they have many more things in common, even if you would not guess.

1127 -Go Shirakawa, the Japanese ruler.

1130 -Zhu Xi, a Chinese philosopher.

1405 – Enea Silvio Piccolomini, the Pope Pius II.

1569 – Giambattista Marino, an Italian writer.

1663 – Eugene Savoy, a French nobleman and an Austrian military leader.

1697 -Giovanni Antonio Kanal, Italian painter.

1706 -Baldassare Galuppi, an Italian composer.

1777 – Heinrich von Kleist, a German poet and writer.

1831 – Friedrich III, a German emperor.

1847 – Alexander Lodychin, a Soviet inventor.

1859 -Henry Bergson, a French philosopher.

1893 -George Ohsawa, a Japanese philosopher and microbiologist.

1896 – Friedrich Hollaender, German composer.

1902 -Ernst Pascual Jordan, a German physicist and mathematician.

1925- Ramiz Alia, an Albanian politician and statesman.

1925- Melina Mercouri, a Greek actress.

1926 -Charles Edward Anderson Chuck Berry, an American guitarist, singer and songwriter.

1926 – Klaus Kinski, a German actor.

1929 – Violeta Chamorro,  a Nicaraguan politician.

1938 – Guy Roux, a French football coach.

1939 – Lee Harvey Oswald, an assassin to US President John F. Kennedy.

1956 – Martina Navratilova, an American tennis player.

1960 – Jean-Claude Van Damme, a Belgian actor.

1968 – Michael Stich, a German tennis player.

1979 – Ne-Yo, an American musician.

1984 – Lindsey Vonn, an American Alpine skier.

1987- Zac Efron, an American actor.

We must speak a few more words about these people, before we close this story about the Libras born on October 18. We did not mention, that they live under one big stress cloud, that can put down on them in a second.

They are persons who are often exposed to various types of psychological problems, even a nervous breakdown when they are overloaded with responsibilities that overstep their power. They will do such things in order to fit in, but they should definitely change their approach in life.