October 17 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Even if we look at our lives as something that is pre-recorded, by detecting these events, we are changing the course of things, and we can avoid adverse circumstances. This is a fantastic opportunity to know, and why not use it to make our lives better and more developed? Even if we do not speak about future and negative events, what about those great and beautiful things, for example, to meet the person we will fall in love? It would be a shame if we did not turn our attention to that event, because that event could pass us by.

Astrology can help us to draw attention to the fact that now is a good time to meet love partner, then we will pay more attention to people around us and potential partners, we will go out more and give a chance to get to know each other, we might worry more about your appearance the potential partner noticed us.

This is just an example, but the point is the same for every aspect of our lives, and the first step is to learn more about our Zodiac sign and date of birth.

Today it is October 16, and Libra Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

As in many other characterisations of characters, there are many different types of people who are born on October 17 – there are two main types of them.

One type is a quiet and seemingly stable type of person who keeps everything under control, while on the other side of the character specter there is a type two where we can meet those feel that risk-free life is boring and meaningless.

Many representatives of this date are unconcerned about expressing their talents, and artists born this day are open to the notions of others and know how to incorporate them into their work.

But they usually need some back up to achieve greatness in their work and believe us these people have so many talents, and on top of that, they are blessed with the originality in their work.

Usually, they have opportunities to achieve some records in their careers for example.

People born October 17 are competent and resourceful in their lives when we look at the all negative events that may occur; they can have problematic childhoods, and so on. But in their date, there is an influence that comes from the number 8- it is a number of rejuvenation. So they are people who can go back to their feet regardless of their problems and obstacles in life. Interestingly, these people do not like to risk in small and simple things – when they “gamble” they do it in the big style, on all or nothing.

Although these persons born on October 17 know how to look at the ideas of the reorganisation and bring in vividness, their work is something that can be a great mirror of their lives and personality; or it can be their tool to deal with their demons, and they have them.

Love Compatibility

These people are sympathetic to other human beings, but they do not show this attitude towards other people so quickly, they can be those people who, because of the previous experiences are scared of entering the next love chapter in their lives. For others, these people may seem confident, but in fact, they are vulnerable and can be hurt easily, no matter how dominant they are. Many people misuse their good nature, time and patience – but just wait, if people of October 17 discover that someone tries to trick them, they are ready for revenge.

These people are still great traditionalists, and no matter how modern their thinking is still very conservative in their homes, and from their lovers, these people demand that those principles are respected. Cautiousness, a sense of boundary, a thorough review of experiences is what enables these people to take dangerous risks dominantly – subsequently, and they choose partners who are ready to take that other part in relationships.

Purpose and Career

Some Astro-numerologies say that Libras born on October 17 will certainly have the great future in the realm of their careers, not in the sense that they will never have any problems, but in the sense that they will make lasting results in their work. They cannot do too many things in life perfectly, but there are one or two things that these people can do better than anyone else. If it’s writing, their work is amazing, if it is acting, they will give the role of their lives. And even if in question is a certain job that is less attractive, they will do it better than anyone else.

They have good mental abilities, above the usual, and even if they do not make some results in a school, for example, they will make up for that knowledge in some other way.

To succeed in their projects, these people must widen their skills and never remain at the same level as the previous day, than their talents; whatever they might do not have any limits. Concentration – this must be the guiding principle of the people born on this day, their views and attitudes on things must be as widespread as possible.


Take a look, take the initiative and lead things to a better direction as long as it is in their power – this should be the primary guidance for their lives.

If they continue to learn, know many things, improve their skills, and concentrate on one item per time; their work, as well as their life, can become more productive and fuller as the years pass.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

All Libras are under the impact that comes from the planet of love and beauty – Venus, but those Libras born on October 17 are also under the influence of the planet Saturn. It brings with it a strong sense of limitation and restriction, but it also brings a tendency towards the continuous assessment of others, which only reinforces the competence of these individuals always to be right. The planetary connection between Saturn and Venus can highlight the darker side of the personality of these people, and in their intimate life, they cause various kinds of complications.

Saturn is a sign of commitment and binding, and it is concrete, determined and demanding. With Venus, it points to the relationship that will become some obligation. The connection with the strong Saturn, Venus points to the tendency to be permanent and stable, and in time it becomes more and more quality.

Number 8 also points to a conflict between the spiritual and the material world, and energy that is perpetual and strong; it is the number that indicates to the introduction of order, balance, good power of perception, righteousness, perfectionism and the desire to change things.

These Libras are under the impact of the number 8 and 17, and color is light blue.

Historical Events on October 17

The past events represent the structure of group memory; usually, one that has been intensively analysed and refined to guarantee that the individual accounts supplement the tales from an authentic narrative of events, and they. Thus, history is the tale of us and can teach us who we are. Today, the lesson is October 17 and all important events that took place on that day.

415 – Jewish autonomy in Palestine ended.1346  – The Battle of Neville’s Cross: Edward III of England captured King David II of Scotland at Calais, and imprisoned for eleven years.

1651 – The future King Charles II flees from England

1697 – Construction of the Maglaj Clock Tower has been completed.

1740- Ivan VI becomes Tsar of Russia

1787 – In Philadelphia, USA, 38 states signed a constitution.

1797 – The peace agreement between Austria and France was signed in Kampo Formio, Italy, which abolished the Venetian Republic.

1854 – During the Crimean war, the British, French and Turkish troops began the siege of Sevastopol, and after 11 months they occupied the most important port of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. By a peace treaty in March 1856, a ruined city was returned to Russia.

1855 – Henry Bessemer patented a process for the processing of crude iron into steel, nicknamed “Bessemer Steel”.

1876 – Henry Morton Stanley’s reaches Lualaba River

1888 – Thomas Edison patented Optical Phonograph (a first film).

1912 – Serbia and Bulgaria, nine days after Montenegro, declared war on Turkey, and on October 18th Greece joined them, thus starting the First Balkan War.

1917 – The first British bombing of Germany in the First World War.

1931 – The notorious gangster Al Capone was arrested and convicted for not paying taxes.

1933 – Albert Einstein arrived in the US as a refugee from Nazi Germany

1945 – Colonel Juan Peron carried out a coup and came to the forefront of Argentina.

1973 – Arab oil producers increased prices and reduced oil production in response to US support for Israel in the Arab-Israeli conflict. This caused one of the worst economic crises since World War II in developed Western countries.

1989 – In the worst earthquake in the United States since 1906, which hit the San Francisco area, 67 people were killed and more than 600 injured.

1993 -The UN proclaimed the World Day for the Fight against Poverty.

2006 – The population in the USA reached 300 million.

Famous people born on October 17

Arthur Miller, Rita Hayworth, Pope Pole, Eminem and Wyclef Jean – all of them are born on October 17, and all of them are one of a kind people, hugely successful in their careers.

1623 – François Turrettini, the Swiss theologian of Reformation.

1785 – Tadeusz Wolanski, a Polish archaeologist.

1803 – Ferenc Deak, a Hungarian politician.

1815 – Emanuel von Geibel, a German writer.

1883 – Alexander Sutherland Neill, a British pedagogue and writer.

1898 – Simon Vestdijk, a Dutch writer.

1912 – John Paul I, a Roman Pope.

1915 – Arthur Miller, an American writer and playwright.

1917 – Sumner Locke Elliott, an Australian writer.

1918 – Rita Hayworth, an American film actress, a Hollywood sex symbol for the 1940s.

1919 – Zhao Ziyang, a Chinese politician.

1920 – Montgomery Clift, an American actor.

1922 – Luiz Bonfá, a Brazilian guitarist and composer of the bossa nova.

1948 – Robert Jordan, an American writer.

1956 – Pat McCrory, an American politician, 74th Governor of North Carolina.

1956 – Mae Jemison, an American astronaut.

1969 – Wyclef Jean, a Haitian-American rapper.

1971 – Andy Whitfield, an Australian actor of Welsh descent.

1972 – Marshall Bruce Mathers III, or Eminem, an American rapper and actor.

1972 – Tarkan Tevetoglu, a Turkish singer.

1976 – Sebastián Abreu, an Uruguayan footballer.

1977 – Dudu Aouate, an Israeli footballer and national player.

1977 – André Villas-Boas, a Portuguese football manager.

1979 – Kimi Matias Räikkönen, a Finnish Formula 1 driver.

1980 – Yekaterina Gamova, a Russian volleyball player.

1983 – Felicity Jones, a British actress.

Every person is different, complex; and even twins that are raised in the same families and share the identical DNA can grow into entirely different people. So even in this group of the Libras born on October 17, you can find some variables in their character. We mention this aspect at the beginning of this article.

Also, you should have in mind that people do change during life, they progress and grow, and certain things are impossible in certain times, but in others are entirely justifiable. The same case is with these people – they have negative as well as positive attributes in their lives, and depending on time, one side can be more pronounced than the other.

Observed from the side, we can make one more observance that is regarding people born on October 17, and it can be said that they are true gamblers regardless of whether they risk money, their property or even their love.

Many of them go through this phase, and they can later become stable people and show calmness and stability, but they will attract eccentric and unusual people all of their lives.