October 15 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

We could say that many people will say that they do not want to find out future events, especially if they are bad – many of us are scared of the idea that we are about to find out that our death could be close and maybe even painful. This is a conversation that we want to avoid by all means, and it is understandable and normal no one wants to live their lives in constant fear, by being even in paranoia; it is neither normal nor healthy.

But we are asking you to open your minds and to see the bigger picture – you can improve your life, without asking a question that scares you. You can grow by facing things that are the source of your fear.

Because you know, by directing and raising some future event, we come to the possibility of changing it, and this is something that is valuable to know, it is a piece of knowledge that can be practically used. Your behavior does not depend only on the circumstances, but also on the observer and the act of observation.

Things could be changed for the better, and today we are hoping to change the lives of the people who are born on October 15. We are providing them with all the necessary information for future development.

Personality and Character

These Libras born on October 15 are under the significant influence of the planet Venus, and they are very social beings who do not like to be alone for a long time, so that withdrawal from society or hiding from others can in some sense be perceived as an exile.

They will become reclusive only if these people want to make some statement to others when they want to prove a certain point to the people, not because they want to be alone. Their solitude has its purpose, so if you have a friend that is born on this day, know for sure that he is no speaking to you, not because he wants to be left alone, but because he wants to tell you something by his silence.

Others, especially those who don’t see them in the right light can think that those who are born on October 15 as sensationalists, as people who want to attract attention, as people eager for publicity or as selfish people. But they do not want it, and even if they get a certain amount of attention, be sure that that was not their primary goal, in their case, it is just a tool to get something else.

The talents of the developed people born this day are so high that their knowledge is so vast that once people talk to them change their opinion immediately, and this is the strong point that they use when necessary.

These people of the October 15 can become very influential in the society, and they could be even called the game changers, those whose opinion matters. But, once again we must say that this is not their primary motive, it is something that is just a part of their personality.

Love Compatibility

In spite of all the difficulties, these Libras born on October 15 will have a good time in life because they will have a lot of friends, and are inventive and smart when they have to give advice and provide some help to the people they love.

The leadership that these people have, so to speak, is not something that you will usually see in everyday life, because we all need to remember that they are Libras who are under the double impact from the planet Venus that is a planet of love. They can be unusual in love, but when they find it, these people give all their hearts to their partners, they are not warriors and do not act directly – they let love situation to develop on its own; they feel like it has to be natural.

When in the problem with the close people in their lives, like lovers and friends, people born on October 15 tend to improve the given situation by their own example by analysing the assigned problems in detail.

As you will be able to see later in the article in the section where we explain the symbolism that is behind this date you will know that planet of Love, Venus, can be found here in its double form, and this is the reason why this mater takes a central place in their lives. (Venus is in the ancient mythology the Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, nobility, harmony, joy and enjoyment in life).

Although good associates and partners of this person, however, they prefer to do their own thing just before they love the freedom of movement, research. What are we saying, that people of October 15 live for love, but they need to be independent and to have freedom? Yes, we do, they are the people who need love to function, but they don’t like to give their all, they need to feel like they keep their essence.

Purpose and Career

It could be said with a large amount of certainty that those who are born on October 15 are very reasonable people who have good judgment and certain business skills that can ensure that they will complete each venture. Still, they are the people who like to move on and staying in one place is not their cup of tea, it is not something that would be convenient for you.

They are interested in different things – they can be writers, they love science, and are interested in metaphysical things, especially all that invisible and supernatural. Sometimes they can do jobs that others see as unpleasant.


They are grateful for things they have in life, and never take things for granted, and spend money comfortably when having it, but it would be great for them to learn to save.

In theory, Libras born on October 15 might be good doctors or a part of the medical staff, but the practical side of that call does not suit them in the best way; it is maybe the best solution for them to be involved in medical research. If these people are dealing with a business, they should have a partner who will deal with all the details that these persons do not want to deal with, finding them dull or uninterested.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

One thing is fascinating in the symbolism that is behind the date October 15 – persons who are born on this day are under the double planetary rule of the planet Venus. From another aspect these people are ruled by the number 6 – those who are governed by the number 6 want to attract others and to encourage them to worship themselves.

It is the number that is connected to the true form of love, its natural state, its being, something that is almost Divine. It is no coincidence that this numeral is attached to the realms of God (whatever that might be for people, but the higher power in every way).

Now, the more important aspect – the double influence of the planet Venus brings them a love for beauty and harmony, so people born on October 15 can be completely lost when things go wrong in love, it is the aspect that carries the greatest importance for the people born on this day. The qualities that point to the social interest, the love of beauty, confrontation and sensuality are enhanced by the double influence of Venus, which also rules and their ruling Zodiac sign Libra.

The soul of these beings re idealist when it comes to love, and they can have idealistic tendencies when it comes to this aspect of life; they want a love that exists as an idea or an imagination. Since Venus is a planet of love, it additionally emphasises the sense of aesthetics and creativity in these Libras

Their numbers are 15, 6 and 22, and their color is red a pure red.

Historical Events on October 15

Main parts of many historical lessons are connected to the times of Roman Emperors, and our list starts with such event that marked date October 15.

533 – Roman military commander Belisarius makes his formal entry into Carthage, having conquered it from the Vandals.

1529 – The first siege of Vienna ended with the withdrawal of the Turkish army of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

1552 – Ivan Grozny annexes the Khanate of Kazan.

1581 – The first full-length ballet performance was performed under the auspices of Catherine De Medici in Paris, and this day is taken as the date of the ballet.

1582 – In Spain, Portugal and the Papal States in Italy began the application of the Gregorian calendar, skipping ten days.

1655 – Jews of Lublin were massacred.

1815 – Napoleon Bonaparte arrives on the island of St Helena to begin his exile.

1894 – French officer Alfred Dreyfus was arrested on charges of rape in Paris, triggering a turbulent affair that has shaken France’s social and political life for years.

1928 – German dirigible “Graf Zeppelin” made the first commercial flight through the Atlantic.

1951 – Launch of “I Love Lucy”, one of the most popular TV shows of all time.

1954 – Hurricane Hazel makes landfall in the US in North Carolina as a category four hurricane, 195 die in US and Canada

1969 – The Vietnam Moratorium Day; millions nationwide protest the war.

1993 – The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to South African President Frederick Wilhelm de Clerk and African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela for contributing to ending the apartheid regime in South Africa.

1997 -The US launches nuclear-powered space shuttle Cassini to Saturn

2003 – China launched Shenzhou 5, its first human-made space spacecraft, and has astronaut Yang Liwei in space.

Famous people born on October 15

If one famous person on this list is called The Great, you can imagine the true strength of the people born on this day – there are poets, rulers, singers and actors.

70 B.C – Publius Vergilius Maro, a Roman poet.

1542 –  Akbar the Great, the Mongolian ruler.

1608 –  Evangelista Torricelli, an Italian physicist and mathematician.

1809 – Aleksey Koltsov, a Russian poet.

1814 – Mikhail Yurjevich Lermontov, a Russian writer.

1844 –  Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, a German philosopher, philologist and psychologist.

1885 – Jóhannes Sveinsson Kjarval, an Icelandic painter.

1893 – Carol II, a Romanian king.

1906 – Victoria Spiva, an American singer and songwriter.

1915 – Yitzhak Shamir, an Israeli politician and statesman.

1920 – Henri Verneuil, a French director.

1923 – Italo Calvino, an Italian writer.

1926 – Michel Foucault, a French philosopher.

1944 – Sali Berisha, an Albanian politician and statesman.

1948 –  Chris de Burgh, an Irish Pop Singer.

1954 –  Tanya Roberts, an American film actress.

1959 – Sarah Ferguson, a former wife of British Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

1966 – Jorge Campos, a Mexican footballer and coach.

1968 – Vanessa Marcil, an American actress.

1970 –  Pernilla Wiberg, Swedish Alpine skier.

1971 –  Sandra Kim, a Belgian singer.

1971 –  Andrew Cole, an English footballer.

1977 – David Trézéguet, a French footballer.

1981 – Elena Dementieva, a Russian tennis player.

1981- Keyshia Cole, an American singer.

1983 – Bruno Senna, a Brazilian Formula 1 driver.

1988 – Mesut Özil, a German footballer.

1989 – Anthony Olaseni Joshua, a British professional boxer.

These Libras are types which can be dominant players in a great drama of life, but they can also play an essential role as interpreters or represent authority in other areas they deal with.  The primary goal of Libras born on October 15 is to confirm their sovereignty in their family, social circle or organisation – they need to have their own place in every environment. That place has to be stable, and their word must be respected.

The danger to their psychological health is also significant in that they are prone to stress when they feel the intolerance of others. Balance is the key to the health of a person born on October 15.