October 13 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Believing that we are all connected on some larger scale is harder to comprehend even if believe in God, Divine Forces, etc. It is hard to grasp that we are all connected, both on the planet Earth as human beings, but also in some intergalactic way, that planets affect our lives, etc. How is possible that planets affect us, and that each planet in the Solar system is connected to a certain aspect of human lives? But it is, and this is one of the bases of Astrology.

This is hard to understand, but Astrology, numerology, and every science in between can help you get some answer, or at least to help you understand this issue.

Today we are doing Astro-numerological analyses of the people who are born on October 13; they belong to the Libra Zodiac sign, its ruler is planet Venus. The Libra is an Astrological sign and the seventh sign of the Zodiac system of signs. Astrologers classify it as positive or masculine Zodiac sign that brings an extrovert character.

Persons born in the Libra sign are known for their logical minds and honesty. Does Libras born on October 13 have all of these characteristics?

Personality and Character

In their beliefs, people who belong to the October 13 are those that are fundamental in things they do and believe, and they try to live accordingly to their values, but they are not obsessed in this way, they are more relaxed than they seem.

These Libras are blessed (or cursed) with the strong memory; they can remember some of the things they once saw or heard, their mind is extraordinary, and as people, they are interested in all new inventions, especially those of a scientific nature.

People born October 13 realise and try to maintain their career very seriously and do not lose the time when their professional life is concerned -they take their obligations seriously and know how to get things done, they are not like many other Libras lazy and inconsistent. As tough people, these people can become very dangerous enemies who capable of overcoming the resistance of others. You would not want them to become your enemies.

But there is one more aspect of their character that can come as a surprise to all of us – paradoxically people born on October 13 are known for their kindness and openness towards others – they can be your friends, but if you deserve it they can be your worse enemies.

In every way, Libras born on this day are more firm towards themselves than towards others, but it is not something that can be seen by everyone. Not because these people are perfectionists, but their criticality can be a factor that blocks everything else in their lives; fortunately, the effects of their work and general deeds are so high that others cannot bypass them, and be thankful on them.

It seems that people who manage their affairs in this way cannot have any problems in their lives, but for these people, all problems arise when they face insufficient appreciation and recognition. It is hard for these people to admit defeat and in those times they become even worse enemies than ever before. It is crucial for them to understand themselves and to work on their flaws that are not so bad in the first place.

Love Compatibility

As friends and in any interpersonal relationship these Libras are honest and loyal, and very dedicated, but they ask the same thing from their lovers and close people.

The best partners for these people to marry are enthusiasts who will further stimulate their success; they need someone who is a great worker, mobile and energetic and very successful in every way.

They think they are allowed to take everything without asking why and how, and in some way, these people can seem to be spoiled brats that cannot be controlled. Unfortunately, these people born on October 13 can be very rigid and unwilling to forgive their lovers if they made a mistake by their opinions, and this is not a good attitude in love, they need to learn to be more forgiving. It can be hard for them to remain happy and satisfied for a long time without their critical view of the world.

In love, as you will be able to see, these people born on October 13 can be involved in interesting and for many unusual love affairs, especially those who others don’t approve and do not understand.

Purpose and Career

Persons who are born on October 13 are people who love other people, especially young, and they are those who can provide understanding and care for them – their perfect career can hide somewhere here.

They think clearly and know how to express what they know in a free and straightforward language – it is amazing to listen to these people when they are speaking about things they know and things that matter to them. Also, these Libras are blessed with a lot of patience which is so uncharacteristic for Libra Zodiac sign, that is known for its indecisiveness.


Because of all these traits that we have mentioned in the previous lines, it is not hard to guess that these people born on October 13 would be very appropriate to be a teacher or instructor or to be in a position where they provide information to others. As you will be able to see in the section where we deal with famous people born on this day, they are interested in sports of every kind. They are usually very well built and have a strong body that is created to deal with a lot of stress and hard work.

They are those people who are able to adapt to each new situation, to fit into every work environment, and to perform the work that is given to them responsibly and efficiently.

Another area where these people could find a perfect occupation is any job where these people can use their hands, in art and creation is suitable for these humans.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on October 13 live their lives under the numerological influence that comes from the number 4 and are under the planetary symbolism that comes from the planets Uranus and Venus that is a natural commander of all Libras. Persons born on October 13 are usually involved in far-reaching social and business activities; they have to learn how to keep this Uranus aspect under control. The relationship between Uranus and Venus can lead to unstable love life, or perhaps a tendency toward unusual and unconventional relationships.

Venus represents our capacity for sensory perception, and in a more refined form and our ability to build interpersonal relationships. Consequently, it is also one of the critical symbols of our way of behaving and acting in the material world. On the other hand, if what we receive in our senses makes us upset, we will immediately build a hostile and repulsive attitude towards what disturbs us. Uranus is a symbol of the world of ideas – something that usually occurs in us suddenly and unexpectedly. Connecting these two can be a blessing, but also a painful process of growth in matters of love in the frits place.

It is wrong to believe that number 13 is an accident number because this number is mighty for which careful use of power is required. So these people are not just under the numerological command that comes from numeral 4, but they are also under the impact of the number 13 that is truly the number that carries unique energy, that doesn’t have to be negative, it can just be unusual.

Their numbers are 13 and 4, and their colors are rose gold and dark purple.

Historical Events on October 13

How fun it is to remind ourselves of the events that took place a long time, and to think that same those people walked on the paths that we walk today. It is our duty never to forget significant historical events.

409 – Vandals crossed the Pyrenees and from Gallia entered Hispania.

1307 – King Philip IV arrested all the French Templars, allegedly for the heresy. The order was dissolved five years later.

1399 – Henrik IV was crowned as the English king.

1792 – US President George Washington laid the cornerstone of the White House, the presidential residence in Washington.

1860 – The first air photo was taken from a balloon above Boston in the United States.

1884 – London’s Green Quarter established as a universal, zero meridian, counting the geographic length and time zone on Earth.

1917 – In the Portuguese Fatima, a “miracle of the Sun” occurred.

1923 – Turkish parliament declared Ankara, the former Angora, to be the capital of Turkey.

1943 – World War II: Italy, after its capitulation, declared war against Germany, its former ally in World War II.

1972 – Soviet passenger plane “Ilyushin 62” crashed near Moscow airport. All 176 passengers and crew members died.

1976 – Bolivian freighter “Boeing 707”, who left one engine on the run, fell on the main street of Santa Cruz. Three crew members and more than 100 passengers were killed.

1977 – Four Palestinians abducted over the Mediterranean by a German company “Lufthansa” fleeing from Mallorca and diverted to Mogadishu in Somalia.

1988 – Laboratory testing showed that the “Shroud of Turin”, in which, according to the belief of many Christians, Jesus Christ was buried, fake and originated from the Middle Ages.

1990 – The first liturgy was held in the church of St. Basil the Blessed in Red Square in Moscow after 73 years.

1993 – Court in Hamburg pronounced guilty German Ginter Parhelia for wounding a Yugoslav tennis player Monika Seles.

1997 – The British supersonic car first succeeded in breaking through the sound wall, reaching the speed of 1,222.7 kilometres per hour.

2000 – In an attack on the US destroyer USS Cole in the Yemen port of Aden killed 17 sailors. The US accuses Saudi citizen of exodus Osama bin Laden.

Famous people born on October 13

There is no doubt that on this list of the notable people born on October 13 sports personalities prevail; and we could say that they made impressive careers, which shows that these Libras are very decisive and talented.

1244 – Jacques de Mole, officially the last great master of the Templar Knights.

1821 – Rudolf Virchow, a German physiologist, pathologist,  and politician.

1862 – Mary Kingsley, an English writer and researcher.

1887 – Josef Tiso, a Slovak politician.

1895 – Kurt Schumacher, a German politician.

1911 – Millosh Gjergj Nikolla -Migjeni, an Albanian poet.

1921 – Yves Montand, a French singer and actor.

1925 – Margaret Thatcher, a British Prime Minister.

1927 – Turgut Özal, a Turkish politician and statesman.

1934 – Nana Mouskouri, a Greek singer.

1938 – Christiane Hörbiger, an Austrian actress.

1941 – Paul Simon, American singer and songwriter.

1961 – Dok Rivers, an American basketball player and coach.

1962 – Kelly Preston, an American actress.

1967 – Christopher Judge, an American actor.

1967 – Pablo Laso, a Spanish basketball player and coach.

1968 – Mauricio Ganz, an Italian footballer.

1971 – Sasha Noam Baron Cohen, an English comedian.

1977 –  Pol Pierce, an American basketball player.

1977 –  Antonio Di Natale, an Italian soccer player.

1978 – Jermin O’Neill, an American basketball player.

1979 – Ves Brown, an English footballer.

1982 – Ian James Thorpe, an Australian swimmer.

1988 – Vaclav Pilar, a Czech soccer player.

Just too few more sentences left before we finish this Astro-numerological story about people born on  October 13 – they are Libras marked by the number 13, that carries special energy for them.

They are also under the planetary impact that comes from planets Uranus and Venus, a very interesting combination especially in love area of life.

These people find that career and work in general is very important, and they work on realisation of their job in a very serious way and do not lose the time when their professional life is concerned.