October 12 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The fact is that we are all at a certain level conditioned by our origins, genes, patterns of behavior – this is an aspect that we all have, and it could be said that all of us have programs of the unconscious to which we are appended. We are the people, and we all have something that is imprinted in our DNA, something that is in us before we are born. But, we should not deal with our “destiny” and think that we cannot change anything in our lives; we can get out of such conditioned reality, we must first get to know and revitalise it. We should always act in the best possible way, and act in such a way that things can be changed, and we have some opportunities that we can take.

And in that place comes Astro-numerology that will enable us to come to the knowledge of all that unconscious that we carry in ourselves. It will also help us to determine our personality and events that will happen.

Our natal chart -the position of planets and other celestial bodies in signs, the aspects of planets, the position of houses, and the rest at the moment of our birth can be a perfect guide through life. It can help us as a guide to where we need to go, what we need to do to make ourselves felt, how to overcome obstacles and face our weaknesses.

So, everything starts from our birth – today we are looking into the world of the people who are born on October 12.

Personality and Character

These Libras born on October 12 are always between two sides of their personalities – they can be kind and giving, and kind and selfish at the same time. You never know what you are going to get with these interesting persons – they are complex people with interesting character that can come as a surprise to others.

And we must say that all Libras have that specific character where they can change their minds, opinions and beliefs and that nothing is too strict in their lives. This is good and bad at the same time – change can be good, because it gives the space for growth, but it can also be disabling aspect since it stops focus and direction on one thing.

In fact, their tendency to satisfy or promote their desires and needs with their partners can cause a negative mood. Yet the biggest challenge for these people is to be more sensitive and accountable to the deeper emotional needs of others – they can miserably fail in the test of sensitivity to others. This happened even in situations where they hear someone in the back of their heads that voice that tells them what to think, they avoid it and they follow their needs.

We can describe these humans who belong to the October 12 as people who have a comic touch to them, they have humor in their words and actions, and they like to be involved in entertainment and do not hesitate to convey to others. This impulse can be expressed in all areas of their life, from sexual to social activity – this is one of the reasons why they can be irresistible for others.

For Libras who celebrate their birthdays on October 12, one sentence describes them well – and that sentence goes something like this – “the world is a stage where their own drama is played out”.

Sometimes that drama is unnecessary, but it is always interesting to look at. Some representatives of this date can succeed in participating in this drama in a rather calm and relaxed manner, leaving no impression that they play a role only to attract attention. Even if they do attract it, every time.

Love Compatibility

These people who belong to the October 12 are not of those unstable types that hold the heart in their sleeve and will hesitate to give it to the potential lovers. Although they are prone to harmless flirtation in their youth, and in those times they feel like they will never allow themselves to move into love seriously. But this is far from the truth – these Libras feel great in the relationship where they feel comfortable and respected in the first place. They demand it, along with the freedom and certain independence in their lives even if in a marriage or long-term relationship.

These Libras have sensational feelings and are able to love deeply and permanently – this is amazing and very attractive for their lovers. But of course, their lovers need to accept their flaws, and that can be challenging from time to time; and the idea that these amazing people could be so difficult is not an easy thing to accept.

Don’t forget one crucial thing, human beings born on October 12 are not shy in some conventional sense of that word, on the contrary, these people are extrovert personalities that others like to get to know.

People born October 12 are the dominant individuals who like to be at the centre of attention, and as such, they need lovers who can deal with such partners, who ask and draw a lot of attention.

Their ability to achieve a relationship with others is highly developed, and they work well in a wide range of societies, from ordinary people to elite -they always find their place among people. Still, this is something that some partners have a problem with, and they are not everyone’s choice for a long-term partnership.

It is not surprising that these people have multiple marriages, and many, many love affairs during lives; they never let the society or family determine their love life, they do things in the way they see fit.


Purpose and Career

People who are born on October 12 are emotional, dramatic and like the scene, often their choice of career is pointed toward this area of work. These people are temperamental and full of spirit, and whatever they do is very active and vivacious; they are blessed with a good mind and can be interested in scientific matters, especially for exact sciences such as physics, chemistry and others.

They have the potential to become scientists and researcher, but also to teach such subjects.

They are not overly religious, but they certainly have a strong religious line that is here and there more obvious.

Since these people are proud of what they do, they feel like they do it in the best possible way, they want their work to be valued, regardless of their social status. So, they love to receive a lot of money for their work, but also to be recognised in their work environment for their work (even wider).

Libras born on October 12 are versatile; they love books, art, fashion and other things. They can develop their minds to be a business mind, so if they are wise and cautious, they can achieve success and accumulate a significant amount of money throughout life – enough to get everything they want.

If these people could do it, their path is great and filled with all benefits in life.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Libras that are born on October 12 are persons that are under the numerological impact by the number 3. Planetary influence comes from the planets Jupiter and Venus that is an integral ruler of the Libra Zodiac sign. Jupiter’s qualities of number 3 bring a very positive optimistic attitude in combination with Venus and the touch of idealism.

Those who are ruled by number 3 are often expansive and sometimes prone to behavior that is borderline with directional, these people love to rule. As a result, these people must make sure that they are not too punitive or aggressive, and they are. But one more thing is associated with number 3 -it is the number of divine and spiritual things that those who are born on this day, certainly have in their lives. Those who are governed by the number 3 want to be independent so that many people born this day in one day feel the need to leave permanent employment and become freelancers.

Historical Events on October 12

This date is very special, and it was the day when America was discovered, when Oktoberfest started and the day when Reformation began. Read about these and other historical events that took place on October 12.

539 B.C – Cyrus the Great conquers Babylon.

1492 – Christopher Columbus discovered America and landed on the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas.

1518 – A German religious reformer Martin Luther, charged with heresy, refused to give up his thesis.

1810 -The wedding day of the Bavarian Prince Ludwig and the Saxon princess Theresa became the event of the year and eventually turned into the Oktoberfest.

1811 – Paraguay declared independence from Spain and Argentina.

1822 – Brazil gained independence from Portugal.

1928 – In the children’s hospital in Massachusetts, for the first time, “iron lung” was applied to a patient suffering from poliomyelitis.

1942 – In the battle on the Pacific island of Guadalcanal, the Americans defeated the Japanese in the World War II and stopped their overture to Australia.

1964- In the orbit around the Earth, the Soviet spaceship “Voskhod 1” was launched, the first spacecraft with a multi-member crew.

1968 – Led by Colonel Omar Torrijos, the National Guard of Panama has defeated prominent President Arnulfo Arias.

1968- The African State of Equatorial Guinea gained independence after 190 years of Spanish colonial rule.

1984 – During an annual conference of the Conservative Party at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, a bomb exploded. It was triggered by the members of the Irish terrorist organisation IRA. Five people were killed and 30 wounded.

1992- More than 550 people were killed in Cairo in an earthquake whose epicenter was near the large pyramids in Giza.

1999 – General Pervez Musharraf took over the military strike in Pakistan.

2001 – Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the United Nations and Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

2002- 202 people were killed, and more than 300 were injured in a bomb attack on two nightclubs in Bali.

Famous people born on October 12

Who are those people who are born on October 12? By their occupation choice, we could say that they are the people who are extrovert and don’t have any problem in being famous.

1350 – Dmitry Donskoy, the ruler of the great principality of Moscow and the Russian national hero.

1537 – Edward VI, an English king.

1715 – Peter II, a Russian Emperor.

1798 – Pedro I. Brazilian, “the Liberator”, a Brazilian tsar.

1868 – August Horch, a German engineer and founder of Audi.

1875- Aleister Crowley, an English Occultist, Mystic and Astrologer.

1878- Karl Buresch, an Austrian politician.

1891- Edith Stein, a German Jewish philosopher

1935 -Luciano Pavarotti, an Italian opera singer.

1942 -Daliah Lavi, an Israeli actress and singer.

1966 -Roberto Sensini, an Argentine footballer.

1966 – Wim Jonk, a Dutch footballer.

1968 – Peter Gencel, a Swedish Handball Representative.

1968 – Hugh Jackman, an Australian film and television actor, singer, dancer and actor in musicals.

1975- Marion Lois Jones, an American athlete.

1977- Bode Miller, an American alpine skier.

1988- Calum Scott, a British singer.

1992- Josh Hutcherson, an American actor.

The conclusion in this Astro-numerological story is not a regular conclusion, but we feel like it is necessary to add a few more information so that you can have a clearer picture about the character of these people.

As far as people born on October 12 we could say that they are marked by one more exciting trait that we connect to them – they are the people who own the most unusual mixture of the quality of generosity and selfishness. They are the people who can be at times generous towards other people, by giving them all that they need and more; while in other times these people can be extraordinarily self-centered and focused on themselves without any sentiment on others and their feelings and needs.