October 11 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In the times when Astrologers are creating a horoscope for a particular person, a person’s data are taken into account, depending on the hour of her birth, and the position of the 12 houses inside the zodiac, as well as the position of individual points, is set to the Zodiac sign. Without this information any astrological analyse is impossible.

In addition to these main components that are necessary for the analyses, Astrology takes into account many elements, such as constant stars, the phase of relations between planets, moon nodes, declension, and much more. So, as you are able to see, Astrology is science, and dealing with it takes times and patience, and knowledge.

But, Astro-Numerology gives even more details in the analyses for people who are born on a certain date, since it deals with the information that comes from numbers.

Today our attention is directed to the people who celebrate their birthdays on October 11; they belong to the Libra Zodiac sign. It is the sign that is connected to the Venus planet of beauty, justice and all things beautiful. In some, it is the planet that is connected to the real of pleasures, and these humans born on this day have these and similar tendencies.

Personality and Character

These people are Libras, and no matter how these persons are all into justice and can be fighters for it which means that they need to go through situations that are problematic, these people love things to go smoothly as possible, and if one thing they have from their ruling sign Libra, it can be laziness.

Also, they cannot make up their minds, and the reason for their indecisiveness in the problematic situations they face is that they do not have a well-targeted ambition and they can be lost in the actions. Because they do not like the complications that life serves on a daily basis, these people born on October 11 often avoid challenges – in this way, they prevent events that are crucial for their growth.

Because without the uncomfortable solutions, fight and conflicts there cannot be a joy. To grow and develop in a good direction, you need to push yourself in many problematic and even stressful situations, and these October 11 people avoid such events -this behavior is understandable in one way, but in another, it is disabling.

They love comfort and pleasure and therefore turn to a lifestyle that allows them to easily share all the attention between career, love life and various forms of relaxation and enjoyment. But this also means that they (even if they have the potential to do so) will never reach some higher levels of their life, their full potential.

These people born on October 11 feel they have to play an important social role, and that they are meant to do some great things in life, that destiny is that they become great and make changes in the world they live in. However, these Libras are often kept in their place by their sensitive nature that loves pleasure and avoids conflicts.

In the end, it is essential for these people to find their place in the world, no matter what that place could be, no matter how small or big that place can be – isn’t the point of all of our lives to be happy and not to jeopardise other people?

Love Compatibility

As you will be able to see, these people born on October 11 are lovers that tend to be dependent on their lovers, and often they can create unhealthy love relationships with their partners. They have that particular need that pushes them to be dependent on their lovers, and to be lead through life, even if they are perfectly capable of being independent on their own. These Libras born on October 11 must not allow them to be imposed or manipulated by more powerful and better-targeted persons, this is especially important in the aspect of love and in friendship also. It is not wrong to be the one, who is lead in interpersonal relations, but it is something completely different to be indifferent and uninteresting in the process of developing that relationship; they cannot allow becoming just one fragment of what they can b.

But on the other side of this story, those who belong to the October 11 are ready to give their friends and associates another and sometimes a third chance even if they do not deserve; they are forgiving and loving partners and friends. Some extreme cases of the people who are born on this day should also resolve their issue to have masochistic urges that are entirely unnecessary -then they should change their attitudes. By doing so, they get the chance to grow emotionally and put their emotions in the right places, they would be able to find a place for every feeling that they have, and believe us these persons are very emotional and have so much love.

Purpose and Career

Those who belong to the October 11 are conscientious and fundamental in their beliefs, and never leave anything until it is finished -they are determined and know what they want to do in life. Maybe they do not have many talents, but all of them are used very well. When doing something that they love, these people are temperamental, fond of art, musical, and could compose. These Libras are original and inventive; some representatives of this date are probably interested in mechanical things, and everything that connects art and crafts.

They would live to work and travel, or to write about their travels; they would find the best careers in writing or doing something that is connected to the things they love personality. In this sense, Libras born this day often try to do jobs that don’t have working hours, where they don’t have everyday obligations, and this is not always a good solution for them.

These people born on October 11 can be a bit afraid from life, although it’s more characteristic of youth, while later in their life, they can become little more confident in their abilities, and they could experience the joys of artistic life.

During their lifetime, they often change jobs until they see the one that best suits their nature, but maybe the reason behind such behavior is that these people don’t spend enough quality time on a job, but they change it fast.


The main advice that is connected to the careers of the people born on October 11 is that they need to look realistically into their abilities, and to find that one thing that makes them happy if they find it, they should focus on that profession for a longer period.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Being born on October 11 for the people of that date means that they are Libras who belong to the numeral 2, and are under the planetary rule of the Venus and Moon.

The imaginative side of these people born on October 11 is intensified by the influence of the Moon and Venus, which is a ruler of the Libra Zodiac sign, but thanks to the same influences, those born this day must fight against vanity and passivity. Since we all that both Moon and Venus are not particularly active planets and these people must fight their passivity and inertion all of their lives. But the tenderness of their character and the wide spectre of emotions is also one of the things that these people are blessed.

As we look at the numerological symbolism, we could say that people who are under the impact of the number 2 are those who do their best when in pair, and this is true in every aspect of their lives, even further, they can go to the extreme and they could become dependent on their partners. In the work environment, they are better associates and partners than leaders so that the social talents of these people are well developed in family or group endeavours.

Number 11 also appears here, in the form of a secondary numeral influence, and it represents the symbolism of something special, these people are in a way touched with the special kind of energy since this is the number that belo9ngs to the series of divine numbers that carry extraordinary energy.

Their numbers are 11 and 2, and their color is pale green.

Historical Events on October 11

Finally, a list that doesn’t include so many war-related events, so it should be fascinating to read all about events that took place on October 11 thought history.

1521 – Pope Leo X awarded English King Henry VIII the title of “Defender of Faith” after the king published a book condemning the ideas of religious reformer Martin Luther.

1531 – The army of the Swiss Catholic cantons defeated the Chapel of the strength of the city of Zurich and its Protestant allies.

1698 – Agreement in The Hague between England and France.

1899 – The Boer War began between the South African states of Transvaal and Orange and Great Britain.

1939 – A group of American scientists, including Albert Einstein, informed US President Franklin D. Roosevelt about the possibility of producing an atomic bomb.

1944 – The Soviet Union annexed the state of Tannu Tuva.

1962 – Pope John XXIII opened in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome The Second Vatican Assembly, the first such gathering since 1870.

1976 – In China, a “four-member gang” was arrested on charges of conspiracy – Mao Zedong Jiang Ching and three former senior officials.

1980 – Two Soviet cosmonauts ended their longest mission in space. In the ship “Salyut 6” they spent in space for 185 days.

1985 – Four American hunters intercepted an Egyptian plane with abductors of the Italian passenger ship, Akila Lauro, and forced him to land in Sicily, where the hijackers were arrested.

1988 – Pope John Paul II’s speech was interrupted in the European Parliament in Strasbourg when a British MP from Northern Ireland, Protestant cleric, began to shout “antichrist”.

1993 – In the assassination in Oslo William Niger, Norwegian publisher of “Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie was wounded.

2010 – Seven dead and about 120 injured in the bursting of containers with toxic red mud in the city of Ajka, Hungary.

Famous people born on October 11

We could guess that this list doesn’t have many names on it, and those who found it place are not the most famous people on the planet, but they find moderate success in certain times of their lives.

1806 – Aleksander Karadjordjevic, a Serbian prince.

1884 – Eleanor Roosevelt, a former First Lady of the United States.

1885 – François Mauriac, a French writer.

1914 – Reuben Fine, an American psychoanalyst.

1925 – Elmore Leonard, an American writer.

1937 – Bobby Charlton, an English footballer and coach.

1946 – Daryl Hall, an American pop singer and songwriter.

1956 – Stephen Spinella, an American actor.

1962 – Joan Cusack, an American actress.

1966 – Luke Perry, an American actor.

1973 – Takeshi Kaneshiro, a  Taiwanese and Japanese actor and singer.

1976 – Emily Erin Deschanel, an American actress.

1977- Matt Bomer, an American actor.

1983 – Ruslan Ponomarev, a Ukrainian chess player.

Avoiding conflicts and enjoyment in life without too much effort are the words that can help us describe the lives of the people born on this day in the best. And this is just one part of the Astro- numerological story, and these human beings of the October 11 have vibrancy, love excitement and want to be at the centre of attention and events. This is an aspect that can be discovered in some other situations, and it is maybe something that cannot be discovered immediately.

We have already mentioned that these human beings are under the numerological government of the number 11, and this means, as we have explained before, that they have so many interesting opportunities in life. But they need to see them and use them in the best way, or it is the same if they do not have those chances at all.