October 10 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

We must tell you one thing that is related to the Astrology, and that can come as a surprise – there is no same arrangement of planets, and other celestial bodies in the sky never repeat, so astrologically, each person is unrepeatable and every day and a moment is unrepeatable.

So, when we look things in this way, we could say that it is evident that each person is specific, and the specificity of that person, its characteristics, potentials, talents, events that will take place in their life, can best be seen through astrological or Astro-numerological analysis.

This is important to know that for everyone, even it is recommended to understand better and choose the areas and events that are most suitable for us, and this is the primary motive behind these articles – to educate, to help.

Today we are providing you with an insight into the world of the people born on October 10. They belong to the Libra Zodiac sign, and as expected they have many of their characteristics, as you will be able to see.

Personality and Character

The thing that is good is that these Libras are relying on politics and diplomacy in their everyday life; they know how to deal with difficult situations. These people can be reluctant in dealing with life, and they are prone to stroll some things in life, some obligations that would be better to do work as soon as possible.

Because of the restless spirit, people who belong to the October 10 found hard to stay longer in one place, so they like to travel and explore the world. As great travelers, they will visit most of the world and see it from multiple angles. They can even write about these experiences in the most poetic way possible; they like to speak about their experiences and love to be involved in the planning time of their environment.

Libras born October 10 should be called when things go wrong, and they are the ones who are reliable friends that know how to react in a crisis, they are loved by many. They are not only able to solve problems or to correct the situation but also in cooperation with others they can ensure that in the future, stressful situations are no longer repeated.

This aspect of their personality is very significant, cause it shows that these people are turned to the actions that point them to the future, and they try to predict what will happen in the period that is about to come.

As great positive people, these people despise every kind of abuse and negative thinking and acting – they hate when people are haters, and when others try to convince them that everything is going to be bad; they love to spread good vibes. If they cannot spread those vibes, they will hide from the people and will try not to spread any vibes at all. People of this date will never be negative towards others, just because something in their lives is not in the right place.

People born on the October 10 are incredibly analytical and over time show an increasing ability to manage their affairs, family or organisation in a good and reliable manner. Later in the article, you will able to see that these Libras are outstanding and reliable persons who are a firm base for their loved ones.

Love Compatibility

These people are under the planetary rule that comes from Venus – a planet of love, and they have romantic ideas in their minds about what love should be for them, even if they will never admit it, it is like searching for buried or hidden treasures or exploring hidden passages of their hearts. In this “project” these people are brave and fearless; they believe that love indeed can change things.

Internally and emotionally they are kind and generous, generous and always ready to provide help when needed; they are resourceful, and always know what to do in the critical moments that bring potential troubles.

They can be, at times, quiet, reserved, but also independent in the love relations, they have their own way of realising things, and the most problematic aspect that their lovers could do is to deprive them of freedom, that they need. Being free does not mean that they are cheaters and that they want that “free” time to do whatever they want; no, it means that these human beings want to be without any physiological “clamp” that will enable them from being what they truly want in life.

They are those friends and partners who know how to provide support and to keep secrets that are confined to them – they find that the most important thing is to keep some things private, and never to allow others to interfere in their relationships (love and every other).

Purpose and Career

In the work area of life, people who belong to the October 10 are very persistent and determined in their intentions to do something they have planned, sometimes very stubborn and irritating for their environment. They are blessed with some inner energy that is why they show respect to others, but at the same time, these people often scared of them, in a sense that they can become authoritative in their professions.

They are, in some smaller part of their lives, interested in the world of the occult and spiritual, and can also join some theosophical association for example. Of course, this is a state that could pass after a certain time, and they could enter something that is in opposition to the previous beliefs.


As true Libras, persons born on October 10 are intuitive, so they should follow these feelings more and more as life progress, and they develop even more; it is always a good idea to follow this voice in the crucial moments in life.

People born October 10 are very cautious in their financial and business relationships, or maybe we could say that money is not every primary motive for their hard work. For them, money is not just a reward for work, but also an indicator that they are moving in the right direction, but is not the only motive for them to do a good job.

They want to succeed and want others to believe in their ideas and projects, and if people of this date are in charge for their work team, they can be ruthless and challenging to follow, but the rewards of working with such intellectuals are enormous.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Numerologically number 1 is in charge for people born on October 10, and they are also under the planetary impact that comes from the mutual connection of the Sun and Venus, that is the ruler of all Libras.

If we speak of the planetary symbolism we will say that Sun, in this case, gives them warmth, a well-developed ego and positive orientation towards life; but it also gives them an explosive character that can be unpredictable for their environment. Due to the influence of the planet Venus – these people will find significant problems in dealing with keeping their privacy from the eyes of their families and the environment.

The combined influence of the Sun and Venus brings these people a desire to love their partners sincerely, but it can also give them the need to be the only person in the lives of their lovers, to be loved without question asked, and if they could somehow be the first and always remembered even after break up, it would be perfect. Of course, life usually turns to be something different.

Those who are in number 1 tend to be the first in everything, especially in what their careers, they have the need to be recognised and loved by many, and will never oppose to gaining a lot of money and fame – and they usually do, since all of their actions are pointed to that direction.

Historical Events on October 10

680 – In the Battle of Karbala I the Shiite Hussein bin Ali has been killed. His death comes to the ultimate Islamic division of the Sunni and Shia.

732 – In the Battle of Tours, Charles Martel won the second (and last) Arab invasion of France.

1582 – Due to the introduction of the Gregorian calendar, this day did not exist in the calendar of this year in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

1733 – France declared war against the Austrian Emperor Charles VI for his support of Prince August III in order to become Polish King. The war for the Polish legacy lasted until 1735.

1911 – The Chinese national leader Sun Yat-sen declared the republic and began a revolution in which the dynasty of Manchu has been crushed.

1913 – Construction of the 81.6 km Panama Canal, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, has been completed.

1917 – Brazil declared the war in Germany in the First World War after the Germans torpedoed the Brazilian ships.

1938 – The Munich Agreement was signed.

1954 – Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh entered the capital of Vietnam Hanoi, which left the French colonial troops two days earlier.

1964 – The Olympic Games in Tokyo have been opened.

1967 – An agreement was signed banning the placing of weapons of mass destruction in space.

1971 – In Austria, for the first time, the SPÖ National Council (Socialist Party of Austria) won more than 50 per cent of the vote.

1975 – Film stars Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor married for the second time. The following year, they re-divorced.

1980 – In the disastrous quake in Algeria, 2,590 people were killed, and around 330,000 people in the city of El Asmām were left homeless.

1982 – The US put sanctions against Poland over Poland’s decision to ban union “Solidarity”.

1990 – The USSR and Germany signed an agreement to withdraw Soviet troops from Germany by the end of 1994. In East Germany, 380,000 Soviet soldiers were stationed with 220,000 family members.

1995 – Israel, following the peace agreement with the Palestine Liberation Organization, began withdrawal from the West Bank and released 300 Palestinians from prison.

2001 – Americans George A. Akerlof, A. Michael Spence, and Joseph E. Stiglitz received the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Famous people born on October 10

1470 – Selim I “the Excellent,” “the Brave”, a sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

1731 – Henry Cavendish, a British naturalist.

1813 – Giuseppe Verdi, an Italian composer.

1830 – Isabella II, the Queen of Spain.

1834 –  Aleksis Kivi, a Finnish writer.

1861- Fridtjof Nansen, a Norwegian researcher, zoologist and diplomat.

1901 – Alberto Giacometti, a Swiss sculptor, painter and graphic artist.

1913- Claude Simon, a French writer.

1930 – Harold Pinter, an English playwright and theatre director.

1950- Nora Roberts, an American bestseller.

1965 -Chris Penn, an American film actor.

1973- Mario Lopez, an American TV host.

1973 – Vikash Dhorasoo, a French footballer.

1973 – Joël Chenal, a French alpine skier.

1975- Craig Walton, an Australian athlete.

1979 – Nicolás Massú, a Chilean tennis player.

1980 -Yasser Al-Qahtani, a Saudi Arabian footballer.

1984 – Jean-Baptiste Grange, a French alpine skier.

1986 – Ezequiel Garay, an Argentine footballer.

There is one thing that we did not mention before, and concerns people that belong to the October 10; and it has to do something with their ruling Zodiac sign, Libra. They can have modest incomes, but they will still manage to strive to create a beautiful environment in which they live in, and work. Whether they are rich or poor, these people believe in some essential things, in simple life pleasures that will make their lives a better and more bearable experience, despite all difficulties that come along the way.

The most successful people on October 10 know how to earn life satisfaction, even if they do not have any money, and this is a valuable lesson that they learn – happiness is a state of mind. The less successful people born this day are those who are always worried that they will not lose what they have acquired.