October 1 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Some people like to say that they love this science since it is always consoling to hear that there is always “some higher power” that is responsible for an unfortunate or fortunate circumstance that can happen in our lives.

Astrology emerged; similar to faith and faith in God, religion, etc., a long time ago for the same reason. This need appeared more than 4,000 years ago, and thus the first foundations of astrology originated in the ancient Mesopotamia (some claim). In its beginnings, it was the privilege of only the most powerful and wealthiest people, most often kings.

When we say Astro- numerology, we mean a unique science that serves us to interpret Zodiac signs along with the particular dates (numbers), and in this way, we can outline the possible circumstances that will affect us in some future. It consists of two, many recognisable, words – Astro (stars) and numerology – the science that deals with numbers.

Today we are dealing with the date October 1, and Zodiac sign Libra.

Personality and Character

There is no much difference between the people who are born on October 1, no matter if we are arguing about males or females, they are very similar, and they can be strict in life.

The perfect way that these people of the October 1 can succeed in their intention is that they function with their clear heads and that they are not too emotional. They need to conduct plans and tread through life, mostly driven by feelings and intuition, but not ever let to be overwhelmed by them.

These people consider themselves as people with realistic views who like to plan and look into the future, while others see them as pessimists who can’t enjoy in the current moment.

These people can express their strong attitudes that govern rational, not emotions, and they are meant to have a fascinating and exciting life, full of happiness. Of course they have to fight their own demons, but they do it successfully, and still have time to enjoy life. Losing something valuable in life, for these Libras is not a death sentence, it can be just an obstacle and a regular part of the life that it left its mark, but it did not break them.

These Libras are very independent people who love things to do in their own way, and for life, and work also they need an environment that can adapt to them or at least to never jeopardise their path. When they are left to do things in their own way, then people of the October 1 do the most impressive results, and the best part is the moment when they are taken seriously and in the end when they get the admiration of others. But following their own path can sometimes mean that they can be subjected to serious criticism, in times when they exclude advisors and good associates from their work or life.

Love Compatibility

People who celebrate their birthday on October 1 are Libras – intellectual and smart devoted and capable of deep love, but they need to remember never to throw their heart in front of others as quickly. For them, it is the best solution to listen to their intuition and then to proceed slowly in love.

Problems faced by people born this day usually occur in their love life, not because they cannot find a lover, or keep one, or they are not attractive enough, but for some other reasons. For example, these human beings born on October 1 sometimes spend years to get what they want from love, and finally to find out that relationship does not mean to them as much as they expected.

Another example that explains love nature of the people of October is a situation when they wander in love and have many partners, and at one point find what they want; eventually, they can lose that love for this way or another, and they will never love with same strength, and they have no problem with it.

People born this day are extremely serious, and success is beside fulfilled over one of the things they enjoy the most. Often, they encounter difficulties in love that they cannot solve if that love problem is not supported by their tendency toward perfectionism that prevents them from raising hands from a challenge.

Believing that in life there cannot be perfect people, and that nothing is perfect, and that sometimes the best way to relax and enjoy life is the best possible way to live life.

Purpose and Career

Libras that belong to the first day of October are often lead with the strong intuition and are incredibly spiritual. In their intention, they almost usually succeed since they have a strong mind and are very determined when they set their minds to do something. But up until that time a lot of time passes, they can be indecisive and can search a long time what they want to do, or they can wait until they reach their full potential.

They can be interested in philosophy and science, also interested in religious issues, especially for Oriental culture. They have the need to explore and to understand everything that they see and that is unknown until that point. As you will be able to see in the section where we deal with famous people born on this day, they can find their life occupation in writing, politics, and acting.


Persons that belong to the October 1 want to be at the top of their profession, social circle or family structure – in everything they do; they like to do it well, there cannot be any middle ground for these people. If they decide to do some project, they will give their best to be the best. Also, these people will try to have recognition and fame, even if they will not always admit it.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Libras born on October 1 are under the ruling hand of the planets Venus and the Sun and are numerologically “touched” by the number 1.

People who have number 1 in their Astro-numerological charts are ultimate individuals, and even if they have a more difficult path to the top, they will do, despite everyone and everything. These people may have vague feelings about their roles in life, but are usually persistent and concentrated regardless of frustration or confusion that they may feel, because we need to remember that all Libras are very indecisive and often change their minds.

If we speak about planetary symbolism, we could say that people who belong to the October 1 have Sun, and it represents enormous creative energy that floats in them, it is like a fire that is better kept at a certain level than it evades control. If it escapes control, they can become people involved in “many pleasures of life” that can lead them into addiction and risky life.

These people can be the ones that love to leave some kind and pleasant impression, and they enjoy popularity and will try to achieve it and increase it in life, in one way or another. Of course, that way doesn’t necessarily have to be nice; these people can even shock their environment by their moves.

This planetary connection shows that we can see charismatic and charming people who like to be loved and who hate anything that is fake and insincere. They are people who have enough understanding for others, but for them, it is challenging to deal with some of the problems created by someone else’s irresponsibility or lies.

Their numbers are 1, 2 and 11, and their color is pale red.

Historical Events on October 1

The first day of the October stayed remembered in some parts of the history as the first day of many battles, but we found more relevant events event for this day that will help us discover the true nature of October 1.

331 B.C – The Battle of Gaugamela in which Alexander the Great caused the final defeat of Persian King Darius III.

1777 – The Contract was signed in San Ildefonso, between Spain and Portugal.

1910 – Japan carried out annexation of Korea and included it in the Japanese Empire.

1914 – Turkey, as the ally of the Central Powers in World War I, closed the Dardanelles for the ships of Antananarivo states.

1918 – English colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence, known as Lawrence of Arabia, helps the Arabs to take the Damascus from the Turks.

1928 – The Five-Year Plan for Industrial Development and the Continuation of Collectivization of Agriculture was declared in the USSR.

1930 – The British Empire Conference was opened in London. The central theme was the aspiration for a closer connection within the Empire State.

1932 – The Austrian federal chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss applied for the first time a law on the powers that allowed him to issue emergency orders.

1933 – In Czechoslovakia, Konrad Henlein announced the establishment of the Sudeten German Party”.

1938 -The German army entered Czechoslovakia and occupied the Courts after Germany’s Munich deal with Great Britain and France.

1943 – Allies after the one-month battle in World War II captured Naples.

1946 – The International Military Court in Nuremberg declared that 22 leaders of Nazi Germany were guilty of war crimes committed during World War II.

1949 – In Beijing, Mao Zedong became the first chairman of the newly established Central People’s Government.

1979 -Zone of the Panama Canal, after 70 years under the control of the United States formally handed over to the Panama Administration.

1982 – Christian-Democratic Union leader Helmut Kohl became the sixth chancellor of West Germany, succeeding Social Democrat Helmut Schmidt.

1988 – Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev became President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. The creator of political and economic reforms, Gorbachev was the last leader of the Soviet Union.

1989 – Denmark has become the world’s first to allow same-sex marriages.

1999 – Russian troops entered Chechnya.

Famous people born on October 1

The first day of October gave us many interesting people who made their careers very successful; there are actors, singers, and writers. Read all about them.

1207 – Henry III, the king of England.

1685 -Charles (Karl) VI, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

1754 -Paul I Petrovich Romanov, a Russian emperor.

1865 – Paul Dukas, a French composer.

1903 -Vladimir Horowitz, an American pianist of Russian origin.

1904 -Otto Robert Frisch, an Austrian nuclear physicist.

1909 -Thierry Maulnier, a French writer.

1920 – Walter Matthau, an American actor.

1924 – Jimmy Carter, 39th American President and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

1927 -Tom Bosley, an American actor.

1928 -George Peppard, an American actor.

1930 – Richard Harris, an Irish actor.

1935 -Julie Andrews, a British actress and singer.

1949 – André Rieu, a Dutch violinist.

1950 – Randy Quaid, an American actor.

1953 –  Klaus Wowereit, a German politician and mayor of Berlin.

1953 – Grete Waitz, a Norwegian athlete.

1956 – Andrus Ansip, an Estonian politician.

1956 – Theresa May, a British politician and prime minister.

1959 – Youssou N’Dour, a Senegalese singer.

1965 -Andrea Gardini, an Italian volleyball player.

1966 – George Weah, a Liberian footballer.

1977 – William Come, an American Volleyball player.

1988 – Cariba Heine, an Australian actress.

1989- Brie Larson, an American actress.

1991 – Timothée Kolodziejczak, a French footballer.

After all of this, we could say – section after section we gathered and explained all the information that we feel is relevant for those who are born on October 1, Libras ruled by the Venus and Sun.

When we look at the overall representation of the lives of the people of the October 1, we could say that they are meant to have many ups and downs, many turns of happiness -that wheel of happiness is always spinning in the case of these people, but they somehow manage to deal with every situation.

These persons can go through all of it, and when they finally succeed and overcome all obstacles, they can say “hey we could, but we did not give up even in the darkest hours”.