November 9 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The sense of the world and Universe, in general, can be found in the unconscious parts of our mind, and that’s why this knowledge escapes us. Nevertheless, it is comforting to know that it is inside us.

This is something that we all should know, but we are still looking for him around? In the message we expect, in the business we hope, shopping centres, in applause, the warmth of a warm room -we are the people, and we want to find the true sense in the world that we belong to.

What we are inclined to ask ourselves, to doubt that we believe and do not believe that we find the meaning and replace it with a new meaning. We are people, so it is normal for us to lose our sense of self-deception.

Sometimes we’re meaningless living. To carelessly worry, discuss, and then tiredly, in the end, say, “Oh, this does not make sense anymore!”In those times we ask Astrology to help us, to give us the answers. The first, “baby” step is knowing more information about our birth date. Today we reveal more information about date November 9 and their ruling Zodiac sign – Scorpio.

Personality and Character

Let us speak some more about the ruling Zodiac sign for these people who are born on November 9.

When the ancient Babylonians, and the ancient Greeks, defined the Zodiac signs, they were guided by the climatic and light features of certain periods of the year -we call them seasons. Following these features, each symbol was given symbols that best represent nature in the appropriate part of the year. In that connotation, in the middle of autumn, the Scorpio symbol is attributed as a toxic and resistant animal that can survive under challenging conditions -this is the main characteristics of these people.

Since the middle of autumn is a, for some a sad and cold part of the year, marked by a sharp decline in temperature, shorter days, and dull and humid weather, the scorpion is a convenient symbol for this period. Also, we could add that the myth also played the role that this animal is so belligerent and uncontrollable that it will stab and kill itself in a crisis.

Life of the people who celebrate their birthdays on November 9 can be seen as a struggle with unfortunate circumstances – this will never break them, but it will undoubtedly make the hell out of their lives. However, the indications are that they will deal with it because it indeed depends on them – they are their own worst enemies and their saviors.

These Scorpios are also vulnerable and intuitive, and they adore literature and poetry; there is a lot of art in them.  Also, clearly defined religious lines are the basis of their personality, although they cannot be aware of it. In every way these people have strong convictions for which they are always ready to fight; beliefs are deeply rooted in you.

In some way, these Scorpios tend to be unstable – they must learn to recognise and cure it.

The temptation is the main topic in the lives of the people born on November 9 and, along with the accompanying moral dilemmas, brings them a split between the immature and mature behavior of social and personal morality. A positive theme characteristic of the life of these people is the enjoyment of discovery. From their intense experiences, these people usually come up with essential insights into themselves and life in general.

Love Compatibility

There is nothing funny and loving about their love life -Scorpios who are born on November 9 are constantly facing incredible temptations to completely abandon themselves (in some moral and moderate sense) to everything that is currently happening, to earthly pleasures of all kinds, and to turn to all sorts of experiments. They want too many things in life and love that they can lose in all those experimenting.

Those who belong to this day are often caught up in the enthusiastic network and excitement of what they do up to a particular moment so that they can lose sight of all the harmful forces that can act in the background.

People born on November 9 at a given moment will have to fight against their inherent emotional instability – this is one of those obstacles that we mentioned. The ups and downs could be balanced, like every energy that needs to have balance or else they will fall deeply into an emotional whole.

But many of the people who are born on this day can behave interoperable – they can search in others, for defects and will completely ignore virtues. Some extreme representatives of this date can even radically humiliating partners with vulgarity and inexplicable criticism. The darkness is in them, and it can frighten the environment with dark judgments and predictions. They can be envious and selfish lovers who have difficult to be with. In times when a relationship is falling apart, they can even exploit and deceive anyone who asks about their lovers. They rarely reveal anything about them, but they like to know what everyone else is doing.

These people also remember for a long time and do not forgive if their lovers made some mistake. They are also those types of lovers who can be guided by lust and jealousy, and their lovers must know that one of the most important things to these Scorpios is sex, in which they want to dominate and have control.


Purpose and Career

Those who celebrate their birthdays on November 9 are sympathetic, kind and can keep secrets – very desirable for friends and lovers. They have a strong will, but can too easily be misunderstood by others when they have something to say about certain issues. They have to learn to think with their head – their mind is strong, so they should use it.

The best way for success is to accurately formulate goals, find perfect occupation as early as possible in life. In the end, these people should make sure that nothing prevents them from achieving this. They need to realise that the power is in them and the success will come.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Scorpios are naturally under the impact of the planets Mars and Pluto, but planet Mars comes into its place in the double form. Numerologically they are under the powerful influence of the numeral 9.

First, we will speak more about numerological symbolism – number 9 has a powerful influence on other numbers because each number with a nine number gives that number. Similarly, people born on November 9 have an impact on their environment.

This is the number of a transformation, and it will review everything these people have been through in the previous cycles. Everything is about accepting their own experiences, accepting what they have done the best, learning something and taking it with them. Numeral nine is focused on education, and it represents the attempt to try out new skills. It helps people to be aware of the new energy that will allow embarking on a new cycle of life.

The Mars Planet is strong and aggressive and represents the embodiment of male energy, and this is especially true for people born on November 9, since Mars is also the ruler of their Scorpio sign and has a double influence on them. In general, it shows the attitude of other people towards others and vice versa, and this attitude can be a manipulation.

The connection of Mars and Pluto is like a dangerous dance – so tempting, powerful, almost unreal, but only a few of them managed to master it. One wrong move leads to the bath of blood and pain; it is the combination that carries a disgruntled struggle, a demonstration of power over others, fascination with the authorities, and famine for domination. This symbolism is the sign of martyrs, mighty people and sex symbols -they can be all the above.

Their numbers are 9 and 20, and their color is dark blue, almost black.

Historical Events on November 9

We tried to include as many different events in this list, that you will be surprised how many interesting events took place on November 9. But you would agree that most of them have certain darkness to them.

694 – King of Visigoth in the Pyrenees Peninsula Egica, accuses Jews of helping Muslims and condemning slavery.

1282- Pope Martin IV excommunicates King Peter III of Aragon.

1494- The Medici family becomes ruling in Florence.

1541 – A wife of King Henry VIII, Queen Catherine Howard was confined in Tower of London.

1799 – Napoleon Bonaparte performs a coup d’état of the 18th anniversary, overthrowing the authority of the directory.

1872- Big fire in Boston in US occurred.

1888 – Mary Jane Kelly, one of the victims of the serial killer Jack The Ripper, was murdered.

1904 – Aeroplane had its first flight that lasted more than five minutes.

1914 – Battle of Cocos, northeastern Indian Ocean. The Australian cruiser Sydney destroyed the German Emden cruiser.

1918 – Emperor Wilhelm II abdicates after German defeat in World War I

1918 – Philip Saideman proclaimed the republic from the balcony of the Reichstag building in Berlin, two hours before Karl Löbkneht proclaimed the socialist government behind the corner, from the Berlin castle.

1937 – The Japanese army entered Shanghai.

1938 – Crystal Night, the first mass act of anti-Jewish violence in Nazi Germany.

1953 – Cambodia became independent from France.

1956- Jean-Paul Sartre, a French philosopher and writer, renounced communism after the Soviet invasion of Hungary.

1963 – 450 miners died in a coal-dust explosion in Japan.

1980 -Saddam Hussein, the President of Iraq, declared holy war against Iran

1989- The eastern authorities abolished the ban on the transition from east to West Germany and the same evening thousands of citizens gathered and started the demolition of the Berlin Wall.

1994  – Darmstadtium a new chemical element was discovered.

1996-  Mike Tyson suffered the first defeat by the hand of Evander Holyfield, who won the third title in the super-heavyweight category.

2005 – Venus Express mission of the European Space Agency was launched from Baikonur in Kazakhstan.

2016 – Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Famous people born on November 9

Maybe the length of the list of the Famous people born on November 9 proves that they are not people without talent, but they are those who like to be hidden in the wail of mystery, but it is also true that they have many talents and that that notoriety finds them.

1818 – Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev, a Russian writer.

1841- Edward VII, the King of Great Britain and Ireland and Emperor of India.

1888- Jean Monnet, a French politician.

1905- Erika Mann, a German writer and actress.

1914- Hedy Lamarr, an American actress and innovator.

1922- Imre Lakatos, a British philosopher of Hungarian descent.

1922- Dorothy Dandridge, an American actress.

1929- Imre Kertész, a Hungarian writer.

1934- Carl Sagan, an American astronomer, an astrobiologist.

1948 -Luiz Felipe Scolari, a Brazilian football coach and player.

1960 -Andreas Brehme, a German soccer player.

1971- Big Pun, an American rapper.

1972- Eric Dane, an American actor.

1973- Nick Lachey, an American singer.

1973 – Zisis Vryzas, a Greek soccer player.

1974 – Alessandro Del Piero, an Italian footballer.

1974- Sven Hannawald, a German ski jumper.

1978- Sisqó, an American rapper.

1984- French Montana, an American rapper.

As you were able to see during this article, those Scorpios born on the 9th day of November have so many Scorpios characteristics that they could be taken as an average example of this Zodiac sign. But we will add that they also represent the darkest side of this sign.

There is something edgy about these people who belong to the November 9 -they are known for living beyond any borders, and they have to learn how to protect themselves from too much harm. When confronting the rejection of others, these people often pull themselves back, feeding their insecurities and fears. These people face a great danger of stagnation, and for this reason, they should set high moral and ethical goals in front of them.