November 8 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

There are a few numbers in numerology that strongly affect our lives, but in combination with the exact date of our birth and ruling Zodiac signs, give even more specific guidelines. Numerologists say that the number that can be found in the date of birth is ideal for defining the wishes, and the ways of achieving them.

Numerology dates from the age of the Old Ages, more precisely the old Egypt, and is based on the idea that life is made up of a cycle of numbers. The key to happiness and success lies in linking these cycles.

The first steps in discovering the secrets of numerology relate to determining the personal number – that can be found in our date of birth. And Astro- numerology leads us even one step further – it combines this information with ruling Zodiac sign for that day.

Today we are looking into date November 8 and ruling Zodiac sign – Scorpio.

Personality and Character

Born on the November 8 are people who usually manage money well and can achieve great success in the financial world, but there is a big part of their personalities that can destroy everything that they built in some way, their Scorpio destructive part of a character is developed even more than it should be.

They are not expressive optimists and believe in something only after they are proven to be so – this is a part of their nature that destroys everything that they have built, especially in the interpersonal relations.

These Scorpios must resist their dark forces as they must limit their contacts with socially undesirable people and even the world of crime. They can become fans of sins in every way – they should especially avoid gambling as well as any touch with drugs.

Most people born on November 8 are so devoted to occupation and interest that can take on forms of mania -these people lack moderation in every aspect of their personalities, and everything they do they are behaving over the top and extreme. Their concentration of power is usually very high, but these Scorpios can cripple their family and associates if they do not learn to reduce the intensity of their energy.

The trait of all Scorpios is that they may seem as cold and normal, but those who are people born on November 8 even look as “normal” but after a while, it is revealed that their tastes and interests are incredibly unusual. Their lifestyle and orientation towards the world can be disturbing for those who prefer to live under carefully controlled parameters – these people love chaos and their own rules and love to surround themselves by the people who feel the same.

Love Compatibility

Scorpios are seen as demanding and complicated love partners, which is not necessarily the truth. They are extremely discerning and suspicious, so they cannot stand lies and hypocrisy. Therefore, they want to find someone who will have unlimited trust and who will be able to rely on. Once they find a suitable partner, Scorpios and these people also have no reason for jealousy, so their best features come to the fore: reliability, courage and readiness to fight for loved ones.

If you fall in love with people who are born on November 8, and you are scared of passion, leave immediately from them because they are not a good match for you. This is exceptionally accurate if you are an insecure and emotional person, be sure that they are not what you need.

These people need lovers who will feel their passion, they are only seemingly calm, and in the depths of their soul, a burning desire boils.

As lovers, they are very desirable because they are passionate and lusty, and many partners experience the most intense sexual experience with them. It is good to have them on their side because they offer endless love and deep connectivity, and in turn seek sincerity, fidelity and attention.

Purpose and Career

Those who are born on November 8 have various abilities that need to be taken care of in order to shine in work environment, if not in some fuller circles. They love books; as all Scorpios, they are very intuitive and are people who like science, occult and metaphysical things. Their intuition who they way where they need to point their immense energy, and for these people, there is one rule they doesn’t get many chances in life and work.

These people are not gullible; on the contrary, their approach too many topics is very skeptical. They need to have as many details as possible, so they could be dealt with things in a good way: those who are born on November 8 are intellectual, and their passionate nature is strongly developed; still, they are not people who are considered to be gentle human beings, they can be very tricky in work environment.

These Scorpios live more in their heads than in their hearts, and this could be a good solution for their lives. In work in particular.


They have a lot of interest so that can deal with multiple things at the same time- often these people are involved in many parallel careers, and they can solidly do it all.  They are naturally gifted, and this can be especially true in trade, although they have not been created to be extremely practical. In any case, those who belong to the November 8 can make a success in life. Advice for these people is to be open and never to tolerate prejudice. As a whole, they have a finely shaped character, but they are rarely favorite people in their society.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 8 is exciting if we are examining people who are under its rule – it is the number that signifies many things. Number 8 is a particularly favorable number because its shape takes the form of infinity, as well as the way of the female figure as well. It symbolises coming wealth. Number 8 signifies immortality that can be seen in their lives, in a sense that they can live as long as their ideas live for example, and that these people who are affected by this number have an inner need to leave something in their lives, even after they are no longer physically present on earth.

From the planetary point of view, we are talking about the influence of the planetary combination between Saturn and Pluto that is a standard ruler for all Scorpios. Saturn brings a strong sense of responsibility and follows a tendency toward caution and limitation. The connection between this planet and Pluto can bring to light the dark facets of personality that especially come into expression in personal relationships.

These two combined show the power of creation, destruction, movement, change, action. It reminds us of ancestors, of transience and consumption, at the time that destroys everything, everything in the world. Pluto is above Saturn. He is timeless and indestructible because he only changes his form, he always exists. These people must not forget about this power, Saturn- Pluto power that points to sexual energy that must not be ignored.

Their number is 8, and their color is dark red.

Historical Events on November 8

Past events that occurred on November 8 could be seen as bloody, but they are not the only ones that determine this day.

392 – Roman Emperor Theodosius declared that the Christian religion is the state religion.

641 – The order of Caliph Omar invaded Egyptian military forces.

1519 – Spanish conquistadors entered the Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Empire of Asia.

1520 – According to the orders of Danish King Christian II, more than 80 Swedish priests and nobles were executed. It was The Stockholm Bloodbath.

1620 – The first battle in the Thirty Years War, and it was The Battle of White Mountain.

1731 – Benjamin Franklin opened the 1st library in the North American colonies in Philadelphia.

1793- Louvre, the castle of French kings in Paris and one of the largest and most famous museums in the world, was opened as a museum by the French Revolutionary Government.

1889 – Montana became the 41st US state.

1895 – German physicist Wilhelm Rontgen has discovered the X-rays that are called by him the Rontgen rays. In 1901 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics for this invention.

1910- Washington State was the first State in which women could vote

1917 – The Council of People’s Commissars was established as a new government of Russia with Lenin headed. Leo Trotsky became commissar for foreign affairs, and Stalin was a commissar for nationalities.

1923 – The attempt by Adolf Hitler in Munich to carry out the “Beer Hall Putsch” with General Erich Ludendorff was prevented. The Nazi leader was arrested four days later and sentenced to five years in prison, but at the end of 1924, he was amnestied.

1937- The Nazis featured the movie “Eternal Jew” in Munich.

1941 – The “Albanian Communist Party” was founded.

1942- Allied forces under the command of General Dwight Eisenhower began landing in North Africa during World War II.

1959 – The United Arab Republic and Sudan signed an agreement on the exploitation of the Nile River waters.

1960- John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon in the presidential election and thus became the youngest man ever elected to this post.

1971 – The famous British band Led Zeppelin’s fourth album was released, including their most famous song “Stairway to Heaven”.

1977- Greek archaeologist Manolis Andronikos discovered the tomb of Philip II of Macedonia in Vergina.

1989 – Douglas Waideler was elected Governor of Virginia as the first black man in US history who became governor of a US state.

1998- A court in Bangladesh has condemned the deaths of 15 former officers accused of killing Bangladesh President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in a military coup in August 1975.

2001- The French upper house of parliament, the Senate, adopted a law authorising Corsica to have limited autonomy, from which many key members had previously been expelled.

2002 – The UN Security Council in a public session unanimously adopted Resolution 1441 on the disarmament of Iraq.

Famous people born on November 8

These famous Scorpios have something dark and destructive to them, but that did not stop them from achieving many essential things in their careers (and life).

1656 – Edmond Halley, an English astronomer and geophysicist.

1843 – Moritz Pasch, a German mathematician.

1847- Abraham “Bram” Stoker, an Irish writer.

1848- Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege, a German mathematician and physicist.

1854- Johannes Rydberg, a Swedish physicist.

1868 – Felix Hausdorff, a German mathematician.

1878- Dimitar Vlahov, a Macedonian revolutionary, politician and publicist.

1883- Arnold Baks, an English composer.

1893- Rama VII, the King of Siam.

1912- Stylianos Pattakos, a Greek politician.

1922- Christiaan N. Barnard, a South African cardiologist.

1927- Patti Page(Clara Ann Fowler ), an American pop singer and actress.

1935 – Alain Delon, a French actor.

1946- Roy Wood, a British musician, singer and songwriter.

1946- Lauritz Broder Holm-Nielsen, a Danish botanist.

1946- Guus Hiddink, a Dutch football coach.

1952- Alfre Woodard, an American actress.

1960- Oleg Menshikov, a Russian actor.

1966- Gordon Ramsay, a Scottish cook.

1967- Cortney Thorne-Smith, an American actress.

1967-José Luis Pérez Caminero, a Spanish footballer.

1968- Parker Posey, an American actress.

1975- Tara Reid, an American actress.

1980- Luis Fabiano, a Brazilian soccer player and national player.

1981-Joseph John Cole, an English footballer.

1983- Pavel Pogrebnyak, a Russian football player.

1984- Steven Webb, an English actor.

We haven’t discussed the health of the people who belong to these people, and we think that this aspect is significant for an understanding their character entirely.

When it comes to health, the biggest threat to people born on November 8 is in the psychological field – as many Scorpios these people can rejuvenate. It is essential for these people to learn how to build defence systems where they set themselves boundaries.

On the other hand, people born this day must avoid psychological isolation and illuminate the dark side of their personality that is continuously present in the lives of Scorpios.