November 7 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Let us speak more about the statistics when it comes to the Astrology – About one in four people believe in astrology, according to one survey, and this figure has been growing for years. Of the 2250 Americans in 2013, a study shows that 29% of people believe in Astrology.

Well, according to the one survey and scientific research, those are the people who believe more in the inaccessible and supernatural than for example some others who believe in natural and scientific research. These people have more intuitive nature which is illogical, unlike others who have a strictly rational mind.

No matter how things can be, all of us can become believers, and we are here to test that.

Today we are examining the secrets behind the date November 7, along with the ruling Zodiac sign Scorpio. They are the rulers of the 8th House of the Zodiac, see what is not very visible to others.

They receive a very strong first impression of others on the basis of which they experience affection or repulsion for those persons. You be the judge- are these people who belong to this sign, have characteristics that match.

Personality and Character

There are some parts that you need to know when it comes to the Scorpio Zodiac sign – these people born on November 7 belong to this Zodiac sign. They are known to invest strong will and determination to accomplish everything that they have undertaken an obligation. They have an analytical mind, a strong intuition (because they are a water sign, behind Pisces and Cancer), the power of reason, perception, the ability of long-term planning, magnetism and energy.

Scorpios who are born on November 7 are challenging to deal with, and this is not a surprising aspect of their lives. That’s why they do not feel comfortable when they have a permanent job, a quiet family life, or when they are left to a social routine -they will try to make some mess, and this is just the energy that will never let them feel calm.  Due to their orientation to the outside world, these individuals are rarely committed to self-determination, but it should become an essential part of their lives.

The constant need for new adventures is one of the things that defines in a good way people who belong to the November 7. The desire to examine the research and ultimately the discovery is permanent in the lives of these individuals -and as you will be able to see during this article, many of them decide to find their career in the realm of research.

They are interested in everything that is going on around them and are especially interested in learning techniques that can exploit their strengths and talents, and believe us they have so many skills and they can do whatever they want. In this regard, these people are lifelong learners who always work to improve and bring to perfection what they are dealing with -this can be their way to success but also a constant issue.

Since the Scorpio subconscious is more under control than their consciousness, these persons born on November 7 lose their power of judgment under criticism. When attacked, they effectively use both silence and sarcasm. Unfortunately, their irony is most often – vindictive. They can, and probably will wait so long until they get complete satisfaction.

Love Compatibility

Problems primarily arise from the boredom and need for the struggle – in every aspect of their lives they are looking for conflict and pain. So, genuine love for people who belong to this date cannot be the right one, if there is no struggle, pain and chaos – these people must feel some energy moving to think that love is real. Of course, this is one problematic aspect that is wrong and cannot be applied in everyday life.

There are lines of humor in them, but they are not so sarcastic, even if they may seem to be strict and harsh from time to time. Those born on November 7 are capable of deep and lasting love relationships but have to be careful not to spend it on someone who is not worth their intense love.

Born this day, human beings like to have fun and can often be very charming and fun people. Unfortunately, these people often deceive others, intentionally or not, in that they give their emotions only to a small group of people. Especially women born this day put around themselves firm boundaries that are sometimes very dangerous to overstep -they are tough lovers. It’s risky to fall in love with people born this day because they can be very insensitive.

But you can put all this story to the side, cause there is one more aspect of their personality that we haven’t mentioned.

As friends, these Scorpios still love to know others’ plans, but because of their secrecy, they do not want others to know their plans. However, they are capable of extreme self-sacrifice for those they love. If someone threatens their loved ones, in any way, they consider it as if they are also endangered. This causes these persons to instinctively attack, either verbally or physically.

Purpose and Career

When we are discussing their character in work, these people born on November 7 are a smart, well-thought-out and are blessed with the investigative mind – many of them use their researcher’s activity in their jobs.


They are strongly attracted to the occult and supernatural,  can spend a lot of time researching these topics, and even making a lot of money on monetising their investigation, why not.

These Scorpios are inclined to believe too much, and some things are just imposed on them, and this is always an obstacle in life, and in work also. They are quite decisive, so they follow the temptation until its end, and they know how to make things done in the best possible way.

They want to have money, and the issue of material gain is not irrelevant to them, but they do not take the necessary steps to get to it fast, and when they do, they can make a mistake. Somehow, they are not practical enough to maintain that wealth, but luckily they get the second and even the third opportunity in life. It seems that the money is bypassing their way, no matter how hard they try to reach it. Scorpios born this day need to learn to save and to be more practical.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Planets Neptune and Pluto are planetary rulers of all people who belong to the November 7. The connection between Neptune and Pluto that stands for all Scorpio Zodiac signs suggests that these people must transform the religious and family values they have learned in childhood, and to create their life philosophy.

However, these people must be aware that following their dreams can lose touch with reality.

These two planets have flammable energy and are hard to manage. Mighty unconscious powers are potent catalysts for change are also present here. In their processes, those who are born on this day go through various experiences, sometimes confusing and uncertain, marked by fear of unwillingness to change.

This planetary symbolism gives them the opportunity to reach a higher level of awareness and personal development. Their energies help us to preserve health and integrity.

Numeral 7 is the symbolical ruler of this date – and these people are blessed with the great number of strength and power that they can use in many ways. Those who are number 7 love change, and it agrees well with the nature of these characters who love to explore and discover, as here there are a lot of these examples.

Their numbers are 7 and 18, and their color is plum purple.

Historical Events on November 7

You can notice that from the early days, only past events that are connected to the Church remain till this day; as in that time, Church was the most crucial part of the life.

680 – The Sixth Ecumenical Assembly under the auspices of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IV began in Istanbul.

1659 – France and Spain concluded the Peace of Pyrenees, ending a long-standing war between the two countries.

1781 – In Seville in Spain, the Roman Catholic Inquisition for the last time committed the crime of public burning of “sinners” accused of heresy.

1875 – British researcher Verney Cameron arrived on the Atlantic coast of Africa. He was the first European who crossed Africa from coast to coast.

1914 – The Siege of Tsingtao – German forces surrendered to Tsingtao in China.

1917 – Third Battle of Gaza: British forces entered Gaza.

1917 – The October Revolution begins in Russia. Bolsheviks take power.

1940 – A hanging bridge collapsed in the Tacoma, due to wind resonance.

1944 – Franklin Roosevelt was elected as President of the United States for the fourth time.

1956 – The General Assembly of the United Nations passed a resolution urging the United Kingdom, France and Israel to withdraw troops from Egypt.

1966 – After hearing of Soviet criticism addressed to the government of China, Chinese protesters left the October Revolution in Moscow in protest of the protest.

1972 – The Democratic Republic of Germany and the Federal Republic of Germany decided to establish diplomatic relations.

1972 – Richard Nixon was elected President of the United States for the second time.

1973 – The US and Egypt established full diplomatic relations interrupted after the Six-Day War in 1967, in which the Israeli army defeated the Egyptian forces.

1987 – In Tunisia, in a coup led by Prime Minister  Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, President Habib Bourbibi was overthrown.

1990 – Mary Robinson at the first presidential election after 17 years, became the first president of Ireland.

1996 – In the fall of the Nigerian passenger plane about 40 km east of Lagos killed 142 passengers and crew.

2001 – Belgian national airline Sabena filed for bankruptcy. It was the first European airline that did it because of heavy losses after the US attack on September 11, 2001.

2002 – Approximately 20,000 Gibraltar residents decided to remain in the United Kingdom in a referendum, opposed to joining Spain.

2002 – Advertising of all US products in Iran was prohibited.

Famous people born on November 7

As we have previously said, in these people born on November 7 there is a particular aspect of discovery and research, and you will be able to find a few of them who change the lives of all humanity with their “investigation”.

630 – Constans II, the Byzantine Empire from 641 to 668.

1728 – James Cook, a British sailor and explorer.

1867 – Marie Curie, a French chemist and physicist of Polish origin.

1878 – Lise Meitner, an Austrian physicist.

1879 – Leon Leo Trotsky, a Bolshevik and Marxist theorist.

1888 – Chandrasekara Raman, an Indian physicist.

1903 – Konrad Lorenz, an Austrian naturalist.

1913 – Albert Camus, a French writer.

1943 – Johnny Mitchell, a Canadian singer and painter.

1943 – Michael Byrne, an English actor.

1944 – Luigi Riva, an Italian footballer.

1960 – Tommy Thayer, an American musician.

1963 – John Barnes, an English soccer player and coach.

1967 – David Guetta, a French producer of house music and DJ.

1973 – Martin Palermo, an Argentine footballer.

1976 – Mark Philippoussis, an Australian tennis player.

1976 – Alberto Entrerríos, a Spanish Handball National.

1978 – Rio Ferdinand, an English footballer.

1978 – Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink, a Dutch footballer.

1986 – Dmytro Chygrynskiy, a Ukrainian footballer.

1988 -Aleksandr Dolgopolov, a Ukrainian tennis player.

1990 – David de Gea, a Spanish footballer.

1996 – Lorde, a New Zealand singer and songwriter.

There is one more thing that we have not mentioned yet – people who are born on November 7 also have a particular way of thinking. This opinion can be so “cruel” that no amount of conviction will make it change. (Scorpio is the polarity of the Taurus sign which is stubborn, and in his contrary takes over these characteristics).

So, in the end, we could say that these people have many characteristics of this Zodiac sign, but along with some small alterations.