November 6 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Today Astrology and Numerology fans use horoscopes and astrological prognosis to find out what’s going to happen in their near future, and they use it to make some moves in advance, to make some significant difference in their lives. Will they soon meet their soul mate? Can they rely on friends? Is there any need to adjust something in their lives? Etc, the questions are numerous, and Astro-numerology can provide the answers. You can find them on the Internet sites, in magazines or newspapers. If you type in the Google search engine the term “free astrological report” you will see more than 700,000 results, or maybe even more. This result is, by all means, significant and can show true interest that people have in the Astrology.

However, this is far from a precise astrological analysis that is based on your date, time and place of birth. And the date of birth can reveal much information by itself. Today we are looking into date November 6.

Personality and Character

Scorpio, a Zodiac sign to who these people belong represents those who have not restored their thoughts and actions and still live a degenerative life. They satisfy a passion, regardless of the consequences. Scorpios are generally ambitious, capable, brave, resourceful, and intuitive.

But they can also be jealous, sarcastic, outraged, stubborn, possessive and vindictive. Scorpio people enjoy impossible tasks. They like work that requires continuity, a special effort and intense concentration.

Developed people born on November 6 usually have an extraordinary sense of humor, which allows them not to become too heavy or serious – even if they may seem to others like that (as so many Scorpios do).

However, since their humor is usually sarcastic or ironic, they should be careful not to pretend in it, cause in interpersonal relationships these people are usually hurting others, even those who are very close to them, and it is not a pleasant picture to see.

People born November 6 must find a way to deal with defeats and disappointments, and they can have so many of them, in almost every aspect of their lives; they can be disappointed with everything in certain times of their lives. It would be of great benefit to them if they opened up for those who did not share their opinion and accepted the differences; life is not perfect, and they are not always right.

These people who belong to this date must learn how to be a part of a larger group of people are how to accept others in their true form; this is a fundamental lesson for those who are born on November 6.

One of the reasons why the enthusiasm of Scorpios born on November 6 is so infectious is that it does not come from their superficial interest, but from the very depth of their personality.

People born November 6 can stimulate their environment with their energy and dynamic spirit – to be in their surroundings is one of a kind experience, and these people can entertain and attract many.

Those born this day are vivacious people who create a stimulating environment for themselves and others. In any case, wherever these people appear, they start and revive conversation, dialogue or a conflict – no one can be without reaction. This can bring so many amazing things in their lives, but also so much pain and misery.

Love Compatibility

These Scorpios who belong to the November 6 are very emotional and show their commitment to the people they are in love, or their family members. In fact, these people are considered to be household types; they care about psychological health and home more than any other person who is similar to their temper. They need to find an exact match for their emotional character, or else that relationship will never work out.

In their life, these people will without a doubt have a great circle of friends and acquaintances and will be the favorite among them. These humans are gentle and noble in approach to life and are known to helping many who struggle with problems.

They are shy sometimes, and sometimes suffer from an emotional paralyse that completely deadens them, and this is the issue that these people born on November 6 have to deal with.

Human beings who celebrate their birthdays on November 6 like to entertain and excite others, they are magnetically charming to others, and they have no problem in finding lovers. But the majority of their surroundings do not appreciate any of their direct, uncompromising and robust nature.

Massive amounts of their energy can sometimes affect others depressively, and all Scorpios are prone to such behavior. This reaction of other people born this day most often cannot be understood by their environment.


Purpose and Career

When we are looking realistically people who belong to the November 6, we could say that concerning their careers they are very versatile.

On the one hand, when they find what they like to do, they become very busy, and can manage a business as it would anybody else did for you;

On the other hand, these Scorpios are an artistic type and have all the qualities and qualifications of the artists. This is a rare combination, and those who belong to this day are happy that they own it. But the other aspect is the question if they will use such quality. They can be very musical so that they can get the name for themselves in such a direction.

In some way, these people tend to be a little extravagant and spend more money on wardrobe and luxury than you can afford -sometimes this could be their motive for success at work.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 6 is the number that describes people who are born on November 6 – these people magnetically attract the love and sympathy of everyone from their surroundings. Number 6 is the Divine number connected to the higher realms of minds, and magnetic energy that can become something different, something destructive.

From the planetary point of view, we could say that Scorpios who are born on this date are ruled by the combination Venus and Pluto that is the natural ruler of all Scorpios.

Venus, in combination with Pluto and Mars (that dominates the Scorpio Zodiac sign), points to strong sexual orientation. Love is often the dominant topic in the lives of people born on November 6. But one more aspect needs to be mentioned here – the connection between these two planets Venus and Pluto often mean that thoughts are pulled into a sense of fear. Consciously or unconsciously they are thinking of fatalities, conflicts and love pains; it indicates a conflict that spans throughout all of their lives.

Pluto represents the transformation, and Venus a love. Experiences of emotional, psychological or physical abuse are either heritage can also be seen in their lives.

These people have innate suspicion and mistrust of the world and others, and they are always through their lives a frequent companion of the question that comes somewhere from the depths of their self – who are they now or this, what are his motives, what now wants from me? Nevertheless, this planetary relationship makes an incredible impact on their lives.

Their number is 6, and their color is dark red.

Historical Events on November 6

By all statistics, we can say that November 6 is the date that is connected to the elections and independence. Many historical incidents that took place on this day have some connection to these (political) events.

355 – Roman Emperor Constantius II proclaimed in Milan, his uncle Julian’s brother for his helper- ruler.

1632 – Swedish King Gustav II Adolf, a great military leader and military reformer, died in the Thirty Years’ War.

1813 – Mexico announced independence it’s from Spain.

1844 – Spain gave independence to the Dominican Republic.

1860 – Abraham Lincoln was elected as President of the United States.

1861 – American Civil War: Jefferson Davis was elected as President of the Confederation of American States.

1862 – A direct telegraph line between New York and San Francisco was established.

1880 – Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran, a French microbiologist and Nobel laureate in medicine in 1907, discovered the cause of malaria.

1900 – Republican William McKinley won the presidential election in the United States.

1903 – The United States recognised Panama as an independent state.

1906 – Nordisk Film was founded in Copenhagen, the oldest movie-making company in the world today.

1911 – Francisco Madero, the leader of the revolution against Dictator Porfirio Diaz, became the president of Mexico.

1913 – Mahatma Gandhi was arrested in South Africa.

1917 – The October Revolution began by attacking the Winter Castle in Moscow.

1917 – After five months of fighting, in the World War I, the victory of Western allies over the Germans ended the third battle with the Belgian city of Ipra.

1918 – The Republic of Poland was established.

1923 – An experimental calendar with a five-day week was introduced in the USSR.

1928 – Herbert Hoover became the new president of the United States.

1943 – In the World War II, the Soviet Army threw out the Germans from Kiev, who held the city occupied for more than two years.

1962 – The United Nations General Assembly called on all members to apply economic sanctions against South Africa for its racist policy.

1968 – Peace talks between the United States and Vietnam in Paris began.

1975 – The iconic British music band Sex Pistols had their first concert, later becoming a punk icon.

1975 – Moroccan King Hasan II triggered the Green March, in which 350,000 unarmed Moroccans set off in Western Sahara against Spanish colonial rule.

1996 – More than 2,000 people died in a cyclone that hit South East Indian state Andra Pradesh.

1999 – Australians in a referendum with 55 per cent of voters rejected a proposal that suggested replacement of the British monarch as head of state with the republican constitution of the state.

2001 – Media magnate, Republican Michael Bloomberg, was elected as the Mayor of New York.

2002 – 20 people were killed when a Luxair plane crashed near the airport in Luxembourg.

Famous people born on November 6

Saints and Royals, but this is not the whole story about those who are born on November 6 – some of the most famous writers are born on this day. Read all about them.

1479 – Joanna of Castile, the Queen of Castile and Aragon.

1494 – Suleiman the Magnificent, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire 1520-1566.

1623 –  Mitrophan of Voronezh, a Russian saint.

1661 – Charles II, a Spanish king.

1771 – Alojz Senefelder, a German actor and the inventor of lithography.

1787 -Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, a Serbian philologist.

1814 – Adolphe Sax, a Belgian clarinettist and the inventor of the saxophone.

1817 – Gustav Karl Wilhelm Hermann Karsten, a German botanist and geologist.

1835 – Cesare Lombroso, an Italian psychiatrist and criminologist.

1841 – Armand Fallières, a French politician and president of France.

1861 – James Naismith, a Canadian American inventor of basketball.

1863 – Francis Ellingwood Abbot, an American philosopher.

1880 – Robert Musil, an Austrian writer.

1921 –  James Jones, an American writer.

1931 –  Mike Nichols, an American director.

1946 –  Sally Field, an American actress.

1952 – Michael Cunningham, an American writer.

1953 – Tony Parsons, a British journalist and writer.

1959 – André Schürrle, a German soccer player.

1970 – Ethan Hawk, an American actor.

1972 – Rebecca Romijn, an American actress.

1972 –  Thandie Newton, a British actress.

1979 –  Lamar Odom, an American basketball player.

1982 – Oleksiy Gai, a Ukrainian footballer.

1983 – Nicole Hosp, an Austrian alpine skier.

1987- Ana Ivanovic, a Serbian tennis player.

1988 – Emma Stone, an American actress.

These people born on November 6 can become victims of their optimism when it comes to health – they firmly believe that nothing can happen to them, and they can make a terrible mistake in this way, and enter a problematic behavior, and ruing their psychological health. For this reason, they are recommended regular examinations, balanced life and stress- free environment.