November 5 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The month of November is the month that is marked by the two Zodiac signs – Scorpio and Sagittarius, both signs very compelling and exciting.

Today we are diving into the Astro-numerological analyses of the November 5, a date that belongs to Scorpio Zodiac sign – it represents those who have not restored their thoughts and actions and still live a degenerative life.

Personality and Character

These human beings who are born on November 5 have, like so many other Scorpio people, a complex nature.

So, in general, they are optimistic, but also have more negative moods that tend them to behave depressive, and to ruin their and other people’s lives, without any purpose. This can lead those who are born on this day to strive to establish a psychological balance so that they can function in the real world without any problems, and this is a major and problematic task. Their tendency to put into serving others while they are trying to achieve something big can cause anxiety.

Although these people born in Scorpio Zodiac sign can be very unpopular in some larger circle of people, they eventually succeed in translating the majority will into their own, all of those who are born on November 5 are very persuasive.

All Scorpios born November 5 are primarily realists, but others can see them as the pessimist; in fact, they are always telling the truth the way they understand it.

These people should be looked at if we want to follow our times and they like to break myths of lies or half the truth circling them or others. In this respect, they can be brave even rebellious, but they also have to be aware of the danger that in this way they can sometimes interfere in the lives of others to provoke hostility.

Love Compatibility

They tend to be changeable and unstable, so they often change their mind. They can be good friends, but a very inconvenient enemy to anyone.

Less developed individuals, contrary to what has been said, are those who want to conceal the truth to themselves or their world, fearing to be exposed to others -this is a significant problem in any interpersonal relationship, but it is particularly painful when it comes to love and family.

For those who are born on November 5, it will be a significant effort to keep everything in the way it is that it can very often harm them and others.

If these people somehow realised that their “mystery” and secrecy will keep them in their personal development and that they were in favor of them to overcome all the fears and uncertainties, they could have suffered positive changes. But they have to have positive support from their lovers and family, and how they can get close to the people who have so many secrets?

Purpose and Career

These people are smart, intellectual, poetic, they love books and art, and they are able to find their careers in many creative jobs, like acting, or writing. In fact, there are a few things that those born on November 5 do not value and do not accept. This can become a problem at times in their lives since they do not always live in harmony with their ideals and their dreams so that these people can become underachievers. And this is a shame since these people can provide so much to the community.

While they are able to show the face of a smile to the world, these Scorpios have an entirely different side of the inside that much more depicts their true being. And what is that face, their true nature? It can be cunning and cynical whenever they want, but it happens mostly when someone gets on their way. One thing needs to be remembered here -those who belong to the November 5 are able and often to whatever is in their power to make their dreams come true, they have no boundaries, and this is very problematic in a moral sense.

They have undoubtedly, a good mind for business – they can make money where others are failing – these people see the chance to succeed in the places where others do not see that chance, and this is one major thing that sets these people born on November 5 amazing and controversial at the same time. They are considered to be original and resourceful; can be interested in science, philosophy and religious issues.

These people who belong to November 5 like to be at the centre of the events; they like to know what is going on in the world. Usually, they read the newspapers, magazines, books diligently with various programs on radio and television – often they are the part of those mediums, it can become their career.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 5 is the ruling number for all those who are born on Scorpio Zodiac sign, and who celebrate their birthdays on November 5; and from the planetary symbolism, we could say that they are ruled by the planet Mercury, which represents the speed of thought and change and Pluto, that is the primary ruler of all Scorpio Zodiac people. This means that the combination Mercury-Pluto gives these people depth of thought and enhances their curiosity. However, this planetary relationship can lead to secret enemies.


This is one hugely transformative aspect, and it is essential to look at how these people think because there are huge chances that this will materialise. Their thoughts or words can now become true talismans – they need to make sure that they do not want anyone evil in anger because the “curse” will find its way this time, even though they will not be aware of it.

Undoubtedly this symbolism represents darkness in some way, and for these people, it is necessary to work on positive vibrations.

Their number is 5, and the matching colors are deep red-purple and dark brown.

Historical Events on November 5

Discoveries, wars and truces, this date hide all -look at the many events that took place on November 5.

1499 – Catholicon was released, the first Breton, but also the French dictionary.

1530 – Catastrophic flood hit the Netherlands.

1556 – The Mogul Army defeated the Hindus at Delhi, and Emperor Akbar ruled India.

1605 – In London, The Powder plot was discovered – a planned attack on the English parliament.

1630 – The Anglo-Spanish War ended in the Peace Agreement in Madrid, in which Spain and its ally Austria were defeated at sea and land.

1688 – During the Revolution, William III landed in southwestern England.

1757 – Seven Years’ War: Friedrich the Great defeated the combined army of France and the Holy Roman Empire at the Battle of Roßbach.

1811 – El Salvador priest José Matías Delgado marked the call of an uprising that turned into a movement for independence.

1838 – The Central American federal republic began to disintegrate when Nicaragua separated from this federation.

1854 – The Battle of Inkerman in the Crimean War.

1862 – American Civil War: McClellan was dismissed as Commander.

1895 – George B. Selden approved the first US automobile patent.

1911 – After announcing the war on the Ottomans on September 29, Italy annexed Ottoman provinces in today’s Libya: Tripolitania and Kurenai.

1913 – Otto I of Bavaria was overthrown by his cousin Ludwig.

1914 – The British Empire and France declared war on the Ottomans in the World War I.

1914 – In the World War I, a new Austro-Hungarian offensive began on Serbia, and Serb forces were forced to withdraw.

1917 – In World War I, the Allies agreed to establish the Supreme War Council in Versailles.

1917 – October Revolution: in Tallinn, Communist leader Jaan Anvelt led the revolutionaries in overthrowing the Provisional Russian Government.

1926 – After the fourth assassination of Mussolini, the State Protection Act was introduced in Italy, introducing a totalitarian fascist regime.

1937 – Adolf Hitler held a secret meeting and outlined his plans to acquire living space for the Germans.

1943 – World War II: Vatican bombing.

1945 – Colombia became a member of the UN.

1950 – Korean War: British and Australian forces from the 27th British Communist Brigade halted the progress of the Chinese 117th Division.

1955 – After the destruction of World War II, the Vienna State Opera was reopened in the performance of Beethoven’s opera Fidelio.

1956 – British paratroopers took the descent to Port Said during the British-French-Israeli aggression against Egypt;

1967 – 49 people were killed in London’s Green train accident.

1971 – American pilot Captain Elgen Long started journey from San Francisco airport for the first flight around the world through the North and South Poles.

1991 – British media magnate of Czech origin Jan Robert Maxwell was found dead in waters off the Canary Islands where he cruised the yacht.

1995 – André Dallaire attempted the assassination on Jean Chrétien, a Canadian prime minister; the attempt failed.

1996 – Bill Clinton defeated Bob Dole in the US presidential election and won the second term.

2000 – The last Ethiopian emperor, Haile Selassie, was buried in the Holy Trinity’s cathedral in Adis Abeba, 25 years after he died in suspicious circumstances at the age of 83.

2003 – “Killer from Green Rivers” Gary Ridgway pleaded guilty to 48 murders.

2006 – Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging.

2007 – The first Chinese Chang’e 1 Lunar Satellite entered the orbit around the Moon.

2007 – Google introduced Android, the operating system for mobile phones.

2013 – India launched Mars Orbiter Mission (or Mangalyaan), its first interplanetary probe.

Famous people born on November 5

When you look deeper into the lives of these people, you will see that all of Scorpios born on November 5 lead unconventional lives.

1271 – Ghazan, the Mongolian ruler.

1549 – Philippe de Mornay, a French writer.

1615 – Ibrahim I, the Ottoman Sultan.

1667 – Christoph Ludwig Agricola, a German painter.

1673 -Dimitrie Cantemir, a Moldovan prince and a Romanian scientist and politician.

1851 – Charles Dupuy, a French politician, 60th Prime Minister of France.

1854 – Paul Sabatier, a French chemist.

1855 – Léon Teisserenc de Bort, a French meteorologist and climatologist.

1909 – Milena Pavlovic-Barili, a Serbian painter and poet.

1913 – Vivien Leigh, an English film actress.

1921 –  Fawzia Egyptian, an Egyptian princess.

1931 – Ike Turner, an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer.

1936 – Uwe Seeler, a German football player.

1938 – Joe Dassin, an American-French singer and songwriter.

1938 – César Luis Menotti, an Argentine football coach.

1940 – Elke Sommer, a German actress and singer.

1941 – Art Garfunkel, an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and actor (Simon & Garfunkel).

1948 – Bernard-Henri Lévy, a French philosopher and writer.

1948 – William Daniel Phillips, an American physicist.

1952 – Oleg Blohin, a Ukrainian footballer and coach.

1955- Kris Jenner, an American TV personality.

1958 – Robert Patrick, an American actor and producer.

1959 – Bryan Adams, a Canadian musician, guitarist, producer and actor.

1960 – Tilda Swinton, an English actress and producer.

1962 – Abbey Pele, a Ghanaian footballer and coach.

1963 – Tatum O’Neal, an American actress.

1963 – Jean-Pierre Papin, a French footballer and coach.

1965 – Famke Janssen, a Dutch model and actress.

1967 – Judy Reyes, an American actress.

1968- Sam Rockwell, an American actor.

1971 – Corin Nemec, an American actor.

1974 – Jerry Stackhouse, an American basketball player.

1983 – Mike Hanke, a German footballer.

1992 – Marco Verratti, an Italian footballer.

For some people born this day, it’s excruciating that they do not know what is happening in a specific day, in times when they are reclusive and hidden, as all Scorpios do sometimes. But no matter which social level they are in, they like to make the latest news to feel worthy, they need to be involved in what It’s happening, or they feel like they are going to disappear.

Remember when we talked about their tendency to become depressive and in pain – this is that moment. Extra attention is needed.