November 4 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

To start with the much-needed introduction, it is essential to accept the fact that everything that happens to you in your life is not accidental. Happiness and sorrow are all, as many Astro-numerologists believe, the product of our past experiences and the karmic debts we all bear.

An experienced astrologer or numerology will, after 2-3 hours of exhaustive analysis, with excellent reliability, tell you why you have specific physical and psychological characteristics, what kind of relationship you have with a loved one, friends and family, which is an ideal occupation for you and much more.

Yes, all of this information can be seen in the natal chart, and by analysing the date of birth, in particular.

Today we are looking what November 4 has to say to us.

Personality and Character

Those people who are born on November 4 are known for their emotional nature that is incredibly strong, they are, as all Scorpios, temperamental and show it in their everyday life and actions.

They tend to be depressed and weird at times, since all Scorpios are known for their mood changes, and they have to accept difficulties when circumstances are unfavorable. It’s not easy to handle with their interesting but difficult nature. The main advice for these people is to foster optimism and joy more, since these two emotions are not often in their lives, and they miss out a lot.

Even if you see and think that Scorpios are people who are overly serious people, it is not true; those who celebrate their birthdays on November 4 have a great sense of humor, which can sometimes be sarcastic and controversial, and occasionally lively and intense. They just are not people who can deal with everyone; they work the best in the small group of people who share their views on life.

Being able to incorporate laugh in their everyday life is an amazing and outstanding quality that allows these people born on November 4 to bridge the gap between themselves and others quickly. A smile of this person can be a cover-up for many unpleasant situations that they want to overcome with ease.

On the other hand, depression is something that is entirely alien to these people, and it is, therefore, challenging for them to understand these feelings.

Scorpios that belong to any day of their rule can be controversial in some way and to a certain extent, and this is not anything new. Those individuals who are born on November 4 have a strong talent for provoking controversy – maybe in their private life, and perhaps in the realm of a work project that they are currently working on. These people are extremely stimulating both in words and in deeds, and this trait is considered to be the part of their charm.

Love Compatibility

As you probably can guess, these people who are born on November 4 magnetically attract others, have no talent for long-term persuasion, and express their views directly and openly. There is no secrecy in their love intentions, what they want is what they will get; these Scorpios are true lovers that cannot be forgotten, but we must admit that they are those types of people who can be egocentric and selfish in love.

They are very persuasive, and they are the most compatible with people who can be the part in love that wants to be guided – those born on November 4 firmly believe that others will sooner or later bow to their opinion. The most common thing is that they misjudged the audience so long as the views they make are usually extreme, and the way they make it provocative and disturbing. And you can understand why they cannot have a relationship with everyone, and it has to be someone who doesn’t have any problem in dealing with such controversial and provocative humans.

Because you know these people often create chaotic situations so that these people can reduce the power of their influence if they want to be moderate and “normal” in love.

Although many of these individuals have a cold and distant outward appearance (or they try to have it, to seem to others untouchable and robust), their charm in every controversy is rapidly coming to light.  They will surely show their warmth and care for others, especially for those who they find attractive. Already at the first meeting of this person, they leave a lively and pleasant impression, although they do not show how provocative they are.

Purpose and Career

When it comes to jobs and their life occupation, these people born on November 4 are always planning something new, but these plans do not work out just as these people have hoped, things can go, not in a negative turn, but an interesting twist. In spite of that, there are many bright passages in their life, so when they turn around and look behind, these Scorpios will notice that the number of “black” days is far smaller than those in which they have experienced pleasure.

These people are most productive between the 30 and the 35 years old; so they should prepare for that time and make great efforts. Their minds work logically and are very analytical – they find their success in any field that is related to these traits. It is essential that these people born on November 4 must bring the hidden part of their minds to the surface, to the light of the day, so others can get to know them.


By some rule, people born on this day are considered to be very intelligent people who try to give a good impression to everyone; this is true in the reality of their work. As a rule, they are great speakers, whose communication is one of the essential advantages that can always be emphasised by them in every situation.

After all, they manage to impose themselves, both verbally, and in every other way. They like to be at the centre of attention, they attract attention, and no one can be indifferent to them.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

These temperamental Scorpios are persons who are born on November 4 are under the numerological rule of the numeral 4, and are under the planetary rile of the planets Uranus and Pluto, that is a natural ruler of all Scorpio Zodiac sign.

When we observe numerologically symbolism behind this date, these people who have number 4 in their lives have their way and style and often unusual way of solving the problem. Number 4 is the number of people, and it is the number that points to many flaws that people, and these persons also, have. Those in government number 4 are usually not overly interested in money, and people born on November 4 are more focused on their ideas than their own.

Planetary symbolism points to the connection Uranus and Pluto – it signifies the sudden changes and unpredictable procedures in the lives of these human beings.  Thanks to Uranus they can be subjected to explosive and frequent mood swings. Pluto and Uranus bring deep inner battles in the lives of these humans born on November 4, so they should not be afraid, but accept them as a transformation of soul development. This connection also affects communication, friendship and interests go through significant changes.

If they are scared to say what they want and keep inside this combination would make them feel freer to express your thoughts. Additionally, these Scorpios can develop new skills and interests, and it’s a good time to do something that they have never done before.

Their matching colors are pitch black and white, and their numbers are 4 and 15.

Historical Events on November 4

Some days were marked by the events that changed our everyday life for better, and it is a good thing to remind ourselves on such events since it is important to mention things that we today take for granted.

1307- The Swiss Confederation declared independence from Austria.

1576- Spain occupied Antwerp during the Eighty-Year War.

1814- The Norwegian constitution was proclaimed, by which the country became the independent Kingdom of Norway, bound to Sweden by a Union.

1890 – The first line of underground electric railways in the world was opened in London.

1917 – Battle of Caporettos ended with Italian defeat and the withdrawal of the Italian army.

1922 – British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. His grave was found in the Valley of the Kings at Luxor in Egypt, and a large number of various valuables, now found in the Cairo Museum, were found.

1931 – Japan was accused of the aggression on Manchuria.

1942 – Another Battle of El Alamein ended in World War II, where the British defeated the German-Italian African Corps.

1946 – UNESCO was established (UN Organization for Education, Science and Culture).

1956 – Soviet troops have suppressed the rebellion in Hungary.

1956 – The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on sending peacekeeping troops to the Middle East.

1966 – The worst floods in Italy’s history have affected a third of the country. Florence has significantly damaged cultural treasures.

1970 – Salvador Allende became the first president of Chile, as the first Marxist who became the president of a Latin American state.

1976 – Great Britain proposed independence of Southern Rhodesia under the rule of the black majority since March 1, 1978.

1979 – Militant Islamic fundamentalists occupied the US Embassy in Tehran and took 90 hostages, 52 of whom held captive for 444 days. T

1980 – Republican Ronald Reagan was elected president of the United States who remained in office for two consecutive terms since he won the 1984 elections.

1983 – More than 40 Israeli soldiers were killed in Lebanon in the explosion of a truck loaded with explosives caused by an Arab suicide bomber.

1995 – Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who came to power in 1992, began a process of reconciliation with the Arabs in Tel Aviv.

2002 – China and ten ASEAN member states have signed an agreement establishing the largest duty-free trade zone in the world, with over 1.7 billion people.

2008 – President Barack Obama, the first Afro-American, was elected as the president of the United States.

Famous people born on November 4

To be honest, this is a list of great Scorpios born o November 4 is not long, but some significant names appear on this list.

1448- Alphonso II, the king of Naples.

1590 – Gerard van Honthorst, a Dutch painter.

1618- Aurangzeb, the Great Mogul of India

1790 – Carlos A Lopez, the president of Paraguay.

1797 – Aleksander A Bestuzhev-Marlinsky, a Russian author.

1879 – Will Rogers, an American humorist and actor

1916 – Walter Cronkite, an American broadcast journalist.

1925 – Doris Roberts, an American actress.

1943 – Clark Graebner, an American tennis player

1957 – Tony Abbott, an Australian Prime Minister.

1960- Kathy Griffin, an American comedian.

1963 – Wang Shu, a Chinese Architect.

1969- Matthew McConaughey, an American actor.

1969- Sean Combs, an American rapper.

1972- Luis Figo, Portuguese footballer.

1975 – Curtis Stone, an Australian chef and television personality

1975 -Eduard Koksharov, a Russian handball player.

1980 –  Sabrina Colie, a Jamaican actress.

1986 – Alexz Johnson, a Canadian singer and actress.

1988- Dez Bryant, an American footballer.

The story about an incredible energy that Scorpios have is not new, and not even surprising; we all know by now, that people born on November 4 belong to this temperamental sign, and that they have to deal with such energy.

So, those who belong to this day must make sure that their aggressive energy does not get out of control, and so they hurt themselves or family members. It is highly recommended for these human beings to learn and practice daily some form of physical exercises or group sports that can in a productive way and without frustration release their aggressiveness. It would also be good for their health to come down if they hurt their will, spirit and desires -some of them may be dark and extreme.