November 30 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astrology is the skill of interpreting a horoscope, and good astrologer can guide the client know when and how he can do it to make him better and to be more successful in business, relationships, how to prevent health problems.

Astro-numerology, in our opinion, can go even further -it can give you the entire analysis because it describes only the potentials of a person; indications of what will happen that year or next year; explains how partners can better agree, if it is possible, sometimes it is not, whether they have a future, or the relationship between the first obstacle is interrupted.

Today we are doing the Astro-numerical analyses of the people who are born on November 30 and belong to Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

Just for your information – Sagittarius rules the ninth house, which relates to philosophy, religion, spiritual experiences, and long-distance travel.

Personality and Character

Their family is the most important to them, or they can be quite the opposite, these are the people who want to escape from it and go far away, without ever turning back. But they are aware that their families are something that is responsible for their future development.

One aspect that is contributed to these Sagittarius people is the ability to see their families with clear eyes and to know what is the best gift that they can take from them, but also when is the good time to walk away from their integral homes.

Those who belong to November 30 are people who are the sensitive souls that everyone wants well – these persons are not bad and do not have such intentions towards their environment, but sometimes their “long tongue” can make them say things that are hurting others. They want everyone to have more, and then they will be better. They do not suffer injustice, and the soul hurts them when they have to look at injustice over anyone. This is an aspect that can define them in some way, and here we are talking about the pain that injustice can cause them, and it is the direction that all of their actions.

Looking even deeper into their character, we see people who love the world, nature, animals, without exception. These human beings born on November 30 found that one of the greatest joys in life is to be connected to nature and beautiful things that nature has provided; it can be called their natural habitat, where they feel most comfortable. But do not think even for a second that those who belong to this date are people who don’t like other people because it is not true. They love people, and they love nature at the same time.

Everything is cheerful in their house, and it always wants more; they love to be surrounded with guests, and everyone is welcome in their household. This characteristic, in a way, makes these people favorites in their environment, and they are people who can make others laugh.

Love Compatibility

When we are speaking about the love that those are born on the last day of November, have, we could say that they nurture a deep, and optimistic love. People with this stand will do their best to make that other person happy, even when lovers are not giving them what they need in the emotional sense.

As lovers, these people are very gentle but unstable, outrageous in everything they do for their lovers because they do not know about the balance in life, but also they do not know when to be moderate in love, for example. But, one thing must be clear here, these people never have a bad intention, but they can become very hard in love relationships.

The addiction to the flirt brings them additional problems because they do not allow some things to be cut in time. They are not rare cases when they are misled, fascinated, find that you have lost your head and fall because you did not think so seriously.

One thing is also exciting when it comes to the Sagittarius people born on November 30 – they often find lovers that are not from the same region, city or country as they are. For them, this aspect means more freedom and independence, love that does not know the boundaries. Everything that is unfamiliar and different, it’s interesting in an emotional way for those who are born on November 30 – the main thing in their relationships is that there is never anything dull, something must always happening all the time.

Purpose and Career

If we are talking about the careers of the people who are born on November 30, we must say that for them there is no obstacle they have the vivid spirit. They can study whatever interests them, even the most prestigious, and will always show their originality and unique philosophy.

This is a significant problem in areas where he must fit in and accept other opinions and guidance, so these people should opt for the jobs where they are asked to think with their heads and to provide new ideas. Their way of thinking is a scholarly they hold lectures even though they are not in that profession.

The problems that can arise in the life of these people, if they do not have the desire to devote themselves to something that is easier to them but always takes a bigger bite, they always exaggerate in studying some things they do not need.


Some representatives of this date, sometimes waste time on a hobby, considering it as an upgrade, neglecting their work obligations.

In a way, these people behave like a great child who wants to translate all areas into others, to instruct them and explain to them the essence of things. Their focus in work can be in the studying maps, languages, foreign countries, everything unknown.

They have no fear of the unknown; they are keen on it. They are direct but do not resent them – they can deal with pressure with strength and will but are not as aggressive as others might expect. These people born on November 30 can lead their battles (in every aspect of life, work also) with nobility and charm.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

One symbolic that is connected to these people can be found in the number 3 – it is the numeral that is connected to the philosophical journeys. These people do not have to go anywhere to travel to another world. They can simply read fall into their dream world and go wherever they want.

But in essence, symbolically speaking, planetary influence comes from the planet Jupiter- they have to have in their lives travel, expansion and growth. And all of this is even more pronounced with the double impact that comes from the Jupiter planet. Jupiter is directed to the deep nature of all things that are in the Universe; it brings justice, nobility, and expressed ethical values. Can you imagine its influence when it shows its face in the double form?

So, double Jupiter in the date November 30 brings new communications, and in it those who belong to this date like to keep happy for them. This planetary aspect is good for those who learn, dealing with journalism, writing, transmitting information.  They are people who are able to learn more efficiently and use that knowledge to make the best out of their lives.

Their color is deep bronze and blue, and their numbers are 3 and 41.

Historical Events on November 30

How great is the moment when in the 17 century one researcher seen the Moon for the first time? This and other past events that occurred on November 30 found a place on our list.

1609- For the first time, Galileo Galilei watched through his telescope and made the Moon’s drawings.

1700 – In the battle of Narva, the Swedish troops of King Charles XII beat the superior Russian army Peter I. In the campaign, about 10,000 Russians and 600 Swedes died.

1782 – The United Kingdom and the United States signed the truce and ended the US War of Independence.

1838 – Mexico declared war on France, which occupied the city of Vera Cruz three days earlier.

1853 – Russia destroyed the Turkish fleet in the Crimean War in front of the Black Sea port.

1872 – The first international football game in Hamilton Crescent near Glasgow, where the hymns of England and Scotland were tone, was played. England and Scotland played 0: 0.

1939 – More than 20 Soviet divisions began the attack on Finland’s “winter war”, ending in a peace treaty in March 1940, by which Finland was forced to renounce the Karelian coatings and the city of Vyborg in the east of the country

1956 – Floyd Patterson became the youngest world boxing champion.

1967 – Aden, South Yemen and the South African Federation, 17 sultans, gained independence after 128 years of British colonial rule and formed the People’s Republic of South Yemen, which on the same day in 1970 was named the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen.

1975 – African State Dahomey changed its name to the People’s Republic of Benin.

1996 – The government and rebels in the state of Sierra Leone signed an agreement to end the six-year civil war.

1999 – A passenger ship sank beside the eastern coast of China. Only 22 survived out of 302 passengers and crew members.

2000 – In Pyongyang, relatives from North and South Korea were separated.

2002 – Turkey abolished the 15-year-long state of emergency in the southeast of the country and ended the era of a Turkish-Kurdish separatist period, in which some 30,000 people died.

2004 – Ken Jennings, a winner of Jeopardy, was defeated after 74 wins and thus achieved the largest TV-winning game show of all time with a total of $ 2,520,700.

2005 – The primary mission on Mars was finished.

Famous people born on November 30

One of the greatest American writers was born on this day, and one of the greatest politicians that ever lived was also born on this day. Can you guess how they are?

1508 – Andrea Palladio, an Italian architect.

1667 – Jonathan Swift, an American-Irish writer, and satirist. Its most famous work is the book Gulliver’s Travels”.

1817 – Theodor Mommsen, a German historian and politician.

1835 – Mark Twain, one of the greatest humorists in world literature, an American writer.

1869 – Gustaf Dalén, a Swedish industrialist, Nobel Prize winner for physics 1912.

1874 – Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, a British politician and statesman.

1888 – Ralf Hartley inventor, electronics.

1889 – Edgar Douglas Adrian, a British scientist and physician.

1937 -Ridley Scott, an English film producer and director.

1952- Mandy Patinkin, an American actor.

1955 – William Michael Albert Broad, or Billy Idol, a British singer.

1960 – Gary Lineker, an English soccer player.

1965 – Benjamin Edward Stiller, an American actor.

1965 – Aldair Nascimento dos Santos, a Brazilian soccer player.

1966 – Mika Salo, a Finnish driver.

1969 – Amy Ryan, an American actress.

1972 – Abel Xavier, a Portuguese soccer player.

1977 – Olivier Schoenfelder, a French artistic skater.

1979 – Andres Nocioni, an Argentinian basketball player.

1984 –  Nigel de Jong, a Dutch footballer.

1984 – Alan Hatton, a Scottish footballer.

1985- Chrissy Teigen, an American model and TV personality.

1985 – Kaley Cuoco, an American actress.

1990 – Sven Magnus Jen Carlsen, a Norwegian Chess Grandmaster.

1993- Mia Goth, an English model and actress.

A few more words are mandatory in the ending section of this Astro-numerological article – those who celebrate their birthdays on November 30 bravely face the problems, approaching them from several aspects, are interested and open to others’ thinking, but decisions are made by themselves.

They are struggling for their ideals, but not as aggressively as some other people would imagine them to do; they are more subtle; They are quieter, so they are better off with themselves, but still at the same time they are attracted to being surrounded with people. Life is open for them to open a polygon where the battles take place.