November 3 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

There is one thing that is very interesting in the Astro-numerological analyses -we are talking about the fact that the experienced astrologer can analyse your love past, present and future!

Also, it can tell you what kind of partners you choose and why, what kind of love relationships you are inclined to, when you are married, how many children you will have.  This is definitely the issue that people are the most interested in, and when they are getting involved in the world of Astrology or numerology, this is the most asked questions.

You can find answers to these and many other questions by looking into your birthdates, and it is essential that you realise that from now on you are not alone – we are there to advise you and guide you on the right path! There is a solution, and there is the correct answer or at least a solid direction to the right path. Your job is to open your mind and accept the information.

That discovery starts with the information about your birthdate and ruling Zodiac sign, and today it is November 3 and Scorpio.

Personality and Character

As true Scorpios these people born on November 3 can be very calm and quiet, so the surrounding scenes cannot easily disturb them, they have their imaginary world that is filled with their imagination.

These people are poetic, more precisely, sensitive and responsive to the stimulus that comes from the outside world. Those who are born on November 3 have a living imagination that manifests itself through their creativity and dream world, and in some cases, through fear, darkness or fearfulness.

These people are blessed that they have a solid character, and when these people give you their word, others can always rely on that word. But one thing these people must learn to learn not to look in front of them and invite trouble by expecting them at every step. Never cross the bridges until you reach them. There will be enough time to take steps to prevent a genuine threat.

People born on November 3 must be aware of their tendency to control their emotions at all costs, and how you end up if you want to control something that is big and intense? You cannot control, and the attempt usually goes in the wrong direction. Psychological imbalance and depression for example – these people must pay attention to how they behave and how they manage their emotions.

Scorpios born on November 3 are not strong enemies to others only because of the physical side of their personality or because of the brilliant tactics they use in conflict, but also because of their sense of sarcasm – those blows that they inflict to others can hurt badly, and leave terrible marks. They have an extraordinary talent to inflict the enemies verbally.

Love Compatibility

These people are loyal to their friends and are quite able to provide a lot of love to their loved ones, but in many ways, these Scorpios are demanding people who can struggle in their relationships.

The main struggle in their loves and interpersonal relationship comes from their inability to manage in a mature way their emotions, that can sometimes be extreme, and unbearable to handle. So, their love compatibility must be well asses, and it has to be someone who is strong enough to handle their emotions.

People born on November 3 should have to alleviate their aggressiveness and try to emotionally open – this is the most valuable lesson that these people can learn. This is the main lesson, and the fast as this lesson is learned they can progress, and stop failing in life. Cause in their lives, even if all other things are good and they have success, they can fail when love affairs are not managed in the right way.

They feel very deep other people and can love passionately; but even in the times of greatest love, these people need to be free, and they have to restore their energy so they can enjoy as they should. In fact, they are intuitive, and can freely believe in impressions – so when the time for break or pause in necessary, these people born on November 3 know how to do it.

Purpose and Career

These people can be successful in business, but not regular channels, they will achieve their success in some other way, that only they know, one of a kind and unique way, that for some can be incomprehensive and even controversial. In the lives of these people, there are indications that they will initiate something wholly new and original, which will be the basis of their future success.

People born November 3 are great fighters, always stable and persistent to achieve their goals regardless of difficulty, they have fantastic energy that they point in the right direction but need to calm and manage their emotions at work so that they can achieve a lot in their profession.

They are incredibly competitive, which does not have to manifest in direct competition with others in aspiration to achieve individual achievements. This can be seen in their own struggles and fights that can go to the extreme.


When exposed to pressure, people who are born on November 3 show restraint and calmness, and they often only conceal their explosive power. And when that power lets loose, then these people are under their command will fall apart as they never gave any contribution to their projects.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Jupiter and Pluto are the two planets that have a symbolic impact on the people who belong to the November 3; and numerologically speaking number 3 is in charge for them.

By merging the energy of Jupiter and Pluto and Mars that dominate the Scorpio sign, it happens that competitive strengths in these individuals can escape the contours or turn to the inside of their personality with catastrophic consequences.

The connection between the Jupiter and Pluto show the need for a person to experience revival, to explore more spheres of the mind and to seek the path to the truth. They show us the relation between spirit and material in persons who belong to this day, November 3. This connection also shows persons who are committed to their ideas and genuinely enjoy all the joys of life. They are capable of achieving every goal. They can achieve genuine success and gain a lot of wealth, less through work, but through a series of happy circumstances, most often by inheritance.

In bad connotations, this planetary connection gives heavy egocentrics. Bad aspects will bring blackmail, crime, a person will be a bustling facility, and big disasters will result in huge losses. Also, they can often be arrogant, those who like to prescribe his rules and live by them, but is not ready to bear the consequences of these rules. Can be suspicious, in some circumstances it is unrealistic and overly self-confident, but it also learns from mistakes.

Those in number 3 are in the position to rise to the highest positions in the field they deal with. In this respect, persons born on November 3 are no exceptions, but they can sometimes become their complete opposites.

Their number is 3, and their color pale black, almost grey.

Historical Events on November 3

Some of the most discoveries on the planet, in time when the planet was an unexplored place, occurred on the third day of November. Read all about them.

644 – In Mecca, the second Khalifa Omer ibn el-Hattab was killed by a Persian merchant.

1493 – Christopher Columbus landed on the Dominican Republic.

1534 – The English parliament adopted a charter with which King Henry VIII became the head of the church, thus causing the pope to seize power over the church in England.

1839 – British frigates sank several Chinese ships. This was the start of the First Opium War against China.

1867 – The Battle of Montana.

1903- Panama, with the support of the United States, which sent Panama waters to the Nashville Cruiser, declared independence from Colombia.

1918 – Representatives of the Austro-Hungarian army signed the Padua capitulation in the World War I, which was the last state act of the 700-year Habsburg Monarchy.

1918 – One week before the German capitulation in World War I, the warships in Kiel broke out on the warships that spread to several cities (Hamburg, Libek, Bremen), where provisional revolutionary governments were formed. After counting the authorities with rebels, the German parliament abolished their power on February 6, 1919.

1918 – Poland declared independence from Russia.

1946- The Japanese emperor Hirohito renounced, through a radio declaration that the imperial authority was passed to the elected parliament.

1956- Britain and France have accepted a cease-fire in the Middle East, provided the United Nations peacekeeping force is sent to the Suez Canal area.

1957 – The USSR launched the artificial satellite Sputnik 2 with the dog Laika on it.

1961- U Thant was elected Secretary-General of the United Nations, following the death of Dag Hammarskjöld.

1964 – Lyndon Johnson was elected as the President of the United States.

1970- Salvador Allende became president of Chile.

1971 – And after the Roman vote at the top of the Catholic Church, the priestly celibacy remained in force.

1976 – Jimmy Carter became president of the United States.

1978- The Dominican Republic gained independence.

1992- Democratic Party candidate Bill Clinton defeated Republican George Bush, former head of state, in the US presidential election.

2002- Turkey’s Justice and Development Party has won the parliamentary elections in Turkey, but its leader, Tayyip Erdogan, has been banned from taking over the prime minister position because he was previously convicted of Islamist rebellions.

2004 – George Bush became President of the United States for the second time.

Famous people born on November 3

Those famous Scorpios who are born on November 3 clearly are much more involved in art and discovery and research than anything else.

1500 – Benvenuto Cellini, an Italian sculptor and painter.

1560 – Annibale Carracci, an Italian painter.

1604 – Osman II, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

1749 – Daniel Rutherford, a Scottish chemist and doctor.

1777 – Laval Nugent, an Austrian count of Irish suburbs, Field Marshal.

1801 – Vincenzo Bellini, an Italian composer.

1845- Zygmunt Gloger, a Polish archaeologist.

1882-Yakub Kolas, a Belarusian writer.

1900-Adolf (Adi) Dassler, a German industrialist, founder of Adidas.

1901- André Malraux, a French writer.

1901- Leopold III, the king of Belgium.

1901-  Stanisław Tołpa, a Polish botanist.

1912- Alfredo Stroessner, the Paraguayan dictator.

1921- Charles Bronson, an American actor. clearly

1927-Zbigniew Cybulski, a Polish actor.

1931-Monica Vitti, an Italian actress.

1933- Peter Jeremy William Huggins, an English actor.

1939- Terrence McNally, an American drama writer.

1945- Gerd Müller, a German football player.

1952-Roseanne Barr, an American actress and comedian.

1959-Dolf Lundgren, a Swedish actor.

1960- Karch Kiraly, an American volleyball player.

1970-Pedro Proenza, a Portuguese football referee.

1971-Unaji Emeri, a Spanish football coach.

1979- Pablo Aimar, an Argentine footballer.

1982- Evgeni Plushenko, a Russian skater.

1987-Lukas Lacko, a Slovakian tennis player.

1995- Coline Mattel, a French ski jumper.

These people are Scorpios, and they certainly have so many of their characteristics, that only true Scorpios have – their magnetic personalities and charm, their strength, but also their emotionality.

People who are born November 3 are like cats, more than like Scorpios, and you are probably asking why is that the case? They know how to wait patiently and never hurry things convinced that the time is always on their side, they wait for the right opportunity and chance to achieve their intentions.

Because of their calmness, and because they almost never respond immensely and impulsively, people born this day do not like to lose. But almost never is not plausible in every situation, and when they do, these people can act like furious forces that no one can stop.

But when faced with bad luck their maniacal behaviour can always win them what they want, but with the major cost. They need to think through what they want and what is the best way to get to that point.