November 24 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Some numerological schools claim that the numerology is not a business or some occult discipline. They claim that that numerology is not a spell or mystery that cannot be explained, it is merely an ancient science and knowledge of numbers.

And it is science that can be really personal in some sense, and we mean by this that numbers in your life are essential and what they are talking about you does matter. And in particular one number, the one that is in your birthdate, it speaks about your personality, your abilities and talents, about your weaknesses, about your desires, your motivation in life, what indeed moves you to the core.

On top of all this, it is the number that is speaking about your natural affections and talents and, in fact, everything that defines you as a specific person – what you want in your life.

Today we are dealing with number 24, as seen in date November 24, and we are speaking about Zodiac sign Sagittarius since these people belong to this sign.

Personality and Character

Members of the Sagittarius Zodiac sign are brutally honest and full of life, they rarely feel down, and because of their wide smile, many are willing to forgive them a bunch of foolish things and stupidity that can pronounce without thinking twice, maybe even without thinking at all.

The same “law” applies to all those who are born on November 24 – they are not malicious and speak only what they think, they often regret their words. Although they believe that they are born diplomats and that their mission to do that is to say the truth to everyone, without holding back, they are never in the position to hurt anyone, but often conflicts that they have with people comes as a shock.

But we must add one more thing here – their friendship is, open and sincere, and many criticise people of the November 24 for not being cautious enough, but their hearts are in the right place.

These people, like so many other Sagittarius people, are always in search of excitement, and they will never associate with people who are serious and nervous or who are afraid of change.

Looking at their lives, they are courageous and are not afraid of anything. They love risk, and they even enjoy it, so often they are involved in some actions that are very risky, but that is something that excites them.

The character of people born on November 24 is essentially good, but they have weaknesses that must enclose with so that those good things could be seen. These people are a little prone to jealousy because they think that their work and efforts are not valued enough in life, and in work in general. It occasionally makes them crazed and sensitive, but after that, these people are able to return to a better part of their loving nature, so they can realise that everything is ok.

These people, as many Sagittariuses, do not like when people put on their faces fake nature and do not like when people are doing it quickly, they feel like dishonesty is one of the biggest sins there is.

These people born on November 24 have intellect and passion in their lives, without much true love and tenderness; there cannot be any happiness for these Sagittarius people; therefore, they must nurture the human part of their personality.

Love Compatibility

All people who are Sagittarius in Zodiac system of signs are very independent and need to be considered entirely equal with their lovers.

However, even if they hate when their partners command them, they still want to be protected and do not like people are weak in love.

These people born on November 24 can also be very obedient to the lovers who know to put them on the ground when needed when they act erratically in some way, or when they are aware that they are making the wrong decisions in love and life.

One thing that is connected to those who are born on this day – all of them are able to recover after unsuccessful love quickly. They can often give wrong signals because they are or can be too open, so they seem to be interested in someone, although they just want to be friends.


In love, these people know how to lead a good relationship, and they rarely deviate from their path. Maybe we could say that they are striving for stability, but are never alone, even at the moment when they do not have a very serious relationship, these people who are born on November 24 will try to achieve balance by flirting, but also getting involved in some adventure.

If by any chance, you are aiming to win their hearts, you should be generous, imaginative and reveal them that you are a reliable person with a strong personality who knows how to have fun.

Purpose and Career

When it comes to occupations, all Sagittarius find their careers in some of these occupations – acting, tourism, law, banking, veterinary, religion and publishing or media. They are under the impact of Jupiter, the planet of happiness, sport and hunting. People born on this day love travel, are subject to religion and are great optimists in life, this is one of the causes why these people often take risky business ventures, business or social.

Many representatives of November 24 are defenseless and hasty in their decision-making process, so they need to be extremely careful when they are getting involved in some work. When they are cunning or sincere at the wrong moment, they know it is careless to hurt others, but sometimes they feel like it is necessary to make some unpleasant moves to make some changes.

What is their biggest flaw when it comes to the business and works in general? They tend not to keep promises that they gave to their co-workers and do not hold firm on the plans that were so grandiose announced, so they often jump from one job to another. They can be very undisciplined, and they are wasting their energy on unnecessary projects, and uncertain ventures, they should focus their energy on some smaller projects that will work for sure, and bring them some money that they can later invest in some other projects.

These people like to enjoy everything they do, and they are talented before for sport, but art, although, when deciding to develop their artistic gift, they are mostly called by them and do not engage in any additional work apart from art.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

When we are speaking about the symbolic that can be found on this date, we must mention number 6. It is the number that is considered to be the perfect number that carries so many great traits that can be translated to the people who have it in their numerological charts. It is number that when it is multiplied can be turned into its negative twin. So these people can be negative in some ways, and exhibit negativity in their lives and towards others.

Planetary symbolism comes from two interesting planets -one is the planet Venus, the shiniest star, in the sky; it is the planet that shows spontaneity and maturity at the same time. In general, Venus is connected with love, art, the beauty of life, elegance and joy. It works on love relationships, but also on all kinds of emotional contacts. In a negative sense, it leads to “obesity” and imbalance. Here planet Venus is connected to the Jupiter, the natural ruler of all Sagittarius people – Jupiter represents the level of education, refers to spirituality, religiosity, philosophy, some higher knowledge we have acquired. How much we believe, the amount of optimism, how honest we are and how to open ourselves, the goodness and nobility in us. Jupiter is great luck, big money.

Generally, it represents good circumstances in life; and in this combination, you could guess that these people born on November 24 are beautiful or have some unusual traits that others do not have.

Their number is 6, and their colors are dark blue and purple.

Historical Events on November 24

From the discovery of one land to the destruction of another, we gathered all the important events that occurred on November 24.

1642 – Dutch sailor Abel Tasman discovered an island south of Australia and named it Van Diemen’s Land, which was later named Tasmania.

1859 – Book that was written by the English Naturalist Charles Darwin, “Origin of Species” was published. His revolutionary theory of evolution provoked considerable controversy in scientific circles, and it stayed relevant to this day.

1947 – Robert Schuman became the Prime Minister of France.

1951 – Broadway premiered the musical comedy “Gigi”. American film and theatre actress Audrey Hepburn won the “Theater World Award” for her debut role.

1963 – Two days after the assassination of US President John Kennedy in Dallas, Jack Ruby killed at the police station a revolver, Lee Harvey Oswald, suspected of the assassination.

1965 – Mobo Sese Seko took over power in Congo.

1974 – US President Gerald Ford and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev in Vladivostok have reached a temporary agreement on limiting offensive strategic nuclear weapons.

1976 – An earthquake of 7.3 in Russia and Iran took about 5,000 victims.

1989 – Under the pressure of mass demonstrations in Prague, the entire leadership of the Czechoslovak Communist Party resigned, including Secretary-General.

1992 – A passenger plane “Boeing 737” fall in southern China. In this, worst accident in the history of Chinese aviation, 141 people, all passengers and crew members, died.

1995 – The Irish people voted in favour of the legalisation of divorce at a referendum.

1998 – General Emil Lahoud, the first president of Lebanon after the end of the 15-year civil war in that Middle East country, took over the post of the country’s chief.

2000 – About 900,000 people protested in the streets of Barcelona because of the terrorist actions of the Basque separatist organisation ETA.

2003 – The Supreme Court in Glasgow, Scotland, sentenced on 27-year jail Libyan intelligence officer Abdul Bastet Ali al-Megrahi, convicted in 2001 of participating in the demolition of the PanAm aircraft on flight 103.

2015 – Russian Su-24 plane sunk at the Turkish Syrian border.

Famous people born on November 24

The list has never been this short, but all of these famous people who found their place on our list deserve it.

1632 – Baruch de Spinoza, a Dutch philosopher.

1655- Charles XI of Sweden, a King of Sweden.

1729 – Alexander Suvorov, a Russian military leader.

1784 –  Zachary Taylor, an American military leader and politician.

1826 – Carlo Collodi, an Italian narrator.

1864 – Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, a French painter.

1880 – Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud, the founder of the modern kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the first modern Saudi king.

1911 – Erik Bergman, Finnish composer.

1938 – Oscar Robertson, American basketball player.

1941 – Pete Best, a British musician.

1942 –  Billy Connolly, a Scottish actor.

1944 – Candy Darling, American actress.

1949 – Erwin Neutzsky-Wulff, Danish writer of science fiction and horror novel.

1964- Mike Goldberg, an American sports commentator.

1965- Brad Wall, a Canadian politician.

1978- Katherine Heigl, an American actress.

1982- Ryan Fitzpatrick, an American football quarterback.

1998- Peyton Meyer, an American actor.

1998- LiAngelo Ball, an American basketball player.

1990- Sarah Hyland, an American actress.

1990- Tom Odell, an English singer-songwriter.

There is always something, one more aspect to add to the Astro-numerological story about people, in today’s case about people born on November 24. And, as usual, we will add one more aspect that will help you to get to know them better.

One of the most notable advice that these people should have in their lives is always to tackle joy and happiness so that their life will be very successful.

They should look at life like this – they must learn that only love fosters love and that it will never be given if they do not longer love themselves. Self-control is a good thing, but equally good is spontaneity.