November 23 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Did you know that numbers always had a religious and magical significance for the people and that you can see the evidence in some ancient texts? Yes, you can, and as you get into this aspect of research, you will be able to see how much this is true. So for example, in the Old Testament, you can find the precise measurements of the Noah’s Ark and various parts of Solomon’s temple – this represents the strong connection to the world of religion.

Also, there are many cathedrals constructed that are built according to geometric patterns that have strong esoteric meaning, and this is something that ancient mystics and religious teachers often pointed out.

But one thing needs to be clear here – numbers are not reserved for this esoteric aspect, and numerology does not deal exclusively with prophesying, reading the mind, the planets, and their connections.

There is much more to them. Today we are revealing the truth that is behind people who are born on November 23, and who belong to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. This fiery sign belongs to the period from November 23 to December 21. The ruler of this sign is Jupiter, a very benevolent planet that gave them incredible courage and happiness in everything. What we will try to discover – do the people who are born on November 23 have something (and what) in common with their ruling sign.

Personality and Character

Let us speak some more about the Sagittarius Zodiac sign. Members of this sign are extremely wise and intelligent, and this is something that cannot be denied. They are real idealists and are often overwhelmed by the ideas of universal love and peace in the world and the way how can achieve all great virtues in the world. They are very sociable and open.  We must say that those who are born on November 23 have all these traits.

Even it is not something that you will expect from people who are dedicated to work and have military discipline; people who are born on November 23 have a great sense of humor that is very charming for people. It serves as a thing that will alleviate many tense situations in which these people often find themselves; we have said that fate often strikes them.

These people born on November 23 love to live their lives in their way, and also let others have their freedom. But there are always some things that are their weak point and towards which the attacks of others are directed.

Therefore, it is essential for these people to learn how to be resistant to a provocation that may occur more often than they would want to.

If they learn to laugh at themselves, not to take life so seriously these people would mean that they have moved far on the path of their evolutionary development. Their personal growth is a significant success on the professional and family plan, and one can go along with the other.

As all Sagittarius people, those who are born on November 23 are no different, they are also people who will speak if they do not like something in their environment, and they are rebels, with or without any cause. They are those human beings who will immediately show their dissatisfaction with all forms of authority and repression; sometimes this can even become their life occupation, fighting for others.

Very often their biggest problem is the tendency to provoke debates and quarrels. When surrounded by people who do not respect, they show their nature tend to compete.

Love Compatibility

They never do anything just because they are expected, so if you are in love with someone who is born on this day, do not expect from them to show you their affections so easily.

These people should take care of their gentler side, and learn to be a little more flexible in interpersonal relationships. They must not criticise others all the time and humiliate them, but support them – this is also one part of their love, and everyone will appreciate this feature.

These people who belong to the November 23 are often nervously exposed to feelings of isolation or discouragement, but it is essential for them to remain open to criticism. This is particularly important in the love area of their lives, so their mental health is not compromised.

Both men and women who are born on this day tend to be independent in life and love and to have certain freedom without asking excessive questions (they hate when their lovers are obsessive with them and ask too many questions).

Of course, that does not mean they are unfaithful by any means, on the contrary, people who belong to this day are very loyal, and many of them have just a few partners during life. If you want to impress any Sagittarius person, and we mean even those who are born on November 23 you have to be more imaginative than they are, and this is one great goal that cannot be achieved easily.


More importantly, if you would like to keep this exciting person by your side, for a long time, and marry him, you should nurture them and cherish their ideas of life, but at the same time keep him at a decent distance, or you must make him your follower.

Purpose and Career

Although they are very benevolent, when you notice that people try to exploit their generosity, they mercilessly put those people in the rightful place. They do not endorse authority and are always for new social upheavals.

People who are born on November 23 are powerful in nature, a strong, almost military mind and body, and for that reason, they deal with their work in this military and precise way, some representatives of this day are attracted to strictness and discipline. They are born leaders, which can sometimes lead them to be too dogmatic and intolerant towards others’ views, this is not good aspect in any way, and they have to work hard to deal with this part of their character.

These people are also open in communication and like to talk a lot; when they are doing something that they love they are not afraid of anything, but as a great fan of discipline, they will try to conduct it by all means, no matter what the consequences can be.

Many Sagittarius tend not to keep promises, and they do not hold firm on their plans, so they often jump from one job to another. But these people are disciplined and are trying never to waste their energy.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons who belong to Sagittarius Zodiac sign and are born on November 23 belong to the number 5 – and those who have this number in their lives tend to overreact and overreacts, rapid change of thinking and physical environment.

Also, these people usually recover quickly from all problems that may occur when fate strikes on them, and it can hit badly. Number 23 can be, by claims of some Astro-numerologist as the indication of a desire for exciting and unusual experiences.

From the planetary point of view, we could say that the fast-paced planet, Mercury control people who are born on November 25. This is the planet that rules at the speed of thinking and change and those and with the combination with Pluto with Jupiter who governs Sagittarius Zodiac sign only emphasises these tendencies.

This is a connection that can point to a greater danger that access to things may be superficial and not be sufficiently objective. They can have the feeling of inability to dedicate to the things they love and enjoy adequately.

Their number is 5, and their color is purple.

Historical events on November 23

We even included on this list one event that is borderline mysterious and esoteric, even unconfirmed, but meaningful in every way.

800 – For the purpose to investigate alleged crimes of Pope Leo III, Charlemagne arrived in Rome.

1165-From long exile, Pope Alexander III returned to Rome.

1227- At an assembly of Polish dukes at Gąsawa, the Polish Prince Leszek I the White was assassinated.

1644- “Areopagitica” was published, a pamphlet by John Milton that decried censorship.

1654 -French scientist, and religious philosopher Blaise Pascal on this day experienced an acumen, as some claims stated.

1783 – Annapolis Maryland, became the US capital.

1892 – Somewhere between 1000-3000 people was killed in The Battle of Lomani Congo when Belgians beat Arabs.

1921- To prevent prescribing beer or liquor for medicinal purposes, then US President Warren G. Harding signed “Willis Campell Act” that was the anti-beer bill”.

1940 – Romania signed Tripartite Pact.

1942 – Japanese military bombarded Port Darwin, that was located in Australia.

1946-  French Navy fire broke out in Haiphong Vietnam, killing 6,000 people.

1960 –  A weather satellite”Tiros 2″ was launched.

1971- UN Security Council gave the seat to the China People’s Republic.

1980-  In a string of earthquakes that ravaged southern Italy, more than 4,000 people died.

1985 – When Egyptian commandos hijacked Egyptair jet in Malta, 58 people were killed.

1991 – The famous singer from the band “Queen” Freddie Mercury, then age 45, confirmed that he has AIDS, one day before he died.

2005- Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, was elected as the first woman to lead an African country, as she was elected as the president of Liberia.

2007- After hitting an iceberg near the South Shetland Islands, a cruise liner  MS Explorer, with the 154 passengers, sank in the Antarctic Ocean, just south of Argentina.

Famous people born on November 23

Who are those radical but gentle people who found fame during their lives and after their deaths? All of them have interesting stories.

912 -Otto I the Great, the first German-Roman emperor.

1221 – Alfons X, the King of Castile and Leon.

1760 – François Noël Babeuf, a French radical politician.

1804 –  Franklin Pierce, the US President.

1837 – Johannes Diderik van der Waals, a Dutch physicist.

1859 – Henry McCarty, better known as Billy the Kid, an American criminal and rebel.

1876 – Manuel de Falla, a Spanish composer.

1883 -Hose Clemente Orosco, a Mexican painter.

1887 – Henry Moseley, an English physicist.

1887 – Boris Karloff, an American actor of English origin.

1890 – El Lissitzky, a Russian painter and architect.

1920 – Paul Celan, a German lyricist of Romanian descent.

1925 – José Napoleón Duarte, a Salvador politician and statesman.

1926 – Sathya Sai Baba, an Indian guru.

1933 – Krzysztof Penderecki, a Polish composer.

1941 – Franco Nero, an Italian actor.

1962- Nicolás Maduro, a Venezuelan president.

1971- Chris Hardwick, an American stand up comedian.

1971 – Vin Baker, an American basketball player.

1976 – Gunsite Chakir, a Turkish Football Judge.

1979- Kelly Brook, an English actress and model.

1984- Lucas Grabeel, an American actor.

1985 – Viktor Ahn, a South Korean and Russian skater.

1992 – Miley Cyrus, an American singer.

If we could say just one word that will describe people who are born on November 23, we would certainly use the word rebellion, and if we could use two, we would add the word independence. Because when you think about it, these two words describe their character and their deeds in a good way.

The tendency towards rebellion occurs early in childhood and follows them in adulthood, and some of them do not learn how to avoid conflicts later in life, but sometimes they justify their behaviour with “fighting for the right cause”.

We talked a lot about the rebellion as one of the more pronounced characteristics of these people born on November 23. If they do not respect the rules that in the opinion of the majority should follow, they react either with total silence or with only a few defensive words.