November 21 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It is never a bad idea to think some more about the essence of the numerology, as science that will help us to discover the dates.

When we look at the essence of the word numerology, we can found out two interesting things.

First, it is derived from two words: Number lat. (numerous), the number, and Logos – (speech, word, term).

Second, this means that numerology can be seen as a prediction that is read through numbers and also as a theory of numbers. One more notion needs to be said about numerology is that it can be understood as the science dealing with the influence of numbers on human life.

Why is all of this important? Because we are dealing with birthdates and we are dealing with the numbers in that sense, so it is essential to know what is numerology. But besides this aspect, it is essential to know more about Zodiac sign since we combine numerology information with the ruling Zodiac sign for that specific date. Today it is November 21, the last day of Scorpio rule.

Personality and Character

Scorpios are interesting Zodiac sign – It can infuse great trust with its free communication and the right attitude. It knows that it hides the things that are related to intimacy, family; their growing up that never has a simple form.

This type of Scorpio wants to live, to go forward, and to rejoice in small and great things -it tries to be determined, independent and essential. They are people who do not reveal so quickly, and behind enthusiasm, you will see true, strong personality that holds to their own way of life that sometimes can be hard and painful.  These are persons, born on the end of the Scorpio rule who possess the extraordinary power of regeneration, the intensity of emotions and souls that forever seek out the truth and give answers

In work they are entirely dedicated to it, that can take a form of obsession. The second significant disadvantage in their character is that those who are born on November 21 are looking for defects in them and in others, and should, above all, suppress it. If they leave aside these two flaws, their character is good, and in time it can be improved even more.

It happens that people born on November 21 at a very young age make big mistakes or make very poor estimates that will follow them until their old days, it is something that will become their demon that haunts them in some way, but fighting against such things is just a part of their character.

Sometimes these people ignore the processes they need to do, to grow in some meaningful way – they are turning to the outside world many of these people can ignore the study of their personality. It is essential that by some mature time of their lives they determine how their relationship with the world is going, and what is good and what is not. To achieve this state, it is essential to rid of fears and rigidity in relationships with others, and as all Scorpios, they are able to do so, often than they should. It is essential for these people born at the end of Scorpio rule, not to lose their vulnerability and infantility.

Love Compatibility

A sexual and emotional aspect of their lives is critical in that sense since we must say that those who are born on November 21 are emotionally extremely labile.

Their family and friends sometimes show justifiable concern for their mental health because these people, especially when they are not paid enough attention, are prone to severe depression, auto-destructive behavior and frustration -this is nothing that is uncommon for all Scorpios, but maybe in the case of the people born on November 21 is even more pronounced. It is imperative for these people to have sexual gratification, so some representatives of this day can be prone to promiscuity.

Especially around their twenties, these Scorpios show self-destructiveness, disorientation and insecurity -and this can be seen in the area of love in particular. They can hide this insecurities and pain, and they can be strong in front of the others, while in the privacy of their homes they will break down into the small pieces.

Nevertheless, mistakes made in youth make them stronger and even more beautiful, in the sense that those who accept them love them despite their flaws. That person who will love the representative of this date must be strong and very patient to deal with all of their flaws and failures and even with their questionable past. Because of the bad experiences of, they can become emotionally innocuous and confined, and it takes someone extraordinary for them to be open again.

Purpose and Career

Regarding their business, these people who belong to the last day of the Scorpios rule, tend to be too tied to all their business and other ventures and should learn to be more liberal and broader. Business is not everything, and their work is not everything no matter how important it can be for them or their environment. These people are naturally smart and are easy learners when they put some small effort into learning. They have innate talents, so should use them wisely, not hide them.

Those born on November 20 are incredibly interested in everything that happens at a given moment in the world around them, they like to be very involved, and in general, they are not attracted to the old-fashioned way of thinking, they are not traditionalists. They like to bring new and exciting things in their work environment.


However, these Scorpios know that they are rejoicing in life, dreaming in the world, and can be very rational and practical in business, and with little effort, they can achieve excellent results, but not spending much energy on others. Excellent speakers, but they are also someone who to delight others with their unique style, walk, manners, ideas.

Their skills can be found in any occupation, and they can develop them to the maximum, which is great in every way.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 3 is essential for persons born on November 21 in some numerical sense, and it represents symbolism of people who are ambitious and sometimes prone to dictatorial behavior. It is also number that points to the physical beauty, and this can particularly refer to women born this day.

When we are speaking about this day we must say that these people are under the triple influence that comes from Jupiter in its double form, and Pluto as a natural ruler for all Zodiac Scorpios. The dual structure of the Jupiter comes because it is in charge for numeral three that can be found here, but also for Sagittarius Zodiac sign, that starts on the next day, and its proximity makes some influence.

The double influence of Jupiter on these people brings an expansive attitude towards the world, and the importance of Pluto brings them the quality of dark energy and passionate desires.

Pluto is a planet that carries the key to our transformation, and it is the planet that can transform our lives, and it is not ready for compromises himself alone. It will go very deep into our subconscious, point out the new sources of power and power we carry in ourselves. With Jupiter, in its dual form, these people seek the purpose and purpose of life and recognise good opportunities, fertilise inner capital. Or at least they have that opportunity to do.

This interesting combination represents the renewal, growth, new insights, encouragement, and excellent opportunities – these people born on November 21 can explore a certain area of life more deeply, and enjoy in their founding.

Their color is dark blue, and their numbers are 21 and 3.

Historical Events on November 21

We started this list with a critical event in the religious sense of that word, as it represents the beginning of one significant celebration for all Jewish people.

164 BC – During Maccabean revolt, Judas Maccabaeus recaptures Jerusalem and rededicated the Second Temple, commemorated since as Jewish festival Hanukkah.

235 – St Anterus began his reign as the Catholic Pope

1272- Prince Edward became King of England, following his father Henry III of England’s death on November 16.

1620 – Pilgrim Fathers reached America. Mayflower Compact signed by Pilgrims at Cape Cod.

1654- A freed black slave Richard Johnson was granted with the 550 acres in Virginia.

1759- In the Battle at Maxen, Prussian army surrendered to Austrians

1783 – First balloon flight in a Montgolfier balloon.

1789 – North Carolina ratified the Constitution and became the 12th US state.

1791- Colonel Napoléon Bonaparte became 1st Lieutenant and  Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the French Republic.

1818 Russia’s Tsar Alexander I petitioned for a Jewish state in Palestine

1847- 200 people died when Steamer “Phoenix” was lost on Lake Michigan.

1901- In Dresden,  Richard Strauss’ opera “Feuersnot” had its premiere.

1905 – The tennis tournament “Australian Open” started for the first time.

1906- China prohibited the opium trade.

1916 – 30 people died when HMHS Britannic sank in the Aegean Sea after a mine exploded.

1918- 2 German ammunition trains exploded in Belgium, killing 1,750 people.

1918 – Polish soldiers organised a pogrom against Jews of Galicia, in Poland.

1920 – Benito Mussolini’s squad began its terror. On this day 11 died in Bologna, in Italy.

1938-WWII: Nazi forces occupied western Czechoslovakia and declared them German citizens.

1941-WWII: German troops invaded Rostov-on-Don, in Southern Russia.

1967 -Vietnam War: American General William Westmoreland told the famous sentence to the reporters: “I am sure that in 1965 enemy was winning, but today the enemy is certainly losing.”

1970 -Following a military coup, General Hafez al-Assad became Prime Minister of Syria.

1974 – Birmingham bombings: 21 civilians killed when bombs explode at two pubs in England.

1980 – John Lennon and Yoko Ono pose nude for photographer Allan Tannenbaum – a controversial move for that time.

2004 – The Island of Dominica was hit by the most devastating earthquake in its history. Damage was concentrated mostly in the north and the town of Portsmouth.

Famous people born on November 21

Maybe you will notice that this list of famous people born on November 21 is mostly about famous women who are born on that day. But all of them are somehow turned to art and creative form of expression.

1694 – François-Marie Arouet -Voltaire, a French writer, historian and philosopher.

1804 – Wilhelm Waiblinger, a German poet and writer.

1824 – Theodor Richter, a German chemist and mineralogist.

1840- Victoria, the Empress of Germany and Queen of Prussia.

1882 – Gioacchino Laurenti, an Italian Esperantist.

1894- Corinne Griffith, an American actress.

1902 – Isaac Bashevis Singer, an American writer of Jewish origin.

1935 – Nouhad Haddad-Fairuz, a Lebanese singer.

1945- Goldie Hawn, an American actress.

1945 –  Verner Lorant, a German football player and coach.

1954 – Jonas Kazlauskas, a Lithuanian basketball coach.

1963 – Nicollette Sheridan, a British actress.

1965 – Björk, an Icelandic Singer.

1979 –  Vincenzo Iaquinta, an Italian footballer.

1983 – Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, an Austrian skier-jumper.

1983-Nikki Bella, an American wrestler.

1984- Jena Malone, an American actress.

1985 – Jesus Navas, a Spanish footballer.

1985 – Vane Odesnik, a South African-American tennis player.

1985- Carly Rae Jepsen, a Canadian singer.

People born on November 21, as the last day of the Scorpio rule, and the beginning f the Sagittarius rule, means many things but one of those things we haven’t mentioned in this article. You already know that no other zodiac sign has such an exotic and magnetic power in their appearance.

And it has to do something with their look – these people have a natural sense of grace and elegance, regardless of whether this is reflected in the way they are dressed, the language of their body or highly sophisticated ideas. Everything they do or say has some meaning, both intentional and hidden. They have that magnetic appeal, but they belong to those people who have something in their eyes, pain or sorrow, but they are still amazing.