November 20 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

What is Numerology is the question that you may ask yourself before start reading any of these articles, and you are right, you deserve to know what numerology is since all of these articles are based on a single number – your birthdate number. Numerology is the science that reveals that the numbers are in fact, vibrations and that each vibration is different from the previous one due to the number of cycles that are continually changing in time, seconds from a second. Everything that is in the Universe has its vibration that is unique, so every human is unique in some way.

Today we are looking into the vibration of the numeral 20, as in date November 20, along with the ruling Zodiac sign – Scorpio.

Personality and Character

All those people who are born on November 20 can be very grateful for the gifts they have received, which they only need to maintain to become prominent – but will they maintain it is entirely another question. Some say that November 20 can be a negative day for people, but this negative image that this date has doesn’t influence those who are born on this day to the maximum extent.

Those who are born on November 20 also show a tendency to rebellion, although they are relatively loyal to their family, company, or their social circle.

As you would expect from Scorpio Zodiac sign people, those who are born on November 20 are people who can be mysterious, extraordinarily sarcastic but also extremely fun -they have it all in them. They like to laugh at the weaknesses of others and sometimes seem to be happier when someone falls; this is maybe one of their ways to deal with negative things in their lives and to look at the things from the brighter side.

When we look at their lives in general, they are the people who are considered to be very practical, and in whole, they can give the impression of weak and careless people, but they are not, they just do not like to show their emotions and intentions in some obvious way.

Scorpios born on November 20 are natural born fighters and therefore at any given moment of their lives struggle in some sort of battle. This is good as it is bad in some way, they do not need to fight things that are not worth fighting for, and they do not need to lose their nerves about stupid things.

Aggression occurs only if there are unresolved family relationships and issued and even if these Scorpios are mostly disciplined, they are characterised by exceptional persistence and positive stubbornness that like to exhaust themselves and lead things to the end.

Love Compatibility

What these people want to know is to how to keep secrets which is one of the great virtues that all of their friends will value highly; they are not inclined to make a scandal, nor do they are attracted to those who love to do it.

For these Scorpios, the damage that can be caused by reckless behaviour and ruining social reputation is not a thing that they want to achieve in life, and love also. In their love relationships, are steadfast and honest, but are more headed with the head than your heart. This is not always a bad idea, to be honest.

Some of their lovers see them as people who have at one part a controversial personality, and they are often the subject of debate and re-examination. They are not a cup of tea for everyone, and that is ok.

They like to be involved in flirting, are friendly and very responsible, valuable to the idea of love, even if they are natural born rebels, loyal to their families, turned in a fundamental way of love. They do not belong to any group of people and always separate business with a private plan.

But, in some way, these people born on November 20 love life very much, have hidden imagination about romantically living with someone special far away, they have big love, but genuine returns to standard obligations. They invest extraordinary effort in everything and can merely be an example to others. They love the right and romantic word, the truth (accept it, although they do not like criticism), visual impressions, mental culture and nice upbringing in a partner (potential partner).

Purpose and Career

These human beings who are born on November 20 are naturally gifted for public life and can be found in any position in the society, of course, the higher, the better, no matter how responsible it is. Occasionally they may lack confidence, but it will disappear, and in time will gain security in possibilities -this is the moment when these Scorpios will take the highest positions in the work environment, often leading.

They are independent in their views and actions – but it is recommended for these human beings to develop that side of their personality even more, so they can be even more successful.

These people are great in doing something fast and effective, they are those workers who are able to do things right away, and you can rely on them.


These Scorpios can turn their activity to the social movements, which can be illegal procedures, and border business operations of various kinds, and this is not surprising since those who belong to the November 20 are also Scorpios. In a certain period of life, these individuals may feel tempted to participate in one of these activities themselves but are limited to observing and studying these border operations. This could be their chosen occupation.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 2 is in charge in the form of numerological symbolism for the people who are born on November 20, and this implies that they are gentle and imaginative. Others’ criticism or inaction easily hurt them. Their tolerance threshold is also very low.  As a member of this number, these people are compassionate and quite concerned about others. They try to see the best in others and as long as they take care not to be deceived and care about themselves, they will be able to influence the lives of others positively. These people who are under the impact of numeral 2 are someone who needs to be close in crises, common sense and stable nature are of great help.

Because they were born on the near cross-section of the Scorpio-Sagittarius characters, these people are exposed to emotional instability.

Here is pronounced need to fight extremes, but mostly on the emotional, or family level. This planetary combination can lead to deep empathy, which this Moon gives, and it can lead to a desire for control because it fears the separation. It is the combination that justifies love, but such pronounced clarity, insights through feelings. The sentiments of his neighbours can manipulate these persons and worked with magic to separate or merge with someone.

This connection pushes people to return to the experience that can be very painful, but it is necessary to remove aggravating factors, and further development may be possible. Pluto here represents the needs to transform and throw out accumulated unresolved things in the light of day.

Their numbers are 20 and 2, and their color is pale grey.

Historical Events on November 20

Ancient conquerings were critical past events, in those particular times, while today we have something else that shape our everyday life, and tomorrow becomes – history.

284 – Roman soldier Diocletian was proclaimed as the Army Emperor.

762-  Khan of the Uyghurs, Bögü, conquered capital of the Chinese Empire – Lo-Yang.

1272-  Edward I was proclaimed as the King of England.

1407 – A truce was signed between John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy and Louis of Valois.

1520 – A heavy hail storm hit Friesland.

1637 – First Swedish immigrants sailed to Delaware from Sweden.

1695 – The last leaders of Quilombo dos Palmares in early Brazil and ex-slave, were executed

1719 – The Peace Treaty of Stockholm was signed between Sweden Hannover.

1755 – English minister William Pitt the Elder resigned.

1789 – New Jersey was the first US state that ratified Bill of Rights

1805- Ludwig van Beethoven’s only opera “Fidelio”, had its premiere in Vienna, Austria.

1815 – Second Treaty of Paris was signed – France and its allies agreed that France paid indemnities after the Battle of Waterloo. This ended Napoleon Wars.

1815- Russia, Prussia, Austria and England signs Alliance “for the maintenance of peace in Europe.”

1817 -First Seminole War begins in Florida

1829 – Jews were expelled from Nikolayev & Sevastopol Russia

1873 – Cities Buda and Pest unite to form the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

1902 -Tour de France, the most important bicycle race in the world was founded.

1914- For the first time in history, the US State Department started to require photographs for passports.

1940- World War II: Hungary, Romania and Slovakia join the Axis Powers.

1944 – In Ulithi Atoll, Caroline, the 1st Japanese suicide submarine attack occurred.

1945 – 24 Nazi leaders were put on trial at Nuremberg, in Germany.

1952 – Slánský trials began. These were a series of Stalinist and anti-Semitic show trials that were held in Czechoslovakia.

1968 – The US performs the nuclear test at Nevada.

1969 – Pele, a Brazilian soccer icon scored his 1,000th goal.

1977 – The Egyptian President Anwar Sadat became the 1st Arab leader who addressed Israeli Knesset.

1986- The World Health Organization announces a first global effort to combat AIDS

1993 – Jakovlev-42 crashed into a mountain at Macedonia, 116 were killed.

Famous people born on November 20

November 20, as the date of birth, clearly belongs to the artists, specifically dancers, and we will add a few amazing ballerinas that change the ballet game forever.

1602- Otto von Guericke, a German physicist and inventor.

1625 – Paulus Potter, a Dutch painter.

1752- Thomas Chatterton, an English poet.

1753 -Louis Alexandre Berthier, a French Marshal.

1761- Pius VIII, the Pope.

1793- Nikolai Lobachevsky, a Russian mathematician.

1858- Selma Lagerlöf, a Swedish writer.

1864- Erik Axel Karlfeldt, a Swedish writer.

1889- Edwin Powell Hubble, an American astronomer, known for discovering the expansion of the universe.

1902- Mikhail Suslov, an ideologist of the Communist Party of the USSR.

1903- Aleksandra Danilova, a Russian ballerina.

1904- Yevgenia Ginzburg, a Russian writer.

1911- Radu Grigorovici, a Romanian physicist.

1912- Otto von Habsburg, a German politician.

1914- Emilio Pucci, an Italian fashion designer.

1917- Robert Byrd, an American politician.

1923- Nadine Gordimer, a South African writer.

1924- Benoît Mandelbrot, a French mathematician of Polish origin.

1925-Maya Plisetskaya, a Soviet dancer.

1925- Robert F. Kennedy, a U.S Senator and the younger brother of the US President John F. Kennedy.

1937- René Kollo, a German tenor.

1942- Joe Biden, an American politician.

1946- Kiril I, the Patriarch of Moscow.

1948- Barbara Hendricks, an American opera soprano.

1956- Bo Derek, an American actress.

1962-Gerardo “Tata” Martino, an Argentine football coach.

1963- Timothy Gowers, an English mathematician.

1963- Ming-Na Wen, an American actress.

1965-Mike D, an American musician (Beastie Boys).

1969 – Wolfgang Stark, a German football referee.

1971- Joel McHale, an American comedian, and actor.

1978- Nadine Velazquez, an American actress.

1981- Carlos Boozer, an American basketball player.

1983- Future, an American rapper.

1989 -Eduardo Vargas, a Chilean footballer.

It is never a bad approach to mention some things that are essential characteristics of those who are born on November 20, in Scorpio Zodiac sign, and that we never speak before. One detail that needs to be remembered here, it is that all Scorpios have specific energy.

As all Scorpios, these people born on November 20 have high energy, but we must say that they can keep it controlled in most cases. But still they have it, and it may take a long time before they learn how to keep this power under control, but due to their enormous energy and the inherent characteristics, they attract the negative vibrations of others.

Therefore, it is essential for these individuals to learn how to slow down and take a break from whatever they are doing in life, work or anything else.