November 19 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Your birthdate number carries the great importance in life, in a sense that it can be described as the life path number, the one that expresses your life, as it is, and as it should be, in a way. It is one of the most influential numerological aspects of the whole science of numerology, and even when it is combined with the Zodiac information, as the Zodiac sign that rules that date, things become even more. This number is calculated based on the date of your birth. It points to your specific characteristics, which will affect throughout your life – this is the simplest way to understand the significance that is behind this numeral. One thing so simple and so integral can carry so much information.

Today we are looking into date November 19, along with the ruling Zodiac sign, Scorpio. What this means, and does this affect people who are born on this day, are the real Scorpios? Read in the text below.

Personality and Character

In some general aspect, we could say that these Scorpios represent people who have a compelling personality, a person with an identity, an inner pain, but you will not notice it when you are introduced. We meet here people who are healthy, and dominant persons that break all the borders and enjoy that process fully. They are blessed with a brilliant mind, a warm and generous spirit, but also a strong connection with their roots and family.

In some specific way, these human beings born on November 19 are very closely associated with their strength and try to be unapologetic about it, no matter if we are talking about males or females that belong to this day. They are types of Scorpio Zodiac sign that wants to show up, display, impose, and it is not difficult for it to feed its ego, strengthens self-confidence, but she knows how to hide her emotions and to act opposite and adapt to every situation.

The people born on November 19 can be seen from the perspective of others as those who can change things, who are great reformers and therefore always keep in mind something new why it is worth rebelling and what should come to the place of the old one. This can be their motive in life in general and also in their work.

That is why these people born on November 19 represented people who can live by the exciting and new norms, and are a mix of radical and conservative human beings. They hate control and repression, and will always try to provoke a particular change.

As expected they are attracted to everything that is mysterious, some see these people as open and confidential, and this can lead for them to be hurt; however, in the end, everything turns to their advantage; there is one aspect to their lives – they can be fortunate, and can get out of the most inconvenient situations.

As almost all Scorpios in the world, so as these people who are born on November 19 are often, even no one asked from them to be like that, faced with the problems of this world, are interested in everything related to the physical aspect of life, the senses are sensitive and contemporary. This aspect of their personality is not bad, in the sense that they are knowledgeable people, but on the others hand some things are better to be left alone.

It is very rare that these people do not know the current state of things; on the other hand, these interests are exposed to the dangers of sensationalism and utility. Therefore, it is important for them to stay connected with some traditional values -and this is the part of the story where those who celebrate their birthdays on November 19 need to find the balance between new and traditional.

Love Compatibility

Those who are born on November 19 are seen as very friendly, and people enjoy their company, which is why these Scorpios are very popular.

Those who are born on November 19 are seen as very friendly, and people enjoy their company, which is why these Scorpios are very popular. So, finding lovers, and keep them entertained is not a problem for them.

But, to understand the nature of these Scorpios in the right way, and to understand how they function in love, is to know that the confidence of these people is incredibly high, but it can be not only their strength but also their greatest weakness. They need to find partners who will love them precisely because of the over-confidence that they have, because they cause fate and face unconquerable problems or dangerous situations.

Persons born on November 19 fundamentally believe in free will, and in particular the power of their own will, but they also need to learn precaution and self-limitation. They cannot act in love in this way; they need to protect themselves from the pain that their lovers can cause them; this is not escaping this is taking care of their souls.

Purpose and Career

If you are born on November 19, or you know someone who is born on this day, you probably know that you are blessed with many talents that seem to be sometimes contradictory to each other and make your life paradoxical, even to you. But this is something that many Scorpios must live, and according to any Astro-numerological study, these people have excellent business skills, but in spite of that, these people are highly recommended to have a partner in their work and life. If it is possible, it is recommended for these people to work in a commercial area of work, it is very suitable for them.

These people can find their careers in the area of work like professional buyers because they understand the value of the goods in full; most often get what they want.

They can be a good lawyer and achieve great success in that profession.


These people who celebrate their birthdays on November 19 can help others to transfer knowledge of the information; they are very persuasive and, thanks to their care and openness, can get the best out of others as well as from the situations in which they find themselves. The most significant advantage that they have, and others don’t, in their opinion is the truth they spread.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Numerologically those who are born on November 19 are number 1 and are under the impact of the Sun.

Because these individuals who are born on under the Zodiac sign Scorpio are under the planetary rule that belongs to the Pluto and Mars and additionally by the Sun, they will manifest powerful and dynamically creative and destructive energy. As a tendency to be ambitious explosive in their ideas plans and aggressively oriented toward success, those who have number one in their lives do not like the withdrawal harder that in most things be the first.

To explain this little further, Sun symbolises the individual power, and Pluto destruction and rebuilt, and you can recognise why this can be a dangerous combination. This aspect will affect the individual to impose on others, by force, conviction or circumstance in any form.

Another way in which this connection can be seen is in a way in the extreme aggressiveness of love, romanticism and sex, which in extreme cases can lead to violence. So for those who have this symbolism in their chart – the key is – transformation. They need to raise themselves to a higher level of action and reaction. This re-birth process is painful and frightening.

Historical Events on November 19

All of these events are great and significant, each in their own terms and purposes. Read all about historical events that took place on November 19.

461- St Hilary began his rule as a Catholic Pope.

1493 – On his 2nd voyage Christopher Columbus discovered Puerto Rico.

1521- In the Battle at Milan: Emperor Karel V’s Spanish and German troops defeated France.

1581- After being attacked by his father Ivan the Terrible three days earlier, Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich had died.

1620 – The Mayflower ship had reached the Cape Cod.

1621 – Rabbi Isaiah ben Abraham aha-Levi Horowitz arrived in Israel.

1700 – The Battle at Narva: Swedish King Karel XII defeated Russians.

1805-  Lewis and Clark’s expedition reached the Pacific Ocean.

1824 – Severe storm caused massive floods in St Petersburg, by some reports 10,000 died.

1894 – Dutch troops occupied palace of Tjakra Negara in Lombok.

1916 – Samuel Goldwyn and Edgar Selwyn established Goldwyn Pictures; one of the most famous movie companies.

1933- Women were allowed to vote in Spain.

1940 – First major German air raid on Birmingham – about 440 bombers killed 450 people.

1942 – Russia launched winter offensive against Germans along Don front.

1950 – US General Eisenhower becomes supreme commander of NATO-Europe.

1962 – Fidel Castro accepts the removal of Soviet weapons

1968 – In a military coup in Mali, then president Modibo Keita fleed.

1980 – CBS TV ban Calvin Klein jeans ad that featured the young actress and model Brooke Shields.

1985 – US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev meet for the first time.

1995 – Suicide bomber blasts into the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad, killing 16.

1998 – “Portrait of the Artist Without Beard” the artwork from one of the famous painter in the world Vincent van Gogh sells at auction for $71.5 million.

1998- Monica Lewinsky scandal: The United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee begins impeachment hearings against U.S. President Bill Clinton.

2013- A suicide bomber killed 23 people in the attack on the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, in Lebanon.

Famous people born on November 19

It does not matter what these people do for their living, they find their fair share of fame, and they make the best out of it, undoubtedly. Maybe some of them lost their fame and fortune, but they are remembered.

1464-  Go-Kashiwabara, the Japanese Emperor.

1600 –  Charles I, an English King

1617- Eustache Le Sueur, a French painter.

1711- Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov, a Russian scientist and poet.

1831- James A. Garfield, the 20th US President.

1833- Wilhelm Dilthey, a German philosopher.

1843- Richard Avenarius, a German philosopher.

1859- Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov, a Russian composer.

1875- Hiram Bingham, an American archaeologist.

1888-José Raúl Capablanca, a Cuban chess player.

1899- Allen Tate, an American poet and critic.

1900-Mikhail Lavrentyev, a Russian scientist.

1900- Anna Seghers, a German writer.

1910-Adrian Conan Doyle, an English writer.

1917- Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi, an Indian politician and statesman, the prime minister of India.

1930- Christian Schwarz-Schilling, a German politician.

1933-Larry King, an American TV host.

1935- Rashad Khalifa, an Egyptian -American biochemist.

1938-Ted Turner, a US media mogul and founder of CNN TV Channel.

1942-Calvin Klein,  an American fashion designer.

1942-Sharon Olds, an American poet.

1953- Robert Adame Beltran, an American actor.

1957- Ofra Haza, an Israeli singer.

1960-Allison Janney, an American actress.

1961-Meg Ryan, an American actress.

1962- Jodie Foster, an American actress.

1965- Laurent Blanc, a French footballer and coach.

1966 – Gail Devers, an American athlete.

1966 – Jason Scott Lee, an American actor.

1974 – Roberts Shtelmahers, a Latvian basketball player and coach.

1975 -Sushmita Sen, an Indian actress.

1975 – Ricardo Garcia, a Brazilian volleyball player.

1976 – June Shibata, a Japanese singer and songwriter.

1986- Kenneth Farid, an American basketball player.

When it comes to the aspect of psychological health, an aspect that we did not mention till this end; we must say that people, Scorpios who are born on November 19 must be aware that they are at danger of being exposed to an accident when they feel the most secure. They should always be aware that bad things can and will happen to them if they are not careful enough.

Also, we must say that many people born on November 19 show high resistance to self-anxiety or psychological work on themselves. Work and more work is always a good idea for these human beings. Still, they have a great energy that needs to be pointed in the right direction.