November 17 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Numbers are often connected to the spiritual side of our lives since it is said that they carry certain energies that can have spiritual aspects, and this spiritual aspiration of all numbers is to gather all that is under their influence and beyond the current limitations.

So when you know a certain number, for example, number form your birth date, you can go over your current limitations and make something out of your life, based on your hidden potentials.

Besides our “personal” number that can be found in the symbolic of our birth date, and ruling Zodiac sign, we are subject to different cycles that have a temporary duration. By studying these cycles, we come to new knowledge and alignment with the divine rhythm. Numerology works in a cyclic rhythm of 1 to 9, so as you are able to see in these articles we look at the symbolism of numbers in the process of reduction where two digit numbers sum up to one of these “integral” numbers.

Today we are looking into the lives of the people who are born on November 17, and who belong to the complex and mysterious Zodiac sign – Scorpio.

Personality and Character

We could say with significant confidence that all Scorpios who celebrate their birthdays on November 17 are usually not overly ambitious in some conventional sense, but once they hold some important position, they make everything to stay on it and it is challenging for them to remove it.

They love power, and they know the best ways to maintain it; but the most important part of their lives is to keep it can to point in the right direction, for helping people, at least to those who are close to them.

November 17 people in their lives, it seems that they have the task of countering the misguided sides and steadily establishing links with opposing views, ideas or interests. When asked to defend others or to provide assistance to someone, they are ready for everything – they love to be in charge and love to help others in any way they can, so for those who are born on November 17 having power is not a bad thing. But these people are exposed to the danger of dependence on the pleasure caused by solving the problems of others.

In family or professional relationships, these people always have a good idea of how to go smoothly without significant problems; maybe we could say that they are untypical Scorpios. But they truly have that possibility to keep things, and they feel great in this role, as leaders.

It is challenging to get into their complex, homogeneous and challenging character. Their specific world can intuitively be seen only by those who are similar to them. These people who celebrate their birthdays on November 17 are regarded as relentless even in the riskiest life situations because they are not afraid at all.

To achieve a goal, they will go to the final, other inaccessible boundaries, without overly reflecting on the consequences. Because of this, they often act unscrupulously, but when you look at things from their perspective, it can be said that they are doing accordingly to their system of values, even if that system is not understandable for others.

Love Compatibility

These individuals have a powerful system of moral beliefs, and this is the characteristic that sometimes makes them inflexible – this is especially true when we look at their love life; they can be rigid and emotionally closed.

People who are born on November 17 are also complicated to emotionally open, even after a more extended period of time that they spend with their partners, even after their lovers emotionally open to them and have no hidden agendas.

Many Scorpios born this day are proud of their calmness and the ability to stay cold when confronted with problems and pressure -this is true almost in every part of their lives, even in love (at times), this aspect is certainly not expected since Scorpios are known to be very temperamental, but they are patient in any case.  They will wait for right things in life, and love also, they need to be comfortable, and they need to enjoy in what they are doing – these persons will never stay in a bad relationship.

They are gentle in nature, and they tend to haggle sometimes, so these Scorpios born on November 17 should restrain their fiery temper. Their head is beautiful – give more attention to the heart is the main advice that these people should take when it comes to love.

Purpose and Career

These people who are born on November 17 are known for many abilities that they do not use or use only their part – this is one of the biggest problems in their lives, in a sense that they are underachievers that never fulfill their “destiny” as they could. They can work very hard whenever want, but these Scorpios do not like to work; and the only option for these people to work is when they find their job to be very interesting, they will accept it no matter how complicated or challenging it can be.

Others easily deceive these people who are born on November 17, but still, they can affect the environment, so these people have to be more strenuous to balance these influences. They can be people, who can be great musicians, and they are definitely artistic types, they love all the good things that life provides and have that particular artistic view on life. In fact, there is a lot of bohemian in them, and all of their free time these human beings spend doing things that are complementary to this aspect of joy and hedonism.


For some representatives of this date, that way of life becomes work, so, for example, they are involved in providing enjoyment and entertainment for others.

Turning to the material world of these persons very rarely have an unresolved financial situation – they know how to make money, how to save it, and there are no problems in this area of their lives.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 8, mysterious and energetic is in charge for all those persons who are born on November 17 – number 8 brings conflict between the material and the spiritual world. It is the number that points symbolically to the strong energy and influential personalities that can make some controversial or extremely brave things in their lives, but energy is certainly there, as well as an ability to recover from any pain.

From the planetary point of view, these people are under the impact of plants Saturn and Pluto as the central ruler of all Scorpio people. This planetary combination points to the significant changes, and in a way on things that are radical. Everything that has accumulated, everything that has been deposited is now exploding and collapsing – cause Pluto in the symbolic describes the principle of change and transformation while Saturn’s symbolism describes the structure and boundaries of that structure, the time that refers to the stability of any building in a particular form, maturity, perseverance.

Saturn brings with it a tremendous sense of responsibility and a sense of limitation – and this aspect is very hard in a sense that they have enormous energy that is really hard to maintain, let alone limit. These people are thanks to this aspect very problematic in personal relations since they can develop an overly critical attitude. This reference to their tendency towards “I am always right” and they are not people who are ready to make compromises. The relationship between Saturn and Pluto emphasises the dominant, difficult, cold and repressive side of their personality.

White and all almost all shades of pink and purple colors are good match for them, and numbers that are considered to be theirs are 8 and 25.

Historical Events on November 17

On November 17 one new and important era in human history started – it was the time when people are first acquainted with the period of the rule of the woman in the English throne!

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, Britain was, without a doubt, a powerful invading force that cruised the seas in search of new colonies. It was this golden age of drama and theatre art that marked the creation of William Shakespeare! Read all about other events that are connected to this date.

1558- The Elizabethan era begins: Elizabeth I came into the throne.

1796 – Napoleon Wars: Battle of Arcole – French forces defeated the Austrians in Italy.

1820 –  Captain Nathaniel Palmer becomes the first American to see Antarctica (Palmer Peninsula).

1839 – The premiere of Verdi’s first opera, “Oberto, Conte di San Bonifacio” in Milan.

1855 –  Scottish researcher David Livingston discovered the Falls of the Zambezi River, named after the English Queen Victoria’s Falls.

1869 –  Ceremony in Egypt was organised on the occasion of the opening of the Suez Canal, which connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea.

1913 – The first ships went through the Panama Canal, which was officially opened a year later.

1922 – Mehmed VI, a former Ottoman sultan, went to exile in Italy.

1970 – The Soviet Union descends the Lunokhod 1 to Mare Imbrium (Sea Rain) on the Moon.

1970- Douglas Engelbart patented the first computer mouse.

1973- Watergate Affair: President Richard Nixon told the 400 Journalists “I’m Not a Thief.”

1973 – Student protests due to the military regime in Athens, Greece.

1993 – Annie Proulx receives the National Book Award (USA) for her novel The Shipping News.

1997 – In Luxor, Egypt, 6 militants killed 62 people in front of the Temple of Hatshepsut.

2000 – Alberto Fujimori has been removed from the position of President Peru.

2003 – Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of California.

Famous people born on November 17

Scorpios born on November 17 that found fame during their life, are usually pointed their activity toward some form of art or spiritual/religious work.

9-Vespasian, a Roman emperor.

1494- Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola, an Italian humanist.

1503- Agnolo Bronzino, an Italian painter.

1576- Roque Gonzales, a Paraguayan missionary.

1587- Joost van den Vondel, a Dutch poet.

1717-Jean le Rond d’Alembert, a French mathematician.

1749- Nicolas Appert, a French inventor.

1755- Louis XVIII, the French king.

1790-August Ferdinand Möbius, a German mathematician.

1793- Sir Charles Lock Eastlake, an English painter.

1816-August Wilhelm Ambros, an Austrian composer.

1857- Joseph Babiński, a Polish-French neurologist.

1868-  Korbinian Brodmann, a German neurologist.

1887- Bernard Montgomery, the British military commander.

1895 – Gregorio López y Fuentes, a Mexican writer.

1895-  Mikhail Bakhtin, a Russian philosopher.

1896 – Lev Vygotsky, a Russian psychologist.

1901- Lee Strasberg, an Austrian director and creator of method acting methods.

1902- Eugene Wigner, a Hungarian physicist.

1904- Isamu Noguchi, an American sculptor.

1905-  Astrid, the Belgian queen.

1906-Soichiro Honda, a Japanese car manufacturer.

1925 – Rock Hudson, an American actor.

1937- Peter Cook, an English comedian.

1939 -Auberon Waugh, a British writer.

1942- Martin Scorsese, an American film director.

1943-Lauren Hutton, an American actress.

1944- Danny DeVito, an American actor.

1944- Rem Koolhaas, a Dutch architect.

1966 – Sophie Marceau, a French actress.

1966 -Jeff Buckley, an American singer and guitarist.

1973-  Alexei Urmanov, a Russian skater.

1973- Bernd Schneider, a German football player.

1977- Ryk Neethling, a South African swimmer.

1978- Reggie Wayne, an American football player.

In the end, Scorpios do not cry for the mass to be confirmed and accepted; they have their own way in life, and this rule can be applied to those who are born on November 17. Some Astro-numerologist see these people as durable warriors who in every fight go alone and play the game by their own rules, that are compatible with their moral beliefs. What matters to these Scorpios born on November 17 is what they think about themselves and their deeds, not what the environment is about.

To conclude, if these people estimate that they live among superficial people, they have the power to rise and live alone fully. If no one wants to follow them, they will begin to reveal the secret of the meaning of life and the world. It may seem a bit absent, believe us, these people can register everything.