November 16 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Let us speak some more about numbers, and we think that this is mandatory, since we are talking about dates, that are created from numbers that carry certain energy. So, numbers represent the first fundamental principles of harmony – this is one of the main principles in numerology.

Here, numerals are not seen as seen as a figure, but as an energy symbol. Numbers are power representatives acting at the highest spiritual levels. As can be seen, they are the hieroglyphs of these spiritual powers. Understanding the fundamental principles and regulating our being according to them, brings insight into new knowledge.

Astro-numerology combines all this with Zodiac signs, and today we are speaking of date November 16, and Zodiac sign, Scorpio.

Scorpios are born in the part of the year from October 23 to November 23, when everything changes in nature – colors, time, energy, when in nature everything prepares for the second period of life in which in nature things rest.

Just as in nature we see traces of the ending of life for some plant and animal species, so in people born in this sign, death and life are struggling, good and evil, constructive and destructive. Spirit and matter struggle for supremacy. What forces will prevail – destructive or creative – is not certain, but every end brings a new beginning, and every crisis and a new chance.

Personality and Character

These interesting Scorpios born on November 16 are pronounced individuals who are never under the apparent influence of their social circle of family or spouse -they like to do things in their own way, as they see fit. It may be complicated for these people to accept the help or support of others.

The most successful people born this day are obsessed with finishing their work and establishing their supremacy in the area, which usually goes hand in hand. This can sometimes be very exhausting, and they should have some balance in their lives, such as an amazing and supportive lover or sports activity that will take away the stress.

They are full of personal magnetism, which will bring many friends into their lives, but the main thing for them is never to suppress their energy, and it is recommended for them to set their goals as early as possible in life and do not let anything move them from the path of their accomplishment. They should be more compassionate towards others so that life will be more joyful and brighter and prosperous.

Scorpios who celebrate their birthdays on born November 16 have a natural sense of authority as well as how to achieve it – they know the best ways for these goals. Many of those born this day have a reputation as a good director or manager in their family or at work. These people also function well as advisers or as managers of social groups to whom they belong.

Love Compatibility

People born on November 16 always want to have relationships with people who are open and honest, and they need to have lovers that will be their match and equal lovers to a certain extent. One thing needs to be recognised is that in their lives, the choice of a life partner, both in love and at work, has the enormous significance.

Often these people cannot devote themselves to a particular business and progress in it if they do not find the right person in their life who will give them balance to the enormous amount of stress that they can have. Unfortunately, at least, as far as love is concerned, a lot of time needs to pass until right qualities appear, and those who are born on November 16 are more than ready to wait for the perfect match. It’s not a rare case that these people have been struggling emotionally for years to find such a person, or to experience love pain until they find the right thing.

This road would be painful for some people who will gladly accept things in love that are less than perfect, but not those who are born on November 16  – they are ready to wait, and many of these people are more than willing to marry in later years of their lives or to stay unmarried.

They will do anything, but will never allow themselves to set for less, not in love, not in life. And we must admit that even if this way of life is not for everyone, for these Scorpios is more than recommended to wait for their real partner since that person would be a balancing force in their lives in general.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on November 16 are interested in social issues and everyday topics; they love science and are a passionate book reader.

They should speak in public since they can be very persuasive people who can lead the team. Undoubtedly these Scorpios who are born on November 16 will succeed at work, but not before they break all old traditions and direct their business toward something progressive and new. This ability and need if you will can be used well in many occupations, and this is the reason why you will find those who belong to November 16 in many different professions.

Also, it is recommended for them to choose friends carefully – choose those that you can have good or from which you can learn something or progress. It is also recommended for them to foster more sincerity and cordiality.


They are attractive – should use it, and on top of all this these persons have a lot more than ordinary talents, but rarely use them. They should point their actions into the development of their hidden powers and success will come.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 7 is one fascinating number that can be found in this date – those who are born on November 16 are impressed with their ideas and that they lose contact with reality, such problems can only arise in a certain time. Scorpios born on November 16 are under the planetary symbolism that comes from planets Neptune and Pluto – this combination usually guarantees a firm attachment to an objective, especially financial reality.

Neptune is the planet that rules art, and we connect him with intuition, dreams, dreams, imagination, romance and deep insight. Accordingly, bad aspects speak of deception, self-denial, addiction, and clumsiness. In this planetary symbolism, there must be caution. People who are under the action of Pluto have depth, both emotional and internal, and intensity in everything. Instincts are strong, intuition is often expressed, and the subconscious is also powerful and takes the lead.

This analysis means that these people are reviewing views and changing attitudes. It is recommended for these people to examine and analyse their dreams and ideals. Because of the increased psychic and intuitive ability that these people receive from these two planets, dreams can have meaningful messages and reasonable solutions. To reconcile with intimate feelings, thoughts of people born on November 16 are turned to spiritual issues.

Their numbers are 16 and 7, and their color is purple.

Historical Events on November 16

Some controversies surround historical events that took place on this day, but they are meaningful in every way and deserve their position on this list.

534- Justinian Codex Repetitae Praelectionis was published.

1095- At church council in Clermont, in France, Pope Urban II invited church dignitaries and world rulers to a religious war against the Turkish who occupied the Holy Land in Palestine.

1384- Hedwig crowned king of Poland, although she was a woman.

1532- Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro took with only 200 soldiers in the city of Cajamarca in Peru and executed Inca Atahualpa, although he paid a large ransom.

1849- Russian court condemned Fyodor Dostoevsky to death for anti-state action, but his execution has been cancelled at the last minute.

1869- The Suez Canal was put into circulation.

1896- The first transmission of electricity between the two cities occurred (Niagara Falls and Buffalo).

1904- John Ambrose Fleming invented a vacuum tube.

1906- Opera singer Enrico Caruso is charged with misconduct after allegedly stabbing a woman in New York.

1918- After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in World War I, Hungary was proclaimed an independent republic.

1920 Qantas, the Australian national airline, became the second-oldest airline in the world.

1933- The US and the Soviet Union establish formal diplomatic relations.

1940- World War II: The Royal Air Force (RAF) bombarded Hamburg.

1940- In Poland, the Nazis closed the Warsaw Ghetto.

1941- WWII- a German offensive began on Moscow, which ended on December 5 with the defeat of the German army.

1945- Cold War: The United States, with the help of 88 German scientists, begins the production of a rocket.

1945- By signing the “Statute of UNESCO”, UNESCO was founded, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. T

1959- Musical “My songs, my dreams” premiered on Broadway.

1965- The Soviet Union launched the Venera 3 spacecraft, the first spacecraft to descend to the surface of another planet.

1970 – Syrian President Nureddin al-Atassi was overthrown.

1970- Pakistan has officially announced that the number of dead in the cyclone in the Bengal Bay have reached half a million.

1973- From Cape Canaveral, NASA launched a Skylab 4 aircraft with three crew members on an 84-day mission.

1991 – Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed a series of decrees conferring power over the economy from the Soviet central government to the Russian government.

1996- Mother Theresa becomes a slow citizen of the United States. 2000- Bill Clinton became the first US President to visit Vietnam.

2001″Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” started its run in the movies.

2003- Close to Kabul, a UN employee, French woman Bettina Gulzar was killed, and she was the first victim among UN employees two years earlier the Taliban government in Afghanistan was overthrown.

2004 – The X-43A is becoming the fastest jet aircraft at a speed of nearly 11,200 km / h or 3.11 km/sec.

Famous people born on November 16

We ask from you to look at the biographies of these famous people who find their place on our list – all of them achieve success in their lives, even if some names are not so familiar.

42 B.C – Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar, a Roman Emperor.

1720- Carlo Antonio Campioni, an Italian composer.

1762- Karadjordje Petrovic, the leader of the First Serbian Uprising.

1836- David Kalakaua, the last Hawaiian king.

1861- Luigi Facta, an Italian politician and journalist.

1873 – W. C. Handy, an American composer.

1874- Alexander Kolchak, a Russian military commander.

1887- Hans Blume, a Dutch footballer.

1889- George Kaufman, an American dramatist.

1892- Guo Moruo, a Chinese writer.

1895- Paul Hindemith, a German composer.

1922-José Saramago, a Portuguese writer.

1930-Chinua Achebe, a Nigerian writer.

1938- Robert Nozick, an American philosopher.

1946-Terence McKenna, an American writer and philosopher.

1948- Arend “Arie” Haan, a Dutch footballer.

1952- Shigeru Miyamoto, a Japanese computer games designer.

1958- Marg Helgenberger, an American actress.

1961- Frank Bruno, a British boxer.

1964- Diana Krall, a Canadian singer.

1966- Christian Lorenz, a German musician.

1967- Lisa Bonet, an American actress.

1970-Jamie Babbit, an American director.

1970-Martha Plimpton, an American actress.

1971- Alexander Popov, a Russian swimmer.

1974- Paul Scholes, an English footballer.

1977- Oksana Baiul, a Ukrainian skater.

1977 – Maggie Gyllenhaal, an American actress.

1981- Allison Crowe, a Canadian singer.

1982- Amare Stoudemire, an American basketball player.

Let us sum up all we know that we have about people who are born on November 16.

These are very intuitive people who can listen well and are ready to give others the best of themselves. They spend a lot of time examining and analysing, and they are perfectionists. Since they do not want their private life to suffer, they need a quiet job without stress. They are circumspect and do not like to go into unexpected ways. In love, they can be cold-blooded and do not bind, as they fear not to be hurt. They are very picky when choosing a partner. These people will not engage in short-term relationships, and they prefer waiting for a “prince on a white horse”.