November 15 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astro-numerology will never tell you that you are a good or bad person, it will never judge you for who you are; its meaning and purpose are to help you find your way, the best possible way that you can walk on, that is compatible with your potentials. Those potentials are maybe not apparent to you, and they are far from developed, but this is something that can be expanded, only if you look into some numbers that mark your life to the certain extent. That number is your date number that is compatible with your personal Zodiac sign; when this information is seen and represented in some acceptable level, things become clearer, and you can work on them.

Today that number is 15, a month is November, and Zodiac sign in question is Scorpio. You will see, as you progress with the reading of this piece that these people who celebrate their birthdays on this day, have many Scorpio characteristics.

Personality and Character

As far as come to all Scorpio people, and this is also true for those who are born on November 15, you must understand that all of them are unique and require a lot of patience to understand them. If you are in a relationship with them, then you must learn how to understand it and accept it as it is. This is because Scorpios are very difficult to change.

These people continuously expect thing that will change their lives in some way; some would say that they are awaiting the apocalypse that will come sooner than they think. It seems that explosions of all kinds are continually occurring in their lives, and they can be accused of eccentric behavior – these Scorpios born on November 15 are dealing with everything with passion.

These persons who are born on November 15 are people who are incredibly patient – and even if their strong temperament pushes them to behave erratically, they can wait for the right things in life.

They can act as over-calculated persons, as someone whose whole life depends on only one single mistake. Fear plays a vital role in their caution, as these individuals know exactly what to fear.

Love Compatibility

Once you hurt these people, they will never forgive you, they are very sensitive, and it’s easy to hurt them.

They are also known for their aversion. If you betray or destroy something that they built in the life together, they will surely avenge you. They can do this by verbally attacking their lovers, talking about them behind their back and doing other humiliating things.

But these people can be charming whenever they want, and by being manipulative, they can quickly turn against you, without knowing it.

Scorpios born on November 15 regularly face life challenges and various experiences in intensive encounters with people who have not met before. Therefore, it is very important for these people to be prepared whether it is a general readiness for unforeseen circumstances or conscious planning of certain events. This is particularly important when it is translated in their love life that can be very turbulent and exposed to jealousy and many problems.

Purpose and Career

Those who belong to the November 15 are people, who are considered to be very reasonable, and the people who have good judgment, and individual business skills that can complete each venture. They are more interested in different things than regular nine to five job. They love to be on the move and can be a good writer. These Scorpios also love science very much and are interested in metaphysical things, mainly all those things that invisible and supernatural. For others in their work environment, these people represent the great authority.

In theory, these people might be good doctors or a part of the medical staff, but the practical side of that call does not suit to those who belong to the November 15 which will stop them from even entering that field. If you are dealing with a business, it would be the best possible option for them to have a partner who will deal with all the details that do not suit them. They are grateful for what they have and can spend money comfortably when they have it.

These people often make their life great and enjoyable; they have a lot of friends, and are inventive and smart human beings.

Those who belong to the November 15 like to be mysterious and will have to obliterate some things. If you know their secrets, it’s better not to let them know. If you tell them, they will feel bad because they have lost their dominant control.  Being dominant at work, and at home, they are excellent leaders. They do not like when others around them command. If they are the chief in certain situations, they will stand out in them.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 6 is the number that is in a numerological sense responsible for these interesting people; they are those who want to attract attention and even challenge admiration for themselves. Number 6 is the number that is responsible for the incredible, out of this world type of energy that can create or destroy.

Planets Venus and Pluto that make a planetary symbolism that can be found in the lives of these people can produce all kinds of disturbing situations, especially in love relationships. Venus is the planet that has the most robust glow in the sky (except the Sun and the Moon).


In general, we connect Venus with love, art, a beauty of life, elegance and joy. It works on love relationships, but also on all kinds of emotional contacts. In a negative sense, it leads to imbalance. In connection with Pluto, Venus produces a volcanic pair of strong passions and magnetic attraction. However, it can symbolically give rather an uncomfortable aspect that gives the entirety of this story a taste of fatality. It symbolises the passions that are emphasised, and jealousy comes to terms more than ever. It can give an extremely obsessive to dramatic breaks in relationships, suspicion, threats, etc.

Their number is 6, and their color is bright red color.

Historical Events on November 15

Some of the most significant researchers that ever lived, on this day, made some of their important discoveries; but we also mention some events that are important for pop culture and that happen on November 15.

1492- Christopher Columbus recorded the first note about tobacco in his diary. The tobacco was only transported from America to Europe and then to other continents in the 16th century.

1533- Francisco Pizarro arrived in Cuzco, Peru.

1577- English pirate and Admiral Frances Drake set off on a journey around the world. After a three-year successful trip, he became the first Englishman to sail the Earth.

1791- The first American Catholic college was opened – Georgetown.

1889 – Republicans who joined the emigrants with the abolition of slavery overthrew the second and last Brazilian emperor Pedro II and proclaimed Brazil for the Republic, with President Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca.

1899- During the Burmese War, in the Johannesburg area, Burton soldier Peter Botha was captured by the war correspondent of the London Morning Post Winston Churchill.

1920 – The first convocation of the League of Nations in Geneva was held.

1923- Growing inflation in Germany peaked, one US dollar changed by eight billion marks.

1941- SS Heinrich Himmler orders the arrest of all homosexuals in Germany and their deportation to concentration camps.

1942- World War II: The end of the battle at Guadalcanal.

1943- SS Heinrich Himmler orders that the Roma be classified as “in the same basket with the Jews and be imprisoned in concentration camps”.

1945 – Gabriela Mistral became the first Latin American to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1966- Gemini Program: The Gemini 12 was grounded in the Atlantic Ocean.

1969 – Cold War: The Soviet submarine K-19 collided with the US submarine Gato in the Barents Sea.

1969- Vietnam War: In Washington, between 250,000 and 500,000 protesters gathered in a peaceful protest against the war.

1970 – The Soviet vehicle Lunokhod 1 landed on the Moon.

1971 -Intel launches the world’s first commercial microprocessor, Intel 4004.

1971- China’s delegation for the first time participated in the session of the UN General Assembly.

1976 – The Syrian army took full control of Beirut in an attempt to end the civil war in Lebanon for 18 months.

1978 – In Sri Lanka an Icelandic DC8 passenger plane crashed, carrying Indonesian Muslim pilgrims from Mecca. All 175 passengers and eight crew members were killed.

1983- Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash declared the Republic of Northern Cyprus.

1988 – Israeli-Palestinian conflict: the Palestinian National Committee declares an independent state to Palestine.

1990 – Music scandal: Musician band Milli Vanilli, who won Grammy for the best performer in 1990, did not sing vocals in this song. Later on, Grammy was taken away from them.

1990- NATO and the Warsaw Pact have agreed in principle to reduce conventional weapons drastically. The first agreement on the conventional arms of two military alliances after World War II.

1994 – Austrian President Thomas Klestil acknowledged in an address to members of the Parliament of Israel that his country had failed to recognise its role in the Holocaust in the past.

1999 – Police raided anti-American demonstrations in Turkey and Greece, organised on the occasion of US President Bill Clinton’s visit to these countries.

2001- Microsoft’s Xbox video game console was introduced in North America, along with the Halo game.

2002 – Hu Jintao became the Secretary General of the Communist Party of China.

2003- In the bombings on two synagogues in the centre of Istanbul, 25 people were killed, more than 300 were injured. By the claims of Turkish authorities, the attack was carried out by Turkish citizens.

2007- Cyclon Sidr hit Bangladesh; more than 2,000 people were killed and around 5,000 injured.

Famous people born on November 15

Writers and historians, sportspeople and royals; not as many actors and singer are included in this list of famous people born on November 15.

1316 – John I, a French King.

1397 – Nicholas V, the Pope.

1498 – Eleonor, the Queen of Portugal and France.

1511 -Johannes Secundus, a Dutch poet.

1607 – Madeleine de Scudéry, a French writer.

1660-  Hermann von der Hardt, a German historian.

1692 – Eusebius Amort, a German Catholic theologian.

1738- William Herschel, a British astronomer.

1862- Gerhart Hauptmann, a German playwriter.

1886- René Guéno, a French-Egyptian writer.

1887- Marianne Moore, an American poet.

1887- Georgia O’Keeffe, an American painter.

1889- Dom Manuel II, the Portuguese King.

1890- Richmal Crompton, a British writer.

1891- Erwin Rommel, a German Field Marshal.

1895- Antoni Słonimski, a Polish writer.

1899 -Jalaluddin Mirza, the first President of Pakistan.

1905- Annunzio Paolo Mantovani, an Italian conductor.

1907- Claus von Stauffenberg, a German colonel who was planning an assassination on Hitler.

1925-Yuli Daniel, a Russian writer.

1930 -J. G. Ballard, a British writer.

1932 – Petula Clark, an English singer.

1936 – Wolf Biermann, a German co-author.

1942 – Daniel Barenboim, an Argentine-Israeli pianist and conductor.

1944 – Joy Fleming, a German singer.

1945 – Anni-Frid Lyngstad, a Swedish pop singer (ABBA).

1951 – Beverly D’Angelo, an American actress.

1954 – Aleksander Kwasniewski, a Polish President.

1957- Kevin Eubanks, an American jazz guitarist.

1965- Nigel Bond, an English snooker player.

1967- François Ozon, a French director.

1968- Ol ‘Dirty Bastard, an American rapper.

1970- Patrick Mboma, a Cameroon player.

1979- José Miguel González Rey, a Spanish footballer.

1981- Gustavo “Gus” Poyet, an Uruguayan football player and coach.

1983- Veli-Matti Lindström, a Finnish skier jumper.

1983- Johnny Heitinga, a Dutch footballer.

1983- Fernando Verdasco, a Spanish tennis player.

1987-Sergio Llull, a Spanish basketball player.

1988- B.o.B, an American hip-hop artist.

There can be many traits mentioned about those who are born on November 15, but these Scorpios are also known for their congression because they rarely avoid challenges.

These people are ready to protect themselves and their attitudes by all costs, but they are also prone to protect others when they are threatened. They do not go into meaningless debates, nor enter into relationships that can jeopardise their dignity. This is one trait that is remarkable.