November 10 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It is said by some famous philosophers that one of the main things in life to our true Source in life, and that after that everything becomes easy, and life becomes a festivity. But, we need to wonder if the saying ‘per Aspera ad Astra’ true? Can we find happiness after a pain; can we find infinite gratitude for the life given to us? Astro-numerology teach us that this is true; and that only then will we understand all the wisdom that for centuries was known to certain people.

In some higher states, entering the Astro-numerology world in some way can mean (for some) that they can find the mystical, artistic and psychic recognition of their souls, and that becomes a priority in their life. But this is just an opportunity; the first step that all of us could make is finding what kind of potential we have in life. It can be revealed by looking into the date of birth and today that date is November 10, that stills belong to the Scorpio Zodiac sign.

We will mention one thing that is connected to this Zodiac sign – there is a myth that they can hurt themselves if someone hurts them. This is untrue because the Scorpios can only be stabbed accidentally, because of observing extreme danger. And if they stab themselves, they will not be hurt because they are immune to their own poison.

But the myth of the auto-destructive Scorpios debunks in some way, but we do not deny that they can be destructive in some way. It is also believed that they are vindictive and that they will hurt the one they hate even if at the same time they endanger themselves. Yes, Scorpions are vengeful, but they are not more inclined to self-deny than other signs.

Now, read the following article and try to realise if these people have something in common to their ruling Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

We could say that these Scorpios who belong to the November 10 in their life have a struggle with unfortunate circumstances. However, the indications are that these people will deal with it because it indeed depends on them and their strength and power that will shine in the right moment.

The lives of those who are born on November 10 can be overwhelmed with the problem of the biggest and the most profound possible changes in every aspect of their lives, but an essential thing in their lives is the opportunity to transform. This means that that transformation at certain times can be very slow and extremely painful, and it can leave serious scars, but it can also include a real struggle to achieve the desired state.

But, you know what the most critical aspect of this struggle is? The results that can be amazing and one of a kind experience; they can make serious changes in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. They bring with them an opportunity to make things better and more progressive, but also to destroy and to bring the pain with them. Both options are plausible and happen in their lives, once or twice.

And these persons are also very vulnerable and intuitive, and many of these people deal with their problems through creativity, like literature and poetry. But when we are looking things from the others side, it seems that things are in some way ambiguous – these Scorpios who celebrate their birthdays on November 10 often give the impression of extremely stable and immutable people.

There is a lot of art in these people. Also, clearly defined religious lines are the basis of personality, although these people are not aware of it. In everything they have strong convictions for which they are always ready to fight; beliefs are deeply rooted in their mind. But on the more negative note, those who belong to the November 10 tend to be unstable – one fundamental lesson for these people is to learn to recognise and cure this state.

Love Compatibility

When we are speaking more about the love we must say one important thing that concerns these people – at one point in her life, persons born on November 10 will probably develop an overly critical attitude toward partners and end up with an intense nature that is difficult to satisfy. No one will want to be with them anymore; they will have a reputation for amazing but difficult lovers.

Also, extraordinary seriousness and strict habits of some of these people can lead the wrong way. Their family, close friends and emotional partners must be extremely loyal to these people and full of understanding that they could be able to stay with them for a more extended period.

When we are talking about friendships, these people have them few since they can be sympathetic, kind and can keep secrets.

They have a strong will, but can too easily be misguided by others- these Scorpios even if they have a sharp mind, must learn to think with their head, and the best way to do is to formulate goals, find true occupation as early as possible in life. Then nothing will stand in their way, and power is in their own hands.

Purpose and Career

We can call these Scorpios greedy, since it is pronounced in their work, in a sense that it is connected to their need for attention. They do not like when their business partners socialise or work with anyone but them and the tendency of extreme jealousy can lead them to greed and can be very obsessive towards their work.

If those who belong to the November 10 feel that they do not get everything they want, they will take control of the situation in every possible way. It can be very awkward because they are excellent manipulators and are not overly inclined to think of others when it comes to meeting their needs.


Most people born this day show an intuitive knowledge of how things work through extraordinary patience, technical mastery of their medium. Although these individuals born on November 10 can magnetically attract their environment, they are usually difficult to understand by other people and can be socially inhibited and fully occupied with oneself.

These people are naturally born gamblers that can be very concentrated on their work, and they can bluff well, they can manipulate their way to the top, but this does not mean that they do not have any talents and skills, because they do, but at times they are lazy to develop them and use them in the right way. Their jobs are sometimes seen as a game of poker where no single movement of the face will show how they feel.

They are systematic players who do not hesitate, but somewhat coldly and sharply develop a gaming strategy. They want to be calm and are inclined to take a great deal of risk and keep the cold head. It is precisely this secret of their eventual success.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons who belong to the Scorpio Zodiac sign and are born on November 10 have numeral 1 in their chart.  People in number 1 most often like to be the first in what they do.

But if we look even deeper into the symbolic that is behind this number, we can say that the ‘One’ denotes the beginning of the cycle and represents new beginnings. It pushes these people to ask themselves where they are going. What do they want? They instinctively know what the next steps are for good for them; they already know in which direction they are going, and have enough energy to achieve it. They are incredibly individualistic so that they can be extremely stubborn.

Also, if we look at the planetary symbolism behind this date, we could say that they are under the impact of the Sun and Pluto. The Sun gives them warmth and well-developed ego for an extremely positive human orientation to life, but because of the dark influence of Pluto that rules all Scorpios. The connection between the two planets can describe the conflict that, when dissolved, results in growth; and Sun and Pluto govern transformation through destruction that ends up as a reconstruction. They can destroy something old to build something new.

Another way in which this connection is expressed is the extreme aggressiveness in love, romanticism and sex, which in extreme cases can lead to violence. In the lives of those who are born on November 10, this can be the case because the Sun naturally rules romance, love and intimacy, while Pluto governs sexual desire and relationship.

Their number is 10, and their color is indigo blue.

Historical Events on November 10

Battles and Congresses, discoveries and mysteries – this date has it all – inform yourself about the historical significance of November 10.

1444 – In the Battle at the Black Sea, Sultan Murad II defeated crusaders.

1619- René Descartes allegedly dreamed something that will later inspire his work “Meditations on First Philosophy.”

1775 – The Congress founded American marines.

1793 – France ended forced worship of God/Gods.

1871 – David Livingstone, who was considered missing, was found by Henry Morton Stanley amidst Africa.

1891- Granville Woods patented the electric railway.

1915 – World War I: The Fourth Battle of the Sochi.

1917- 41 suffragists were arrested in front of the White House.

1917 – The Battle of Passchendaele ends unresolved.

1918 – Austro-Hungarian Emperor Carl abdicated.

1928 – Michinomiya Hirohito, two years after his father’s death, enters the throne as the 124th Japanese monarch.

1933 – Black Blizzard snowstorm raged in the Atlantic.

1938 -Kristallnacht, day two: Jews in Germany and Austria were forced to leave or were killed.

1951 – Long distance telephone call without operator assistance was made.

1969 – American children’s TV show “Sesame Street” aired for the first time.

1970 – Space Vehicle (Moon Probe) Lunokhod 1 was launched.

1988 – China confirmed that earthquake took lives of 938 people.

1989 – Bulgarian communist leader Todor Zjikov resigned from power after 33 years of rule.

1990 – A cult movie “Home Alone” starring Macaulay Culkin premiered.

2005 – After 23 hours of flight from Hong Kong, the Boeing 777-200LR Wordliner sails to London by establishing a new record in the long-haul flight on regular passenger lines.

2005 – George Weah defeated Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in the election for President of Liberia and became the first woman who has been elected head of state in African history.

Famous people born on November 10

One of the most famous reformers in history was born on this. Besides him, we can see on this list one of the most renowned movie composers of all time. Who are they?

1483 – Martin Luther, a German theological and religious reformer.

1759 – Friedrich Schiller, a German writer.

1879 – Padraig Pearse, an Irish politician.

1888 –  Andrei Nikolaevich Tupolev, a Russian aircraft designer.

1916 – Billy May, an American musician and composer.

1919 – Mikhail Kalashnikov, a Russian engineer.

1925 – Richard Burton, British theatre and film actor.

1928 – Ennio Morricone, an Italian composer.

1932 –  Roy Richard Scheider, an American film actor.

1955 – Roland Emmerich, a German director, screenwriter and producer.

1964 – Magnus Schwein, an Icelandic producer, athlete, actor and writer.

1969 –  Elen Pompeo, an American actress.

1977 –  Brittany Murphy, an American actress.

1977 – Nina Mercedez, an American porn actress.

1978 – DiJay Milinka, an Indonesian musician of Serbian-origin.

1978- Diplo, an American record producer.

1981- Ryback Allen Reeves, an American wrestler.

1983- Miranda Lambert, an American country singer.

1984 – Kendrick Perkins, an American basketball player.

1986- Josh Peck, an American actor and standup comedian.

1989- Taron Egerton, a Welsh actor.

In this last section, we will speak more about their deepest needs and desires and the ways of spiritual development. These human beings are continually searching for some purpose and meaning that will explain the struggle that they endure in their lives.

They are, as one part that can be seen as remarkable can magically transform “raw” or “unretouched” materials into finished products or energy.