November 1 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

How many times have you overheard the old saying that we all know and use it from time to time – “He/she was born / under the lucky star”! This means that certain persons in our environment have success in everything they do, and it seems like they have a good time in everything they do, they do everything with ease, and opportunities just fall into their laps. Do you know some people who fall under this description? We are sure that you have some people that you consider to be lucky.

And perhaps you did not know, but from the standpoint of Astrology, this saying is true – many astrologers, when interpreting the natal chart, give immense importance to the stars, or their positive or negative impact on the people (luck or not).

But once again we are saying that being under a certain lucky star does not mean that you will have luck, it is just an opportunity that can be used.

From the Astro-numerological aspect, we will not make such statement, are people who are born on November 1 are under the lucky star, but by the analyses that you will be able to see, you make your own conclusion.

These people are born in Scorpio Zodiac sign.

Personality and Character

The character of the people who are born on November 1 is quite mixed – it’s difficult to explain it because of its complexity, they are Scorpios who have many of their traits, but they are much more complicated than the average Scorpio. Sometimes it’s not even clear to them what is their true nature, and they are struggling all of their lives to find out as much information about themselves as possible.

One thing is connected to their character – their mood changes – these Scorpios are known for their changing moods, they are the type and subject to strokes of melancholic thoughts, which is not in agreement with the rest of their life. But they are also at the same time, people who are fearless and like to face the danger, to meet their fears, even if that drives them crazy to a certain extent.

Persons born on November 1 are very confident in their abilities, but their tendency to risk can lead them to situations where physical vulnerability and their psychological stability are endangered. And this is not surprising when we are discussing the lives of the people who belong to the Scorpio Zodiac sign. Yes, all of them tend to fall into the states that are not good for them in any terms, and especially regarding their psychological health. They can have serious problems that can make a lasting mark on their souls, especially in interpersonal communications.

Also, we can add one more thing to these human beings who belong to the November 1 – they are known for their tendency to underestimate their advisers, even the closest people who want them good. No, born on this day will insist on their knowledge and ability to asses risks, which is not a particular truth, and they are not always right. These people should learn to be more realistic in assessing the opportunities they are opening, as well as looking at life more coolly and objectively.

Love Compatibility

Scorpios who are born on November 1 are the happiest when they are given the opportunity to deal with things in the area they are dealing with and in which they are good; they are those who have a competitive spirit and want to win. When they win, they are the people who want to show everyone that they are the best and the most dominant players in their area.

But this behavior can be translated into their work, but also in the field of interpersonal relations, so they are behaving like this with their lovers. And this is not a good idea to enter the competition with your lover, and nothing good can come out of such behavior. They can only lose their lovers without having an opportunity to make a change.

They like books and travel, but love to spend time at home; whenever they go, these people feel the most comfortable anywhere in their home.

They will stagnate for sure if they are not able to devote too much time to work that does not stimulate them. As long as they do not realise this need for stimulation, their life will not be fulfilled.

This is true for love life, because their lovers must be those who can stimulate them in every sense, emotionally, physically and sexually. They need to find their match in lovers, the intellectual connection must be strong, or else those born on this day will true their attention to someone else.

Purpose and Career

When in business and these people born on November 1 see a more comprehensive picture of things and are honored. In some way, these people do not care about money to the extent that others do (other Scorpios), and again, they love all those things that money can buy.

These people adore music, and are incredibly interested in supernatural phenomena – people who belong to November 1 attract everything that has to do with it. They can do great things in life if you get to know themselves early and plan life according to a line of lesser resistance.


People who belong to the November 1 rarely develop strategies and usually attack quickly and directly – remember they are Scorpios after all.  Those born this day have an extraordinary insight into the technical aspects of the problem, as well as in other people, but very rarely their gift of knowing how to solve a problem creatively, because some issues are more problematic than others, and require innovative solutions, not just in the technical sense.

These are persons who undoubtedly love adventures and excitement, especially on the business plan – they like to be involved in things that are exciting end new, borderline dangerous. As very active persons, those born on November 1 invest their incredible energy in the ventures, they are involved in. There is no doubt that these people are in danger of falling miserably in their enterprises, but this is their fuel, they need to have it, in order to work well.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on November 1 are Zodiac Scorpios; they are determined by the number 1 and the Sun-Pluto planetary combination. Units like everything to be first. Those who are number one are ultimate individualists and are more difficult to rise to the top, and number 1 is connected to many people who want to do anything to get to the top, they are those who will do anything to make their plans real, and more importantly they are those who can make some controversial moves .

These people are usually stable, stable and concentrated on what they do. The Sun, along with Pluto and Mars, can bring to people born on November 1 the propensity of destructiveness to both themselves and others who are in their close or near to them.

These people want to be in the headline, sometimes are boastful, arrogant and rebellious, and find a hard to steer energy in the direction of something constructive. Other people think they know them, but you, in fact, never know the truth.  Those who are under the impact of the planetary impact Pluto- Sun must learn to control temper and develop a dose of moderation in all relationships. They can be leaders, but they have to learn the skill of making a compromise.

Their color is dark bronze, and their numbers are 1 and 12.

Historical Events on November 1

As you know we believe that there is no insignificant historical event in this world; every past step made a trace in our world, in some way. Today we look into the depths of historical events that occurred on the first day of November.

1501- Portuguese sailors discovered bay of All Saints in Brazil.

1509 – The public of the presented painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo.

1755 – A catastrophic earthquake and tsunami broke down the city of Lisbon and took about 60,000-90,000 victims.

1755 – The British Parliament passed the Law of Taxes Marks of 1765 for the Thirteen Colonies to force them to help pay for British military operations in North America.

1875 – Johann Palis of the Marine Observatory discovered the 151 Abundantia asteroid.

1897 – Football Club Juventus was founded in Turin, Italy.

1918 – Lviv became the capital of Western Ukraine.

1928 – In Turkey, the Arabic letter replaced by the Latin alphabet, as part of the reforms of the founder of modern Turkish state Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

1936- Civil war in Spain: the battle for Madrid began.

1945- Britain announced that the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, most likely committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin.

1949 – The first issue of German newspapers Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has been published.

1952 – The United States on the Marshall Islands tested the first hydrogen bomb.

1954 – Algeria began an uprising against French colonial rule, completed in 1962, by gaining independence.

1956- The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution demanding that Great Britain, France and Israel immediately suspend armed actions, withdraw from the territory of Egypt and allow the opening of the Suez Canal.

1963 – President Ngo Dinh Diem, and his powerful brother and adviser, Ngo Dinh Nhu, were killed in a military coup in South Vietnam.

1964- A passage in the Berlin Wall was temporarily opened.

1981 – Antigua and Barbuda got independence.

1987 – China’s leader Deng Xiaoping, has withdrawn from all functions in the Communist Party.

1993- The European Union is formally established by the entry into force of the Treaty on European Union.

1998 – The European Court of Human Rights was established.

2001 – Turkey, a member of NATO, as the first Muslim country, sent troops to the war against Afghanistan.

2004 – Poland has become a full member of Europol.

Famous people born on November 1

Kings and artists, these are the most common occupations of Scorpios born on November 1. Read all about them.

846 -Louis the Stammerer, the French king.

1500 –  Benvenuto Cellini, a Florentine sculptor.

1596-  Pietro da Cortona, an Italian Baroque painter and architect.

1761 – Angelo Anelli, an Italian librettist and writer.

1855 -Guido Adler, an Austrian musicologist.

1880- Alfred Wegener, a German metrologist and geologist.

1889 -Philip Noel-Baker, a British politician, humanist and athlete.

1902 – Eugen Jochum, a German conductor.

1923- Gordon Rupert Dickson, a Canadian science fiction writer.

1923 -Victoria de Los Angeles, a Spanish opera singer.

1924 – Süleyman Demirel, a Turkish politician.

1942- Larry Flint, an American publisher.

1943 – Salvatore Adamo, a Belgian singer.

1949- David Foster, a Canadian musician.

1962 – Anthony Kiedis, an American musician.

1963- Mark Hughes, a Welsh footballer and coach.

1972- Jenny McCarthy, an American model, and actress.

1973 -Aishwarya Rai, an Indian actress and Miss World in 1994.

1975- Roberto Duenas, a Spanish basketball player.

1978- Danny Koevermans, a Dutch footballer.

1979- Dariusz Ławrynowicz, a Lithuanian basketball player.

Exciting date and these Scorpios are people of risk and danger, a little bit more than anyone else, and it seems like that.

They have devoted their lives to several different ways that they can choose. They are not too wise can play and spend their time and abilities on various peculiarities, but at the same time, these persons can be extremely self-supporting, gentle with their senses, intellect and wisdom, and able to allow others to enjoy the union between love and death with them.

Typical Scorpions are fearless, and these people can bravely face pain and chaos forever mocking failure because he is convinced that the inner strength he possesses can help him to overcome every crisis.

It is not surprising that people born on November 1 are exposed to various types of accidents. In too much care for their health, these people have to show a good feeling that usually manifests in everyday situations.