Mount of Venus Palmistry – Reading and Meaning

If you are interested in what is to come, just look in your palms of your hands, they can tell you everything you need to know, there are a few simple rules to be followed, and you are good to do the palmistry.

Everything is written down there, and you just need to be able to interpret it – and this so logical when you look at the palm of the hand, it is our DNA, there are no same lines, and when we know what to look for, the answers are clear.

Even more, it is obvious that hand, and palms as the most prominent parts of them, have so many details, and all those lines, small and big, Mounts, etc. are there are here for a reason.

Looking at the hands, or palms of the hands, otherwise known as palmistry, is practiced all over the world, and its roots are drawn from Indian astrology and Gipsy tradition -even today, Gypsies are considered to be the experts in this area.

The goal of looking at the palm is to evaluate the character of the person or his future by studying that person’s palm – most of the people are interested in love matters, and you could find this answer, among all others.

The tradition of looking at the palm of our hands says that the left palm signifies what we were born with, our genetic inheritance, our potential, or what we could all achieve in life (these are usually abilities that we do not we have, but we do).

This art comes from ancient times, where it was of great importance. Today it is considered superstition or magic.

However, you do not remain indifferent when you are struck by what the lines of the right hand say about you and your past. From the edges of the left palm, you can learn many things about the future.

The most common question is what the right hand is for reading?

The answer is – both, depending on which hand the person writes, eats, the one they primarily use. In right-handed people, the right hand is active, the left is passive, and in left-handed people, it is the other way around.

As mentioned above, the active arm speaks to one another and the passive one to the other.

The right palm shows what we have done from all this, or what we will do with ourselves and our lives, indicates actual events and what we have accomplished from our capabilities (given to us by the left palm), by our own will, whether upgraded, developed or neglected.

It is amazing to see that both palms are connected perfectly and that they give us a complete answer to things we want to know.

If palmistry one of your interests and you’ve always wanted to look in the palm of your hand, you’re in the right place to learn it – today we are looking at the Mount Venus.

What does this part of the palm could tell us – the name itself speaks of the Venus, as the Goddess of justice, love and beauty.

Reading of a Mount of Venus Palmistry

First, we will define where is located in this area and what are the basis of its reading.

The space “below” the thumb, or rather between the thumb and the line of life. If stressed, a bank means a passionate person who has a productive love life, is attracted to the opposite sex, and similar means if there are many lines on the Mount.


If the lines from the Venus Mount “intertwine” into the line of life, it means that in certain periods love has a significant impact on a person’s life, that is, a large part of her life is conducted by Eros. A pronounced thumb with an almost “square” wrist indicates a strong-willed person who leads, manages and dominates with ease.

Characters with a well-developed Mount of Venus are sufficient to power and regularly attempt to make the atmosphere dynamic with their demeanor. They have a strong sex urge and a healthy sensuality initiative. They understand the environment correctly and appreciate it.

These humans are hedonists who adore musicology and great meals. They are also extremely important in society and adored by many.

In the case when the Mount Venus is less noticeable, then the character is supposed to do not have the determination. Such a person manages to be somewhat indifferent and stiff, particularly when his lifeline further slices within the Mount of Venus.

We must add that those with the developed Mount of Venus have lives that are loaded with loads of delicate, charming and beautiful details with unique products of art.

This part of the hand is connected with elegance, and it is said that those with the pre-eminent Mount of Venus have a handsome appearance, they are seen as very attractive and do not have a problem in finding a lover.

Meaning of Mount of Venus palmistry

The tradition of looking at the palm of our hands says that the left palm signifies what we have been given by birth, genetic inheritance, our potential, or what we could all do. Combining the two speaks of all aspects of life, whatever interest us, and the Mount of Venus is in charge of emotions and look.

A perfect Venuses Mount is not too difficult, dull or densely marked. It should be soft and durable to the sense, and more distinguished than other parts of the palm, and the color should be red-pink.

Now, in the next few rows, we will describe the parts of this area, so that you could look at your own palm, and learn what does your Mount Venus is saying.

Venus Circle: The curve under the middle finger and the wedding finger. Ended Circle: Failure in Passion. Half Open: Failure will be overwhelmed. Multiple circles: Extreme consciousness makes it difficult to live together.

You will notice it very easily, and it is the protruding part of the palm of the hand below the root of the thumb that is edged by the Line of Life.

Normally Developed Mount of Venus: Moderate Sexuality, Culinary skills.

Very pronounced Mount of Venus: sexual inebriation, animal nature, nymphomania

Poor Mount of Venus: frigidity, impotence, laziness, egoism – negative and undesired traits in love and interpersonal relations.

The bars on Mount of Venus, the lukewarm nature that can be at times passionate, and at times not interested.

Cross on Mount of Venus: great unhappy love, complexes with another human being that will lead toward suffering.

A star on Mount of Venus: happiness in love, love with the help of embracing partners – this is a good sign, and these humans are great lovers.

Square on Mount of Venus: fear of sex, a period of isolation, abstinence -people with such position is in deep problems, and really has issues in dealing with the matters of love and sex.

The point on Mount of Venus: Chronic Sexual Illness, Severe Injury, Love Trauma -one very extreme case that is undesirable and unwanted.

Broken Mount of Venus: a troubled life with many love relationships and scandals, genital diseases – a person who does not see clearly (do not understand interpersonal relations) and makes severe mistakes.

Smooth Mount of Venus: a little love affair, a peaceful and simple emotional life with no major events.

Blown Mount of Venus: it shows an inclination via lewdness and dread of dedication toward lovers.

Additionally, if the Mount of Venus is very tough, then the intensity can quickly become hostility and harshness, particularly if the form of the surface is rough.

However, souls with the extremely refined this part of the hand are frequently experiencing conditions that influence the neck area of the body.

If this part of the hand that is observed is completely outstanding, but the Line of Head is not matched, then the character could have problems in love and sex.


The right palm of our hand shows what we have made of it, or what we will do with ourselves and our lives, it indicates concrete events, and what we have accomplished by our own will (given to us by our left hand), whether we upgraded, developed or neglected.

In this sense, many advocate looking into the right palm, but one should always look to the left to see where one is going, what he or she can develop, whether he has overcome weaknesses or indulged in them, whether he has taken advantage of opportunities, and whether there are still certain opportunities he could use.

A good palm reader can perfectly connect the left and right palms and give a clear interpretation of one’s capabilities and accomplishments, as well as their relationships.

In prediction with the usage of a hand, the Mount of Venus is the area that is placed at the foundation of our thumb finger. Encircled by the Line of Life, this section describes love, affection, desire and bodily form – that is usually very attractive.

This area of the hand is identified following the muse of desire, and knowing where to look can be a good pointer of whence strongly or intensely we enjoy other people.

This section also symbolizes our fondness for creativity and anything that is connected to the reality of beauty and love.

If it is not so perfect, in that case – a person should rather concentrate your tempestuous forces into implementing a real-life of enjoyment and accomplishment for an ideal mate – also utilizing your natural feelings into substantial ones with available objects following them.