Mother In Law – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

All people dream. Some dreams attach greater, and some lesser significance. For some people, dreams are only vague and unconnected images of the mind, for other dreams are guides that show us what is important to us in our lives.

There are many researches written on the basis of the human experience of dreams. Are dreams just an image of the mind? Or they say something to us, ordinary mortals?

The dream interest comes from the ancient Egyptians, who thought that they were the message of the gods. Similar interest in dreams was also shown by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Egyptians believed that, during the dream, the soul was immersed in the heavenly praokhant and sprouted rejuvenated. It seems that they also believed in the healing power of dreams, which is confirmed by modern research.

All people dream, as it was said at the beginning. Some do not remember their dreams, some very vividly describe a couple of dreams in one night. Research says people remember only five percent of sleep. Substances occur during a sleep phase called the REM phase (rapid eye movement or fast eyelid movements). In the rest of the sleep she does not dream.

Research also shows that if people sleeping overnight several times, those who will be tired if they are in the REM stage than those who are in the second phase. Research has even suggested some dramatic negative behavioral changes in people who are woken up in REM phase, trembling, tremor in some cases and serious mental disorders. This shows that dreams are very important for our daily functioning, I remember them or I do not remember.

Our mind is liberated through dreams and is working on certain contents that we experienced during the day. It seems that dreams are our “mental cleaners”. It’s no wonder people have been paying attention to dreams since the dawn of civilization and trying to figure out their message.

Mother in Law Dream Interpretation

The mother-in-law has a bad reputation. As the mother of the partner, she stands for what shapes the son or daughter for the rest of their lives – for better or for worse. There are countless mother-in-law jokes, in which mostly husbands try in more or less funny ways to get rid of the wife’s nerve-killing mom. Mother and partner of a man are often in direct competition with each other. In addition, in-laws and in-laws identify different generations with the respective views and values ​​of their time. Often the advantages of the mother-in-law are only appreciated when she looks after the grandchildren.

A dream of family members like the father-in-law or the mother-in-law is certainly closely linked to emotions. Maybe the dreaming has a very good relationship with her and is pleased to see her. For the dream interpretation above all the context is important, in which the dream symbol stands, and which sensations the person triggers in the dream.

Dream symbol “mother-in-law” – the general interpretation

In the dream interpretation, the family generally points to the well-being of the dreaming. However, business arrangements among family members are considered a warning sign of too much good faith. However, the dream symbol “mother-in-law” is an exception: her appearance in a dream promises professional and financial successes.

In some dream interpretations, on the other hand, the dream symbol warns of disputes. The meaning essentially depends on the real relationship with the mother-in-law. If the dreaming comes along well with her, he can probably rely on her advice and support. If the relationship is tense, it also negatively affects the harmony in the partnership.

In the dream interpretation of folk, the dream symbol “mother-in-law” has a few different meanings. For one, their appearance in the dream heralds annoyance and disagreement between the lovers.

On the other hand, the dream symbol appears as an invitation not to get bogged down in jealousies and unfair accusations. Ultimately, the mother-in-law as an elderly person with more life experience can also provide help and assistance.

Dream symbol “mother in law” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level the dream symbol “mother-in-law” in the dream interpretation is a symbol for an unwanted influence on the life of the dreaming. The mother of the partner also always fulfills a mother role, which brings with it advice and care.

With a dream of the mother-in-law, the subconscious makes it clear that the dreaming may suffer from it and feel the well-intentioned help as unwanted interference.

Above all, if the mother-in-law has dominant traits in the dream, the dream symbol is an expression that the dreaming defends against that an outside person plays a role in his love relationship. In dream interpretation, a conflict with the mother-in-law can also reflect unresolved desires and needs. In addition, the mother-in-law in the dream can represent certain personality parts of the dreaming himself.

Dream of seeing mother in law

If in a dream you see your mother n law, it means you will be confronted with trouble. It is possible that you will confront a person with different attitudes and perceptions. You will try to ignore it, but you will have the feeling that it will defy you and cause you to be responsible for the same measure.


Dream that you are somebody’s mother in law

If you are a mother in law in a dream, this represents hypocrisy. You probably judged others for the mistakes that you will repeat. You will not even be aware of your actions and you will find justification for everything you do.

When you think carefully, you would realize that you are becoming the same as those you despised.

Dream of talking with your mother in law

When in a dream you talk with a mother in law, it implies that you will reach an agreement. It is possible that you will give in to find a solution that suits all the people or colleagues. You will understand that you have to be more tolerant and that things can not always be the way you have imagined.

Dream to argue with the mother in law

If you are fighting with your mother in law in a dream, it symbolizes affection. You will probably be nice to the family of a loved one, and you will experience it as your own. And they will accept you so you will not have problems and troubles that most other couples face.

Dream that you have made a mense with your mother in law

When you apologize in your sleep to the mother in law, it indicates that you will lower the ball in life. Your motto is that you are smarter than others and you do not want to argue with that. You consider this to be a waste of a precious temper and you’d rather deal with what makes you relax and makes you happy. You do not allow anyone to impose a sense of guilt on you not taking part in conflicts that do not concern you.

The meaning of sleep can be simpler. If you’ve recently seen, talked, argued, or made up with a mother in law, it surely left you an impression on you.

Dream Symbol “Mother-in-Law” – The Spiritual Interpretation

On the transcendent level, the dream symbol “mother-in-law” in dream interpretation is part of the spiritual triangle. The family is a group in which the dreamer feels mentally secure.