Monsters in a Dream – Meaning and Interpretation

We often dream about undefined and nonexistent creatures. Such dreams are common dreams for many of us. Why do we dream about monsters?

First and foremost, we should have in mind that our dream monsters are our own creations, made from our subconscious content and experience.

These dreams have an important message for us, and usually represent something we refuse to acknowledge or confront in our life. They can also represent something we cannot understand.

In determining the meaning of a dream about monsters, it’s important to remember the details and how you felt during your dream. Were you afraid, felt threatened by or chased by the monster, etc.?

You should compare your dream to your real life situations, and try to figure out the message this dream has for you. The size of the monster can reveal the size of the issue you are dealing with in real life.

If you dream about monsters, the dream is asking you to face the things you don’t like, try to change all you can and accept the things you cannot control.

Sometimes a monster in our dream can signify a part of our personality, or our life, we don’t want to accept or admit exists. This dream might indicate being angry about something in our life.

It might also indicate the need to forgive ourselves for something we did or didn’t do in the past.

In some cases we dream about a monster we cannot see, but know is haunting us. Such a dream can reveal some issue we are trying to escape in real life.

This dream is a message to determine the issue bothering you in real life, creating such monstrous dreams. Maybe it’s something from the past you cannot let go, even if it’s something you think is long forgotten.

Monsters in dreams can also indicate a period of transformation undergoing in our lives.

These dreams might also reveal some bad traits in your personality. Maybe you tend to behave horribly towards others, or you treat people in an unjust manner.

This dream might also reveal your feelings about others who are being mean towards you on purpose. These dreams might be a message about something wrong you are doing in your life.

They might be pointing out to some bad habits you have or your bad behavior towards others, etc. and the need to change.

Dreams about monsters might reveal feeling threatened by someone or having great fear of something or someone.

They often symbolize a person in our life we consider a threat, or someone who forces us do something we dislike, or we know is overwhelming for us.


Often a monster in your dream symbolizes some situation or a person who somehow presents a threat to your wishes and desires.

They might also indicate your disgust over something happening in your life. In some cases a monster can represent your own desire for something bad happening to someone else.

Children often dream of monsters, more often than adults. These dreams are usually caused by the content they watch in movies and cartoons, but they might also reveal more serious issues

. Abused children often have dreams about monsters, as well as children with severe and strict parents.

We tend to dream about monsters when we fear getting caught for something bad we did. This dream can often point out a certain problem you are facing in real life, which has become overwhelming. Maybe you are afraid of losing control in some situation in your life.

Monsters enormous in size might signify being overpowered by something. If they had sharp and big teeth, the dream might indicate your fears of being embarrassed in some situation, etc.

Sometimes dreams about monsters can be caused by physical reasons, such as not having enough sleep, having bad eating habits, such as overeating before sleep, constipation, etc.

Sometimes the reason can be bad aeration in the room you are sleeping in.

Monsters in a Dream – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about monsters in general. If you had a nightmare about monsters, such dream usually represents your hidden fears, phobias or insecurities, you are afraid to share with others. Maybe your subconscious is sending you a message it’s time to confront these issues and ask for help if needed, from the ones you trust the most.

Dreaming about a monster with big teeth. If you dreamed you saw a monster with huge sharp teeth, such dream might indicate soon experiencing something, which might be threatening to your life and health, or it might turn out to be something you enjoy.

Dreaming about a monster chasing you. If you dreamed a monster chased you, such dream might not be a good sign.

This dream usually indicates a period of difficulties and misfortune, as well as sadness, dissatisfaction and disappointments. The amount of fear you felt during your dream, reveals when your hardships will begin and their severity.

This dream can also reveal some phobias or fears you have, regarding something or someone in your life.

Dreaming about a monster chasing someone. If you observed a monster chasing someone in your dream, such dream is not a good sign.

This dream might announce some difficulties you are about to encounter soon.

You might also experience a great misfortune and grief, due to losing someone dear. This dream can also indicate getting involved in an accident in the near future.

Dreaming about a monster killing you. If you were killed by a monster in your dream, such dream is usually a bad sign, possibly indicating your difficulties and challenges are increasing.

Dreaming about killing a monster. If you killed a monster in your dream, such dream is a good sign, possibly indicating being triumphant over your rivals in the near future.

Dreaming about having sex with a monster. If you dreamed you were having sex with a monster, such dream is not a good sign.

This dream possibly symbolizes your personal restrictions.

Maybe it indicates being unable to experience complete satisfaction of your physical desires and needs.

Such dream can sometimes indicate your disobedience to authorities. Maybe you tend to confront your superiors and often get punished for your behavior.

Dreaming about a hungry monster trying to eat you. If you dreamed of a hungry monster trying to eat you, such dream maybe reveals something is consuming you, like an addiction or a bad habit.

It might also signify your reaction to something you dislike about yourself. Maybe this dream is a message to learn to accept yourself as you are.

This dream can sometimes be a sign of an upcoming illness.

Dreaming about monsters attacking your family or your friends. If you dreamed of monsters attacking your family members or your friends, such dream usually reveals your fears of something bad possibly happening to them.