Mongoose – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Mongooses are animals native to Africa and southern Asia. There are over 30 species of mongoose.

Some species are solitary. They look for food and take care of themselves.

Other species live and travel in groups, and the food is gathered and shared among the members of the group and their offspring.

They are usually brown or gray in color. Mongooses usually live in burrows and often use the burrows abandoned by other animals. They rarely dig their own burrows.

Many species have an anal scent gland, which they use to mark their territory, as well as to signal their reproductive status.

These animals have a resistance to snake venom. Many species are known to fight and kill venomous snakes, especially cobras. They are known for being very agile and quick.

They are mainly active during the day, but there are nocturnal species as well. Their diet consists mostly of insects, lizards, rodents and birds. These animals are very adaptable, and manage to survive in different habitats.

The mongoose produces a funny noise, known as giggling, during courtship and mating.

They also have special alarm calls, to warn others of danger.

When they hear that special sound, they all run into their dens, to hide. The species which live in groups usually have guards shift to lookout for danger.

What does the Mongoose Symbolize?

Mongoose symbolizes speed, agility, opportunism, adaptability, resistance, courage, fearlessness, rebellion, adventure, impulsiveness, self – opinionated, genuine, honesty, optimism, action, lack of patience, truth, self – confidence, etc.

The Meanings of Mongoose as a Spirit Animal

The Mongoose as a spirit animal can have many different meanings.

Here are some of them:

Opportunism and adaptability. These animals are known to live in burrows, abandoned by other animals. They aren’t picky about their food either. Mongooses are highly adaptable and opportunistic animals. If a mongoose is your spirit animal, you are probably gifted with these gifts.

You don’t miss any chance and use the most of any situation.

Resistance. Mongooses are well known for being resistant to snake venom. This totem animal teaches you of the ability to resist all hardships you encounter. With a mongoose as your totem animal, you are probably resistant and adaptable to various circumstances and conditions.


Courage and fearlessness. Mongooses are fearless fighters. These animals involve in a fight with a poisonous snake and kill it. This spirit animal gives you the gift of courage. It teaches you not to be afraid to confront much stronger and powerful enemies because you have the ability to conquer them.

If a mongoose is your totem animal, you are probably a courageous person.

Rebellion. If a mongoose is your totem, you might be a bit of a rebel. You are not afraid to confront anyone and you stand up for yourself.

Adventure and impulsiveness. Mongooses are adventurous and impulsive animals, and they give that gift to you as well. You are most likely a person who strives for new and exciting opportunities and don’t wait a moment to seize them.

Self – opinionated. With the mongoose as your spirit animal, you are most likely a person with a strong personal opinion about everything. You are not afraid to tell your opinion, and you defend it with strong arguments.
Genuine and honest.

If a mongoose is your spirit animal, you are probably a very honest person, and you speak your truth, regardless of what others might think of you.

You are genuine and true to yourself, and you can’t stand phony people. Many people get offended by your honesty.

Optimism. You are a person turned towards the future, and you don’t waste your time dwelling on the past. You always think about the next thing you should do and don’t allow yourself to be sad and depressed about something you cannot change.

Action. If you have a mongoose as your totem animal, you are probably in constant movement and action. You always do something, because you can’t stand stagnant situations. That is why you keep yourself busy all the time.
Lack of patience. When you have a mongoose as your totem animal, one of your problems is a lack of patience.

You are a person who requires action and can’t wait for the results of that action to come.

The mongoose as your spirit animal teaches you about the importance of patiently waiting the results of your efforts.

Mongoose as Your Totem Animal

If a mongoose is your spirit animal, you are most likely a very unique, passionate and selfless person. You have a strong attitude and opinion.

You are not afraid to say what you think, although you know someone might be hurt by your words.

You are self – confident and you don’t care if people like or dislike you.

For you, it’s only important to be, honest and genuine because you can’t stand fake and phony people.

If a mongoose is your totem, you are probably a very generous person. You are also independent and you value your freedom.

You are a person who prefers action and you cannot stand boredom and stalemate. You can be impulsive and unpredictable sometimes. You are most likely athletic and enjoy doing different sports. You prefer outdoor sports.

You are also a happy, playful and romantic person. You treasure your friendships very much. You probably express yourself very well and you are good with words.

What if the Mongoose Appears in Your Life?

When a mongoose appears in your life, it might be a message to be strong and defend yourself in some situation.

It encourages you to confront your enemies because you have the ability to overcome much stronger rivals than yourself.

When to call on Mongoose?

You should call on mongoose as your spirit animal when:

  • You have to confront a stronger rival and need a boost of courage.
  • You need to calm down your impulsiveness and impatience in some situation.

Dreams about Mongoose – Interpretation and Meaning

If you saw a mongoose in your dream, such dream might indicate defending yourself from someone or something.

Sometimes this dream signifies issues with your sexual life.