Milk – Dream Meaning and Meaning

A glass of milk for breakfast, then the dishes in the dishwasher and off to school or work: This is the morning ritual of many people.

Thousands of years ago, people enjoyed a sip of milk in the morning – but the washing-up was not so thorough at the time. Luckily! Because without the milk residues on the vessels of the Neolithic Age, we would not know today when milk consumption became socially acceptable.

In today’s text we are going to see the importance of milk in pople’s lives but also the meaning and symbolism of milk in our dreams. Sometimes even the smallest and the, at first sight, meaningless symbols can have an important impact on our dreams.

Older habit than previously thought

For a long time, researchers assumed that humans came to the taste of milk in the fourth millennium BC.

The science based this assumption on finds of images and sculptures of animals from this period. In fact, as we know today, the foundation of milk consumption was laid some 8,000 years ago.

Milk – Dream Meaning

Milk is an essential part of our diet. For the most part it is made of water, but its share of protein, milk fat with the vitamins A, D, E and K, lactose and mineral, especially calcium, makes them very valuable.

Milk is drunk as whole milk, skimmed milk or raw milk, but we also consume a lot of dairy products like cheese, quark and yoghurt. But there are also critical voices that reject consumption for livestock or consider the milk harmful. Depending on the culture, the most diverse animals are dairy farmers: cows, sheep, goats, mares and donkeys, but also camels, reindeer and yaks. The famous Italian cheese “Mozzarella di Bufala” is made from the milk of the water buffalo.

In the dream of drinking milk, the dreaming probably creates a feeling of satisfaction. Because it tastes good and also saturates. For the interpretation of dreams, the question arises of what one personally associates with the dream symbol and in what context the milk appears: is it sweet or sour? Is it cooked or spilled?

Dream symbol “milk” – The general interpretation

The dream symbol “milk” embodies in the dream interpretation food in the actual and in the figurative sense. The “alma mater,” the nourishing mother, is a paraphrase for the university. Drinking milk in the dream means in this context the increase of knowledge and knowledge.

However, the dream symbol can also refer to food in the sense of maternal love. In general, milk is a dream symbol of happiness, success and prosperity, based on a healthy attitude towards life and your own body. Drinking milk in a dream is a positive signal for your health, especially for women. In the dream interpretation, it is considered unfavorable omen, when the milk is sour: anger and annoyance are in the house, possibly also difficulties in the marriage. Anyone who drinks sweet milk in a dream will receive a promise of loyalty and love.

In which vessel is the dream symbol “milk”? A milking bucket promises profit, a pool of water, which is therefore misused, symbolizes damage. Spilled milk is in the interpretation of dreams a warning of losses as well as problems in friendship issues and love relationships.

If you let the milk boil over in the dream, the dream symbol is an invitation to be more careful. Runs over, it means in the dream interpretation that the dreaming has enemies. Hot or burnt milk indicates gossip in your own home, possibly resulting in strife. The dreaming can settle the conflict however amicably. If a young woman dreams that she has milk in her breast, the dream can announce a pregnancy. If an older woman has this dream, this is an indication of wealth in the interpretation of dreams.

Dream symbol “milk” – The psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the dream symbol “milk” is a primitive symbol that satisfies the childish needs of the dreaming. In extreme cases, this can mean that the dreaming subconsciously falls back into childish behaviors and experiences his or her environment with the perception of a baby.

However, the dream symbol can also be a simple expression of the unconscious need for warmth and security. If the dreaming has the feeling that he has enough milk, he is also emotionally and mentally well cared for in real life.

In the dream, milk can also point to the positive characteristics of the dreaming, such as disinterestedness and compassion. These make him popular with others, but the dream symbol also warns that some might be tempted to exploit these qualities.

Dream symbol “milk” – The spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “milk” on the spiritual level is a physical as well as spiritual food.


The context of the dream provides information about whether the dreaming feels sufficiently cared for or whether he suffers from a lack thereof. Incidentally, in Germanic mythology, the cow is the oldest creature that nourishes the great giant Ymir with its milk.

Milk – Meaning

Researchers around Richard Evershed at the University of Bristol found more than 2,200 clay containers of the remnants of fats typically found in milk. The conclusion: Milk was already enjoyed much earlier than expected, especially in the north of Anatolia. Cattle, goats and sheep were kept even earlier – about 10,000 years ago.

Initially, however, only as a “meat reserve”, later also because of their wool and finally as a source of milk.

The milk comes to Europe

In Europe, the first milk drinkers were said to have lived in Romania and Hungary from 7,900 to 7,450 years ago. They used the milk mainly to strengthen themselves.

They also used their bodies to milk lactose. In the beginning, man could only process this as long as he took mother’s milk. That changed slowly now. Scientists emphasize that not only the triumphal procession of milk drinkers began, but also agriculture was invented. Milk initiated a rapid cultural revolution in Europe.

Milk ensured survival

But why was it important for people to be able to process lactose in adulthood? Milk is a source of nutrients rich in calories and protein – and therefore an ideal foodstuff, especially in times of crop failure and poor agricultural know-how.

In addition, milk was less germ-contaminated in the Neolithic than drinking water. Anyone who tolerated milk well thus secured a clear survival advantage.

A nutrient shapes a continent

This survival benefit from milk quickly became anchored in the human genome. Especially in the north of Europe, therefore, people increasingly focused on agriculture, thereby shaping European society. Had the South of Europe pushed this development forward, many things would look different today, says geneticist Mark Thomas. “Europe would probably be far more dominated by more southern cultures than it is today. That may also apply to the languages ​​we speak today. ”

The history of milk is thus closely linked to the history and development of Europeans. No wonder that the “average European” still enjoys a good 50 liters of milk per year.

The biggest milk producers today

Around 160 million tonnes of milk were produced in the EU in 2015 – a worldwide record. In second place is India with about 150 million tons per year, followed by the USA with about 100 million tons. By way of comparison: In Austria, about one million tonnes of milk are produced annually, of which half are exported.

Pakistan, China and Brazil are other important global milk producers. New Zealand also plays a special role in dairy production: the nation is the number one exporter of dairy exporters in the world with only four million inhabitants – one third of global milk exports come from the small island nation in the middle of the southern Pacific. Because the popularity of white food is increasing worldwide The demand for it will increase even further, especially in emerging and developing countries. A real success story that started in the Middle East and was written around the globe – and that is not finished yet.

Overall, this tasty and healthy drink is far more important in people’s lives than we think. Dreams about milk can also tell us a lot about the current condition of our psyche and get us in touch with what is going inside of our brain. There are, of course, many other interpretations of dreams about milk but these were the most important ones and the ones you can use as a base for further interpretations.