May 9 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In these articles, we often mention the influence of the planets on us as human beings, and the personal horoscope is based on the movement of the planets, and their positions in the time of our birth. It is something that is individual for every person on this planet; this is one of the reasons why two people who are born on the same day are not the same.

The two critical planets that are involved in these critical cycles of our lives are Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter all closely follows these Neptune and Pluto.

And, for example, a planet Uranus, in the astrology is the planet of change; it is a planet that needs 84 years to go around a circle around the Sun. Now listen to this – the average human life lasts for 84 years. We feel like that is not a coincidence, again we are saying that everything in the Universe is connected. So something so big as a planet is connected with something so small like a human.

Then, the Uranus is the planet of life, and it points to most of the critical aspect of the life of the people. It is true also, as Astrologers like to say, that the Sun is considered the bearer of the life force in Zodiac system, but the Sun is the way we live our lives, under the supervision of Uranus.

The Uranus is also a planet that points to the violent transformations. Every seven years he changes the astrological sign and the crisis that provokes the Uranus, the cause of liberation, the achievement of independence, it crushes down to build a new one, and the whole process is not always natural. A planet Saturn takes about 29 and half years to cross the orbit around the Sun, and this end is one and the beginning of the second cycle, which usually takes around 28 roughly 29 years of age, and coincides with Saturn’s return, which marks the transit of Saturn through a horoscope where was at the time of our birth. Yes, once again we have come to the importance of the date of birth. Today, we are examining the date May 9.

Personality and character

People born on May 9 are always on the side of the people who are in some way in a subordinate position. They hate tyranny of any kind, and they will fight against it with all possible tools; they will use their mind and soul to try to make a world a better place. These are honest people who give others reliability and are those who always seem to believe in their promises. Without their self-righteousness injustice for a person born on May 9, life would not make sense – you will rarely meet someone like them, they have their principles and will stick to them until the end, no matter what.

Those who celebrate their birthdays on the May 9 set moral standards in their world, so if these standards are met, these people will be generous and friendly. However, if this is not the case, they may become too violent and aggressive in an attempt to change their environment so it can fit into their universe.

In some interpersonal relations, if they strive for peaceful relationships, it would be better to become little less rigid and to become more relaxed, and by choosing a profession to avoid the conflict between their moral standards and real events. Still, there are those individuals who belong to this date, and who consider themselves to be reformers and prosperous of society and who need to struggle to feel fulfilled regardless of the price they have to pay on that occasion. This can have an adverse effect on their minds, and irreversible change may occur if they don’t change even for a little bit.

Love of beauty is generally expressed in all people born in Taurus sign but is especially pronounced in people born on 9 May; they carefully choose their lifestyles and every single content in it. They have an extremely overwhelmed feel for the materials, both artist and commercial, and can often find their career. Strengthening the firm and reliable results of their invested time is something that they should strive for all of their lives

Love compatibility

Maybe we will say now something that people of the May 9 will not like – they can be lovers and partners who are all about form and not content, and that can be a shame in their lives. They can be involved with someone just because that person is attractive or successful, and not because of real emotion.

In love, people of the May 9 are not so versatile in choosing partners: they have strict list of what they like their partner to be, of course, to follow their moral and life rules.

When they try something else, they hesitate, but in the end, they let go, and at least try to enjoy themselves, sometimes they can make it, sometimes they don’t.

When these people of the May 9 are genuinely in love, they indulge both themselves and others too much and accept things as they are, rather than struggling to do things to suit desires and be the ones you want them to be.

Purpose and Career

If we are talking about the work environment of the people who are born on May 9, we could say that these people are hardworking and careful when choosing what their life occupation will be and often involves people, but for some reason, these people are mainly focused on their own agendas. And those work agendas are art and creativity oriented. Also, these people will never reject a work that requires travel; they are most likely be a bit slow to stay for a long time at the place they call their home. People of this date love life’s luxury, though they do well without it, it is not something that is necessary for them to be happy. But like all Taurus people, they love security in life, and they will never do anything just for the sake of some job, they need to have material satisfaction.

But they need to love what they do; it is a big thing for them. Also, it would be ideal if these individuals could be independent of others; at times when they don’t like to work, they can avoid jobs when you see an opportunity. But when they have to work, they will have to fold their sleeves and work hard with anyone to achieve excellent results. There is not an easy way for the success in their case, and they are ready for that task; the best results in their case is in some humanitarian or consulting job. They can be good motivators for others.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 9 and the planet Mars rules people who are born on May 9.


From the numerological point of view, people who are under the influence of the number 9 has an incredibly powerful impact on all other numbers, and thus on all other people. They are those who can influence all others, and from some other side of the numerological story, we could say that the number 9 has all of the features from different numbers, and more importantly it is the number of closure and cycles (we spoke of the importance of the cycles at the beginning of this article).

Now, it is time to understand the planetary influence of Mars – it brings warlike man energy. It is the planet that influences people who are born on May 9 but in the collision with the Venus planet that dominates the Taurus sign things get even more interesting. Venus symbolises women’s power, so in this case, the influence of Mars is less aggressive. The symbolic “marriage” of Mars and Venus brings a strong sexual attraction to people born on May 9th.

Their color is green, and their numbers are 9 and 14.

Historical Events on May 9

We could say that this day is the day of the new beginning of some fantastic and once in life events that change the world forever. This was the day when Columbus started his journey, changing the way we look at the planet and the world in general. This is just a starting point…

1502 – Christopher Columbus has sailed from the Cadiz Port of Spain on his fourth and final voyage to New World.

1788 – The British Parliament abolished the slave trade.

1805 – One of the most significant German and world poets Friedrich Schiller died. He gained fame for “The Robbers”, and “William Tell”.

1877 – Romania declared independence, one month after the alliance with Russia against the Ottoman Empire.

1926 – Americans Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett first fired the North Pole.

1927 – Canberra became the capital of Australia instead of Melbourne.

1936 – Italy officially occupied Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and Italian king Vitoria Emanuel III proclaimed Abyssinian Emperor.

Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel signed a final document on the end of the World War II in Berlin.

1946 – Victor Emmanuel III of Italy abdicated, and Italy became a republic.

1960 – The United States became the first country where birth control pills were legalised.

1978 – A parked car in the centre of Rome was found by the body of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, who was kidnapped by the “Red Brigades” terrorists 54 days earlier.

1995 – In Europe, at the end of the three-day celebration of the 50th anniversary of the end of the World War II and the Day of Victory, world leaders have called for global reconciliation.

2001 – The chaos at the stadium in Akri (in Ghana) emerged when the police threw tear gas to rampant fans, 126 people died.

Famous people born on May 9

All of these people are remembered if not in the world than in their native countries as people who made something special that set them apart from everyone else. Read all about the people who are born on May 9.

1540- Maharana Pratap, a Hindu maharaja.

1800 – John Brown, a US-born abolitionist.

1860 – Sir James Matthew Barrie, a Scottish writer (Peter Pan).

1873 – Howard Carter, an English archaeologist.

1882 – George Barker, an American painter.

1936 – Glenda Jansson, an English actress and Oscar winner.

1945 – Josef “Jupp” Heynckes, a German football coach and a player.

1949 – Billy Joel, an American pianist and musician.

1970 – Doug Christie, an American basketball player.

1977 – Marek Jankulovski, a Czech footballer.

1978 – Leandro Damián Cufré, an Argentine football player.

1979- Rosario Dawson, an American actress.

1983 – Gilles Muller, a Luxembourgish tennis player.

1987 – Kevin Gameiro, a French footballer.

In one way those who are born on May 9 are the people who like to help others, to help those who are unlucky and unprivileged in life. They have strong feelings and a fantastic attitude towards them. They have many interests and are capable of doing them at the same time.

People of the May 9 are good thinkers and are in a position to make a clear difference between two things on many issues. Friends and neighbors can be contacted them for the advice about many of the things they are torturing. Some people describe them as reformers of the society, and they can be like that.

They are not real leaders in the sense of that word, but the can lead with their mind and advice. People of the May 9 are creative and live the specific lifestyle that cannot be compared to anything that you have seen before. They love life in general and everything that experience means, but one thing needs to be fulfilled – all that they do have to be in allegiance with their system of values.

They are under the planetary influence of Mars and Venus, and it symbolises inner conflict that exists in them. In short, this is the shortest possible way to describe those who are born on May 9.