May 8 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Certain years of our lives are our greatest intersections, full of controversy, and it is tough to stay regular and to be sure that we have made a right decision. Did we have enough courage to do certain things or we were typical cowards? What are these significant events? Break up of relationships, marriages, change jobs, becoming parents, make choices that radically change the way we are moving.

These are usually periods where we are not quite clear about what tomorrow brings us and what we can expect from near and distant future.  When we are at the intersection in front of us, there are at least two, if not more roads, hundreds of possible options from which we can choose, we can determine our lives, but how to know what is the right path for us. What do you choose and what does this have to do with astrology and the stars above us? But, we should have in mind that we need something that will help us make the best possible choice that will lead us to spiritual and personal growth.

According to astrological records, during the life, we encounter the three largest life intersections occurring in the late 20s, early 40s and late 50s.

In the years between, before and after, we encounter a number of smaller so- the point of turn points and each one prepares us for the next one.

But everything starts with one thing – our birth, and we feel that this important date in our lives deserves that this should be examined with special care. In this case, we are talking about date May 8.

Personality and character

People born on May 8 are straightforward and do not shy away to express their ideas and intentions to the world, they are the people who have strong opinions, and like all Taurus people, they are stubborn and will fight for what they believe. They are straightforward and more laborious for verbal expression, but they are not strangers or a written word, and they can express themselves in this written way.

They are not afraid of the actions and will use all means to do it adequately, trying to preserve the tradition and their beliefs. Of course, people of this date will try to do things for the good of humankind, but sometimes that desires will stay only in the form of phantasm.

Also, one thing that separates people who are born on May 8 from others is their public spirit, where ever there birthplace can be, they will end up in some large city, becoming the citizens of the world. They know the best way to blend in a large group of people and find their place.

In their communication and general interpersonal relations, people born on May 8 are very open and can be speakers that are representing the whole group – we could even say that these people are representatives of the particular group of people, and they do it successfully. Diplomacy is not a something that is typical for the person born this day, so antagonisms and intolerance may occasionally occur; but on the brighter side, these exciting individuals can deal with these problems in a best possible way. They are equipped with all the tools to deal with problems of this issue; they are smart, sharp and talkative; they can take any opponent.

Their self-confidence in others provokes admiration; it is something that is mesmerizing and attractive at the same time, this is a way they trigger jealousy in others. Also, those who are born on May 8 are, in general, remarkably tolerant, this is also one thing that what makes them stand out from other representatives of the Taurus sign, which are people who are rigid and closed.

Love compatibility

People of the May 8 also provoke interest and are very attractive to the opposite sex; they are desirable lovers, and if we have in mind that they are under the influence of the planet Venus, you can understand how much they are tender and loving.

All of them, as representatives of this date, have something remarkable in life, and they can have a lot in love, even only out of curiosity and experimenting. They are passionate, but we could also say that these people enjoy more of the idea of the relationship that relationship itself. They are the dreamers and can spend a lot of time in fantasising and dreaming about their love life, and when they decide to be in love relationship, they will do anything to make it work. This “plan” sometimes works and often does not, but they are not discouraged from entering new romances.

When in love, but indeed in love, people of the May 8 cannot stop talking about that person, and enjoy being in that state of infatuation. What they like the most is direct contact with love, sensual love, but they don’t shy away from showing how much they love their partner with words, and we will add written words.

But for some representatives of this date fantasies are crucial, so physical contact is sometimes unnecessary, or it comes later in a relationship. Sometimes, those who are born on May 8 are occupied in fantasising, and they are naive and need a partner with stronger principles. There is no envy, no jealousy, and stupidity when they truly love someone.

Purpose and Career

If we take a look at the general characteristic of this person, we can conclude that this person who is born on the May 8 could become a perfect journalist because he quickly collects information, is always in the right place at the right time, resourceful, with an unmistakable desire for new information. Also, he is someone who is good with the written word, so there you have, this choice is understandable.

These people can work hard so that they could seek comfort from all that stress in some dangerous places, and later to have problems in pulling themselves from those problems. Often their work leads them into dangerous situations, and they don’t see this as a potential threat, and they somehow make their way out.


That’s why it’s very important for these people to release stress regularly. Regardless of their prone to a very rapid recovery, these people would prefer to withdraw from urban life into a healthier environment, and in the second part of their lives, they can change their careers and become something else, like successful writers.

But what happens in between these two stages in their lives? What these people do and what is their purpose in life? These stages can vary – people of the May 8 can pretend to love their work, to pretend they are indifferent.

Remember that we have said that these people are the citizens of the world, and they are always on the move from love to one another and can change place to place. Whatever they do, they search for something different, and when the other gets it, they get tired and never find pleasure.

Some colleagues describe people of the May 8 as too superficial and unpredictable, and they are not – they are extreme in words.  They adore travelling and love to see what nobody else has ever seen before them. They consider themselves intellectuals. Deciding and making a decision can be a big problem for them since they cannot make up their minds.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People born on May 8 are ruled with the number 8 and the planet Saturn. In the symbolical sense, Saturn carries constraints and a strong sense of responsibility and is the conservative side of the people born on May 8th. This is the side that maybe, cannot be seen right away, but it is there, under the surface.

Saturn combined with the Venus that dominates the Taurus brings a very restrained and complex emotional nature – this is the trait that can be seen the best in their emotional life, they are loving and tender, but can be ruthless when things are not going in their direction.

Number 8 in a symbolical sense is the number that has dual and strong nature, and people who have this number in their birthdates are energetic, but that energy can be destructive and unbearable. Number 8 can make their lives and careers safe and slow, but also fast and adventurous. Those who know them good also know that they are very open and warm people, but for others, they can seem, cold and distant. And the truth is somewhere in between.

Their number is 8, and their color is purple.

Historical Events on May 8

From siege in Orleans to the modern days and Pops visit to Syria, there is no critical event that we missed to mention in this section. All for the purpose to learn more about May 8.

1429 -The French army ended the siege of Orleans in the Hundred Years War.

1794 – In Paris, according to the Order of the Revolutionary Court, a French nobleman and chemist Antoine Lavoisier, founder of modern chemistry, was executed.

1852 – A London Protocol was signed, which guarantees the integrity of Denmark.

1873 – An English philosopher and economist John Stuart Mill died. He was one of the fathers of the philosophy of liberalism.

1880 – French writer Gustave Flaubert died. He was most famous for the novel “Madame Bovary” for which he was charged with the violation of public morality.

1902- The city of St. Pierre was destroyed by the eruption of the Mount Pelée volcano in Martinique in the Caribbean, and more than 30,000 people were killed.

1903- The French Postimpressionist painter Paul Gauguin died on Tahiti.

1921 – In Sweden, the death penalty was abolished.

1952 – American film producer William Fox died. He was the founder of the film corporation “Fox”.

1973 – In the United States, South Dakota ended the rebellion of Indians.

1984 – The Soviet Olympic Committee decided to boycott the Los Angeles Olympics.

1999 – British writer Dirk Bogarde died. His most famous novels are “Death in Venice”, and “Victim”.

2001 – Pope John Paul II ended his historic visit to Syria, making him the first pope to enter the mosque.

Famous people born on May 8

Some of the most interesting characters in our history are born on this day, and their work and life are not maybe familiar or appealing to everyone, but they indeed leave a mark in our collective minds. So these people a place on our list – Famous people born on May 8.

1828 – Henry Dunant, a Swiss philanthropist and founder of the Red Cross.

1859 -Johan Jensen, a Danish mathematician and engineer.

1884 – Harry Truman, an American politician and statesman.

1903 – Fernand Joseph Désiré Contandin, a French actor and singer.

1906 – Roberto Rossellini, an acclaimed Italian director.

1911 – Robert Johnson, an American blues singer-songwriter and musician.

1916 -João Havelange, a Brazilian athlete.

1960 – Franco Baresi, an Italian football player.

1972 – Darren Hayes, an Australian pop singer.

1975 – Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler, a Spanish pop singer.

1986 – Laura Spencer, an American actress.

1992- Olivia Culpo, an American model and actress.

The time has come, people of the May have so many qualities in their lives, and are people who draw attention to themselves. They are direct people who always speak their minds and rarely change their thoughts and beliefs. They are great speakers, but maybe even better writers, and if we add up their investigative nature they can become amazing writers and journalists.

As speakers, these people are so much involved in what they say, as too little attention to the way they do it. The most advanced and developed people born this day are irresistible, they always have something to say, and they do it in a very interesting way.

For all those who are born on May 8, it is very important to get acquainted with a variety of different lifestyles of form so that their vision of things and life is of a wide range.