May 6 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

If we want to dig deeper than ever before in this search for the answers that are connected to the roots of the Astrology, we have to mention one of the oldest and most progressive civilisations that every walk this planet. It is the civilisation that had religion, and it included many gods, and some of them are: God creator; God of four sides of the world; the old god of fire, which also symbolised year; and even God of the Sun and the Stars. He played the most crucial role in religious life, but the most critical aspect of their world (or to be more specific, what is relevant for our story about birthdates) is their calendar, and the influence od it on Astrology.

So, Aztecs, one of the fascinating civilisations of Central America, have influenced world art and culture in many areas. The construction of this ancient nation attracts numerous adventurers, while historians are still investigating the circumstances in which they have disappeared as a people, and their mythology is an inexhaustible inspiration to the researchers of alternative disciplines.

Even though Astronomical Civilization was destroyed during the sixteenth century, during the Spanish colonisation of America, it is well known that they respected different deities and Gods, they are familiar in offering human sacrifices, and for developing their calendar.

And here, we come to the point of this intro – they invented, in some way, a calendar, and the basis of the calculation of the personal horoscope for example.

Personality and character

People born on May 6 know how the world of fantasy and imagination works, these are the people who are capable of understanding their creativity and the proper way of using that creativity in real life.

They can become the inaction of fantasies of others and thus become important in the society in which they live in, but it is something that can happen, but that is not necessary.

What is essential to understand in this case is that this is a situation where this ability should be appropriately used, and if person who is born on May 6 use this “gift” amorally or improperly, they will most likely manipulate the lives of other earnings from their personal goals or engage in affairs or personal relationships that suit them only for personal gain. All of this will be done in a way that their actions lead them to certain stability they want to achieve, and it is something that is not always possible, or it doesn’t justify their actions. They can, often experience problems in life, for some they are the ones that should be blamed, for others some other circumstances; but the main thing is that people of the May 6 can deal with any problem, and start over their lives.

But don’t have any doubt, these people are fighters, it often happens that can experience some traumatic event in their lives, but they manage to overcome with great courage and perseverance. Because of their high sensitivity, as well as their destructive urge, people born on May 6 are exposed to great emotional instability and can have problematic interpersonal relationships in their life.

From the outside, it may seem that their seemingly efficient way of life can be created a suppressed volcano of hidden emotions for which they are not aware of; this eruption can happen any time and any place, leaving their environment in shock.

On the other hand, you can rely on these people in difficult emotional moments; they can help you and understand you in a meaningful way. They will often stand on the side of the victim whose psyche will be well appreciated.

Love compatibility

Someone who potentially had some traumatic experience in their lives, like people who are born on May 6, can have a refreshing attitude towards love. They can be closed and aggressive, or they can be those who live for love. And in a case of a people who are born on this date, the second rule applies.

These are the people who are under the double influence of the planet Venus; they live for love and have a magnetical attraction for the potential lovers. They are all about beauty, tender and sensual love, forgiving and caring. Deep inside, these people belong to Taurus sign, and they seek for the stability and can be very jealous because they hate the idea of losing their lover in any way.

If the break up comes, and it does, they are the people who want to stay friends. They are loving partners, but we cannot say that they are tolerant, especially when they are so in love; they are mostly turned to the struggle with their goals. In the first place, they want to be loved and adored, and in a second place, they want to give back that love.

People of the May 6 are capable of sensing the partner’s feelings but what they can lack is spontaneity. They cannot behave tactical and stupid with their lovers, but unlike other Taurus people they are imaginative, but as far as durability is concerned, there is no competition.

Purpose and Career

In the part where we described people who are born on May 6, we said that these people have a fertile imagination, and like to be adored. It is not surprising why this date is so connected to the people who are actors, and we might add, great actors.

Sometimes they choose their profession, based on the pure satisfaction. They can be creative people who work the best in the chaos, but on the other hand, they are also people who will never leave specific obligation at the side – they can be reliable. These individuals can even become team leaders and those who share ideas and creativity with others; their magnetic powers and communicative skills are part of this process.


Those who are born on May 6 can be distracted and bohemian people, as it can reflect on their work efficiency, but in the end, they are always real humans, in the real world. One more thing – people of the May 6 are those who are confident in their abilities, and cannot be moved by the hate or jealousy of their co-workers.

What every these people, it has to have some touch of beauty in it, so they are often involved in the creative and artistic occupation. And you can recognise these people, their entire life is a concept, and they do everything with the style and class; they try to be surrounded with beauty.

Another side of their personality is practical, and they understand how money is important, and they can manage it well.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on May 6 are ruled by the number six and the planet Venus. This is an exciting aspect in a way since there is a double influence of the planet Venus, that is in charge for all Taurus people, and you can imagine why these people are in the way they are – directed toward beauty and love.

From the numerological point of view, that represents the symbolic in its way – so those who have numeral 6 in their “chart” can attract people from their environment magnetically. Because of the dual impact of the planet Venus, who rules and symbolises Taurus sign, that people of the May 6 also belong, they are humans made to love and to be loved.  Love is often the dominant theme for people born on the May 6; it is something that is in every aspect of their lives; if it their job they have to love it and enjoy it. But, more importantly, they seek in their lives to achieve the highest forms of Love that transcends all earthly Love.

People born on May 6 will have to make an effort to keep their projective fantasy under control and to show caring and attention to love and friendship.

Their numbers are 6 and 11, and their color is pale pink, almost white.

Historical Events on May 6

When a famous person dies, on a specific date, we can also count that death in critical past events. Those are the people who left an essential and indelible trace on our lives. Thus they need to be remembered, their life, their work, and death. Take a look at the events that occurred on the May 6 through the history.

1527 -The army of Burbonian Duke Karl devastated and robbed Rome and killed about 4,000 of its inhabitants.

1757 – In the Seven Year War, Prussian King Friedrich II won Prague, defending Austrian troops.

1840 – The first postal stamps in the UK were released – one and two pennies with the image of Queen Victoria I.

1862 -An American writer Henry David Thoreau, a unique poet and philosopher of nature in American literature, died.

1910 – Eduard VII, King of Great Britain and Ireland, died. In January 1901 he was succeeded by his son George V.

1919 – At the Versailles Peace Conference, Germany seized colonies in Africa.

1949 – A writer Maurice Maeterlinck died; he was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913.

1974 – Western Chancellor Willy Brandt resigned because of the spy affair in which he discovered that his close associate was an Eastern-Nomadic spy.

1981 – The US expelled all Libyan diplomats, arguing that Libya’s government supports international terrorism.

1992 – Marlene Dietrich, an American actress of German origin, legendary “fatal woman” (“Blue Angel”, “Shanghai Express”) died.

1994 -A tunnel underneath Lamanche was opened.

1996 – The Government of Guatemala and the leaders of the Guerrillas have signed an agreement to end the 35-year civil war.

2003 – The UN Security Council extended the sanctions introduced in Liberia in 2001 because of its alleged assistance to the rebels in Sierra Leone. They include embargoes on weapon imports as well as on exports of diamonds.

Famous people born on May 6

We indeed count celebrity death in critical historical events, but one more thing needs to be said in a situation when we speak of May 6 – we must mention people who are born on this day.

1758 – Maximilien Robespierre, a French Revolutionist.

1856 – Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis

1856 – Robert Peary, an American researcher. He led the first expedition that came to the North Pole in 1909.

1861 – Rabindranath Tagore, an Indian Philosopher and Nobel Prize winner of Literature in 1913.

1871 – Victor Grignard, a French chemist.

1880 – Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, a German painter and graphic artist

1895- Rudolph Valentino, an American actor.

1915 – Orson Welles, an American Director and Actress

1953 – Tony Blair, a British politician and statesman

1955- Sandra Bernhard, an American actress and singer.

1961 – George Clooney, an American actor and producer

1966 – Synnøve Thoresen Bolstad, a Norwegian Biathlon

1987- Meek Mill, an American hip-hop artist.

Now is the time to sum up all that we know about this date and the people who are born on the May 6. Creative and imaginative people, they are force or nature, but they will demonstrate their power only when the situation requires such thing.

They can have problematic experiences in life that can leave a mark on their souls, but at the same time, they have strength and courage to overcome all obstacles in life. Barriers make them even more stable and more durable in life. Whatever these people do, they should not be provoked. It’s tough to break them, but when it happens, and then bad things occur.

Because of the attractiveness of a person born this day many people love to be in their close environment and often falls in love with them. Perhaps this kind of attention arouses ego; it still slows down the process of self-realisation. With people born on May 6, you should never pretend that you are something that you are not; they appreciate honesty and genuine emotions.

Money and beautiful material things cannot be separated from these people, but they manage it very reasonably, and you can certainly get a gift from them, they are giving to their loved ones.